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									San Francisco

San Francisco City & County
Lactation Services 2013

            San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 1
San Francisco


About the Coalition......................................................... 3

Key to Credentials .......................................................... 3

Inpatient Services ........................................................... 4

Community Resources ........................................... 5 – 10

Other Resources/Services............................................ 11

Professional Resources ........................................ 12 – 13

Online Resources ................................................. 14 – 15

Nearby Breastfeeding Coalitions .................................. 15

                                                       San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 2
                San Francisco

The Coalition                                            About this Resource Guide
The Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation,      This Resource Guide represents a vital part of the
an independent group of health care providers,           coalition’s mission. It contains current lactation
representatives from the community and private           referral services. This Resource Guide does not
industry, government agencies, and parents working       claim to be complete. We have provided information
together to promote breastfeeding in San Francisco.      to connect the reader to a broad network of
                                                         breastfeeding promotion and support resources. You
Mission Statement                                        may reproduce any part of this document.
To improve the health of the community by promoting
breastfeeding as the cultural norm in the City and       If you would like to contact the coalition, please call
County of San Francisco.                                 (415) 248-1385.

   Key to Credentials

   CLC                     Certified Lactation Counselor
   CLE                     Certified Lactation Educator
   CNS                     Clinical Nurse Specialist
   ICCE-ICEA               Certified Childbirth Educator
   IBCLC                   International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
   FAAN                    Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing
   LE                      Lactation Educator
   LEC                     Lactation Educator Counselor
   LLL                     La Leche League
   MPA                     Master of Public Administration
   MS                      Master of Science
   MSN                     Master of Science in Nursing
   PhD                     Doctor of Philosophy
   PHN                     Public Health Nurse
   RD                      Registered Dietitian
   RN                      Registered Nurse
   RNC                     RN that has taken a certification exam for a specialty

   Certified Lactation Educators (CLE), Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC), Lactation Educator Counselor
   (LEC), and Lactation Educators (LE) have successfully completed a one week course and required

   International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) have passed a certification exam
   (international), have met requirements for education and experience in lactation and have continuing
   education requirements.

                                                        San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 3
                 San Francisco
                 Breastfeeding                                                         INPATIENT
                 Promotion                                                              SERVICES

Kaiser Permanente Inpatient Lactation                     St. Luke’s Hospital Breastfeeding Center
Consultants                                               Inpatient Services

Address:          2425 Geary Blvd., 3rd floor, San        Address:          3555 Cesar Chavez,
                  Francisco, CA 94115                                       5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone:            (415) 833-2673                          Phone:            (415) 641-6869
                  (Use the number only for other Health   Fax:              (415) 641-6649
                  Care Providers)                         Language:         English, Spanish
Email:              Contacts:         Mary Janowitz RN, IBCLC
Language:         English, Cantonese                      Services:         IBCLC available
Contacts:         Evelyn Miller                           Cost/Eligibility: St. Luke’s Patients
                  Kathryn Zender                          Hours:            Monday - Saturday
                  (415) 833-6835                                            8:00am - 1:00pm
                  Maternal Child Manager
Services:         IBCLC available
                  7 days/week
Cost/Eligibility: No fee to Kaiser clients

San Francisco General Hospital
Breastfeeding Support Services

Address:          1001 Potrero Ave, Room
                  6F10, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone:            (415) 206-MILK(6455)
Fax:              (415) 206-4560
Language:         English, Spanish, translators
Contacts:         Maya Vasquez, RN, IBCLC
Services:         IBCLC on site
Cost/Eligibility: SFGH and CHN clients, Free
Hours:            Monday-Friday
                  8:00am - 4:00pm

                                                          San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 4
                 San Francisco
                 Breastfeeding                                                  COMMUNITY
                 Promotion                                                      RESOURCES

