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            2702 Colfax Drive
          Caldwell, Idaho 83607
           Phone: 208-459-4229
        Cell Phone: 208-941-1943
   Email: littlelearners.torrie@yahoo.com
Website: http://torrieslittlelearners.blogspot.com
             Director: Torrie Bowers
Welcome to Little Learners. This Handbook is intended to facilitate your understanding of the opera-
tion of the Center. The policies, procedures and expectations outlined in this handbook are regularly
reviewed and improved. We urge you to carefully read this and address any of your concerns to our Di-
rector. It is important that you are totally informed, and we will always welcome your ideas and give con-
sideration to all your suggestions.

We are happy that you have chosen our program for your child’s preschool enrichment. As an early
childhood educator, I am committed to providing a place where children can explore, discover, and
learn through play. I see the preschool years as a time for children to discover who they are, learn about
the world outside their own family, and become excited about learning.

I have been in the business of providing childcare & preschool for over 14 years now, and I am
continuously interested and involved in the study and theories of childhood development. As the
mother of three, I look for ways to put those theories into practice on a day-to-day basis. In the
classroom, my priorities are to foster self-concepts and strong socialization between children and
adults. Along with self-guided discovery and open-ended activities, I believe these are basic to a child’s
success and academic achievement in the subsequent years. I hope to encourage this through a variety
of physical and quiet activities, explorations and lots of play, play, play.

We are licensed by the State of Idaho, Department of Health & Welfare and are licensed to care for no
more than 12 children at any one time. I am inspected regularly to ensure that I meet licensing standards.
All staff are trained and current on CPR/First & background check. We are ICCP approved & are part
of the PDS (Professional Development System) & the QRIS (Quality Rating & Improvement System).

Our goal at little learners is to provide each child with attention and security to learn life and educa-
tional skills, and to develop a healthy self-concept. We will provide a stimulating environment to aid in
the child’s growth through plan and developmentally appropriate activities, which will help to build self-
confidence and good self-esteem within the child. We will help children feel secure, and help them make
a successful break from home. Our further goal is to provide new experiences for the children to help
them grow and learn.

I believe each interaction with a child is an opportunity & each of us has something to gain from the
company of others. Young children thrive in a stable predictable environment. So while I strive to remain
flexible to each ones' varying needs each day, our days will follow a consistent schedule. The particulars
may change, but the schedules remains the same. By encouraging children to learn at their own level
they will gain confidence of self-importance

Parents are considered an integral element in the overall success of the program at Little Learners and
are encouraged to visit and participate in various activities with their children. Open communication is
maintained between the employees and parents to ensure their knowledge of their children's various ac-
tivities. Parents are encouraged to participate in regularly scheduled employee - parent meetings as well
as informal daily "visits".
We encourage parents and teachers to share information about children for better understanding of
what is happening at school and home. If possible, give the teacher any special instructions for the day;
e.g. if your child woke up not feeling well, did she/he eat breakfast, is something worrisome going on at
home, etc. Our monthly newsletter and website provide parents and the community at large information
about Little Learners and includes upcoming events, menus and field trip permission slips. Visit our
website at http://torrieslittlelearners.blogspot.com. Please check your child’s backpack and your email
on a daily basis to ensure you are updated. Please provide a small backpack to transport books, notices,
and art projects.

Formal parent teacher conferences may be held up to twice a year. However, we welcome your input
and will gladly meet with you at a mutually convenient time to discuss your child's progress and your ide-
as. Please let us know if your child is having any problems at home such as sleeping problems or family
conflict or anything else that will help provide us insight into your child's behavior at Little Learners.

Observations, notes, and documentation tracking each child’s developmental growth, strengths and
challenges will be in kept in child’s folders and will be accessible for parents to review upon request.
Goals for each child will be made at the beginning of each school year and re-evaluate at conferences to
determine if goals were met or new ones need created. Children will be screened using various tools in-
cluding ASQ-3 & ASQ-SE.

Parents are encouraged to be involved in not only their child's specific learning but also Little Learners
as a whole. Parents are welcome to join us on field trips, holiday parties and special activities. If you are
interested in any of these, please see the Director. Some parent involvement activities may include
Quarterly Parent Meetings, Parent Work groups, and Parent Socials.

