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For over two years we have been helping members of our Monday Night Psychotherapy Group come to terms with how they see themselves in the world with herpes. Our goal is to go deeper and look at the issues that underlie how we view ourselves with our condition along with other thoughts and feelings that contribute to stress, worry, and difficulty in life. Q – How is the Monday Night Psychotherapy Group different than Self Help? A – Our Monday Night Psychotherapy Group is facilitated by two psychotherapists and we talk about herpes as well as other issues such as core issues, attitudes, and beliefs that affect your sense of self. Self help is usually facilitated by non professionals and is focused on herpes. Q – How could a group help me? A – How you show up in the world and around other people is how you will show up in group. We learned how to relate to groups from our first group – our family. Some of those ways may no longer serve us well. The beauty of group is that you get to tell the absolute truth of your experience in a supportive, encouraging environment. Additionally, relating to others with the same condition helps us to find new ways of being in the world. Q - What else can I expect from the Monday Night Psychotherapy Group? A – Some of the issues you might want to look at are: o How to speak directly about what you want and mean. o How to set healthy boundaries with your partner / friends / children / parents. o How to express anger in a healthy way. o How to break recurring family patterns. o How to accept yourself with our condition.

Please call 416-421-4137 to register for the open house on Monday October 23 2007 from 6 – 8 pm. Feel free to leave a detailed confidential message on the answering machine.
The Group Facilitators Therapist # 1 * has been involved in personal growth for over 15 years. He has a Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts and has attended group therapy, support groups, retreats, seminars, and workshops in personal growth, psychodrama, addictions, and spiritual growth. He is a senior student at The Gestalt Institute of Toronto training for certification as a Gestalt Psychotherapist. He has been involved with The Phoenix Association since 1990, presently as Chairman. He resides in Toronto. Therapist # 2 * has been involved in the field of addiction recovery and personal healing for the past ten years. She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology, a certificate in Dispute Resolution, and a Diploma in Addiction Treatment and Prevention. She is presently working at Bellwood Health Services as a psychotherapist offering outpatient counseling and residential treatment programming. She brings to her work a belief in the power of support and connection in the process of healing and change. She resides in Toronto with her 3 teenage children with whom she shares her own journey of self discovery and healing.

* Our names have been deliberately left off here to avoid identification through Google searches.
We are happy to identify ourselves over the phone and in person.