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A Visit to The Wizard of Oz
by Wu Hsiu-yao
Wu Yu-chieh:         Child A, Scarecrow, and Vicky’s mother
Huang Chi-ying:       Vicky
Yeh Chung-cheng: The Tin Woodman
Chang Tun-wei:        The King of Oz and Park Keeper
Lai Kuan-ling:        Dorothy
(This is a park; there is a tree in the middle of the stage. There is a bush on the right hand side of
the stage. Some children are on the stage. They look bored.)
Child A:     Oh! I’m bored! I’m so bored!
Vicky:       I have an idea. Let’s play hide-and-seek!
(All the children agree.)
Children: Paper, scissors, stone. Paper, scissors, stone. You lose! You’re the ghost.
Child A: I’ll count from 1 to 10. You all hide yourselves quickly.
(Child A leans on the tree and begins to count. All the children run away and exits except
Vicky:      Where can I hide? It maybe a good idea to hide in the bush. (squats in the bush.)
Child A: Where are you? (looks around and exits.)
(All the children enter.)
Child A: I can’t find Vicky. I’ve looked everywhere. Well, maybe she’s gone home. Let’s go
home, too!
(All the children exit. The light becomes dark and then is turned on. The big tree at this moment
has already been replaced by the Emerald City.)
Vicky:      Mm… Where’s everybody? (looks around) Where are they? Where’s this place?
(The king of the kingdom enters.)
Vicky:      Excuse me. Could you please tell me where this place is?
King:       This is the land of the Munchkins.
Vicky:       The land of the Munchkins! You mean I’m in L. Frank Baum’s book The Wizard of
King:       That’s right.
Vicky:      Are you sure?
King:       100% sure!
Vicky:       Oh, no. (to herself) How do I go home? (to the king) Do you know how I can get
out of here?
King:        I’m afraid I don’t know, young lady. But you can go ask the greatest wizard of Oz.
He lives in the Emerald City. He knows many things.
Vicky:      The wizard of Oz? Thanks.
(Vicky and the king of the Munchkins exit. The light becomes dark.)
(Oz stands on the stage. The light is turned on.)
Oz:           People think I’m a great wizard. They want me to help them solve their problems.
But I’m just an ordinary man. I don’t have any magic power That’s why I never let anyone see
me. (silence.) Now there’s someone who wants to see me. She seems to be like me coming to
this world unintentionally. Perhaps I can use her to prevent people from asking me for favors.
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(Oz exits. The light becomes dark. When the light is turned on, we can see the
palace that the wizard of Oz lives in.)
Vicky:      Are you the greatest wizard of Oz that people say you are?
Oz:         I’m Oz, the Great and Terrible! Who are you? Why have you come here?
Vicky:      I’m Vicky. I came to this land by mistake. I want to go home. Can you help me?
Oz:         Certainly! I’m Oz, the Great and Terrible! I can do anything! (pauses) But you must
do me a favor first.
Vicky:      But… Aren’t you the one that can do anything yourself?
Oz:         Shut up! (pauses) I don’t like visitors very much. But now a group of strange people
is looking for me. I don’t want to see them. You must stop them.
Vicky:      But… I’m only an ordinary child. I can’t help you.
Oz:           It doesn’t matter. I’m only an ordinary man myself… Oh, I mean I’m a great and
terrible wizard. I’ll help you.
Vicky:      OK. Thank you. (The light becomes dark.)
(This is a field. Dorothy and her friends are crossing it. The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman
are walking before the Lion and Dorothy.)
Scarecrow: Tell them to hurry!
Tin Woodman: OK… I’ll KILL them… (He takes out an axe. Dorothy and the Lion fall down
with Tin Woodman’s strike.)
Scarecrow:           (Sees Dorothy falling down.) You idiot! I said TELL, not KILL. Oh no!
You… You… You really killed them!
Tin Woodman: I… I did not!
Scarecrow:        (Checks Dorothy and the Lion’s breath) Thank goodness. They just fell asleep.
Tin Woodman: What should we do? They’re sleeping.
Scarecrow:        (To Dorothy and the Lion) Wake up!
Tin Woodman: What should we do? They’re sleeping soundly. It must be these flowers all
around us that made them go to sleep!
Scarecrow:        Perhaps we can carry them and get out of this terrible place?
