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									The regular monthly meeting of the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Authority was held
Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. in the 2nd floor conference room of the terminal

Members Present:      Dr. Bill Kehoe, Tom Foley, Aubrey Watts

Members Absent:       None

Others Present:       Airport Staff:
                      Bill Pahuta, Interim Executive Director; Stirling Williams, Director of
                      Landside Operations, Bryan Jones, Public Safety Chief, Jason Burch,
                      Director of Air Service and Marketing, Connie Cook, HR & Community
                      Outreach Coordinator, Penny Shifflett, Finance & Accounting Manager,
                      Ronnie Shifflett, Airfield and Facilities Supervisor, Ross Holtzman,
                      AARF Corporal

                      Craig Brown, City Attoryeny, John Wittmer, Landmark Aviation, Sue
                      Winslow and Bill Eschenfelder, Delta Consultants, Eric Clark and Doug
                      Morrison, Sargent Corporation, Todd Barrett, Maine Blasting and Drilling

                      Foxtrot Condo Association:
                      Henry Ayers, Barry Dofflemyer, Richard Park, Duane Hopper, Brian
                      McKay, Bill Daggett, Gary Henry, David Schmidt.

Dr. Kehoe called the meeting to order at 10:30 a.m.

The first order of business was Mr. Foley nominating Dr. Kehoe as board chair for 2013.
Seconded by Mr. Watts and unanimously passed.

Matters from Public:

Fairfax Ayers, President of Foxtrot 1 Condo Association spoke. There are two T-Hangars run by
PCI Hangar Management. PCI Hangar Manager is John McKay. The T-Hangars are named
Foxtrot 1 and Foxtrot 2 and each has their own Condo Association. The board members of these
associations are not receiving financial reports and delinquency reports as required by their
bylaws from the association manager, John McKay.
The bylaws are written in such a way that there is no one qualified to take over the management
position other than Landmark or John McKay and only the manager of the associations is
allowed to communicate with the airport. The board members are not allowed to communicate
directly with the airport.
Mr. Brown, the City Attorney, advised the board not to approve the proposed changes in the by-
laws because that would be in direct conflict with the association’s Declaration of
Condominiums. Mr. Brown suggested the associations obtain a lawyer to help them determine
the steps they needed to take. The Authority cannot do anything more at this time.

There were no further issues from the public. The public session was closed.

Consent Agenda

   a) For Information:

              The Airport statistics for November and December 2012 and the unaudited
              financial statements for November 2012 were approved.

   b) For Action:

           1. Minutes from the November 2012 meeting were approved.
           2. Change Order #2 – AIP Project 3-51-0004-042-2012 Chemung Contracting
              This change order is a result of FAA direction to change solar threshold lights to
              standard incandescent fixtures, runway shoulder and blast pad widths increased
              by 5’ each side resulting in increased excavation and subgrade preparation. The
              existing duct across Taxiway “A” during construction was found to be dilapidated
              and unsuitable for pulling new cable. A new duct was bored under the taxiway
              for cable crossing. During construction, an existing abandoned but active
              underdrain system was encountered. Several manholes and pipe runs were
              required to restore the underdrain to be functional. Implementation of this change
              order will not increase owner’s cost for testing, field representation nor result in a
              Grant overrun. The Board authorized the Interim Executive Director to sign
              Change Order #2 - $50,691.67.
           3. Avigational Easements will be needed for obstructions to Runway 21. Offers
              were made and accepted by property owner Morris for $28,000 and property
              owner Love for $23.500. Amounts approved by FAA and Virginia Department of
              Aviation. Avigational Easement for DTG Enterprises, LLC, Administrative
              Settlement of $55,680 approved by FAA.
           4. Property Acquisition RPZ Runway 21, Parcel 31 - Hurt for $23,924 approved by

              The Board authorized the Interim Executive Director to execute and proceed with
              closings of Avigational easements and RPZ Property Acquisition described in
              items 3 and 4.
Other matters:

   a) RFP Exclusive Taxicab Operation Update : Mr. Pahuta reported the RFP required has
      minor changes and is with legal for review. The Board asked to be able to review those
      changes prior to it being sent out.

   b) Terminal Security Checkpoint update: Mr. Pahuta reported the additional screening
      equipment was added in December which alleviated the problem of customers not
      passing through screening in time to make flights. The airport maintenance staff
      modified the checkpoint area with both drywall and electrical modifications to
      accommodate the changes. The doors that were installed to close off the TSA area are
      temporary. A permanent door is on order. It was noted that it took the longest line only
      11 minutes to pass through security with both lines operating.

