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Associated Student Government


									Associated Student Government Tuesday, October 11, 2005 6:00 PM, 111 Harrison Minutes Call to Order Two Minutes of Silence Roll Call/Attendance Announcements/Remarks by the Chair a. Please send in legislation-no new stuff. Petrone is very sad. Come to execs for help to start it. Ball needs to get rolling pronto 5. Consent Calendar a. 9/27/05 minutes approved b. Student Organization Recognition i. Seven orgs to be recognized 1. eating disorder, advisers, Japanese cartoon club approved, and another 2. several have problems, need some improvement before approval 3. motion to approve oversight recommendations a. approved 6. Reports a. Treasurer- Mr. Misbah i. Meet after senate ii. First orgs to be audited-randomly selected and read off iii. How were they selected? Used random number generator b. University Senate- Mr. Ryao i. Meeting next Monday. Look for emails ii. Bill for committee dealing with honor code coming back on the table. Now new student majority to be voted on. Probably controversial meeting c. Student affairs council i. No new meetings b/c no new bills to look at ii. No meeting tomorrow d. Board of Trustees- Mr. Ryao i. Meeting with presidential search committee next week and working with them and how they will be running the show e. President-Mr. Ryao i. Committee did a good job looking for other schools using an escort service. Ideas in the making ii. Next week for presidential staff meeting open to everyone in senate to work on the proposal for escort service. ASG office 7:30 Monday for anyone who would like to come f. Student Services i. Balanced committee is very good. Research base developing goals for the year 1. 2. 3. 4.






ii. trying to reduce price of textbooks on campus iii. SLS-know your rights night. Incorporation of RAs and other important people iv. putting together an ad v. possibly renewing contract vi. Rasta night vii. Working with website City Of oxford i. Ride along forms-turn in after meeting ii. Working on different programs to help with costs of bills and crazy rabid raccoons iii. Meeting on Monday about Red Brick Rasta 1. alumni association questioned the importance of the event 2. working on more collaboration, and measuring the Rasta fun level. Evaluate those and go from there Residence Hall Association i. Thanks for RedHawk games. Big success and good times all around ii. 17-19 is safety week. Session in 4 halls - Dodds, Dennison. Havinhurst, and MET quad. Look for posters. Free sessions and informative iii. Safe trick or treat. Kids coming into halls for trick-or-treat iv. Come to her for programming ideas v. Care package for Tulane students in ASG office vi. I’m not an RA. This committee works for interests of on-campus students vii. Trick or treating time? 5-7. Halls will be open to the cute little kids that are going to be asking for candy. Keep your door open and clean your room viii. New haunted house place? There is a haunted trail behind Thompson. ix. When is the trail happening? Weekend of Halloween x. Halls to buy bulk candy and hall council will sell to residents to make sure that the kids will get candy Diversity Affairs Council i. Thanks for all those that came to Twista concert ii. Now focusing on Open Forum to deal with issues iii. Thursday meeting is canceled for fall break iv. When is first open forum-no date yet v. Ryao can get down. Academic Affairs Coalition i. Thursday was the first meeting-mainly brainstorming session ii. New meeting tomorrow. Check your emails iii. He has several meetings-tell him if there’s something you want for him to bring up Communication

i. Met on Sunday. Making on Sandwich board ii. Advertising on Miami Metro-free, so why not iii. Pizza passout @ Phi Delt gates 11pm-1am iv. Get in t-shirt designs if you want sweet tshirts v. Table tents up vi. Revision of web site in the works l. Funding i. Extend to all who helped first year records. Passing there around Senate. Big Fundraiser. Raised big dollars. ii. Funding committee please come on down to help talk new money things 1. Everyone contributes to student funds. Some money comes back to ASG for organization to distribution of money 2. 3 opportunities-event funding cycle. $106K to pass out each separate cycle 3. criteria for judging who and how much the clubs get a. 3 criteria-mainly looking for on campus benefits 4. refer to the sheet handed out-explains the funding 5. working to help clubs to generate income on their own a. also to wean down their requests, helping to not stress money pools 6. also must make sure that we don’t overbudget and so that we still don’t go over the allotted amount 7. clubs are getting a little more money than they expected 8. wants to start student resource center-similar to Gaskill office. a. Making sure that students aren’t getting a laptop or other equipment for their own personal uses b. Cuts down on $ given out to clubs so that they can just ‘checkout’ the computer c. Beneficial to everyone 9. projector to made available through Gaskill b/c the other groups would be able to benefit from it 10. rule of three- the committee will determine which one are adjustable 11. the money numbers would able to audited by the treasurer 12. laptop questions- the orgs want their own laptop. Might become a personal computer. Want to make sure that money isn’t wasted. 13. sign up sheet to reserve the equipment 14. what about clubs who didn’t apply this cycle-will they still be allowed to use the laptop? Will there still be extra dollars to the them 15. Brian would have control and responsibility of laptop. Working to find a place to store the equipment

16. what about extra dollars-to be split between the two remaining funding cycles. 17. the laptop would be available for every club-whether or not they applied for it 18. what about liability of the equipment? Similar to Gaskill’s checkout policy 19. what about the choice of laptop? The best one was chosen from the applications 20. bill to be sent in? have to prevent this now to able to use the funding. Allocation must come around now. Legislation is to come round, but the request must be now to tap in to the pool of money. 21. ASG will allocate the computer, but now own it. The clubs collectively own it 22. clubs will have to contact Brian to check out laptop. 23. liability and accountability will come about first before the resource is lent out 24. meeting multiple requests by purchasing one laptop for ASG to hold, instead of the clubs being responsible for it. Clubs own it, but ASG allocated 25. computer would be used frequently-high demand based on past requests and future anticipations. 26. who does the laptop belong to? All the clubs own it, ASG held 27. why not administrative request-capital request 28. shared resource-first come first served in respect to who gets it and when 29. the authority to allocate belongs to the senators, not the cabinet 30. limitation on how long they can sign up for the computer, as long as it is a reasonable amount of time 31. fine the organization if they don’t return it 32. must give out all the funds at once. Timing crunch through, it needs to be decided on soon to allocate the funds coon 33. possible to remove the allocation for computer until it is all figured out. A stipulation can be put on the on the request that the legislation be formed concerned. 34. lots of points of information 35. shouldn’t the senators get a week to mull over the proposal? They need the approval first, and the clubs need the money really soon so that they don’t go into the red 36. motion to move into debate-approved 37. irresponsible to not come into senate without proper prep time

