Age of Exploration by dffhrtcv3


									Age of Exploration
       Reasons for Exploration
► Demand   for spices
► Halting of the expansion of Islam
► Ending Europe’s isolation
Why did the Age of Exploration happen?

► Better  navigational
  devices, like the
  compass & the
  astrolabe, a device to
  plot location using the
► Better ships w/multiple
  masts made travel
  faster (caravels)
Treaty of Tordesillas
         ►   the line of demarcation (or
             division) in 1494 was an
             imaginary line drawn by the
             pope to separate Portuguese
             & Spanish claims in the New
             World (North & South
             Americas) w/the Treaty of
         ►   Amerigo Vespucci was an
             Italian mapmaker who
             claimed Columbus had
             discovered a “New World” &
             America was named in his
          Slavery in the New World
►   during the 1600s & 1700s, the
    triangular trade was
    established between Europe,
    Africa, & the Americas
►   this was the beginning of the
    transatlantic slave trade
    when African chiefs would sell
    members of other tribes to ship
    captains for guns & alcohol
►   between 10 –24 million Africans
    were brought to America & 1 in
    5 did not survive the Middle
    Passage (journey to America)
Colombian Exchange
         ► Europeans carried
           unknown diseases to the
           native Americans which
           killed millions (Small Pox)
         ► many products were
           carried to and from the
           New World like:
         ► to the New World: horses,
           cows, wheat, rice, &
         ► from the New World:
           corn, sweet potatoes,
           tobacco, cacao
Changing Ways of Life
         Commercial Revolution
     ► new  business methods for
       investing money, speeding the
       flow of wealth, & reducing risks:
       result of Age of Exploration
     ► rise of free enterprise (modern
       capitalism), economic system in
       which money is invested in
       business to make profits
      More Commercial Revolution

►   people who wanted to invest in exploration combined
    resources in joint-stock companies, or organizations
    that sold stock & shared in profits & losses
►   rise of entrepreneurs, or individuals who combined
    money, ideas, raw materials, & labor to make goods &
      ► a nation’s wealth depended on the
        amount of gold & silver, that it
      ► nations sought to create a favorable
        balance of trade by exporting
        more than it imported
      ► so European countries (known as
        mother countries) would
        establish colonies around the world
        & would restrict trading in the
        colonies with any other mother
      ► the colony would provide raw
        materials to the mother country,
        which would produce manufactured
        goods which the mother country
        would sell to the colony
           Boats and Ships Review
►   Trireme: Greek ship, levels of                                     Greek
    rowers                                                             Trireme
►   Dhow: Used in the Indian Ocean
     Lateen Sail: Triangular sail, can sail
      into the Monsoons
► Junk: Huge Chinese ship with                                 Dhows
  many masts
► Caravel: Smaller European ship
  with three masts, used in Age of
  Exploration                                           Junk
                              Caravel and Junk Comparison

           Dailies: Exploration
1.   What were three reasons for Exploration?
2.   Describe the line of Demarcation?
3.   Why is the triangular trade called
4.   Where did most African slaves go?
5.   What is the rhyme about Columbus?
        Dailies: Mercantilism
► Describe Capitalism.
► Who wrote a book about it?
► What is the goal of mercantilism?
► Why do the mother countries need colonies?
► Describe an entrepreneur.

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