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									Henry 7 (1485-1509)
Henry 8 (1509-1547)
Edward 6 (1547-1553)
Mary 1 (1553-1558)
Elizabeth 1 (1558-1603)
      Henry Tudor defeated king Richard 3 at the battle
of Bosworth in 1485 and became the king.This called and
end to the war of the roses (fought between two families
Lancaster and York)
      Many nobles had been killed or lost their
power.Henry made sure this continued by killing their
private armies for treason against the crown and then
took their estate.As well as all this he married the
princess of York to bring the families together.
Henry 8 became king in 1509 at the age of 17.A short time
before that he was betrothed to Catherine of
Aragon,youngest daughter of the Spanish rulers Ferdinand
and Isabella.She had been married to Arthur,Henry’s
elder brother,to strengthen the alliance between England
and Spain.But Arthur died suddenly ,so Henry 7 decided
his younger son should marry Catherine because he was
worried that he may have to return her dowry. The
marriage was at first forbidden by the Church because
were to closely related,but Henry 7 persuaded the pope to
allow this.
Edward was only 9 when he came to the throne,and the
government was in the hands of his uncle,Edward,Duke of
Somerset,who had the title protector.Somerset
abolished the laws against heresy,removed images and
altars from the Churches,and introduced an English-
language Book of Common Prayer,which was compiled by
Thomas Cranmer.By an Act of Uniformity in 1549,the use
of this Prayer Book was made compulsory.In another
change,priests were allowed to marry.
Mary 1 came to the throne in 1553.She had been
unhappy ever since Henry 8 had divorced her
mother,Catherine of Aragon.Her greatest wish was to
undo the Reformation and restore the Catholic
faith.Opposition to the church of Rome was strong and
could only be crushed by harsh measures.Mary began
by stopping people from reading Prayer Book.In Mary's
five-year reign 275 Protestants were put to death for
refusing to convert back to Catholicism.Among the
victims were nobles and clergy such as the Archbishop
Cranmer.Mary has since acquired the nickname “Bloody
Henry 8’s youngest daughter,Elizabeth,ascended to the
throne in 1558,with no opposition.She restored the
Protestant religion and gradually established the
Church of England.Elizabeth 1 was a remarkable women.
She spoke in five different besides English:Greek,Latin,
French,Italian and Spanish.She was a talented musician,
a graceful dancer and a fine archer.She was also a very
skilled politician.Elizabeth said herself that she had
“the body of a weak and feeble woman, but the heart
and stomach of a king,and a king of England too”.
Children’s Encyclopaedia of British History.
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