Tin Woodman: Good idea! (goes to pull Dorothy) Oh! She’s too heavy! I can’t move her!
She has to lose some weight.
Scarecrow:        What should we do?
(The Scarecrow and the Tin Woodman squat. After some silent moments, the Tin Woodman
stands up suddenly.)
Tin Woodman: Perhaps we can get a dinosaur to carry her out.
Scarecrow:        Good idea! But where can we find dinosaurs?
Tin Woodman: Oh! Perhaps we can look for a time machine to take us back to the time right
before she fell asleep.
Scarecrow:        Good idea! But where can we find a time machine?
Tin Woodman: Oh. Perhaps we can….
Scarecrow:        Shut up!
Tin Woodman: Oh! I can’t stand this! If I continue to think, I’ll get rusty soon. (stands up)
Scarecrow:        Where are you going?
Tin Woodman: (stumbles) I …
(A cat, which cannot be seen by the audience, cries out “Meow!”)
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Tin Woodman: What have I stepped on? (sees a mouse, which cannot be seen by the audience)
Oh, I just stepped on a cat and killed it. A mouse! (to the mouse) Who are you? (to the
Scarecrow) I can’t understand what the mouse says. Can you tell me what it says?
Scarecrow:          (to the mouse) You say that you’re the Queen of all the field mice. And he has
just killed the cat which was running after you, and saved your life. So you’ll give us a wish?
Tin Woodman: Hey! A wish! Let me think about it!
Scarecrow:          Can you help us to get her out of the field? (points to Dorothy) You say this is
an easy job! Hundreds and thousands of your people will help us get out of the field? Thank
you, Your Majesty!
Tin Woodman: Hey, Your Majesty! Where are you going? You haven’t heard my wish yet!
(The light gets dark and is turned on.)
Oz:                   I can’t believe this. Dorothy and her friends got out of the field! Luckily, I’ve
told Dorothy to go find the Wicked Witch of the West. Now I’ll call Vicky and tell her to get
ready. (to Vicky) Vicky, get ready now. Dorothy and her gang are coming now.
Dorothy:          What should we do now?
Scarecrow:         I don’t know!
Tin Woodman: (finds something) What’s that? UFO?
Scarecrow:         An angel? The Wicked Witch of the West?
(Vicky enters and laughs.)
Dorothy:          A Winged Monkey?
Vicky:            What? Monkey? Did you say I look like a monkey?
Dorothy:          Yes. I never lie!
Vicky:            What? I…I’m furious! I must punish you! (takes Dorothy away) Ha ha ha!
Dorothy:          Help! Help!
(Vicky and Dorothy exit.)
Tin Woodman: Now…what should we do?
Scarecrow:         I don’t know. Perhaps we can try every possible means to rescue her.
Tin Woodman: Good idea.
(The light gets dark.)
(On the stage there is a yellow castle.)
Vicky:        Mop the floor clean quickly! Wipe the windows after you finish mopping the floor.
There’re 365 windows altogether in this castle. Don’t miss any! Then wash the clothes, water
the flowers, and feed the fish!
Dorothy: Why do I have to do so many things?
Vicky:       Because you’re a bad girl. You said I look like a monkey!
(Dorothy takes the bucket from the floor.)
Vicky:       What are you doing?
Dorothy: (pours water from the bucket on Vicky) Well!
Vicky:       Oh!
(Vicky changes into a posture in scene one gradually. The light gets dark and is
turned on again. Now Vicky wears the clothes that she wears in scene one.)
Vicky:       Oh!
Park Keeper:         (amazed) You shocked me!
Vicky:       Oz?
Park Keeper: What?
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Vicky:     Oz, someone splashed water on me. Can I go home now?
Park Keeper: Poor child, I’m not Oz. I’m only a park keeper, and you were sleeping in the bush
just now. If you want to go home, you should look for the police, not Oz.
(Mother enters. The park keeper exits.)
Mother: Vicky, where have you been? I’ve been looking all over for you.
Vicky:     Mom, I had a strange dream. There were Oz and Dorothy, the Scarecrow, and the Tin
Woodman in my dream.
Mother: Really?
Vicky:     Can you tell me the story The Wizard of Oz again? I’d like to listen to it again.
Mother: Certainly! But where do you want me to begin?
Vicky:     After the Wicked Witch of the West has melted.
(Mother and Vicky exit.)

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