Parents (and close friends, family) are encouraged to visit their children at Little Learners. These visits
enhance the program by promoting continuity of care as well as communication between Little Learners
and the child's home. Please be aware that visiting may be disruptive to others. I maintain an "Open
Door Policy". This "Open Door Policy" does NOT mean my door will always be unlocked. It means you are
always welcome to call or drop-in to see your child at any time during business hours. Please remember
when visiting, children may react in an excited manner that does not normally occur when I am alone
with the children. Please call if you are going to drop in so we are not outside or on a walk.

We are dedicated to supporting parents by connecting parents with the local agencies best equipped to
serve their needs (a community resource list is located in the facility book. We will make every
reasonable effort to help families with goal setting, personal encouragement, and follow-up on any
referral to ensure family’s needs were met.

We also have a lending library of books, learning packs, and parenting books available. Please check with
the staff.

We will provide care for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 12 years. Child care services are available
without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national
origin or ancestry. Little Learners is open 7:00 am--5:30 pm Monday through Friday. With the following
The following is a list of the holidays that Little Learners will be closed:

       New Year's Day

       Memorial Day + Friday before

       Independence Day

       Labor Day + Friday before

       Thanksgiving Day + day after

       Christmas Eve

       Christmas Day

       1 week teacher vacation (please see paragraph CREDITS)

If a holiday falls on a weekend, then we will be closed either the Friday before or the Monday after.
Payments remain the same regardless of closed days. Teacher vacation will be posted at least 2 weeks
prior to closing to ensure parents have enough time to make prior arrangements. Vacation days may
change if enrollment is low. Changes will be posted. Please remember back-up daycare is parent’s respon-
sibility. Regarding PRESCHOOL Little Learners will follow the Vallivue Public Schools academic calen-
dar. Vallivue school closures will result in no preschool that day. Copies of the current calendar are
provided to all parents at the beginning of each school year.

Monthly tuitions are due regardless of attendance and closures. The only exception to this policy is a 1
week teacher vacation & unexpected teacher sick days (see credits for details regarding this policy).

Before enrollment all families will be given a Family Orientation. At orientation each family will be given
a tour of the facility, a Parent interview, and all forms needed for enrollment. We will discuss the
policies, procedures, and disciplinary actions. We will also address any questions or concerns you may
have, after which you will decide if this is the right place for your child.

On your child’s first day, the first month’s tuition is due and all necessary paperwork returned
completed. The following forms are required before your child may attend:
•      $40 enrollment fee ( non-refundable)
•      Contract/Payment agreement
•      Child’s Health/Medical Form
•      All about me/Photo/Activity Forms
•      Parents Information
•      Child pick-up / Late pick-up form
•      Immunization record (copy) or opt-out form
•      Parent Goal sheet.
•      Preschool Application (if applies)
If you need any help filling out these forms, please feel free to ask.

Future Enrollment
If care is to begin at a future date, one full week advanced payment, will be required to hold a place for
your child, for up to 2 weeks. Until this deposit is received plus the $40.00 registration fee, the spot is
not “Saved” and could be given to another child. The money will not be refunded if enrollment is
Your child's happiness is important to all of us. It is, therefore, agreed that the first month (28 calendar
days) of your child's enrollment in my home daycare will be considered the trial period. At the end of
this trial period if everything is going fine I will assume that your child is going to continue his care at my
home. If things are not working out for either of us then before the 28 days are up we need to discuss
what is to be done next. If care continues after the trial period (first 28 days) then your child is
automatically enrolled after this date. If you decide to remove your child after this date I will need to
have a 2 week written notice.

We offer full time, part time, afterschool care, as well as a 5 day preschool program. Full time is consid-
ered 4-5 days per week and Part time is considered 2-3 days per week. Add-on days or schedule changes
may be accepted upon availability and they will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please
remember that schedule changes of this nature create some disruption to our normal schedule. We
would appreciate as much notice as possible, so that we can plan for meals, sleeping arrangements, and
any changes in activities that may occur. If you need to change your child's schedule on a more perma-
nent basis I need a 2 week written notice & a new signed contract. We would appreciate your coopera-
tion with the following policies. Please remember that your fee is based on the hours you contract for,
not the hours that I am open.

