The Language Workshop For Children Teaches Your Child Italian As A Second Language

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					The Language Workshop For Children Teaches Your Child Italian As A Second Language

New York, NY, 24-APR-2013 - The Language Workshop for Children and director/founder, Francois
Thibaut, are pleased to announce Italian classes NYC children will enjoy when learning a second
language. These sessions offer a level of proficiency in conversational Italian that is excellent. The
basis of the learning is the Thibaut Technique. The developer of these methods has been using the
techniques for four decades.

Thibaut's methods are unique and effective. They make language learning exciting and fun for the
youngsters. The classes target the age group and the capacity of the children to learn. The languages
available for learning include Chinese, Spanish and French in addition to Italian classes NYC
instruction. In each language, children enjoy action games, original music, songs that build vocabulary,
visual aids and immersion mode.

The methods were developed for children's language learning in 1973 by Francois Thibaut. The
Language Workshop for Children offers instruction for children of elementary school age, preschoolers
and toddlers. The quality of the classes and the instructional Professor Toto DVD series is well
recognized by parents and educators alike.

Speaking recently to an interviewer, Francois Thibaut explained, "The whole language approach as
reflected in the Thibaut Technique utilizes the specific powers of both the left and right hemisphere of
the brain. Scientists understand that the Left Brain processes vocabulary, meaning and grammar, while
the Right Brain is crucial for recognizing melodies, audio and emotional meaning"

Thibaut continues, "We use games and visual aids in order to create a pleasant emotion which
reinforces the images of vocabulary pictures and the songs. Grammatical patterns are learned almost
without realizing it, just as infants learn the first language. Children can learn to speak and understand a
second language easily and quickly."

The songs that are utilized in the classes are written specifically for the LWFC. They are recorded by
native speakers so that the pronunciation is perfect. These melodies and exercises are excellent for
reinforcing vocabulary, grammar and punctuation in a natural and effective manner. Various class levels
are offered for convenience.

Learn more about Italian classes NYC youngsters can enjoy by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and other individuals who have
questions about the methods or courses are encouraged to contact the school at the location described

Contact Person Name: Francois Thibaut, Director
Company Name: The Language Workshop For Children
Address: 888 Lexington Avenue, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10065
Contact Telephone Number: (212) 628-2700

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Description: The Language Workshop for Children and Francois Thibaut, founder/director provide easy methods to learn a second language. In addition to Italian, other tongues are available.