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									Boise Chiropractic Office, Synergy Chiropractic & Nutrition, Provides Natural Solutions For Weight Loss

Boise, ID, 24-APR-2013 - Dr. Andrew Kidder, DC has been recognized for providing natural solutions to
individuals seeking weight loss through a comprehensive, individualized Boise chiropractic nutrition program.
The doctor focuses on the needs of individuals as well as the factors that may be contributing to their inability to
lose weight successfully. Dr. Kidder provides the care, resources and training that empowers patients to become
more active participants in achieving and maintaining their weight loss and health goals.

When interviewed recently Dr. Kidder discussed his commitment to providing the most advanced methods and
techniques to individuals who may be seeking natural alternatives to address weight loss issues. "There are often
many factors that contribute to a person's inability to lose weight. An individual may have an issue with their
metabolism, may not eat foods that stimulate and enhance the way their body burns calories, and may be
confused about what exercises or health program will be most effective. I work very closely with patients to
ensure that they understand the complexities of losing weight and how their unique needs must be included in
the wellness program they choose. Through a comprehensive health and wellness program individuals are able to
function and focus more easily and attain their weight loss goals with long term results."

During the initial consultation with patients Dr. Kidder reviews the past medical history of the individual as well
as previous weight loss efforts. The doctor will conduct tests and perform an extensive examination to determine
issues that may be restricting an individual from losing weight. The doctor will also take x-rays to identify any
misalignments or compressed discs that may be restricting proper circulation through the body. Triggers and
other factors that are contributing to weight issues will also be discussed.

After evaluating the information collected Dr. Kidder creates a wellness program designed to increase the body's
metabolism, energy and stamina safely and naturally. The doctor will provide nutritional therapy that includes
information and training on the foods that contain the vitamins and nutrients the body needs to function and heal
more quickly and effectively.

Chiropractic care is provided to realign discs and relieve pressure from nerves that may be restricting proper
circulation throughout the body. In addition, focus is centered on stimulating circulation and healing to the cells
and tissues surrounding areas that may be damaged and contributing to pain or an inability to exercise properly.
Exercises are provided that will increase circulation, strengthen muscles and improve the function of the

To get more information on the natural solutions offered by Dr. Andrew Kidder, DC through his comprehensive
Boise Chiropractic Nutrition programs visit today. Individuals and members of the
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