Clouds by dffhrtcv3



An Introduction
Kidpix – Have
students use the
drawing tools in
Kidpix to draw the
inside of the apple
and told in the story
or have students
illustrate their
favorite part of the
         The Important

By Fifth Grade
Walkersville ES
The important thing about fall is when leaves fall.
You celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving, you can
jump in the leaves, they are crunchy you get to eat
1. Paint the background black using the paint can.
2. Use the Wacky Brush to make clouds.
3. Make 2 slides.
       It looked like spilt milk.
       It was….
Save: Students, E-book, Your name #1 and Your name #2.
Weather and Clouds
What's fluffy, white, and floats up
Like piles of ice cream in the sky?
And when the wind blows hard
and strong,
What brings the rain?
What brings the snow?
That showers down on us below?
Wind Pictures
Look! There's a giant stretching in the sky,
A thousand white-maned horses flying by,
A house, a mother mountain with her hills,
A lazy lady posing in her frills,
cotton floating from a thousand bales,
And a white ship with white sails.

See the old witch fumbling with her shawl,
White towers piling on a castle wall,
the bits of soft that break and fall away,
Airborne mushrooms with undersides of gray -
Above, a white doe races with her fawn
On the white grass of a celestial lawn.
Lift up your lovely heads and look
As wind turns clouds into a picture book.
Mary O'Neill
Let’s check out the weather around the world!

 Student Record Sheet
What was the
phase of the
moon when you
were born?
Use the stamps to measure the line segments.


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