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									                                  Scholarships 2008

Seniors! Here are the scholarships that I am aware of! There are more out there, but you
have to look for them. Most can be searched for online. Also, make sure you ask your
employers if there are any scholarships available for employees and ask your
parents/guardians if their workplace offer scholarships for dependent children!
Good luck!


   FAFSA Informational meeting is this Thursday, January 17 at 7:00pm at LHS!
      This is the only financial aid meeting that will be offered at LHS this year!
                          Bring your parent(s)! Free to attend!
(If LHS has a snow-day or is released early due to weather, the meeting will be cancelled
  and rescheduled. If there is a delay in the morning only, the meeting will still be held.)

              The FAFSA is due for most colleges by February 15, 2008.

**********************PAY ATTENTION TO DEADLINES!!****************

      The following scholarship applications are available in the guidance office.
             Please pay attention to deadlines as they are not all the same.
We suggest that you go through this sheet, mark the scholarships that you qualify for and
                 then come down to the office to pick up applications.
If you need to provide a transcript for the application, please request one using the
blue request forms in the guidance office. Allow 3 days for processing your request
                 and then check back in the office to pick them up.
                                      Good Luck!

January 26 – Scholarship Blitz at MUM – 10:00am - scholarship research and
applications and information on FAFSA. Call 513-727-3200 for information.

February 1 - Big 33 Scholarship Award Program – 2.0 GPA, official transcript,
application and essay addressing your involvement with preserving the environment.”
Go to www.big33.org

February 1 – Junior Achievement Economics Scholarship – sponsored by the
Middletown Community Foundation. “students who completed LHS’s economics class
with a B average” can qualify.

February 1 – Junior Achievement Scholarships – Many scholarships offered for various

February 1 – UC Applied Science – students attend Univ of Cincinnati and majoring
with in the School of Applied Science and Technology
February 1 – ESA Foundation – Complete one application for various merit and need-
based scholarships. www.esaintl.com/esaf/

February 1 – PIEF – $1000-5000 for students interested in graphic communications, print
management, printing tech. or graphic arts. Go to www.pianko.org

February 11 - NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation Scholarship –go to
www.NFIB.com/object/IO_25328.html. $1000-$10,000 for a future business leader
interested in eventually owning a small business. Contact Bill Thornton at
wgthornton@netzero.net if you need an NFIB member to sign your application.

February 15 - Co-op Scholarship Program – “attending a cooperative education college?
They include CW Post, Drexel, Johnson and Wales, Kettering, Long Island,
Northeastern, Pace, Rochester, Univ Cincinnati, Univ Toledo and Wentworth Inst. 3.5
GPA, one-page essay and application are required.”

February 15 – CEFPI Foundation – Essay and academic success

February 15 – OACAC – 3.0 GPA, attending an Ohio college, commitment to diversity

February 15 – BGSU majoring in Biology - $500

February 20 – Ohio Youth Cancer Survivor Scholarship – go to
www.cancer.org/ohiogrants - “Ohio resident diagnosed w/ cancer before the age of 21
and plan to attend a university or community college in the US”.

February 22 – Ohio State Univ. Ralph J Stolle Scholarship in Business – $10,000/year
renewable. “Top 25% of class, involvement in activities, affiliated with a church or
religious org., and plan to major in business at OSU”. Must be accepted to the Fisher
School of Business at OSU.

February 26 – OACRAO - Ohio Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions
Officers. “For student involved in Leadership and Service, 2.75 GPA and
recommendations” www.ohiooacrao.ohiou.edu

February 28 – Middletown Community Foundation – various scholarships from local
companies/donors in Middletown.

March 1 – American Chemical Society Scholars Program – “African American,
Hispanic/Latino or American Indian students planning to pursue a degree in chemistry,
biochemistry, chemical engineering or chemistry-related field.”

March 1 – MU Middletown - Miami University Middletown –
www.mid.muohio.edu/admission/scholarship.cfm. Various awards/scholarships available
for many types of students planning to attend MUM.
March 10 – Horace Mann – online www.horacemann.com – “Must be a child or legal
dependent of a US public or private school employee. 3.0 GPA average”.

