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Volume 4 Issue 6 by keara


									Volume 4 Issue 6
“Celebrating our Three Year Anniversary”

June 2006

To Love Children Educational Foundation International, Inc.
“Expanding Children’s Horizons Globally Through Local Education”
501c(3) non-profit, International Non-Governmental Organization Founded July 25, 2002 International Home Office in San Francisco, California Registered NGO in Uganda, East Africa Key staff volunteer offices in Kampala, Uganda and Nariobi, Kenya

To Love Children Foundation NEWS
Informational Newsletter and Resource for Our Volunteers, Friends, and Board Members

To Love Children’s mission is to create sustainable educational development opportunities for the girl child in the developing world, in order to break the cycle of poverty

Inside This Issue: Just for Today, Healthy and Smart, UARCL, Karly Phillips. Domestic Education, Embrace Art,

In this Issue:

A Message from Our Founder, President, and CEO

David Kenneth Waldman
Dear Volunteers, Board of Directors, Partners, Staff, and Friends,

Is it possible that four years has passed with four times four seasons coming and going and that this July 25, 2006 To Love Children will celebrate its fourth year anniversary of as a 501c3 non profit Non Governmental Organization. Our To Love Children list of accomplishments are directly due to the work and dedication of our volunteers. Since there are to many to mention by name and I am deadly afraid that I will leave someone out of the growing list I will address my ethernal appreciation to each and everyone of you by the name of To Love Children team member. As a NGO we are blessed with a abundance of human resources that extends all over the globle from the Palenstian Authoriy, to Iran, Uganda, Eriteria, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa, Austrailia, New Zealand and over north and east to the Phillipines, Indonesia and Japan, China to across the Pacific Ocean to Canada, USA, and down to South America, across the Alantic Ocean Great Britian, France, Germany, Switzland and Bosnia, again to travel across the Indian Ocean and to India and Pakistan, to name a few of the countries and continents, over fifty countries and twenty-four time zones spaning the entire world. With over 800 volunteer applications that produced more that 350 completed applications with 100 of you activley working on projects and programs, To Love Children team members speak over 50 languages.

One of my greatest sense of accomplishments over the past four years is that my passion for sustainable educational development for the girl child in order to break her cycle of poverty drew to me the extraordinary leve of educational achievement, expertise, commitment, along with the passion, dedication and determination to work together as a team to meet the mission of To Love Children. I thought I was alone as all I seem to hear was; “Well isn’t that nice what you are doing, but why only girls?” “ That is wonderful David, but how are you going to raise the money you will need?” To date To Love Children has raised since July 25, 2002 approxitmatly $100,000.00 USD One Hundred Thousand USD and has benefited or reached out to over 20,000 children in India, Uganda and soon Kenya. We had an average of 50 hits to our web site a day totaling approxitmatly 112,000 hits in four years. And we are just starting to ramp up our marketing campaign. Another source of pride for me is that we model the best of the United Nations as we are representing many cultures, faiths, religions, where in some cases my home country of the United States of America has troubling working and talking to. There are neighboring countries that have shown hostilities to each other or different religions fighting but our international team at To Love Children work peacefully, respectly and cohesively together all sharing our common goal and mission of the girl child and poor women. I learned 30 years ago as a elementary school teacher and someone that writes books for children,devoted to children’s social good and education since 1971 where ever I traveled (now to 45 countries) that all I needed to say was that I work for children and it was amazing at the instant acceptance of me and my work where ever I traveled. So while I am immensely proud of the fact that we are a special team of To Love Children, I always had faith that children are the universal glue that brings the world together. In this issue of the To Love Children you learn how our Universal Africa Resource Center and Library fits into the history of northern Uganda, and a sample of the work of our International Public Health Team working on our Health and Smart HIV/AIDS Prevention Curriculum and our monitoring and evaluation concept, the introduction of Karly Phillips a new To Love Children volunteer that will be working closely with me and other team leaders and management and volunteers to better improve our communication and effectiveness as a NGO, Embrace our partners list of products whose profits (10%) will come to TLC to fund our programs and mission and Gemma Lewis approach to domestic education. Please read to the bottom as we have new items at our Born with a Learning Mind Educational Store. What now for the next four years for To Love Children. We are working hard to get sustainable, independent, and to incorporate the programs and strategic plans we have developed over the last four years such as: GEOTOP, WEW, WOMEN and much much more.
Sincerely yours,

David Kenneth Waldman Founder/ President/ CEO

I wanted to share that I joined Phi Delta Kappa International as a profession organization where we will have access to thousands of teachers and librarians and supporters of education. It fits into our mission and there fore I am going to recommend that you look to join your local chapter. By adding our voice we can bring sustainable educational development to the attention of the leaders of education around the world.

