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          To the Attention of Mssrs. Preet Bharara & Richard Zabel,
          Esq., USDOJ , SDNY USAO


          by date of April 16, 2013 [Dkt 293 in 01-cr-571) the District Court
          (JGK) directed the government to respond to petitioners
          "filings" (nota bene : plural). Thus Petitioner´s original [now
          resurrected] AWA petition, to which plaintiff´s representatives
          did not (yet) respond, is hereby enclosed as courtesy, and as to
          forego confusion, error and "unconscious" avoidance.

          Petitioner respectfully reminds respondents, that reliance upon
          intermediary rulings and opinions as to disputed and
          altogether indubitable facts submitted, corporate circumstance
          and certified records, Victim mis-Identification, crime-theory
          merit, micro-economic or legal details which have issued in
          more or less degree of error by District and Appellate Courts
          are inopposite.

          law-of-case claims as to questions raised in both AWA
          submissions Coram Nobis are procedurally void, because they
          were , in limine litis, either based upon manufactured interstate
          jurisdiction, economic and other falacies, material ommissions,
          deliberate alterations, counterfeit documents, FBI ineptitude,
          malfeasance or deceptions in part or in whole, which caused
          material alteration to obtain conditions upon which
          unprejudiced, uncorrupted outcomes of the proceedings could
          reasonably be expected. (DreamTruck)

          "Lying to the Grand Jury" seems an appropriate concern for the
          public, and decidedly for your office (see below) as it is for this
          Petitioner, and careful review of, inter alia, FBI/SA
          O´Sullivan´s material misrepresentations (i.e. timeline of GX 501)
          are of great concern and shall govern the plaintiff´s response
          in truth and honesty.

          It might be noteworthy that not a single evidential item
          petitioner submitted post-trial under conditions the
          government went to extremes to obstruct liberty and postal
          access, libeled petitioner (Fugitive/Escapee/prior violence) and
          deliberately insulted petitioner (ICE claimed to German Punlic
          TV: "Viertel is a Predator"), have been detoxed or disarmed by the
          prosecution teams (!), the Financial Litigation Units, or by proof.

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          Petitioner paid no restitution, rejected demands, and was still
          pronounced to have "fully satisfied" an irrational restitution
          order that even Blumenberg´s PSR held to be unreasonable
          (P33286 under 88).

          In the event, that respondents wishes to extend time to respond
          on plausible grounds, petitioner can be contacted accordingly
          for eventual consent. Without a verified request, time
          extensions are categorically denied, as none of the 63 previous
          extensions have resulted in the furtherance of justice or in the
          statutory governance thereof .


          Viertel, acting pro se

          “As he admitted today, Raymond Maguire corrupted the federal judicial system. Our system
          of justice, and the grand jury’s search for the truth, depends on people being honest rather
          than providing the grand jury with phony documents. No one, least of all a public official,
          can be permitted to hide the truth from the grand jury.” And: “A grand jury can never learn
          the truth, and justice cannot prevail, where documents are intentionally destroyed and
          testimony is tainted by lies,” said U.S. Attorney Bharara. “

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