I. Payments
Payments are due regardless of attendance including but not limited to: Holidays, closures, sick days,
vacations, schedule changes, and weather conditions. All payments are due prior to care provided and
monthly tuitions are due on the 1st & 15th of each month (if 1st or 15th falls on a weekend, payment is due
the following Monday) . There is “Payments” drop box for you to place your child’s tuition. Please put
cash payments in a sealed envelope marked with your name and amount. Checks should be made payable
to Little Learners. Those waiting to hear from ICCP must pay in full the monthly tuition until ICCP
benefits are available. Upon receiving payments from ICCP parents will be reimbursed less their co-pay.
Please inform me of whom the bill is to be billed to for tax purposes. The name you choose to appear on
the bill is the name that will appear on your yearend tax statement. Tax statements will be given to each
family no later than January 31st.
All invoices will be created at the beginning of each month for the entire month’s balance regardless of
which payment schedule you choose. (Full balance on 1st or half on 1st & half on 15th)

II. Online payments
Little Learners provides an online payment service childcarepay.com at $1 per transaction. Payments are
accepted online through your personal bank account. Upon enrollment forms an account will be creat-
ed for each family through childcarepay.com and a welcome letter sent via email. These accounts will
include a username & password that parents use to securely sign in at the childcarepay.com website.
Parents can then view account history and invoices as well as pay some or all of the balance due on an
invoice electronically. All payments made through childcare pay take 7 full days to be deposited into Lit-
tle Learners bank account, so please make sure payments are submitted a week prior to due date to
avoid any late fees. Invoices will all be created at an appropriate time to ensure online payments are
submitted & received on time.

III. Credits
The only credit that may be assessed to an account is if the facility closes due to teacher illness and a 1
week teacher vacation. Each child’s account will be credited equal to $15-$20 per day closed and credit-
ed on your next invoice. We will give as much notice as we can prior to any unscheduled closures.

IV. Leave of Absence
Since I do have limited spots & a waiting list I can no longer hold spots for extended periods of time
without payment. Payments are due regardless of attendance to hold a child’s spot. This applies to
those going on maternity leave or not attending during summer break or vacations. You may choose to
withdraw your child & re-enroll if availability allows.

V. Late Fees:

Payment is due the 1st and 15th of every month. The late fee is $5 for every day your payment is late no
exceptions. Late payments will continue to accrue until FULL payment is received. If payment is not
received after 7 days your child will not be allowed to return until all money owed (including late fees) is
paid in full. If Payment not received within 10 days, I may terminate services, without notice. Any
account 30 days late or more will be reported to a collection agency & you will be responsible for any and
all fees incurred while trying to collect this debt. REMEMBER.....childcarepay.com payments need
submitted a week (7 days) before actually due to be in my account on time & not considered late. Please
keep in mind that this is part of my family income. I depend on this money and expect to be paid on time.

Late pick-up fees are $5 for the first 10 minutes after 5:30pm and $1/minute thereafter. This policy is in
place to encourage on time pick-up. Late pick-up fees must be paid in full before your child can return
to daycare the next day.

If you have not arrived by your scheduled departure time to pick up your child, Little Learners staff will
attempt to reach you (THE PARENTS) by phone at any and all numbers provided on the child pick-up &
Late Pick-Up form. If Little Learners Staff cannot reach you and you have not arrived by 5:40 (or 10
minutes after scheduled departure time), we will begin calling those remaining contacts listed on the
child pick-up & late pick-up form, in the order listed until we reach a contact willing to pick up your
child or we have exhausted the list. If you have not arrived by 6:30pm or Little Learners Staff is unable
to reach you or a suitable contact for pick-up, Little Learners reserves the right to call the police for
assistance in locating you or a suitable contact or for guidance on the next steps to be taken to ensure
the safety of your child.

VI. Registration Fees
There is a one-time $40.00 non-refundable fee due at the time of registration for new enrollments and
an annual $40.00 non-refundable preschool fee due at the beginning of each new school year . This fee
covers registration and part of insurance costs & supplies.

