Chapter 13 Manifest Destiny Section 4 The California Gold Rush by yurtgc548


									   Chapter 13: Manifest Destiny
Section 4: The California Gold Rush
Until 1848 California was populated
  by 150,000 Native Americans
     And 6000 Californios           One Swiss immigrant did
(Spanish or Mexican settlers)         move there though –
                                      John Sutter (3) – who
   (When Mexico owned                convinced the Mexican
California they didn’t want any       governor to give him
  American foreigners there)          50,000 acres of land
                                      (for a farm)
Sutter was having a sawmill built, and one day his
      carpenter found some gold on the ground.

   Well, you know what happens        California was a hard place
    next – EVERYONE (thousands)         to get to (way out west
    want to come to California to       and over the Rockies) but
    get rich as part of the             people still came (mostly
    California gold rush (6).           young men though).
                                       These people are called
                                        49ers because they
                                        started their migration
                                        (30/44) to California in:
                                             Moving to a new place
            1 ounce of gold:
      size/weight of one penny today
   Today: worth            In 1849: worth
    about ____ dollars       about ____ dollars

                            (it would take a
                             cabinet maker
                             about 200 hours
                             work to make that
                             much money)
Why was gold so “magical”/special?
In the mid 1800’s: it was an
 easy way to get rich - quick
 Today’s ways to get rich quick:

      Lottery / Gambling
          Sell Drugs
People came from all over the world

                     About 2/3 were Americans.
                     Also: Native Americans, free
                      Blacks, and even some
                      enslaved African Americans.
                     Some from Mexico.
                     Others from Europe, South
                      America, Australia.
                     Even China (by 1851 10% of
                      the miners were Chinese – and
                      they ended up being some of
                      the best miners).
                     Very few women – it just
                      wasn’t the kind of thing
                      “ladies” did.
     Living there was
   For one thing, you can guess
    how men would live if there
    were never any women
   Miners “camped out” a lot
    more than they lived in
   Looking for gold was hot,
    sweaty and dirty work.
   There was great competition
    for the best “claims.”
   And there were always people
    looking to cheat you, or simply
    rob you of anything you found.
              How to find gold:
   Panning               Crevicing / Digging
      For fun and entertainment:
   Bull and bear fights
   Bear and donkey
   Wrestling
   Boxing
   Magic Shows
                   By 1852…
   The gold rush was          There were other gold
    mostly over.                rushes, but California
   All the easy gold had       is the one people
    been found.                 hear about the most
   The government put         Montana, Colorado,
    a tax on foreign            Alaska, Central/South
    miners – that most of       America
    them couldn’t afford
    The gold rush had a huge impact
    on California – even up to today
   California (and the San
    Francisco area became
    centers of banking,
    manufacturing, shipping,
    and trade.
   Today – if California was
    it’s own country it would
    be the sixth richest nation
    IN THE WORLD (because
    of all it’s resources and
    how they’re used)
    But even though some good things happened
                     for the U.S. –
     that doesn’t always mean good things for….
   Native Americans               Or the original Spanish
   Of course – again – they        and Mexican settlers.
    lost a lot of land.            Many lost all their legal
   Many died from diseases         rights and their heritage
    brought by the                  (34 and 45)
    newcomers.                     Many lost all their
   Miners would even hunt          property.
    them down and kill them
    sometimes.                     Your culture and what you get
                                         from your ancestors
      Enough people did move to California
          that it could become a state
   A free state                          And now there was one
   California is home to more             more free state than
    than 10 percent of all                 slave states – and that
    Americans and a central                would cause more
    element in the American
    cultural fabric. Although more         political turmoil (41 / 46)
    than two-thirds of native-born
    Americans live in their state of          (people getting upset)
    birth, fewer than half of all
    Californians were born in the
    state. Rather, California has
    been an important destination
    for U.S. internal migration in
    nearly every decade since

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