Lab Ten- Physiology of the Circulatory system by pptfiles


									Lab Ten- Physiology of the
    Circulatory system
Write the question and answer the following ?s:
What is the function of the cardiovascular system
What is the pulmonary circuit, and why is it important?
What is blood pressure?
What is a sphygmonmanometer?
Explain the systolic pressure vs the diastolic pressure.
What is a normal blood pressure?
Why was it necessary to get an average pressure
before starting the lab?
                      Lab 10 cont.
• What will the tests for fitness in this lab show?
• Why is the cardiac rate a good indicator of fitness?

• Daphnia
•   What is an ectothermic animal?
•   Why does temperature affect heart rate in ectothermic organisms?
•   What occurs to the heart rate as the temperature increases?
•   Describe at least four ways an ectothermic organism behaviior helps
    it regulate its temperature.
               Lab 10 cont.
•   For the Lab notebook-
•   Questions and answers
•   Data Tables and questions
•   Update Table of contents

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