    $15  In-sufficient check
    $40 Annual preschool Registration Fee and or 1-time for Future Enrollment

Rates are based on monthly flat rates for full/part time, after school, & preschool. All payments are due
regardless of attendance. There is no additional charge for the pre-school program if your child is also
enrolled in daycare (monthly preschool included @ $25 per week). If you would like to enroll in our
Preschool only program the rate is based on a 5 day a week curriculum with the option of attending 1-5
days a week. Regardless of the number of days your child attends preschool the rate remains the same &
is payable regardless of attendance. Fees are determined based monthly and on the number of days your
child will be attending the daycare. You and the director determine a set schedule that your child will
be in attendance. Since it is our goal that the highest quality of care is available at all times, careful
scheduling is needed to maintain licensing ratios while providing the flexible options that busy families
require. So in order to maintain licensing ratios it is vital that all child care schedules & changes are
approved ahead of time. Full time rates are based on 20 days per month & part time rates are based on 12
days per month. Flat rates are a great thing because no matter how many days are in a month you still pay
the same rate. Essentially there are around 20 days out of the year that are either free and/or are not
factored into the rate. These rates will stay the same throughout the year and will not change during
summer unless your child attends only during summer months (then you will pay the summer only rate).
However if your child is enrolled after September of the current school year and will also be attending
our Summer Camp then your rate will be calculated according to the month enrolled ( $10 is added to
each month so your rate doesn’t change during summer so if you enroll later the amount has to be
refigured). If at any time I decide to change my rates you will receive a 2 week advanced notice of all
rate changes at that time I hope you choose to continue your enrollment in my daycare or you can give
me a 2 week withdrawal notice.

Full Time = 4-5 days per week    Part Time = 2-3 days per week

   $200   Preschool only (5 days a week @ $10/day - based on 20 days per month)

   $400   Full time preschool & daycare
   $500   Full time preschool & daycare (non-potty trained)
   $310   Full time After-school & Summer Program care        (from Sept. – Sept of current school year)
   $320   Full time Afterschool-Kindergarten + Summer care
   $380   Full time Summer care only (from June – August)

   $280   Part time preschool & daycare
   $340   Part time preschool & daycare (non-potty trained)
   $190   Part time afterschool / summer Program care
   $200   Part time afterschool Kindergarten & Summer care
   $260   Part-time Summer care only (from june-August)

   $20    Drop in care per day – (potty trained & non-potty trained)

Preschool: is available 5 days a week according to the Vallivue school calendar. Preschool will not be
provided on any Vallivue School closure days. Any preschool only child that needs drop in care on days
when we are open but no preschool, can attend (upon availability) @ a drop in rate of $15/day. The drop
in fee would be payable at time of service. vallivue schools closures (no preschool) days will be noted on
each monthly newsletter & calendar.
Kindergarten care: is available between the hours of school dismissal & 5:30 and full days when no
kindergarten is in session.
Afterschool care: is available between the hours of school dismissal & 5:30 pm and days when school &
preschool is not in session.
Non-potty trained: rate is in effect until child wears underwear at all times with no accidents.
Part-time care: is available up to 3 days per week. Schedule may flex from week to week as long as notice
given & there is availability.
Drop-in care: is available only on non-preschool days & is based on availability and a first come first serve
basis. Payment for drop in care is due that day at drop off.

Backup Child Care
It is the responsibility of the parent to provide backup childcare services. Please do this in advance to
make sure that you are covered in case of an emergency.
Due to the emotional nature of leaving a child I ask that when you bring your child in the morning you
be as quick as possible in your departure. It is much easier on the child when the impending separation is
not long and drawn out. A quick hug and kiss to let them know you will return is a great way to let them
know you love them and yes you will be back. If you are worried please give me a call and check on your
child to make sure they are happy and content. If I can’t console your child after an hour or so you will
be called to come and pick up your child. Please make sure you child is dropped off & picked up at their
scheduled pick up time or a late fee will be charged (unless prearranged). (see late fees) We appreciate
families considering our schedule when picking up or dropping off children. It is better if arrivals and
departures do not occur during quiet time, but when they do, please take note of the fact that chil-
dren may be sleeping. Come and go as quietly and quickly as possible. Children who arrive during quiet
time will be expected to rest or play quietly until the rest period is over.