38. where is the money coming from for the computer? Coming from the event funding budget, coming out of the modified total 39. first the legislation for the laptop purchase and all of the information to come along 40. much time went into the planning, please respect the time that went into it and all of the hard work involved 41. Resource center along with the IT services 42. motion to limit date for 5 minutes based on the trust in the committee-approved 43. add the stipulation-money allocated to student computer will not be spent until the legislation is formed a. motion to approve the friendly amendment b. amendment is passed 44. the committee spent over 20 hrs allocating the funds. Please trust their views and their judgments 45. Motion to approve the funding cycle-approved m. Campus Activities Council i. Thanks for DAC in Twista concert ii. Parents weekend 1. Hootie/Blowfish tickets are valid at Cosby show iii. mega fair in January for second semester recruitment iv. t-shirts who are they for? For everybody n. Secretary of Exec. Cabinet i. Congrats to Alpha Sigma Phi brothers ii. New committee open positions. Lots of openings. You may be asked to serve o. Oversight committee i. No deadline for recommendation of student orgs. Please to refer to the website for more information 7. special business of the day a. Approval of Jeremy Harrell-Fraternity senator i. Idea for legislation-none at the moment ii. Approved b. Approval of attendance and cabinet report collection policies i. Check out the agendas. Should be self-explanatory. ii. Recommendation first to add credibility by its governed members iii. Repercussions for absnences- if you miss 4, articles of impeachment and censure. At 5 considered removal iv. Can a cabinet member serve as an alternate for another 1. please show up for CAC, email if you won’t be here v. even if the senate didn’t approve, would you still enforce it? Noopen to amendments vi. chronic problems with attendance? Excuses will be dealt with by the chair. Get off the committee if you can’t show up for the office

hours. You should be there-it is a commitment that you made and treat it like a class 1. where is the sign up sheet-on the filing cabinet by the door. You know what I’m talking about vii. no alternates needed for office hour. They’re not mean people, legitimate reasons will be respected as long as sent in timely manner. viii. Absences count towards the entire year ix. You impeach people, oversight brings up the issue x. Could cabinet member have committee member be alternate? All kinds of no, just a bad idea xi. Committee member could read report, just send excuses to the oversight xii. Motion to approved-approved c. Approval of the budget i. General budget is to be proposed to the student senate-refer to the bylaws for further information ii. Broken up presented on the screen and on the sheet. Rationale also provided on the sheet iii. Income page-university allocation and expenses 1. why no income listed for USA today-initial proposal. 2. advertising for off-campus fraternities-minimal amount was used 3. colligate readership program-reduction of newspapersmoney comes out of student affairs, but their budget got reduced. Fixing was done to make sure that there was funding for the program. Trying to keep it alive with available funds. a. $30-36K for the program 4. money was allocated to student government, but not yet spent. 5. Red Brick Rasta might no longer happen-what would happen to the money? It would be reallocated at a later date. 6. we requested in less money this time around and stuff happened 7. is this a request for the money? More of finality with changes to reflect necessary changes. 8. Unforseen expenses pop up all the time and will need to be paid for. 9. This is the request for the budget, the approval of these numbers. 10. why is MCL allocated differently? Didn’t hear it. iv. Next page 1. student services and others. Please refer to the handout for further information

2. uptown ice cream socials? Involving ice cream and other fun stuff v. another new page 1. explains this page-refer to the copy that you were given 2. computers-pay the insurance and maintenance 3. free t shirts 4. who is responsible for office supplies-we all are. 5. why is the USA scholarship and expense? vi. Look at the overhead. 1. money that goes to who and how much vii. motion to approve the budget-approved d. special business of commuter senator Alan Ricks i. old and new faces. ii. Idea for legislation 1. talk to the parking department because they are money grubbing bad people 2. wants to help with administrative committee iii. are you going to sociable with all of the cool kids in the back iv. how many commuter senators are you supposed to have-2 v. he’s ‘grooming’ a new one vi. motion to approve-approved e. questions for RHA and Student Services i. no copies for the budget available. They trust the choices of the execs. 8. old business-nope 9. new business-nope 10. General Announcements a. Please keep the room tidy. Bring your nameplates down b. Don’t be pigs. Petrone isn’t a trashpickerupper c. Monday after fall break for pres search committee 7-9 1 Upham d. OTO is canceled on Thursday e. Look for other emails concerning anything pertaining to you f. Next weekend is glee club concert g. Audit committee meet with treasurer h. Meet with RHA for programming ideas i. DAC meeting is canceled. Meeting next week j. AAC is canceled. Look for the emails k. Gorbechav is speaking this week. Go and see his speech l. Chamber Singers are singing next Tuesday m. Happy/safe fall break to all n. Casper stole Jacob’s thunder o. If you wanna hang out, stick around please p. Pick up the Miami student for Ryao thing q. Something is going down on western. Residence hall wants booth-20 buck fee and you keep the profits. 11. mortion to approve-approved

a. the meeting is finally over peace.

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