Black Infant Health Improvement Project                  Breastfeeding Warm Line, Blue Cross
Designed to reduce African American infant mortality.    State Sponsored Programs (Managed
                                                         Care Medi-Cal)
Address:          30 Van Ness Ave., Ste 260,             For Blue Cross Members Only
                  San Francisco, CA 94102
Phone:            (415) 776-4457                         Phone:            (800) 231-2999
Fax:               (415) 575-5799                        Language:         English, Spanish,
Language:         English                                                  Interpreters available
Contacts:         Jenee Johnson                          Services:         Lactation advice
                  (415)575-5682                          Cost/Eligibility: No cost to CA Blue Cross
                  Felicha Bell, PHN                                        Medi-Cal members only
                  (415)575-5664                          Hours:            24 hours, 7 days a week
Services:         Parent classes and support groups
                  for pregnant women an mothers with
                  infants, Workshops on health issues,   California Pacific Medical Center:
                  Home visits by community health        Newborn Connections
                  workers or PHN Individual counseling
Cost/Eligibility: Free, open to community                Address:          3698 California Suite 1882,
Hours:            Monday - Friday                                          San Francisco, CA 94118
                  8:00am - 5:00pm                        Phone:            (415)600-BABY(2229) or
                                                         Fax:              (415)752-0469
Breastfeeding Help Line                                  E-mail: 
Address:          San Mateo County WIC Program,          Language:         English, Spanish, Chinese,
                  32 West 25th Avenue Suite 203-A,                         other interpreters available
                  San Mateo, CA 94403                    Contacts:         Paula Sulkis, Supervisor
Phone:            (800) 205-0333                         Services:         Lactation consultations,
Email:                                        Two BF support groups,
Phone:            650-573-2955                                             Breastfeeding classes, Nursing
Language:         English, Spanish                                         clothes and accessories,
Contacts:         Ana Klanjac                                              Book and Video lending
Services:         Lactation phone advice                                   library, Electric breastpump rentals
Cost/Eligibility: Free for WIC participants,                               and sales
                  San Mateo County and S.F. City and     Cost/Eligibility: Inquire for cost of services.
                  County Residents Only                                    Open to the public.
Hours:            Monday-Thursday                        Hours:            Monday – Friday
                  8:00am - 5:30pm                                          10:00am - 4:00pm
                  Friday 8:00am – 4pm                                      Saturday
                                                                           10:00am - 2:00pm

                                                         San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 5
                 San Francisco
                 Breastfeeding                                                   COMMUNITY
                 Promotion                                                       RESOURCES

Day One                                                   La Leche League of San Francisco

Address:          3490 California Street, Suite 203,      Address:          PO Box 210465, San Francisco,
                  San Francisco, CA 94118                                   CA 94121
Phone:            (415) 440-3291                          Phone:            San Francisco Referral Line:
Fax:              (415) 440-8339                                            (415) 320-8116
Website:                                      General line:
Email:                                        1-800-LALECHE
Language:         English                                                   24-hour helpline:
Contacts:         Bonnie Rosenstein,                                        (877) 452-5324
                  Services Coordinator                    Website: (local) or
Services:         Lactation consultations, Telephone              
                  advice, BF classes, Parent support      Language:         English
                  groups, Electric breastpump rentals     Services:         Free monthly breastfeeding support
                  and sales, Bra fittings, Childbirth                       groups, Telephone or online support,
                  preparation, Baby slings, Lending                         Lending library for members
                  library                                 Cost/Eligibility: $40/year membership (tax deductible
Cost/Eligibility: $99/year membership. Inquire for                          fee encouraged but not required to
                  cost of services.                                         attend meetings)
Hours:            Monday – Friday
                  9:30am - 6:00pm
                  Saturday                                Mission Neighborhood Health Center
                  11:00am - 6:00pm
                  Sunday                                  Address:          240 Shotwell Street, San Francisco,
                  11:00am - 5:00pm                                          CA 94110
                                                          Phone:            (415) 552-3870
Kaiser Permanente - Breastfeeding                         Language:         English, Spanish
Center                                                    Contacts:         Health Educator: Ext. 254
                                                                            Nutritionist: Ext. 276
Address:          2200 O’Farrell St., Lobby, San          Services:         Breastfeeding and prenatal classes,
                  Francisco, CA 94115                                       Child development classes,
Phone:            (415) 833-3236                                            Telephone advice
                  Breastfeeding Advice Line:              Cost/Eligibility: Free/Medi-Cal patients
                  (415) 833 – BABY(2229)                  Hours:            Monday – Friday
Fax:              (415) 833-4477                                            8:30am – 5:00pm
Language:         English, Interpreters by appointment
Services:         Telephone advice, Lactation
                  consultations, Breastfeeding classes,
                  Parenting classes, Lending library,
                  Breastfeeding supplies, Electric
                  breastpump rentals and sales, Bras,
                  Books for sale
Cost/Eligibility: Kaiser members only. Free.
Hours:            Monday - Saturday
                  8:30am - 5:00pm