REQUIREMENTS: I am required to maintain a current, accurate record of daily attendance for all of
the children. Please assist me in meeting this requirement by signing your children in and out each day.
If they arrive from school, I will sign them in for you. Only those on your authorized pick-up form may be
allowed to pick up children. Anyone other than the parent(s)/guardian picking up a child, MUST be on
the pick-up authorization form and have proper picture identification. No exceptions. If the par-
ents/guardian cannot be reached, Litte Learners staff will call emergency contacts beginning with the
first person listed on child’s pick up form.

EARLY/LATE DEPARTURE: Children arriving at scheduled times is crucial to maintaining child to
staff ratios. If your child is going to be dropped off / picked up early or late please call & let me know to
make sure this is ok. I have children arriving at all different times so I plan my mornings according to
these arrival times and do not want to miss you when you arrive. We are usually here at nap time but
sometimes we will take an early walk and have a later nap time, so just call ahead to be sure. If we are
out close to pick-up times I will leave a note on the door with our location or a time we will be back if
we are on a walk. Late arrival does not justify late departure. I do have my own family to care for as well
& need to cook dinner and run errands.

CUSTODY: Unless you give me court papers stating that you have been granted temporary or
permanent custody I have no legal authority to tell either parent that he/she can’t pick up their child. I
will need a photo copy of the court order with the court’s signature. Please make sure I have these
papers in your child’s file. And please make sure you tell me if there is someone that is not to pick up
your child!

The aim of preschool is to provide a basic foundation for your child's education and to make each
child's first experience with school a successful and happy one. Preschool will be offered throughout
the months of September and May and offered to children ages 3 and up if potty trained. During sum-
mer we will offer a Summer Program or a Summer Camp. Our schedule will be 9:00am – 1 pm (lunch in-
cluded) and will be subject to change each year depending on the enrollment count & classes offered.
Children that are attending preschool or summer camp only must be picked up promptly at 1:00 so the
rest of the children can prepare for quiet time.

DAILY SCHEDULE: Children enjoy a structured schedule that allows for flexibility. A schedule helps
the day to flow more smoothly and allows the children to anticipate upcoming events. We will adhere to
our written schedule to the best of our ability, however there will be times when we have to make
adjustments to the schedule. I try to provide a daily structured program with an emphasis on creative
art. And as much as possible, plan activities that reflect the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of all
children in the classroom. We allow the children to learn at their own pace through discovery & playing &
we give the children choices but teach them that a classroom rule is not the same as a choice.

Example of a day at Little Learners:
The daily schedule is meant to be a guideline but remains flexible
to accommodate the needs of all children and is as follows:
7:00am-7:30am             Quiet Rest/Free Play
                                                                          Examples of Learning Centers:
7:30am-8:30am             Breakfast/Color, and Cutting/free play
                                                                          Literacy / Language:
8:30am-9:20am             Indoor/Outdoor Free Play
                                                                           chalk board activities, listening to
9:20am-9:30am             Transition Time/Clean-up                        books on tape…
9:30am-9:50am             Circle                                          Mathematics:
9:50am-10:15am            Exercise / free play                            number rods, sorting, pattern cards,
10:15am -10:45am          Am Snack and Free Play Outdoor/Indoor           eye droppers, counting…
10:45am-10:50am           Transition Time (mini circle)                   Science/Social Studies:
10:50am-11:50am           Learning Centers                                experiments, magnets, specimen
11:50am-12:00pm           clean-up Transition Time                        viewers, magnifying glasses, learning
                                                                          about our community activities…
12:00pm-12:10pm           Transition Time to Lunch
12:10pm-12:45pm           Lunch
                                                                          painting, play dough, drawing,
12:40pm-1:00pm             Free Play Indoor/Outdoor                       musical instruments, listening to
1:00pm-1:10pm             Transition and Reading Time                     music from song bank on
1:10pm-3:30pm              Quiet Rest/Quiet Activities                    headphones. On nice days some or
3:30pm-4:00pm              Transition and PM Snack                        all of our centers will be moved
4:00pm-5:30pm              Outdoor/Indoor Free Play                       outdoors.
5:30pm-6:00pm              Transition and Clean-Up
This schedule is subject to change.

