DESKO Boarding Gate Reader GRSK by erin.natividad

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									    DESKO Boarding Gate Reader - GRSK 504
Symplifying Boarding - Best Transition to IATA 2D BCBP

   The DESKO Boarding Gate
   Reader is the versatile
   portfolio of components
   for all modern boarding
   applications such as:
                                    Your Advantages
   - Self Service Boarding
   - Phone based 2D Bar
                                   • Flatbed barcode scanner technology that is intuitive and easy to use
                                   • Designed for maximum read/scanning rates on Web, Kiosk, and
   The certified base unit           even cell phone or PDA
   allows you to select the
   components your boarding        • One scanner for 1D and 2D bar codes
   process requires for each
   and every installation
                                   • Special design for high volume “self-service-style” boarding
   without having to re-certify.
                                   • Software compatible with all industry standard BGR applications

                                   • Uniquely expandable with receipt printer, GRATB (ATB-reader), etc.
  DESKO Boarding Gate Reader - GRSK 504

Technical Data:   Symbolism:           Read all IATA and CUTE barcodes, e.g.
                                       2D: PDF, DataMatrix, QR-Code, Aztec
                                       1D: Code39, Code128, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5,
                                       EAN 13

                  Bar Code Engine:     752 x 480 CMOS-Sensor
                                       LED Base Illumination

                  Host Interfaces:     RS232, USB
                                       (optional with GRCU and industry standard BGR interface)

                  User Interfaces:     Visible and audible feedback mechanism
                                       Passenger or agent display

                  Illumination:        RED LED’s 630 nm
                  Power:               5V / 1A
                  Reliability:         MTBF: 220.000 H

                  Scanner Window: 92mm (3.6inch) x 52mm (2inch)

                  Dimensions           70mm (2.8inch) x 150mm (5.9inch) x 210mm (8.3inch)
                  of device:

                  Dimensions           Vacuum fluorescent display (VFD)
                  of display:          112 x 16 dot matrix
                                       2 x 16 characters in text mode

                  We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements and objectives in a direct
                  conversation. You will receive consultation and further information.

                                     Gesellschaft für Dateneingabe-
                                     systeme und Konzepte mbH

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                          95448 Bayreuth
                          Phone +49 (0)9 21-7 92 79-0
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