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					                    2012-2013 Global Purchasing Season

       Subject: New brand and new consumption

       Date:     Oct.30th,2012-Apr.30th,2013

       Approver: Ministry of Commerce, the People's Republic of China

       Sponsor: China Association of International Trade

                    International Brand Management Center


  I. Introduction

  II. Purpose

  III. Purchase Principle

  IV. Key Commodities to Purchase

  V. Schedule and Procedure

  VI. Overview of GPC

  Appendix I -      Instructions on Sign-Up of Suppliers

  Appendix II - Instructions on Sign-Up of Dealers

  Appendix III - Instructions on Sign-Up of Chinese Buyers

    Global Purchasing Season (GPS) is launched with approval of Ministry of

Commerce, the People's Republic of China, by China Association of

International Trade (CAIT) along with major cities, trade associations and

overseas commercial offices in China. GPS, which is held in spring and

autumn, aims to expand imports, promote consumption, meet domestic

consumers' demand for imported daily necessities, build up overall and

multi-level service platform for import of global consumables into Chinese

markets and cooperation opportunity for domestic dealers, and propel

connection between commodity import to and circulation in domestic markets.

    GPS Spring is from October 30th, 2012 to April 30th , 2013, lasting six

months, on the subject of "introducing new brands and promoting new

consumption", presenting cost-free exhibits, topic days, nation weeks,

seminars, assessments, Chinese buyers' global purchase, promotions, trade

fair of import commodities and other related activities.

    I. Cost-Free Exhibits.     Six-month cost-free exhibits will be given in

exhibition facilities of Global Purchasing Center (GPC) set up in major cities

across China, providing opportunities for exchange between importers and

dealers, communication and consultation between purchasers from malls,

supermarkets and enterprises and marketing experts, and assessments of


    II. Chinese Buyers' Global Purchase.            A Chinese Buyers Group

consisting of medium staff, experts, consultants and purchasers will pay a visit

to overseas target countries for on-site consultation based on domestic market


    III. Global Annual Promotion by Chinese Buyers. Promotion aiming at

major brand source countries will be made by dealers, main business areas
and malls.

    IV. Trade Fair of Import Commodities. With support of commerce

authorities in major cities, trade fairs of import commodities during spring and

autumn will be started jointly by business areas, media, supermarkets, malls,

electronics suppliers and dealers at all levels.


    I. To introduce 5,000 suppliers on the globe and commodities in more than

100,000 categories.

    II. To develop dealers in central regions and main industries in China.

    III. To build up large-scale import commodity malls in provincial capitals

and municipalities with independent planning status in China.
    IV. To set up import commodities distribution centers in 100 cities in China.
                             Purchase Principle

     Based on the guideline of the Guidance of the State Council on

Enhancing Import and Promoting Balanced Development of Foreign Trade,

this GPS will focus on the under-developed and developing countries while

introducing commodities from developed countries in Europe and America.

                        Key Commodities to Purchase

    Daily Necessities, including dairy products, wines, health care products,

cosmetics, edible oils, chocolates, snack food, kitchen ware, paper products,

infant & mom products, clothing, dress and personal adornment, leather

products and jewelry etc.

   (Visit our site for more details at /

                            Schedule and Procedure

 I. Sign-Up Period (from Oct. 31st, 2012)

   1. Sign-up of suppliers worldwide.

   2. Sign-up of dealers in China.

   3. Sign-up of Chinese buyers.
 II. Promotion Period for Suppliers (from Nov. 2012)

     Online and offline promotions will be launched for overseas suppliers and

their products to Chinese purchasers, dealers, medias, buyer delegations and


 III. Centralized Purchase Period for dealers (from Jan. 2013 to Mar. 2013)

   1. Orders will be collected at GPCs in all central regions.

   2. Centralized purchase.

                           Overview of Global Purchasing Center

      Based on the major bonded areas and central cities, featuring supply

chain management and aiming at connection between goods import and

domestic    circulation,   GPC   builds up all-in-one      platforms integrating

introduction, exhibit, promotion, intellectual property protection, logistics and


I. Arrangement Principle

     1. Global Purchasing Center (GPC) will be set up in bonded areas in the

seven main districts including East China, South China, North China, Central

China, Southwest China, Northwest China and Northeast China, and central

cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Zhangjiagang, Chongqing, Shenyang,

Wuhan and Chengdu etc.

     2. Large-scale import commodities malls will be built up in provincial

capitals (urban complexes) across China.

     3. Import commodities distribution centers will be developed in

prefecture-level cities.

II. Arrangement Conditions

     1. Bonded Areas

     Provided with bonded warehouse and other infrastructure available for

bonded exhibits, store, allocation and shipping, logistics and distribution.
     2. Central Cities

     Influential and expandable.

