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Environmentally friendly designer furniture


									Environmentally friendly designer furniture.
FSC certified furniture made from re-used teak has been successfully incorporated into the SIPPO programme.

«SIPPO helped us to promote our eco friendly products, to see what others can do and what we should do to improve our quality and capacity.»
Paulus Mintarga, General Manager, Prima Putra Bengawan, Indonesia

Convinced of the need to break into the EU market with Indonesian designer furniture made from sustainable materials, a competition for Indonesian producers was organised in 2007 in conjunction with SENADA, the local promotional project.
The prize for the competition winner was a place on the SIPPO stand shared with other exhibitors at «imm cologne 2008», the international furniture exhibition held in Cologne. The «Sustainable Home Furnishing Design Competition» attracted wide-spread interest in Java. Prima Putra Bengawan, an SME employing 58 people, impressed the international jury not only with its environmental and social awareness but also with its combination of Indonesian tradition with ultra-modern design. As a result of systematic preparation and the marketing support provided by the SIPPO programme, the company’s first venture onto the international stage its appearance at imm cologne 2008 proved to be extremely successful. A total of 37 quotations were prepared which resulted in five initial orders worth over CHF 120,000.00. The interest of these buyers was evident immediately after the exhibition when Prima Putra’s Indonesian factory was visited by two European buyers only a few days after the exhibition. The Indonesian company was not only able to create eight new jobs but also benefited from the know-how transfer from its new customers. A German customer created an exciting design for the company, taking «recycled meets modern» as its theme and which is now in the process of being converted into working designs by the company’s Indonesian designer. This range will be launched at the forthcoming imm cologne 2009 exhibition. Thanks to its participation in the SIPPO programme, Putra Bengawan is on track to develop an excellent image as a producer of ecologically friendly furniture with a unique design and is now able position itself as a niche producer in the European market.

«The SIPPO-programme is an immense support for us in promoting Indonesia’s sustainable home furnishing industry on the European market.»
December 2008
Aris Darujo, Industry Advisor, SENADA, Indonesia Competitiveness Program, Indonesia

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