                                                          San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 6
                 San Francisco
                 Breastfeeding                                                  COMMUNITY
                 Promotion                                                      RESOURCES

National Women’s Health Information Line                 Nurse-Family Partnership
(Breastfeeding Helpline)
A project of the U.S. Department of Health and           Address:          30 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco
Human Services, Office on Women’s Health                                   CA, 94102
                                                         Phone:            1-800-300-9950
Address:        8270 Willow Oak Corporate Dr., Ste       Website:
                101, Fairfax, VA 22031                   Contact:          Ashley Gardner
Phone:          (800) 994-9662                           Cost/Eligibility: First time mothers less than 28
Website:                                       weeks gestation.

Language:         English, Spanish
Services:         Telephone advice, Referrals,           Nursing Mother’s Counsel
                  Breastfeeding publications             For San Francisco and San Mateo Counties
Cost/Eligibility: Free, available to public
Hours:            Monday-Friday                          Phone:            (650) 327-6455 (24-hour hotline)
                  9:00am – 6:00pm EST                    Website:
                                                         Language:         English
                                                         Services:         Free breastfeeding advice
Natural Resources (Retail)                                                 and support, Breastpump rentals
                                                                           and supply sales, Training to become
Address:          1367 Valencia Street, San Francisco,                     a NMC breastfeeding counselor,
                  CA 94110                                                 Grants for low-income families,
Phone:            (415) 550-2611                                           Free classes in San Mateo county,
Website:                              Online library of pamphlets in English
Email:                               and Spanish
Language:         English                                Cost/Eligibility: Free phone advice
Contacts:         Cara Vidano
Services:         Electric breastpump rentals/sales,
                  Book and video lending
                  library,Nursing bras and tanks, BF
                  accessories, BF and parenting
                  classes, Community resource lists,
                  BF mothers circle (by a lactation
Cost/Eligibility: Inquire of fees
Hours:            Monday –Saturday
                  11:00am – 6:00pm
                  11:00pm – 5:00pm

                                                         San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 7
                  San Francisco
                  Breastfeeding                                                   COMMUNITY
                  Promotion                                                       RESOURCES

San Francisco Department of Public                         San Francisco General Hospital Women’s
Health Community Network                                   Health Center
Maternal Child and Adolescent Health
                                                           Address:          1001 Potrero Ave., 5-M,
Phone:            (800) 300-9950                                             San Francisco, CA 94110
Fax:              (415) 657-1752                           Phone:            (415) 206-3409
Language:         English, Spanish, Cantonese              Fax:              (415) 206-4562
Contact:          Diane Beetham,                           Language:         English, Spanish, Cantonese,
                  Nurse Manager,                                             Mandarin
                  MCAH Field Nursing Unit                  Contacts:         Vicky Urbano-Jaime, RN, IBCLC
                  (415) 657-1747                                             (415) 206-4249
Services:         Home visits, Referral service                              Dalila Pitta, RD, IBCLC
Cost/Eligibility: Medi-Cal accepted                                          (415) 206-5220
Hours:            Monday - Friday                          Services:         BF classes, Healthy Newborn, Class,
                  8:00am - 5:00pm                                            Office consultations (by appointment),
                                                                             Expectant Parents’ Club
                                                           Cost/Eligibility: SFGH/CHN clients only. Medi-Cal,
San Francisco Early Head Start                                               Insurance, Healthy SF, Sliding Scale

Address:          205 13th Street, Ste. 3280,
                  San Francisco, CA 94103                  San Francisco General Hospital Women’s
Phone:            (415) 405-0500                           Health Center
Fax:              (415) 552-7257
Website:                      Address:          1001 Potrero Ave., 5-M,
Language:         All languages, interpreters available                      San Francisco, CA 94110
Contacts:         Janie Garcia,                            Phone:            (415) 206-3409
                  Operations Compliance Manager            Fax:              (415) 206-4562
Services:         90 minute weekly home visits             Language:         English, Spanish, Cantonese,
Cost/Eligibility: Enrollment form available on                               Mandarin
                  website. Need to provide proof of:       Contacts:         Vicky Urbano-Jaime, RN, IBCLC
                  income, age, birth certificate. Free –                     (415) 206-4249
                  must live in city and county of San                        Dalila Pitta, RD, IBCLC
                  Francisco.                                                 (415) 206-5220
Hours:            8:00am – 5:00pm                          Services:         BF classes, Healthy Newborn, Class,
                                                                             Office consultations (by appointment),
                                                                             Expectant Parents’ Club
                                                           Cost/Eligibility: SFGH/CHN clients only. Medi-Cal,
                                                                             Insurance, Healthy SF, Sliding Scale