DRESS CODE: Please send your child dressed and ready for play. Do not send your child in their pj’s or
soaking wet diapers. I have up to 12 children each day with a very busy morning. We will be working with
messy materials (such as painting) and other activities throughout the day. I don’t want to worry about
spoiling your child’s clothing. We also spend a lot of time outside. Children need to have sneakers to be
able to climb and run with the other children. Make sure to include hats, mittens, boots and coats for
cold weather and swimsuits in summer.
SUPPLIES: Please write your child's name on all belongings as I am not responsible for lost items. I ask
that NO toys be brought from home so please be aware that if your child brings in toys or other items
from home and they get lost or broken I am not going to replace them or take extra time to search for
them. If you want to come in and look around that’s fine. As soon as the item is found it we know who
it belongs to it will be placed in their box. Otherwise it will go into the lost and found box.
(Please make sure I have the items listed below):
Toddlers: Diapers, pull-ups, wipes and complete change of clothes (as they get soiled I will leave them in
a plastic bag in your child’s box to be taken home and cleaned).
Your child should have a backpack to transport books, notices, art projects and snacks.
The backpack should be user friendly and the appropriate size for a preschooler. The Backpack should
be appropriate for the child to learn to manage independently. Please check your child’s backpack daily
since we will be communicating with you through written notices. 1-2 complete sets of clothing.

POTTY TRAINING: Let me know when you have begun training your child. After your child has been
training at home for about a week I will begin training here. I will only potty train your child at my house
as long as you are following through with potty training your child at home too. I will only use pull-ups
supplied by the parent until your child is down to less than 3 accidents a day. Please keep in mind that
the activity level here can distract your child which means that they will forget to use the potty. At
your home the distraction level is down and they will do a much better job. It can take quite a while for
a child to get potty trained in daycare. Send your child ONLY in easy to remove clothing while they are
potty training. I required at least 3 complete changes of clothing during Potty Training. I do not rinse or
launder soiled items and they will be placed into a plastic bag in your child’s box. Please replace any
clothing sent home the next day. As your child starts getting the hang of potty training you will want to
remove the pull ups and start using training pants. Your child may only wear underwear to daycare if
they have been accident free one full week at daycare.
DONATIONS: If you have any of the items below and would like to donate them to us for are projects
it would be greatly appreciated: Egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, etc. Magazines for
cutting. Any that has lots of pictures of people, children, or animals. Paper of any kind, brown, white,
colored, waxed, foil, etc. Crayons, markers, play dough, or any misc. art supplies, such as fabric scraps,
glitter, pipe cleaners, paper plates, etc. Unused Diapers – your child has out grown Old shirts, pants,
snow pants, mittens, coats, hats, socks, etc.

OUTDOOR PLAY: We will go outside at least 1-2 times daily (weather permitting). We may go for walks
or play outside in the fenced in play area. The children should be dressed in weather appropriate
clothing to be comfortable and enjoy being outside. If your child isn’t feeling well enough to play with
the other kids or go outside then your child is too sick to be in daycare that day.

FIELD TRIPS: Throughout the year we take many field trips. Parents are welcome to join us anytime,
but are not required to do so. Some of the field trips we may be taking will be to the Boise zoo, Planet
Kid, Fire Station, YMCA, Park, etc. Parents may need to fill out a field trip authorization form for each
field trip taken throughout the year. Parent may be asked for any admission charges and other expenses
involved with the field trip. Emergency information any field trip authorization for each child will be
readily available & taken with the provider any time the children are outside the facility. We try to go on
a field trip at least once a month or every other month to engage with the community & expand our
knowledge of the world around us.
QUIET / NAPTIME: There will be a designated nap/rest time each day. All children must nap, rest, read
or play quietly during this period. Rest time gives children a much needed break during the day. Without
rest time, some children are argumentative in the afternoon, short-tempered with others, and not real
happy when they go home in the evening. Rest period 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm every day. If you need to pick up
or drop off during nap time hours please DO NOT ring the doorbell and make your visit quiet and brief.
Nap time is my only opportunity to take a break, clean up after lunch, do paper work, and plan activities
for the next day.