March 15 – Ohio Tech. Roger Penske Scholarship – students interested in Auto, Diesel,
Autobody and Outdoor Power Equipment.

March 15 – Universal One Credit Union – must be a member of this Credit Union

March 30 – Christ Hospital School of Nursing Tuition Benefit Program – information
available, but contact Christ Hospital for application.

March 30 – Ohio 4-H Foundation – Demonstrated 4-H Involvement, recommendation
and interview.

March 30 - Judge H William Bowers Scholarship – $500/year for students who have
successfully completed the Mary Haven Youth Center program since 01/01/2002 and
have not encountered any problems for 6 mos. prior to the scholarship application.
Application, essay and two recommendations required.

March 30 – Si Burick Journalism Scholarship from Dayton Daily News – IGO –
“desiring to pursue college studies leading to a career in journalism”.

March 31 – Spartan Aeronautics – various scholarships for aeronautical engineering and

March 31 – American Business Women’s Assoc. Lebanon Chapter – “3.0 GPA and three
letters of rec.”

March 31 – ONF – Ohio Newspaper Foundation Minority Journalism Scholarship –
“$1500 for a minority high school student who plans to pursue a newspaper journalism
career and is going to attend an Ohio college. 2.5 GPA, essay, two letters of
recommendation, application and transcript required.”

April 1 – Family Dentistry Inc. – Science-Business Scholarship –must have a job outside
of school and major in a Science-related field.

April 1 – Univ of Cinti Christos P Demakes Legacy Scholarship – “for qualifying
entering UC freshmen who are lineal descendants of UC graduates”.

April 2 – Al Russell Memorial Scholarship – “Must play on the Varsity Baseball or
Softball team during senior year”.

April 2 – Andrew P Hepp Memorial Scholarship – “students with a diagnosed learning
disability and currently being served with an IEP”.
April 2 – Athletic Boosters of Lebanon– $1000 given to one female and one male LHS
student who has received at least 2 varsity letters.

April 2 – CRK Scholarship – “Must participate in athletics as a member of a varsity

April 2 – Dehn P Alberts Memorial Scholarship – “extra-curricular activities”

April 2 – Dennis Bar Jeffrey Memorial Scholarship – “major in music or fine-arts”

April 2 – Donald Palmer Memorial Scholarship – “hard-worker, persistent, average

April 2 – Elks Lodge Auxiliary Scholarship – “Must be female and rank in the top 1/3 of
the graduating class. Priority given to relatives of an Elks member.”

April 2 – FOP Scott Michael Hardin Scholarship –students planning to major in Law
Enforcement or Criminal Justice.

April 2- FOE AERIE #1395 Scholarship – “Must have at least GPA 2.75 or ACT 19 and
demonstration of school and community involvement”.

April 2 – Fred T Boulton Scholarship – “3.0 GPA, excellent attendance, participation in
two high school varsity sports and will continue to play in college”.

April 2 – FOA - Friends of Academics Scholarship – “top 10% of class.”

April 2 – Gary Simendinger Memorial Scholarship – “students planning to major in art or
an art-related field. Need a recommendation from an LHS Art Teacher.”

April 2 – Garnet Ertel Scholarship Fund – “Must be member of Lebanon Methodist

April 2 – Harmon Civic Trust (HCT) Elaine & Marvin Young Community Service
Award – “active in community service and volunteerism”.

April 2 – HCT Max Revenaugh – “career in nursing or health services”

April 2 – HCT Lucile Berry – “major in English or related field”

April 2 – Herbert R Gardner Scholarship – “must plan on majoring in elementary

April 2 – Jackson C and Wanda K Hedges Scholarship – “Plans to go into a legal,
medical or medical-related field”.
April 2 – Jarod Bennett Memorial Scholarship –“show financial need”.

April 2 – Katie Aylor Memorial Scholarship – “student planning to major in elementary
or secondary education, psychology or counseling”.

April 2 – Lebanon Education Association (LEA) Scholarship – “3.0 GPA and a
dependent of a current LEA Union member”.

April 2 – Lebanon Administrators’ Scholarship – “Top 25% of class, good moral

April 2 – Lebanon Baseball/Softball Assoc Participation – “Must have played
baseball/softball in LBSA”.

