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									Preventing Vehicle Problems Before They Become Problems
Not every problem with your vehicle is predictable. You are a unique driver traveling in places and
around people that no one will ever travel around again.

Many tragedies happen on their own: many times without your knowledge or consent. That doesn’t
mean that you can’t prevent a number of bad things happening.

The following are five great ideas to help you prevent some of the tragedies that could put you out a few
hundred dollars. They are easy enough for you to handle in your driveway on a Saturday afternoon.

Check for Major problems Engine, Battery, Tires
First up to check is your tire inflation every month. Balanced tires inflated to the proper psi will help
your car run the way it was designed to for years to come.

When an imbalance occurs, the wear on your car favors a particular side more than the others. Avoid
unnatural wear and tear by checking all four tires often and adjusting their pressure accordingly.

                                The best time to check your tires is usually cold, ie. when you haven’t
                                been driving for a while. Check your owner’s manual to double check

                                Second, inspect the engine belts fairly regularly. Worn belts hurt the
                                engine’s performance.

                                The problems you should look for include cracks or missing segments. The
                                belt should be one and hole, without blemishes to work properly.

If you notice a small crack, it’s time to start thinking about getting that replaced. It can be a bit
expensive, but it will increase the life of your vehicle by helping it run at its best longer.

Third, find out how your battery cables and posts are doing. The last thing you want to see is visible

Clean them if ever corrosion shows up. You can purchase the proper cleaners at auto repair stores.

Follow directions and keep them free of corrosion. Your battery will provide the proper amounts of
power at all times.

Other Things Windshield-Wipers and Air Filters
Fourth, take a look at your windshield-wiper blades. Although this won’t increase the life of your vehicle
by making the machine work longer, it could protect you from a serious accident.

Check them for cracks and tears. Also look to see if they have full windshield contact.
If they don’t, then it’s time to replace them. Normal replacement schedules call for replacement about
once every year.

Fifth and finally, keep an eye on your air filter. This should be
changed every second or third oil change.

A little bit of dirt is a good thing. The dirt can stop the smaller
particles from making it into the air system.

Just make sure that the dirt doesn’t become too much, or it will
stop working as efficiently as you need it to. Check it every second
oil change or so to see if it needs to be replaced.

Insure Wise wants to help you keep on track with your vehicle maintenance. Don’t let the maintenance
of your vehicle get out of hand.

Thousand Oaks car insurance can help you replace a car in an accident. Thousand Oaks car insurance
cannot help you replace one that dies from misuse.

Prevent major injuries to your car to better ensure that it lasts you forever. You’ll have that car for many
years to come when you upkeep the highest standards.

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