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                                                              Harry & Jeanette

                                                                  Weinberg Village Assisted Living Residences
            April 2013                                            Sylvan & Jean Orloff Memory Support Unit

                                             Tips for Medication                 Note other directions such as time
       Board of Managers                        Safety Week                      of day or whether the drug is to
                                            Since 1999, the Women’s Heart        be taken with food. Keep
Stephen Weinberg            President
                                        Foundation has recognized                medications in their original
Aaron Bloom                 Manager
                                        Medication Safety Week during            containers to avoid confusion.
Doug Cohn                   Manager
                                        the first week of April. The week           Ask questions. Ask for written
Vanessa Cohn                Manager
                                        serves to raise awareness and            instructions from your doctor
Nadine Feldman              Manager
                                        encourage communication                  when you receive a new
Patricia Kalish             Manager
                                        regarding health and medicine.           prescription and clear up any
Barry Karpay                Manager
                                            Follow these tips from               questions or concerns you have.
Ellis Norsoph               Manager
                                        www.WomensHeart.org to make              Also check with your doctor
Jessie Older                Manager
                                        sure you’re promoting                    before taking over-the-counter
Saul Rachelson              Manager
                                        medication safety in your life:          drugs and supplements.
Aaron Silverman             Manager
                                            Get Educated. Make a list of            Get started soon,
Rochelle Walk               Secretary
                                        all the medications and                     Dan Sultan
Mindy Yergin                Manager
                                        supplements you take and why                Executive Director
        Manager’s Corner                you take them. Write down both
Daniel Sultan       Executive Dir.      the generic and brand names.
Diane Michael             D.O.N.        Learn to recognize them by
Barbie Wagner        Human Res.         name and appearance to
Toby Zarolnick      Marketing Dir.      prevent accidental
Bill Langston         Dietary Dir.      double-dosing.
Linda McCann        Dining Super.           Check the Label. Make sure
Nelly Reyes     Housekeeping Dir.       you are following the instructions
Elizabeth Rodriguez       Admin.        for each medication, including
Bridget Duch              Admin.        the does, frequency and route
Pamela Levenstone      Controller       (orally, through the skin, etc.).

                                        Budget Tip: Online Savings                     Reuse Times Two
           ‘Bear’ Is One
                                            When shopping online, don’t             Many people keep plastic
   How many words can you
                                        add more to your cart just to            grocery bags to use again as
come up with using the letters
                                        meet the minimum required for            trashcan liners or for future
in “umbrella”?
                                        free shipping. Instead, check out        shopping trips. Try storing the
       Make a New Friend                www.FreeShipping.org for a list of       bags inside an empty facial tissue
    Befriend a person who is            sites with free shipping and             box—it keeps them all in one
younger than you. Younger               promo codes that can reduce              place and makes it easy to
friends can help you view life          the cost of your purchase.               retrieve one at a time.
from a new perspective.
ET-972 - Tampa JCC Federation Inc. - Issue: 04/01/13
Viewed: 03/15/13 03:12 PM

                                       Spring Is Here
                                Weinberg Garden Grand Opening
                                Come join us for a BBQ and see our
                            beautiful renovated Patio: Thursday,
                            April 4th at 11:30 am. Please RSVP to
                            the front desk at 813.969.1818 $10 Per
                            Person. Come and Win a Raffle Prize!       tomatoes, eggplant, chicken and fish,
Remember Me?                    Minty Fresh                            but can be added to almost any meal.
                                Not just a breath freshener, mint is   Sprinkle some on your omelet, salad,
                            an herb with many uses. Mint can help      or soup.
   Pete Rozelle served                                                    The Fighting Falcons
                            relieve headaches, nausea, sinus
as commissioner of                                                        The United States Air Force
                            congestion and coughing.
the National Football                                                  Academy was established on April 1,
                                Prevention is Key
League from 1960 to                                                    1954. Located in Colorado Springs, it is
                                Tell your doctor about your family’s
1989. He is credited                                                   the youngest of the country’s five
                            health history. Many diseases that are
with making the NFL                                                    service academies. About 1,000
                            hereditary can be prevented. Early
one of the most                                                        cadets graduate from the academy
                            screening is key.
successful and                                                         each year.
                                Ode to Oregano
popular sports                                                            Celebrate the Season
                                This popular pasta topper is rich in
leagues in the world.                                                     The first day of spring may be in
                            antioxidants, which protect your cells
   Credit is given to                                                  March, but April is when it really starts
                            from damage. Oregano is also a great
Rozelle for deciding to                                                to feel like winter is over. Take
                            source of fiber, vitamin K, and minerals
add Roman numerals                                                     advantage of the warmer weather
                            such as potassium and iron. Both dried
to designate Super                                                     and the longer days by taking a walk,
                            and fresh oregano offer health
Bowls. Since, for                                                      going for a ride, or just sitting near a
                            benefits. Oregano pairs well with
example, the Super                                                     window in a ray of sunshine.
Bowl for the 2012
football season is
played in 2013,                                                        hat shop, where they would pick out a
marking the game                                                       lid appropriate for their new life as a
with a year would                                                      working adult.
be confusing.                                                              But wearing hats fell out of fashion in
   CBS passed on                                                       the early 1960s. There are many
Rozelle’s idea for                                                     theories about why this happened:
“Monday Night                                                          fashions come and go; hairstyles
Football” because                                                      became longer and more elaborate,
they didn’t want to                                                    and men didn’t want to cover them;
move “The Doris Day             What Happened to Hats?                 there was a cultural shift to a more
Show” out of its time           Frank Sinatra once said, “Cock your    casual appearance; and the fact that
slot. Rozelle took the      hat—angles are attitudes.” Sinatra’s       President John F. Kennedy didn’t care
series to ABC, where it     favorite headgear was a fedora.            for hats, and many men followed his
ran 35 years before             Prior to the 1960s, almost all         cue. The truth is probably a
moving to ESPN.             American men wore hats when                combination of these.
   Since 1991, the          outdoors. Hats used to be as essential         Of course, if you know a gentleman
Super Bowl Most             as shoes, with styles including            who was a young adult in the 1950s
Valuable Player has         homburgs, porkpies, Panamas                and 1960s, you could just ask him why
received the Pete           and bowlers.                               he stopped wearing a hat; then you’ll
Rozelle Trophy,                 Upon graduation from college, the      know for sure!
named in his honor.         first stop for many young men was a
ET-972 - Tampa JCC Federation Inc. - Issue: 04/01/13
Viewed: 03/15/13 03:12 PM