   c) CAFR Presentation: Mrs. Shifflett presented the FY12 CAFR and reported that
      Robinson Farmer and Cox issued an unqualified opinion. The findings noted in FY11
      were not a concern this year. Assets increased year-over-year. This year’s activity
      resulted in over $40,000 surplus that will be distributed to the airlines as an airline
      settlement which is consistent with the lease agreements we normally have with the
      airlines. Dr. Kehoe pointed out that the airline use agreements have expired. Mr. Pahuta
      explained there were environmental issues mentioned by USAirways and those issues
      were communicated to our legal department. The revised agreements are with
      USAirways to make sure those changes are acceptable. We are not sure if US Airways
      is holding on to those agreements because they are trying to negotiate smaller rental
      space at the airport. Dr. Kehoe asked if there was a downside to not having a current
      agreement to which Mr. Pahuta replied we still operate as though an agreement is in
      place. No procedures have changed due to the fact that the agreement has expired. Dr.
      Kehoe did make a point to say that it was important to get a current agreement signed as
      soon as possible. Mrs. Shifflett also pointed out that the airport had another record-
      breaking year with enplanements.

   d) RW Project Update—Blasting Operation presentation: Mr. Pahuta reported we have
      received a few complaints from surrounding neighbors regarding the blasting related to
      the runway project. Sue Winslow from Delta Consultants presented a project update
      explaining in more detail the blasting that has been occurring over the last couple of
      months and she noted that the blasting will continue probably into the next three months.
      Mrs. Winslow estimated we should be wrapping up the safety area this summer and the
      taxiway this fall or winter. After that work is completed, some Navaids and some
      cleanup work may stretch us into the spring of 2015. She estimates the Airport has 18
      months left before the total project is completed.
   Todd Barrett of Maine Drilling and Blasting did a presentation. He began by showing
   pictures of other comparable projects where they are blasting in the middle of cities,
   sometimes directly next to hospitals that are able to continue operating while blasting is
   taking place. He outlined the planning phase where they look at properties on the map
   that could possibly be affected by any blasting. Mr. Barrett gave a basic scientific
   overview on what happens during a blast. He talked about the seismic waves or
   vibrations that are generated and felt during a blast and how they dissipate over time.
   The further out they travel the lessor they become in intensity. He also explained the
   airborne shockwave that can be heard and felt from a blast. Blasts can be measured by
   seismographs. Seismographs are placed in various locations to monitor information.
   Seismographs can be and are located at individual homes where there have been
   complaints regarding the blasts. The information that is recorded by the seismographs
   are recorded on a compliance graph to aid in determining if the blasts exceed certain
   compliance levels that are regulated by the state. All the blasts at the airport have been
   well below regulatory limits and thresholds. Mr. Barrett explained how the human
   perception of a blast will be greater than what the actual impact might be. He discussed
   how natural occurrences such as temperature, humidity and wind, have physical effects
   on homes that can result in drywall cracking and nail pops. Mr. Barrett reminded the
   Board the surrounding neighbors were sent a flyer well before the blasting started to
   inform them of what was going to happen. There was information in that flyer giving
   residents the contact numbers for any concerns. They had an opportunity to get a pre-
   blast survey done on their home if they wanted to do so, for a fee. He also reminded the
   Board that they hired experts in excavating to do the runway project and those experts
   have hired experts in blasting to handle that piece of the project. He emphasized to the
   Authority to encourage any complainants to direct their complaints to the blasting
   company as they have mechanisms in place to handle such complaints. To date, there
   have been no formal complaints filed. For now, the plan is to continue on with the
   blasting. If the Board did choose another alternative such as obtaining fill from an off-
   site location, it is estimated it would take 15,000 truckloads to move that material to the
   airport. This opens up other environmental and traffic issues as well as increases costs.

e) Last Items mentioned-- Mr. Pahuta touched on the landmark project that was discussed at
   the last board meeting concerning their taxiway space. The state is not opposed to such a
   project. However, it would require an update to the master plan in order to obtain
   funding. The project would need to be deemed as a project eligible for a category X
   exclusion otherwise an environmental assessment would be required. The Airport would
   also ensure that we are not boxing ourselves in with this project because then no other
   money would be available for future expansion. Mr. Pahuta mentioned prioritizing the
   runway overlay project over the SRE building project. These items will be discussed in
   more detail at later meetings.
Executive Session

                     BOARD CLOSED SESSION

Pursuant to section 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code, I hereby move that the Authority Board close
this open meeting and go into closed session for the discussion, consideration, or interviews of
prospective candidates for employment, as authorized by Virginia Code § 2.2-3711(A)(1).

Motion by:    Mr. Foley
Second by:    Mr. Watts
Ayes:         Mr. Foley                        Noes: None
              Mr. Watts
              Dr. Kehoe

Mr. Foley moved to end the closed session and enter open session and moved that the Board
certify by a recorded roll-call vote that to the best of each Board member’s knowledge only
public business matters lawfully exempted from the open meeting requirements of the Virginia
Freedom of Information Act and identified in the Motion convening the closed session were
discussed or considered in the closed session.

Roll call vote: ayes: Mr. Watts, Mr. Foley, Mr. Kehoe noes: none

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 20, 2013 @ 10:30 a.m. in the Airport upstairs
conference room.

The meeting was adjourned at12:30 p.m.

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