As a Member of

Phi Delta Kappa International
I dedicate myself proudly to my profession in the belief that universal education is the foundation of our society's strength. I WILL STRIVE THROUGH RESEARCH To seek accurate knowledge in the art and science of education. To utilize such knowledge for the improvement of teaching. To share new truths with fellow workers. SERVICE To help children and adults become more effective members of our society. To perpetuate and to improve educational standards. To foster free and equal educational opportunity for all. LEADERSHIP
To assume an influential role in education. To stimulate in others the qualities of leadership. To guide learners toward academic, economic, moral, social, and spiritual competence.

Introducing Karly Phillips our new Vice President

Karly with her beautiful Goddaughter

I am very pleased to become a part of the TLC team. My commitment to the mission and goals of TLC comes in its’ entirety. I hope to bring more than another mind to the TLC senior team; my expectations are to help create the needed exponential growth in program development, funding, networking, and volunteer assistance, to achieve TLC 2.0, TLC 3.0 and beyond. Hard work does not scare me, and I believe there to be a great deal of that ahead to achieve my expectations at TLC. I am proud of my organizational skills, and I am extremely goal focused. I bring to TLC my professional attitude towards issues, a solid business network for resounding ideas, and a solid social network. I am fluent in English and Spanish, and I have an understanding of Catalan. I join TLC with many years of for-profit business management experience, from a variety of sectors and countries. I hold an MBA from a well ranked business school in Europe, and my undergraduate studies, also in Business Administration, were undertaken in North America. I left the for-profit world in 2005, and began focusing on the development of a book for and about women; I am proud to have 23 women collaborators assisting me in this project. The majority of any profits generated are destined to a cause for women and education. Not surprisingly, that is one of the reasons why TLC came to my attention through the United Nations Online Volunteering system. I have an extremely supportive husband, and I am the proud mother of two daughters; they remind me everyday of how fortunate I am, and how much one person can affect the lives of many others. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all. Karla (Karly) Phillips Barcelona, Spain

Spotlight on: Embrace Art


Embrace Art is an exciting start-up company with an entrepreneurial and humanitarian spirit. Embrace Art™ is in the business of the design, manufacture, and sales of an innovative and quality line of learning products, To Love Art, designed to teach children about studio art, art history, and art appreciation. Embrace Art’s partnership with To Love Children was born when Lynelle Scheid Kearney, President of Embrace Art, decided to channel a percentage of the profits from her company to an organization dedicated to the abuse of children’s human rights. The

President of To Love Children, David Kenneth Waldman, his talented volunteers, and Embrace Art’s Advisory Board have provided the community of support to Embrace Art that positions the company for success. THE PRODUCTS To Love Art History Learning Cards™ gives both parents and educators the opportunity to develop a sense of art appreciation for children (ages 3 and up) by exposing them to fine art imagery from the prehistoric to contemporary periods of art history. The opposite side of each card highlights the artist's life and technique, discusses the work in detail, and provides a relevant creative exercise. The artistic media include canvas, sculpture, and architecture. THE COMPANY All images are high resolution in a set of 24, 5x7 durable learning cards contained within equally durable packaging. Magnets are enclosed for displaying cards on the family refrigerator. Pre-press orders are now being taken. E-mail for pricing and delivery information. COMING SOON To Love Art History Learning Cards/The Impressionists: The Salon and Beyond™ explores the relationships between the artists of this period and provides an appreciation of some of the most beautiful, popular, and recognizable works of art in the world. To Love Art History Learning Cards/Architecture Gallery™ will provide an introduction of the different styles of architecture around the globe and expose children to some the most important historical and contemporary architects. To Love Art History Learning Cards/Sculpture Gallery™ includes prehistoric fertility figures to the most outrageous contemporary sculptures like Salvador Dali's "Lobster Phone." Choosing the pieces for this product is proving to be a lot of fun! Research and development for Embrace Art’s future product offerings include: To To To To To Love Love Love Love Love Art Art Art Art Art Soft Toys™ Memory Game™ Kit for Kids™ Children's Book Illustrator's Art™ African Art and Music DVD™