                                                           San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 8
                  San Francisco
                  Breastfeeding                                                  COMMUNITY
                  Promotion                                                      RESOURCES

St. Luke’s Hospital Breastfeeding                        UCSF Home Health
                                                         Address:          3360 Geary Blvd., Suite 201,
Address:          3555 Cesar Chavez, 5th floor,                            San Francisco, CA 94118
                  San Francisco,                         Phone:            (415) 353-3100
                  CA 94110                               Fax:              (415) 3533125
Phone:            (415) 641-6869                         Language:         English, Interpreters available
Fax:              (415) 641-6649                         Contacts:         Alice Alexander, Director
Languages:        English, Spanish                       Services:         Home visits
Contacts:         Mary Janowitz, RN, IBCLC               Cost/Eligibility: Open to public Insurance, Private pay
Services:         In-Patient consultations, Office       Hours:            7 days a week
                  consultations                                            8:00am - 8:00pm
Cost/Eligibility: St. Luke’s patients
Hours:            Monday – Saturday
                  8:00am - 1:00pm                        UCSF Women’s Health Resource Center
                                                         (Great Expectations)

Project (TAPP)                                           Address:          2356 Sutter Street, San Francisco,
                                                                           CA 94115
Address:          2730 Bryant St., 2nd Floor             Phone:            (415) 353-2667
                  San Francisco, CA 94110                Fax:              (415) 353-9580
Phone:            (415) 695-8300                         Website:
Fax:              (415) 824-2416                         Language:         English, Interpreters available
Language:         English, Spanish                       Contacts:         Joanna Laffey, Operations Manager
Contacts:         Stephanie Wiggins,                     Services:         Electric breastpump rentals and
                  Program Director                                         sales, Book and video lending library,
                  Judith Levine,                                           Lactation supplies, Breastfeeding
                  Nutritionist                                             and parenting classes
                  Cathy Lucero,                          Cost/Eligibility: Open to public, Fee for service/
                  Nursery Supervisor                                       classes, call or visit website for info
Services:         Telephone advice, Office               Hours:            Monday-Thursday
                  consultations, Case management                           9:00am - 6:00pm
                  for pregnant and parenting teens to                      Friday
                  age 20 for females and 21 for males,                     9:00am - 5:00pm
                  Young family resource center for
                  parents up to age 24, Nutritionist,
                  Vocational services and GED help
Cost/Eligibility: No charge to TAPP clients. San
                  Francisco residents.
Hours:            Monday - Friday
                  8:30am - 5:00pm

                                                         San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 9
             San Francisco
             Breastfeeding                                               COMMUNITY
             Promotion                                                   RESOURCES

Women, Infants and Children                        Sites:
Supplemental Nutrition Program (WIC),
San Francisco Department of Public                 San Francisco General Hospital
Health                                             Phone:        (415) 206-5494
                                                   Hours:        Monday – Friday
Address:     30 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 220,                      8:15am - 12:00pm
             San Francisco, CA 94102                             1:00-5:00 pm
Phone:       (415) 575-5788                                      Most Saturdays:
Website:                           8:15am - 12:00p
             oprograms/PHP/WIC/WIC.asp                           12:30pm – 4:00pm

Languages:   English, Spanish, Cantonese,          Silver Avenue Family Health Center
             Mandarin, Portuguese, Vietnamese,     Phone:         (415) 657-1724
             Cambodian, Tagalog, and French        Hours:         Monday – Friday
Contact:     Magdalene Louie, MS, RD                              8:15am - 12:00pm
             Grace Yee, BA, IBCLC                                 1:00pm - 5:00pm
             (415) 575-5743                                       Open until 7:00 pm 1st to 4th
Services:    Nutrition education, Breastfeeding                   Thursdays of the month.
             promotion and education,              Chinatown Public Health Center
             Supplemental food                     Phone:         (415) 364-7654
                                                   Hours:         Monday – Friday
                                                                  8:15am -12:00pm
                                                                  1:00pm -5:00pm

