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Vol. 79, No. 50                                                                                    December 16 - 22, 2010

    Wesley Snipes Goes To Jail
                      By Roger Caldwell
 Wesley Snipes was convicted        taxes and billionaire Igor
in April 2008, and given the        Olenicoff owed the IRS $52
maximum sentence possible           million in back taxes.
after the prosecutors described      They were able to work out
him as a truly “notorious           a deal with the IRS, and did
offender”. He was convicted         not go to jail, and were given
                                     Wesley Snipes was not charg-
                                    ed with tax evasion, which is
                                    the refusal to pay a percentage
                                    of your income tax for
                                    personal reasons or not paying
                                    taxes by using illegal means.
                                    He was acquitted of most of
                                    the serious charges, and not
                                    found guilty on felony charges
                                    of fraud and conspiracy with
                                    his taxes. Many thought that
                                    Snipes would get a stiff fine
                                    and a short jail sentence.         On Monday, December 13, at the Mildred Dixon Community Park, Orange County and
                                     Nevertheless, he was thrown       the Orlando Magic unveiled their fifth and final gym in the Central Florida community.
       Wesley Snipes                                                   The community gyms were donated and built by the DeVos family and the Orlando Magic.
                                    the book by the judge, and
of three misdemeanor counts         many think that the judge is       Champions of the Community partners, Disney Parks, GEICO, PepsiCo, AirTran Airways,
of willful failure to file income   using Snipes as an example. It     Florida Hospital and Harris Corporation supported the project. Orange County operates and
taxes. As a result, the judge       was a fact that Snipes felt that   maintains the centers. Shown above Orlando Magic President Alex Martins, Orange County
gave Wesley Snipes three            paying taxes infringed on his      Mayor Richard T. Crotty, Orange County Commissioner Scott Boyd, Magic Community
years, even after he gave the       personal liberties and he was      Ambassadors Nick Anderson and Bo Outlaw along with area youth joined together on
IRS $5 million to cover what        against paying taxes.              December 13 for the ribbon cutting of the fifth and final gym dedication. Photo by Gary
he owed and included his              During 1999 to 2002, Snipes      Bassing. See related story inside, page 3.
penalties.                          made almost $39 million in
   Mr. Snipes had not paid his      the movie business, and he
taxes from 1999 to 2004, but        refused to pay income taxes.
he is not the first celebrity or    When a celebrity refuses to
millionaire who has not paid        pay his income taxes, he must
his taxes. Willie Nelson owed       realize he is playing with fire
the IRS $16 million in back             Continued On Page 2

             Inside This Issue
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      For Investigation Of The
    Obama Justice Department
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             How I Found Out
          Santa Claus Was A Fake
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        Woman/Minority Owned
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      Chicago Art Institute Project
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                                                                       Dr. Florence Alexander (3rd from left) continues to share her fortunes both monetary and
                                                                       intellectual as she sponsored a FREE forum during a recent Women’s Empowerment Summit
    Book Review: “Of Thee I Sing:                                      held in her own 30,000 sq ft building, complete with four audio production studios and a full
      A Letter To My Daughters                                         soundstage. A review of the summit can be found at
         By Barack Obama                                               Photo and caption by Jonathan Blount.
                            Page 11

         Urban Meyer Got It Right
                           Page 12                                                    Seasons
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