LYNELLE SCHEID KEARNEY, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT OF EMBRACE ART Before Lynelle received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Irvine, where she studied Art History and Studio Art, she lived and worked in Florence, Italy, home to the world’s greatest collection of High Renaissance Art. Her desire to create a profitable company whose products inspire and teach children about art, as well as her young children’s genuine interest, led her to create Embrace Art and the To Love Art™ product line. Lynelle’s professional background includes her position as an Urban Planning Assistant for a

respected and successful private land planning organization in Newport Beach, California. There, she was involved with the environmental planning issues of wildlife habitat and air quality, as well as residential development legal issues facing a private landowner. She was a member of a team of investment bankers, also in Newport Beach, where she assisted with the launch of a patented line of non-toxic, 100% biodegradable bio-organic catalytic products whose applications included municipal wastewater treatment, commercial/industrial, hydrocarbon remediation, industrial metal cleaning and agriculture. Finally, as a Biological Technician for the U.S. Forest Service in California, she tracked the endangered Northern Spotted Owl in order to protect its habitat from logging practices.

EDITORIAL To Love Children invites your views for our newsletter. Our new editorial section will allow you to express your opinion and to respond to the issues that To Love Children is devoted to. TLC reserves the right to edit or not publish any editorial as it deems best to promote a positive dialogue centered on the issues.


Monitoring and Evaluation Plan
Taghizadeh, Rahim

Sub-recipients: Government of Uganda, Ministries of: Education and Sports, Gender, Social Development and Labor, Health The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) UNAIDS Local Community Leaders

Healthy and Smart Program Conceptual Model
Resources are mobilised … to undertake activities... … the direct results of which... … have immediate and shortterm effects… … and longterm impacts on public health

• Curriculum

• Human

• Train the Trainer
modules development

• Implemented • Implemented
Peer Training

• Increased • Improved
healthprotective behavior

Trainers’ Training

knowledge and awareness

• Reduced

incidence of HIV/AIDS


• Financial

• Determining
target venues

• Improved

• Promoting

quality of life

• Implemented

• Training trainers • Training peers • Direct education
Resources Inputs

education courses

• Reduced risky



Source: Adapted from Taghizadeh, Rahim (2005), Monitoring and Surveillance


SPOTLIGHT ON Universal African Resource Center and Library


Robert Kabwagu TLC Finance Director Uganda Brief History about Uganda
Giovani Miani, an Italian working for the Egyptians, was the first European to set foot in what is now recognized as Uganda. He visited northern Uganda at Nimule and Moyo in March 1860. The Maltese slave and ivory trader Andrea de Bono also made excursions into Uganda in the 1860s. Between 1849 and 1855 several German missionaries with the Church Missionary Society sent reports back to Europe of great lakes and snowy mountains' some weeks' journey inland from the coast. In 1857, John Hanning Speke and Richard Francis Burton began an African expedition that would lead to Speke's discovery of the southern shores of Lake Victoria and a return journey by Speke and James Augustus Grant in 1862 that would reveal the source of the Nile at Rippon Falls (the plaque to commemorate this is now buried beneath the Owen Falls Dam). Speke and Grant followed the Nile north, through the kingdoms of Buganda, Karagwe and Bunyoro. These first encounters with Mutesa, Rumanika and Kamurasi, the respective kings, provide some of the most colorful early records of life and death in Uganda. Subsequently, research has shown that Mutesa was arguably the 30th King of Buganda, thus dating the kingdom to the early sixteenth century. The search for the source of the Nile by the early explorers was responsible for attracting interest, through their journals, in Uganda and her peoples. The journals of Burton, Speke, Grant, Samuel Baker, Dr. George Schweinfurth, Henry Morton Stanley and David Livingston so captured the imagination of Europeans, that the decades spanning the end of the nineteenth and beginning of the twentieth centuries saw literally hundreds of travelers coming to Uganda. Of course, with them came the prospects of trade and consequently British colonial interest. In 1893, Sir Gerald Portal raised the Union Jack in Port Alice (now Entebbe) and claimed Her Majesty's Protectorate over the kingdom that stretched north to the westward flowing Victoria Nile, east to the town of Tororo and west to the Rwenzoris and Virungas. Of all the explorers, Samuel Baker and his wife Florence, who discovered and named Lake Albert and Murchison Falls, did most to uncover Uganda for their European public. Baker was determined and thorough,

rather than excessive, about his exploration. He funded himself, and as such was neither an empire builder nor a reformist. His books were immensely popular because they brought the hitherto mysterious and cannibalistic interior of 'Darkest Africa' out of the realms of fantasy and into an understandable, habitable country with colorful denizens.

TLC-Position and the Project
By examining the brief History of the above Country, TLC today has gone far and around the formation of educational initiatives that reflect, address and eradicate the historical causes of failure in the development of nations under Uganda’s category.