                                                   Ocean-Park Health Center
                                                   Phone:       (415) 682-1928
                                                   Hours:       Monday-Friday
                                                                8:15am - 12:00pm
                                                                1:00pm - 5:00pm
                                                                (Closed Tuesday)

                                                   Southeast Health Center
                                                   Phone:        (415) 671-7059
                                                   Hours:        Tuesday & Thursday
                                                                 8:30am - 12:00pm
                                                                 12:30pm - 4:30pm
                                                                 Last two Thursdays of each month,
                                                                 open 1:00pm - 4:00pm only

                                                   Van Ness Site
                                                   Phone:        (415) 558-5941
                                                   Open:         Tuesdays
                                                                 8:30am - 12:00pm
                                                                 1:00pm - 4:30pm
                                                                 8:30am - 12:00pm
                                                                 1:00pm - 4:00pm

                                                  San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 10
                San Francisco
                Breastfeeding                              OTHER RESOURCES/
                Promotion                                           SERVICES

Medela, Inc.                                            UC Pediatric Environmental Health
                                                        Specialty Unit (UC PEHSU)
Address:        1101 Corporate Drive, McHenry,
                IL 60050                                Address:        1001 Potrero Avenue, San Francisco,
Phone:          (800) 435-8316                                          CA 94110-3518
Fax:            (815) 363-1246                          Phone:          415) 206-4038
Website:                           (866) UCP–EHSU (827-3478)
Email:             Website:
Services:       Sales – Breastpumps and other           Contacts:       Administrative Offices
                breastfeeding supplies                                  UCSF PEHSU Program
Hours:          Monday - Friday                                         c/o CA Poison Control System
                7:30am - 7:00pm CST                                     University of California
                Saturday                                                San Francisco, CA 94143-1369
                8:00am – noon CST                       Services:       Telephone consultations on Pediatric
                                                                        environmental health and exposure
                                                                        issues, Clinical consultations/
Mother’s Milk Bank at Valley Medical                                    referrals, Educational material and
Center, San Jose                                                        training, Research

Address:          751 S. Bascom Avenue, San Jose,
                  CA 95128
Phone:            (408) 998-4550
Fax:              (408) 297-9208
Email:            MothersMilkBank@
Language:         English, Spanish
Services:         Processed breastmilk by
                  prescription, Electric breastpump
                  rentals, Receive breastmilk,
                  donations after medical screening,
                  Order milk by prescription
Cost/Eligibility: Depends on diagnosisand Insurance.
                  Medi-Cal accepted.
Hours:            Monday – Friday
                  8:30am – 4:00pm

                                                       San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 11
                    San Francisco
                    Breastfeeding                                         PROFESSIONAL
                    Promotion                                               RESOURCES

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in the
U.S.                                                      Evergreen Perinatal Education
                                                          Address:         402 Detwiller Lane, Bellevue,
Address:          327 Quaker Meeting House Road,                           WA 98004
                  E. Sandwich, MA 02537                   Phone:           (425) 455-3231
Phone:            (508) 888-8092                          Website:         www.evergreenperinatal
Fax:              (508) 484-1716                                 
Website:                 Email:           epeonline@
Language:         English, Spanish                        Contacts:        Molly Pessl, BSN, IBCLC
Services:         Information and assessment to           Services:        Lactation education training
                  become a Baby-Friendly Hospital                          programs worldwide, Maternity care
Cost/Eligibility: Inquire for information                                  programs
Hours:            Monday - Friday
                  9:00am - 5:00am EST
                                                          Healthy Children’s Center for
BALA - Bay Area Lactation Associates
Affiliate of ILCA                                         Address:          327 Quaker Meeting House Rd, E.
                                                                            Sandwich, MA 02537
Website:                    Phone:            (508) 888-8044
Services:         Professional organization for           Fax:              (508) 888-8050
                  Lactation Specialists, Referrals for    Website:
                  IBCLC’s, Membership Directory,          Email:  
                  Education and support for anyone        Language:         English
                  with an interest in lactation           Services:         Lactation education training
Cost/Eligibility: $35/member, $25/associate                                 programs
                                                          Cost/Eligibility: Open to public, cost varies. please
Breastfeeding Support Consultants -                       Hours:            9:00am - 4:30am EST
Center for Lactation Education

