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									ALAN HOBSON
*(see attached pages for technical specifications) Hello! Our goal at the National Speakers Bureau is to provide you with a presentation that exceeds your expectations. In Alan’s experience which has spanned over 20 years as a professional presenter, he has discovered some of the audio/visual and staging elements which he believes can help to do just that. So, the following pages provide some recommendations for your A/V and staging (i.e. banquets &/or catering) teams. You might wish to discuss these recommendations with them to determine what might work best for you. His Business Manager, Martin Tough, will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Many Thanks. Together, we will deliver an outstanding presentation! Cheers, Alan Hobson, Mt. Everest Climber, Summiteer & Cancer Survivor

Audio/Visual: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Projector Screen(s) as needed Main Microphone Back-up Microphone Sound System Back-up Computer Switcher (to go from Alan’s laptop on stage to the back-up if needed)

Staging: 1. 2. 3. 4. Risers Steps (if needed) One High Stool Small Table (see attached for size specs.) w/ 2 bottles of water @ room temperature

Technical Specifications
(for A/V professionals only) Alan operates his PowerPoint presentation from his laptop on stage using his own wireless remote, which also automatically operates your back-up computer via a USB antenna which he provides to you along with a copy of his show on a flash drive. He has about 50 PowerPoint photographs/images, 1 embedded audio clip and 1 embedded video clip. Due to the tight timing of the images to what he says, no Do-Cue is needed. After 20 years of experience, here’s what seems to work well:
1. 2.

A/C w/ surge protector, RGB/VGA and Sony mini 1/8” audio to Alan’s laptop on stage. A/C w/ surge protector, RGB/VGA and audio to your back-up computer: Pentium 4, 1.6 GHz processor, at least 190MB of available memory, MS Office XP Pro operating system, PowerPoint Version 2003 files, Windows Media 9, Cyberlink Video/SP Decoder, Cyberlink Audio Decoder. XVGA Projector w/ a minimum 4800 lumens (or as needed) for a 50-foot throw and an RGB/VGA cable dedicated exclusively to Alan’s laptop on stage. Folsom Screen Pro Switcher to go from Alan’s laptop on stage to back-up computer if needed. Sound system with gain control. If I Mag is used: Minimum 2 cameras and 2 screens – 1 on Alan and 1 for his images. Wireless Lav w/ fresh batteries for Alan on stage. Back-up hand-held wireless mike w/ fresh batteries on Alan’s table on stage (see item 5, Staging). 12-foot screen(s), or larger depending on audience size. There are many vertical images. In a rectangular room, it often works well to place the screen at the center of one of the longer walls.



5. 6. 7. 8.


10. Sound system - house system may be used. Whenever possible, Alan walks into the house. 11. Lighting: Screen: Dark.

Stage: washed without bleed onto screen. No spots needed. House: as bright as possible without washing out images. If possible, Alan walks into house.
12. A/V technician: 60 minutes exclusive set-up w/ Alan the day before or day of presentation at

least 90 minutes before doors. All technicians who will be working at the presentation need to be at the initial A/V set-up and all necessary equipment for Alan’s presentation needs to be up and running at the time of the set-up. Please Note: The set-up technician(s) need to be the presentation technician(s). Please confirm set-up time w/ Alan’s Executive-Assistant, Cindy Yaunish, or 403-279-2913 MT prior to his arrival.

Staging Specifications: (for Banquet &/or Catering Professionals only)
1. Risers 12 ft. wide, 6 ft. deep, minimum 24 inches tall. In rectangular room, if often works well if risers are located at center of one of the longer walls. 2. Additional risers to elevate screen a minimum of 6 feet from floor. If screen is immediately behind Alan, it should be elevated at least 6 feet above his riser so he does not block the audience’s view of the screen. 3. One set of steps without railings from center front of presenter’s riser to floor leading into house. 4. One high stool on stage. No podium please. 5. Four-foot round or square skirted table with 2 bottles of water @ room temperature on riser. 6. One 6-foot long table and 1 chair outside the room facing the room’s exit door(s) if there is to be a meet and greet after the presentation. If not, not needed. 7. Room ceiling as high as is practically possible. No chandeliers, pillars, centerpieces or banners that could obstruct the audience’s view of Alan and screen.

For more information contact:

Martin Tough Business Manager, Climb Back Inc., #5 –100 Prospect Heights
Canmore, AB, Canada Phone: 403-609-9939 ext. 202

If you wish to record Alan Hobson’s presentation, Martin Tough will be pleased to provide you with a taping approval form.

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