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2007 Fall Edition - Ohio University Alumni Association


									Ohio University Advocates News-Fall 2007 Edition

You make Ohio Stronger!

Thank you for your continued support of Ohio University! As an advocate for the
university, your role is simple - when critical issues arise, we need you to use your voice
to support Ohio University.

So that you can be better informed, we are providing links to news coverage of important
issues related to higher education advocacy on the federal and state levels, as well as
stories highlighting recent achievements of Ohio University and its students. When we
need your help, you’ll be asked to click on an “Advocacy Alert” link with instructions for
contacting key elected officials on behalf of Ohio University.

We greatly appreciate your continued interest and involvement. Should you have
questions or ideas concerning alumni advocacy at Ohio University, please contact us at


Teri Geiger ‘86
Director of Government Relations

Greg Scharer ‘94
Director of Alumni Campus Relations and Advocacy

State Update

A Primer on the University System of Ohio
-- The University System of Ohio will be the focus of important conversations at Ohio
University and across the state in the coming months. With this in mind, Outlook offers
this primer on the subject along with links to additional information.
Federal Update

Bill Boosting Student Aid Is Approved
-- Congress approved legislation on Friday, September 7th that cuts more than $20 billion
in government subsidies to institutions that make student loans, and uses most of that
money to pay for increased financial aid for college students.

Candidates Grapple With How to Expand Access to College
-- Never before has a college degree been more essential to an individual's prosperity in
the United States. Nor have colleges ever been asked to play a more crucial part in
preparing citizens for a global economy.
Yet finding a way to erase persisting inequities in who earns a college degree has proved
difficult. With a new generation that is more financially needy and more diverse
knocking on colleges' doors,access to higher education will be an important issue in 2008
presidential race.

Ohio University in the News

Ohio University ranks fourth in nation on graduation rate performance
-- According to U.S. News & World Report's annual guide to colleges released today,
Ohio University's graduation rate performance was fourth out of 257 ranked national
universities and a full 18 percent higher than predicted. This is the third year in a row the
university has made it into the top 10 in this category.

Another award-winning year
-- Ohio University students landed a record-breaking 49 national and international awards
in 2006-07 and refined their academic and life goals in the process. Here's a summary
from the Office of Nationally Competitive Awards and the university's U.S. Fulbright
Programs office.

Ohio University makes enrollment gains
-- Ohio University's Office of Institutional Research released its preliminary Athens
campus headcount enrollment numbers at the Faculty Senate meeting on September 17th.
This early snapshot reveals overall growth in student numbers and student quality --
along with the second-highest number of applications in the university's history.

Freshman class 101
-- This year's freshman class was born in 1988 and 1989. In the past two decades,
technological advances have increased with the speed of light, and life as we knew it at
the end of the 1980s has changed dramatically. Here, we offer some fun facts about
members of the Class of 2011 and life as they know it.

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