Address:            44 N. Cornell Villa Park, IL 60181    International Lactation Consultant
Phone:              (630) 547-5057                        Association (ILCA)
Website:                       The ILCA is the professional association for
Email:                        International Board Certified Lactation Consultants
Services:           Long distance learning for            (IBCLCs) and other health care professionals who care
                    lactation education                   for breastfeeding families. To locate an IBCLC in your
                                                          area, please visit

                                                          Address:         2501 Aerial Center Parkway,
                                                                           Suite 103, Morrisville, NC 27560
                                                          Phone:           (919) 861-5577 or (800) ILCA-IS-U
                                                          Fax:             (919) 459-2075

                                                         San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 12
                  San Francisco
                  Breastfeeding                                             PROFESSIONAL
                  Promotion                                                   RESOURCES

Lactation Education Consultants                             UC Davis Human Lactation Center

Address:          618 North Wheaton Ave, Wheaton,           Address:          Department of Nutrition, UC Davis,
                  IL 60187                                                    UC Davis, Human Lactation Center
Phone:            (630) 260-4847                            Phone:            (530) 754-5364
Fax:              (630) 260-8879                            Fax:              (530) 752-7582
Website:          www.lactationeducation                    Website:
Email:                           Language:         English
Language:         English                                   Contacts:         Jane Heinig, PhD, IBCLC,
Contacts:         Jan Barger, RN, MA, IBCLC Director,                         Editor-in-Chief Journal of Human
                  Lactation Education Consultants                             Lactation
Services:         Lactation education training              Services:         Research and education in human
                  programs                                                    lactation, Conferences and
Cost/Eligibility: Anyone is eligible to take the course.                      workshops, Independent Study
                  Inquire for fees.                                           Modules
                                                            Cost/Eligibility: Open
                                                            Hours:            Monday - Friday
Lactation Education Resources                                                 8:00am - 5:00pm

Address:         5614 Dover Street Churchton,
                 MD 20733                                   UCSD Extension
Phone:           (703) 868-1849
Fax:             (443)607-8898                              Address:          9600 N. Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla,
Website:                                           CA 92037
Email:                         Phone:            (858) 534-9262
Services:        Lactation education training               Fax:              (858) 534-8527
                 programs for professionals                 Website: or
                                                            Services:         Lactation education training
                                                            Cost/Eligibility: Inquire for fees. Open to anyone
                                                            Hours:            Monday - Friday
                                                                              8:00am - 5:00am

                                                           San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 13
                San Francisco
                Breastfeeding                                                   ONLINE
                Promotion                                                   RESOURCES

Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine                     Infant Feeding in Emergencies                               

Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource Website               International Board of Lactation Consultant                              Examiners
American Academy of Family Physicians                                          International Lactation Consultant Association
American Academy of Pediatrics                                           Kangaroo Mother Care
Attachment Parenting                           KellyMom
Breastfeeding After a Reduction                                          Lactnet Listserve Archives
                                             For Parents                                 Linkages: a USAID funded project
Brian Palmer, DDS Information about tongue tie                                March of Dimes
Bright Future Lactation Resource                                         Medline Plus
Centers for Disease Control                                           Milk for Thought
Coalition for Improving Maternity Services                                National Women’s Health Information Center
Drug and Lactation Database    Text for Baby
Geddes Productions Kitty Frantz’s website                              The National Alliance of Breastfeeding Advocacy
Hale Publishing Thomas Hale’s Book
“Medications and Mother’s Milk”                       Unicef Breastfeeding Initiatives Exchange                      
Health and Human Services (US Gov)                                           US Breastfeeding Committee
IBFAN Code Watch

                                                     San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 14
                San Francisco
                Breastfeeding                                                ONLINE
                Promotion                                                RESOURCES

US Breastfeeding Laws                              Breastfeeding Coalitions:
                                                   California Breastfeeding Coalition
USDA MyPlate for Pregnancy and Lactation 

USDA WIC Breastfeeding


World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action

WIC Breastfeeding Resources

WIC, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Nutrition Services

                                                  San Francisco Breast Feeding Promotion Coalition | 15

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