In this regard, several projects since 2004 have been launched and others maintained with due respect of creating a sustainable environment and plan that helps the girl children—break the cycle of poverty. Hence; housing the Mission of the organization. The construction of the Universal African Resource Center and Library in Gulu came into complete existence in mid May 2006. This required having enough land purchased for the project allocation, buy materials for building and more so having the drawings necessary for the structure. This purpose of constructing the project is never a dream but a reality to sustain the mission of TLC. In 2005, however, TLC in partnership with Childcare Development Organization “CDO” donated over 5,000 books and secured 2 rooms for housing the Library. And after successful implementation of such a Library in Gulu under the custodian of CDO, it became imperative for TLC to form and maintain its full existence and independence in the neediest region (northern) of Uganda to easy service delivery.

Project Status
There is great achievement so far registered since the construction exercise begun in May and lasted for 2 and half weeks through early June 2006. The Library and Resource Center block comprises of the following features; store, office, Library, Cafeteria space and other features that would be flexible in fixing them. We all know that poverty is one of the most critical global problems faced by man. It is linked to many other global issues including illiteracy, war and poor sustainable educational development strategies. It is of such issues that justify this project’s birth in Uganda and around the world to come. The projects of TLC deserve volunteers’ will and concerted action. Very many volunteers including you have come up and still joining the cause of TLC. Nonetheless, the above project together with its current status requires taking a more meaningful and focused action as TLC now deserves to enter a broader implementation phase. Issues that reflect strategic funding of the project need wider significance and be raised higher in the organizational Action Plan. Presently, without severe financial restrictions but rather difficulties, a substantial amount of money worthy for completing the whole project up to the state of use, is needed from the child and women-centered organizations, individuals and corporate society. And since this project is situated in the Lord Resistance Army rebel’s territory or region (northern Uganda) both administering and supervising the construction has not been easy in terms of human resource stability. In terms of distance from TLC-Uganda office in Kampala city to the Project Site, 6 hours drive is noted sufficient. Therefore, matters relating to transport and lodging of personnel in Gulu town has been always provided by a nationalistic Lady and Hon Minister---Zoe Bakoko Bakuru. Yet in other aspects of costing and management by objectives, TLC office has taken the upper-lead in order to sustain the supervisory team that is responsible for overseeing the progress of the project right from the purchase of the land, foundation of the building up to the Super-structure phase due for roofing.

Nevertheless, when this project is put to its complete use, more of the educational gaps between girls and women in the region would be bridged. However, it is not an educational insult to other Ugandans or Africans that some regions are not counted on this project as of present since the situation in northern Uganda was substantiated by the Under-secretary of the UN as the most humanitarian disaster in the world. Hence, TLC’s decision to address, advocate and support the victims therein. It is really a reason of the organization’s priority and target procedure of meeting the needs of the desperate children and women of the region terrorized by war for 20 years on. Here then, calls for a committed team, donors’ response and a ratified Action Plan of TLC with delighted action to make the project mean and meet its initial purpose of establishment. For those who might be un-aware of the problems of northern Uganda, below are the few out of the many:  Increased number of illiterate children, sexually abused girls and youths  Increased levels of HIV/AIDS infection amongst women and girls as a result of abductions and rapes mainly by rebels and minority soldiers of the government  Increased number of orphans due to HIV/AIDS and war  Increased early marriages and pregnancies amongst teenagers due to poverty and scattered parents (victims of the war—IDP life)  Highest levels of infant mortality rate and poor pre and post-natal information  Little access to clean water despite the great struggle by several NGOs in the region  High-level of hunger as a result of the displaced families into camps (IDP camps) Source of Funding The project is fully funded by TLC, though there other local contributions from the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development of the Republic of Uganda. And below is a scope of the funds advanced by TLC by category; 1. The initial funding of the project was advanced by TLC-Head office with $8,000. This amount was used to purchase the land and some other building materials as projected in the Action Plan of the Project 2. WOMEN Project. Since 2004 to late, TLC-Uganda received all monies wired through a local NGO called Friends of Uganda Worldwide-Bank Account as more appropriate plans would be put in place and approved for TLC’s own Bank Account. It is upon such a background of business analysis that $8,000 intended for WOMEN was wired to launch the existence of the project (WOMEN) early this year. However, on its clearance on the Recipient’s Bank Account, the Senior Signatory of Friends of Uganda had left for the USA and Europe for their yearly fund-raising events. He has spent in the west over 4 months now on his way back to Uganda. This has delayed WOMEN in terms of implementation as his foreign trip has stayed more than earlier expected. Nonetheless, through Friends of Uganda’s local Board Members as instructed by the Senior Signatory we were able to receive $2,000 from their Reserve Fund which is now counted on WOMEN for paying the UARCL builders. And under the TLC President’s approval the UARCL project secured the said amount on a loan basis! On a related post, we expect to receive a balance of $6,000 from Friends of Uganda when their Head returns sooner as always informed. 3. Sale of books. TLC through a US local trading enterprise dealing in educational materials purchased 20,000 books for the libraries established in Uganda. However, due and after thorough analysis of the primary intention of the books bought Vs the beneficiaries’ ability to read, a decision to sale off 10,000 books was sought and implemented in order to meet the projected Budget of the UARCLGulu. Thereafter, the books were re-sold by the above enterprise and $5,000 was received and being used to purchase some materials like Iron sheets, timber, nails and others intended for roofing the UARCL. Relatively and collectively here said, the challenges of TLC in meeting the destiny of its mission remain an aspect of unified response. The composition of TLC in raising funds needed for the completion of the project’s super-structure the table below defines the past and current trend of the funds utilized and required;