April 2 – Lebanon Kiwanis Club – “top 30% of class”.

April 2 – LULAC National Scholarship Fund – “qualified Hispanic students who are
enrolled or planning to enroll in accredited colleges/univ. in the US”.

April 2 – Lebanon Lodge No 26 F and AM Scholarship – “students in good standing and
who show financial need. Relative of Lodge members are given priority.”

April 2 – Louisa Jurey Wright Scholarship – excelled in math and will go on to major in a
math-related field.

April 2 – McFire Scholarship – “GPA 3.0, activities and essay”

April 2 – Michael A Rourke Memorial Scholarship – earned varsity letter in football or

April 2 – Molly McCool Memorial Scholarship – “show financial need”

April 2 – OAPSE (Lebanon Chapter 511) Scholarship – “child of an Ohio Assoc of
Public School Employees member”.

April 2 – Ohio State Univ. Acacia Leadership Scholarship Program – “for male students
planning on attending OSU”.

April 2 - Optimist Club – “making the world a more positive place”

April 2 – Ron LeFeber Memorial Scholarship – 3.0 GPA, varsity letter in athletics

April 2 – Robert M Shaw Memorial Scholarship – demonstrated commitment to
community services
April 2 – Rosalee Satchell Memorial – “must plan to major in math or science or related

April 2 – Rotary Club – “community service”

April 2 – Sarah Louise Turner Memorial Scholarship – “priority will be given to
individuals who are kind, energetic, generous, thoughtful, and family-oriented”.

April 2 – Townsley – Robert Townsley Memorial Scholarship – high moral character,
interest in serving others.

April 2 – Wednesday Couples - golfer

April 2 – Zane M Brant Memorial – “interest in golf and priority will be given to LHS
Golf Team members”.

April 5 – William D Squires Educational Foundation, Inc. Go to www.wmd-squires-
foundation.org . “GPA 3.2, available only to seniors in Ohio who have good character
and show academic promise and have a specific career goal.”

April 15 – Lebanon Area Business and Professional Women – “Must be female and 3.0
GPA or higher”.

April 15 – Ohio Forestry Association – To provide assistance toward forest resource
education to quality students. Preference will be given to students attending Ohio

April 15 – AMVETS National Scholarship Program – “children/grandchildren of an
AMVETS member or of a deceased veteran who would have been eligible to be an
AMVETS member”.

April 15 – Winners Club Scholarship – “for individuals planning to major in education at
a public college/university with at 3.5 GPA”. Go to

April 30 – ERCA – “Rewarding students who gave of themselves to their community.”

April 30 – TTMA - Tri-State Tooling and Machining Association – “purpose of
furthering education in the field of manufacturing and has been accepted in a program
that meets the TTMA’s requirements”.

April 30 – Carlo and Rose Hornsby Educational Scholarship – for students planning to
attend Eastern Hills Academy of Hair Design, Tri County Beauty College or Western
Hills School of Beauty. Go to www.schoolsofcosmetology.com
April 30 – Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation – “based on financial need and your
Financial Aid Award letter from the school you decide to attend.”

May 1 – UC – Phi Gamma Delta Scholarship – male, must plan to attend UC, 2.7 GPA,
extra-curricular activities.

May 11 – OSU Balanced Man Scholarship – Sigma Phi Epsilon – male, must plan to go
to OSU, leadership, activities and achievement.

May 20 – Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year – high school athlete in good
standing who plans to attend a State accredited college. Go to www.bodybymilk.com to

June 1 – Ohio War Orphans Scholarship – “for children of disabled or deceased war

No published deadlines….visit websites for more information!

State of Ohio Loans and Grants : go to www.regents.state.oh.us/sgs/ for
information on State supported loans and grants that are based on need or academic
performance. OR call 1-877-428-8246.

Junior Achievement Essay contest –

Ohio State University – Planning to attend? - Land Grant Opportunity Scholarship
At least one will be awarded to a student in each Ohio County. Go to www.osu.edu for
more info.

Future Nurses – Visit the Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program for State Grants and
Scholarships. www.regents.state.oh.us and look for information about NEALP.

Keppra Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program – go to www.Keppra.com - “for an epilepsy
patient or are a family member/caregiver of an epilepsy patient”.

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