                                                   Dazzling Diamonds
                                               Those born in April get to claim the
                                           most desired gem on the planet as their
                                           birthstone: the diamond.
                                               Diamonds are a crystallized form of
                                           carbon created under extreme heat
          How You Can Help                 and pressure in the Earth’s mantle. Most
     If you have some extra time on        diamonds we see today were formed           Poet’s Corner
 your hands, consider volunteering.        millions of years ago and pushed to the
 There are many things you can do          surface by magma eruptions.
                                               Because of their unique molecular               Shoes
 without ever leaving home. Here are                                                   (A personal reflection
 a few examples of how you                 structure, diamonds are the hardest
                                           mineral on Earth. Most diamonds are          at the Yad Vashem -
 can help:                                                                                Israel’s Holocaust
     Send a card or letter. Call an area   too flawed to be sold to consumers, so
                                           they are used for industrial purposes                Memorial)
 hospital and ask if you can send                                                               The Shoes
 cards to children receiving               such as abrasives, drill bits and
                                           cutting tools.                                    On the shelves
 treatment. Despite the popularity of                                                        Seemed to be
 email and text messaging, most                The quality of a diamond is
                                           determined by the four C’s: cut, clarity,           everywhere
 children still love to receive an                                                            Pair after pair
 envelope addressed to them. Men           carat and color. When a diamond is
                                           cut, facets are formed, affecting the         Black ones, brown
 and women serving our country also                                                                 ones,
 appreciate letters and care               brilliance of the diamond. Clarity refers
                                           to the diamond’s internal clearness             Leather cracked
 packages. Find addresses to send                                                              Leather torn
 correspondence to at                      or purity. Flawless diamonds are
                                           extremely rare.                                    Poor little feet
 AnySoldier.com.                                                                         Poor weary aching
     Make a blanket. Project Linus             A diamond’s weight is measured in
                                           carats, a unit of measurement that                    little feet
 provides homemade blankets to                                                          I heard the children
 children in need. To find out more,       equals about 200 milligrams.
                                               Mostly thought of as “colorless”        Running and laughing
 visit ProjectLinus.org. The site has                                                   I heard the children
 patterns available to help you            gems, diamonds actually come in a
                                           variety of colors. Transparent diamonds      Running and hiding
 get started.                                                                                      Then....
     Share your skills. Do you have a      range from icy white—the most
                                           expensive—to light yellow. Solid colors          I heard nothing
 background in law or languages?                                                             (By: Weinberg
 Are you skilled at writing or research?   are rarer and include blue, red, black,
                                           pale green, pink and violet.                  Resident Carole B)
 There are many ways to share your
 talents, including writing a grant            The most popular shape of diamond          Yom HaShoa
 proposal, typing documents, or            is round.                                       Holocaust
 conducting research for a charitable                                                  Remembrance Day
 or advocacy group.                                                                    (Yom HaShoah) is a
     Be a friend. Sometimes all it takes                                               day set aside for all of
 is a phone call to brighten a person’s                                                us to remember and
 day. Call someone who is                                                              learn about the
 homebound because of illness or                                                       horrors of the
 injury, or mentor a student who                                                       Holocaust. Take the
 needs a little extra encouragement.                                                   time for a moment of
     For more information about how                                                    silence: Monday April
 you can make a difference, visit                                                      8, 2013
ET-972 - Tampa JCC Federation Inc. - Issue: 04/01/13
Viewed: 03/15/13 03:12 PM
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                                                                  Happy Birthday          Happy Birthday
                                                                  Anita Sonnenfeld        Mary Lynne Ketchey

                     7                8                     9                        10                   11            12              13
    Yom HaShoa
                                        Happy Birthday
    (Holocaust         Yom HaShoa
                                        Lillierose Dieceidue Happy Birthday
    Remembrance Day) (Holocaust
                                        and                   Jules Sherry
    Begins at Sundown. Remembrance Day)
                                        Dominic Dimaria

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                                           Happy Birthday
                                           Leonard Stengel

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