Projected Cost $25,000

Amount Utilized 15,000 In-kind Contribution

Amount Needed 10,000


Food and lodging

Vehicles for transport

HINT: The delays in securing the balance needed for the completion of the project would affect the budget as some materials have increased in their prices after the announcement of the National Budget of Uganda early this month (June). In other words, not only affecting the budget but also the anticipated Project of November (TLC Documentary) would be halted.

With a pledge of $5,000.00 donated and received by board member Erik Hugus of WOMEN our Micro Finance Education Network we now need $5,000.00 USD. Noting that this is the first stage of construction and other buildings will be raised to meet the needs of the women, girls and boys, men of Gulu and surrounding districts. David Kenneth Waldman

To Love Children Roundtable
WE invite response from experts to extend the dialogue and to find solutions to topics presented in the TLC Roundtable
Education For All: A Domestic Approach By Gemma Lewis To Love Children Volunteer UK ‘We are the children of the world, and despite our different backgrounds, we share a common reality. We are united by our struggle to make the world a better place for all. You call us the future, but we are also the present.’ UNICEF, ‘A World Fit For Children’

Education is a basic human right. Without it we cannot hope to eradicate poverty, create sustainable development or reach any kind of global unity. In the developed world we tend to take for granted the ease of access to schools, colleges and universities, and whilst there is no denying that the problems faced by every child and young person in the world are equally real, the average worry of a secondary school student in the UK is material; not having the latest Xbox 360 game or brandnew designer trainers. They do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the water that they are drinking, where their next meal is coming from and they are not perpetually surrounded by death and disease. We expect people of all ages to care about the world that they inhabit and yet we seem to completely overlook the fact that for most children the world is infinitely small – consisting of family, friends and school. These children are aware of that there is a wider world in which people are less fortunate, but this is so remote, so far removed from anything that they have ever experienced that it may as well not exist. If we wish to change the world for the Global Child we must expand and unite these individual worlds by providing access to the resources that are required to give them knowledge and understanding of International issues. As adults we must recognise that the future lies in the hands of our children; give them the tools to care and not only will they not let us down, but they will come to value their own education and prospects as well. The best way to educate young people about humanity is to connect them to it and The Global Schools partnership, set up by the British Council and the DFID does just this. By linking schools across the world we can raise awareness, widen perspectives and actively change attitudes and values. One of the things most bemoaned by the students I have come into contact with is the irrelevance of their studies, how they cannot apply them to the ‘real world’, by adding a pragmatism to the curriculum, we can provide

pupils with a context for real, topical content in Geography, Languages, Religious Education (R.E) , Math, Citizenship, indeed the scope is endless. The idea that ‘ignorance is bliss’ is dangerous, after all the problems of today may well become the catastrophes of tomorrow. We should not underestimate the resilience of the child; their innocence gives them a unique view of the world, a vision free from prejudice or preconception. By connecting schools and bringing the issues of International Development into primary and secondary education we can create a curriculum that not only teaches students to read and write, but that also gives them the capacity to care.

HOW CAN I HELP? Healthy and Smart HIV/AID Prevention Curriculum Women Organization Micro Finance Educational Network Clean Water Project Solar Energy Resource Center Universal African Resource Center And Library Kampala Brass Band Peace – a peace curriculum for children

Each month we will focus on a part of our many programs where you can make a
difference with a $100 contribution. Of course any amount goes a long way. Your contribution will pay for the running of our programs.

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