GUIDANCE: When problems with discipline start I will try to guide your child in the right direction;
through positive reinforcement.
Redirection: Sometimes it will be necessary for me to try and redirect one child away from another
child; such as they both want the same puzzle. I would simply point out that there are more puzzles lets
go and find one. That usually works great.
Removal of Privilege - If children are throwing sand or trying to run over another child with a toy
carriage, then immediately remove the problem, such as putting up the carriage or removing the child
throwing sand from the sand box for a while. Try separating them from the problem for about 5 minutes
or longer if needed. They cannot touch the doll carriage for 5 minutes while the other children can or
they can no longer go in the sand box. Remind them after 5 minutes that if they don’t throw sand and
can be nice they can return to the sand box but if they misbehave they will be asked to leave again.
Self time: If redirection doesn’t work then they will be removed from the group and asked to sit down
and color or look at book until they can return. Or they may be asked to sit by themselves for a minute
or two where I will go over with them why they need to be nice to friends and if they can think of way
of fixing the problem so it doesn’t continue. I want to try to teach them to think about what they’re
doing and what they could have done instead.

If your child is chronically misbehaving then you will be notified. Together, we will try to find a solution
and we will make every effort to remedy the situation before termination is decided. If the solutions
are not working then you will be called to remove your child if his/her behavior prevents me from being
able to provide quality care for the other children (see Termination Policy). Under NO
CIRCUMSTANCES will there be any spanking, physical abuse, verbal abuse, name-calling or isolation
used. Neither food nor sleep will ever be withheld from children as a means of punishment.

Meals and snacks, meeting USDA guidelines for nutritional value are served free of charge to children
in attendance during the scheduled meal times. Menus are posted in the home, either in the kitchen or
in the front entrance way. Family style dining allows the child an opportunity to learn appropriate values.
Children are encouraged, but not forced to eat. Children must be in the home at scheduled meal times
in order to be served a meal. Generally, children are not served dinner unless they will remain in the
home into the evening hours. All parents will be required to sign a USDA participant form upon
enrollment and annually every October. Meals will consist of breakfast, am snack, lunch, and pm snack. .
Children who arrive after meal times should be fed before they arrive. We prefer that children do not
bring food, drinks, etc. from home unless requested. Children tend to think the "grass is greener . . ."
when they see someone eating something different from them. If your child has allergies, and requires a
special diet, then you will need to provide what your child is going to eat or we can discuss what other
arrangements or substitutes can be made. All Allergies will be posted. Thank you

Breakfast 7:30—8:30
Snack 10:00—10:30
Lunch 12:00—1:00
Snack 3:30—4:30 (depending on when children wake up from nap)

I do my best to maintain a clean house and clean children. I have the children use hand sanitizer several
times daily and wash their hands after they go potty and before meals and snacks. I require all children
wash their hands upon entering the facility. If you want your child to brush his/her teeth here they will
need to come with their own tooth brush and tooth paste. They will also need to be able to do brush
their teeth unattended.

Parents are asked to call me ASAP at 459-4229 if your child is not coming to daycare because they are ill.
Sick children will not be accepted into daycare. If a child was sent home on Wednesday because they
were ill then they will not be able to return for 24 hours. So please do not bring your child back before
Friday or they will not be permitted to stay. Under no circumstances will parents be allowed to bring a
sick child to my home. Daily Health checks will be given to ensure all children are well and able to attend
daycare that day. Sick children need additional care that I can’t provide. Not only do they want to be
home (in their own bed) when not feeling well. They want the comfort of their own “Mommy”. Plus all
the other children and then their families become exposed to your child’s germs. Rates remain the same
regardless of attendance including sick days.
The following illness policies will be strictly enforced, for the health, well-being and safety of all

Examples of associated symptoms include, but are not limited to:
1. Fever (100 F. higher)-Child needs to be fever free for 24 hours
2. Nausea or vomiting
3. Diarrhea: runny or watery stools, or 2 or looser stools within last 4 hours.
4. Sore throat, loss of voice, hacking or continuous coughing, runny nose with
   colored discharge
5. Runny and/or Crusty Eyes: Watery, matted, and/or red/pink eyes are not
   acceptable in childcare.
6. Unexplained Rash
7. Excessive Crankiness: Child is irritable, excessive whining or crying, wants
   constantly held, or requires more attention than I can provide.
8. Lice (may not return child to care until no more nits are spotted)
9. Communicable diseases (chicken pox, roseola, conjunctivitis, mumps, measles,
    influenza, etc.)