III. Responsibility

     Global purchase and regional distribution.

IV. Functions

       1. Bonded exhibits

       2. Marketing and promotion

       3. Channel expansion

       4. Development of distributors

       5. Mediation in transactions

       6. Supply chain management (i.e. supply chain financing, financial

credit, logistics and distribution etc.)

       7. Trade facilitation service (review and approval, customs clearance

and inspection and testing etc.)

       8. Commercial service (accounting and attorney agency etc.)

                      Support the World and Serve China

           First Station for 2012-2013 Global Purchasing Season

               Overview of GPC in Zhangjiagang Bonded Area
    Zhangjiagang Bonded Area, located in the center of Yangtze River Delta

Area, one of the areas with the greatest consumption potential in China, and

as one of the chief partners for this event, will become the first station for

global   commodities    entering     China.   During   this   purchase   season,

Zhangjiagang Bonded Area will provide the domestic and overseas guest

businessmen with the following services:

    1. Six-month cost-free bonded exhibits.

    2. Development of distributors.

    3. Global supply chain service.

    4. Customs transfer and customs clearance services for global

commodities entering other cities.

                       Instructions on Sign-Up of Suppliers

1. Sign-Up Procedure

    1. The applicant should complete the application form (available at, and deliver the form along with company profile, product

handbook, quotations and relevant certificates and documentation at

    2. Domestic Feedback: Within seven working days of delivery of

application, a reply will be sent to the applicant's mailbox, informing it whether

it is eligible for collection of products made by the Organization Committee.

    3. The approved enterprise shall deliver its samples, handbook and

relevant certificates and documentation to the reception center as specified by

the Organization Committee (see the Reply for more details).

II. Qualifications

    1. For Non-China-Based Enterprise
   (1) The applicant is recommended by any approved body (overseas

chamber of commerce or trade association).

   (2) The applicant company or manufacturing enterprise has been legally

registered for three or more years in any location other than in China as per

related applicable laws.

   (3) The applicant has developed production in districts other than in China

and sold products in more than three countries, and provides related

certificates and customs clearance documents issued by the source country.

2. For China-Based Enterprise

   (1) The applicant is a business corporation awarded license for general

agency or exclusive distribution of products under a certain brand.

   (2) The applicant is an overseas business' head office in China.

                        Instructions on Sign-Up of Dealers

1. Sign-Up Procedure

    1. Self-Service Sign-Up

    Obtain an application form through project exhibit or download it at and complete and deliver it to us at

    2. Recommendation by Third Party

    The applicant is recommended by an approved third party, including local

commerce administration, trade association, association of industry and

commerce, chamber of commerce, association of enterprises and certified

business college etc.

II. Evaluation

    An evaluation will be conducted by professional institution or experts to

confirm the applicant's qualification and competence on a comprehensive


III. Training
     The applicant will be provided with a training offered by us in cooperation

with overseas chamber of commerce and certified institute to acquire the

competence certificate.

IV. Overseas Promotion

     1. List the accepted dealer to the annual overseas promotion list;

     2. Participate in overseas purchase and market survey organized by the

Organization Committee.

V. Development Objective and Qualification for Sign-Up

     1. Qualification

     The applicant shall be a body corporate which has been legally registered

in the People's Republic of China with adequate capital and appropriate

business experience.

     2. Development Objective

     (1) Status as dealer in seven major districts - East China, South China,

North China, Central China, Southwest China, Northwest China and Northeast


     (2) Status as dealer in prefecture-level city (including county-level cities in

major districts).

     (3) Status as industry dealer, with priority of development in circles

including red wine, milk powder, clothing and jewelry etc.

             Instructions on Sign-Up of Chinese Buyers Group

I. Mission

     The buyer shall be responsible for communication between domestic

market demand and overseas brands, and forecast of market consumption

trend, appreciation of brand and popularity among the public, and for

investigation, assessment, introduction and promotion of global brands in

domestic markets.
II. Composition

     1. Experts in trade associations/chamber of commerce.

     2. Editors with papers or journals.

     3. Senior channel purchasing manager

     4. Mass media.

     5. Fashion icons, micro blog owners, stars and famous entrepreneurs.

     6. Professional investors.

III. Access to Sign-Up

     On invitation (sign up by visiting GPS site at or other

partners' sites).

IV. Date

 From November 1st, 2012.
Global Purchasing Season Committee

China Association of International Trade, International Brand Management


Address: MOFCOM Donghuamen Office Building, No.82 Dong An Men Street,


Postcode: 100747

Sign-Up of Suppliers

Tel: 86-10-85226078/58/36/39/59



Fax: 86-10-65124558

Sign-Up of Dealers

Tel: 86-10-85226079/86



Fax: 86-10-65124558

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