This benefits your child as well as the other children. Your help at keeping your sick child home is
appreciated. Parents of a child with a diagnosed contagious condition (measles, head lice, pink eye,
mumps, chicken pox, etc.) are asked to notify me as soon as possible so that I may alert parents to watch
for symptoms in their own children. Please note: This sickness policy applies to my family and me too. If I
contract any of the above symptoms I will not be able to do daycare until they are gone. Please also keep
in mind my 3 children are not immunized.

I will not administer any type of medication (prescription or non) without a written Doctors note. If
your child is on medication and it needs to be taken while he/she is at daycare, the medicine must be in
the original container and labeled with the child’s name, doctor’s name, name of medication, dosage, and
when to be taken. If medication is to be taken only twice a day, i.e. (morning & night) then it will need to
be done at home. A medication form will need to be filled out that morning so please make sure you
have a few extra minutes. I will not administer medication until it has been given by the parent/guardian
at least for 24 hours. If a child is going to have an allergic reaction to the medication it should happen in
those first 24 hours sometimes up to 48 hours. But if they are still fine after 24 hours I will feel better
about them coming to my home. If your child refuses to take medication from me I will not force them
to take it. You will need to come by to give your child the medication or send someone else over. Do not
leave medicine in cubbies or diaper bags. Please make sure all medicine is handed to me for safe storage.
Thank you.

Minor bumps and scratches are inevitable, but we make every effort to keep the children safe through
supervision and childproofing. Minor injuries receive appropriate first aid, and if an emergency injury or
illness occurs, you will be contacted as soon as possible. If necessary, your child will be taken to the
nearest hospital where you will be asked to meet us. If you are not going to be at your usual place of
employment, or at home, please make sure that we have a number where you can be reached. All injuries
will be documented & kept on file. Parents are responsible for all costs involved in emergency medical
treatment, including emergency transportation, if required. The owners of Little Learners, will not be
held liable for any sickness/injury of either parent/guardian or child while on these premises.

In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the house immediately and gather together outside in the
fence. This will be practiced at least once a month (usually more) so the children are familiar with what
to do.

We reserve the right to terminate a child for the following reasons (but not limited to):

       Failure to pay

       Routinely late picking up your child

       Failure to complete the required forms

       Lack of parental cooperation
       Failure of child to adjust to the center after a reasonable amount of time

       Physical or verbal abuse of any person or property

       Lack of compliance with handbook regulations

       Serious illness of child
These issues will be addressed and every effort will be made to remedy the situation before termination
is decided. Every effort will be made to work with you, the parent, to avoid dismissing your child from
the program for any reason. If however, we have concerns stemming from lack of or late payments,
issues relating to child or parent behavior, safety of the other children, or other problems, we will
arrange to meet with you privately to discuss the issues. If a reasonable solution cannot be arrived at,
you will have 2 weeks to make other child care arrangements. If termination is decided you will be given
referrals to other childcare.
We appreciate as much advance notice as possible when terminating, and will give the same courtesy in
return. Parents are required to give two weeks written notice when they decide to terminate child care.
The two weeks will be paid in full, regardless of whether or not the child is in attendance.

After the trial period, if for some reason you decide to stop bringing your child to Little Learners a
two-week written notice is required. This will allow me time to advertise to find a child to fill your
child's spot. However payment is due for that month regardless of attendance per the mothly flat rate

The State of Idaho requires that all members of a daycare be on the lookout for, and report to the
State, any and all cases of abuse to a child. I and all employees of Little Learners are therefore
obligated and are mandatory reporters to the State of any suspected cases of child abuse and/or
I hope all this information helps and if you have any questions regarding the policies & or procedures
please call.

There will be a yearly revision to this handbook and the accompanying contract. All families will sign a
new contract each year. We reserve the right to make changes in rates and policies as we deem
necessary. You will be notified, in writing, of any changes that may occur. Every attempt will be made to
give at least a two week notice of changes.

Thank you and welcome!!!!

Torrie Bowers

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