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					                                                    Punch List

Punch List Items                                                 Priority     Completed?
General interface
In cataloging, we search for known items and often retrieve
one result when we execute a search. It’s an extra step to
have to click on the title, wait for the brief record to display
and then click “Actions for this Record.”                             High
     If search result is one record, “Actions for this
        Record” appears with all the dropdown menu
     Bibliographic Call Number is visible in Record
        Summary at top of page instead of Created By or Last           High
        Edited By.
     User can “Join tabs” for different functions, such as
        Advanced search results, and MARC Import/Export
     When user signs into a Cataloging Account, they can
        see buttons at the top of the page that are relevant
        to cataloging instead of Circulation functions. For          Normal
        example, Barcode Search (Item), MARC Editor,
        Holdings Maintenance, and Add to Bucket.
     Date bib record is created/imported is visible in
        Record Summary at top of page instead of Last                Normal
        Edited By
     User can “Join tabs” to display two screens after
        starting a search or process and not have to lose            Normal
        their work
     Print worksheet function prints all requested fields in
        every format for every user. KCLS staff defines what          High
        needs to be on the work form.
    CMS staff receives hundreds of items per day and
    dozens of copies per title. Receiving and item
    maintenance needs to be streamlined, efficient, and
     User can enter call number once and click “Apply to
        All” when editing Volume/Call Number records for
        multiple branches rather than copy and paste
        number into the field for every Volume/Call Number
        (Cheryl and Sarah have a great idea to make this
        work better)
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    Barcode sequence calculates correctly when auto-
       generated in Holdings Maintenance, Copy/Volume
       Editor. Staff can be able to fix this locally with a staff
    CAPS staff can set transcendence and remove
       transcendence from bib records
    MARC Import/Export displays and loads special
       characters and diacritics for every language in every        High
    User can define overlay match points or “collisions,”
       determine actions based on matches, and protect              High
       fields in Marc Batch Import/Export
    User can set up and save “load profiles” to load files
       that come from different vendors on a recurring
       basis. User should not have to set up “profile” every
       time the same type of file is received.
    Marc Batch Import/Export can load several thousand
       records and not slow down the catalog and not take           High
       hours or days to load
    CMS staff can export bib records from Connexion
       Gateway and Volume/Copy records will be attached
       based on item data stored in a MARC field in the             High
       bibliographic record (similar to the above
    Records with special characters and diacritics in
       every language and for every format display                  High
       correctly in the client interface and OPAC
    # of volumes and # of copies should pre-populate
       with 1 in Holdings Maintenance Create Volumes. It is
       a rare thing for a branch to need more than 1
       volume or add more than 1 copy at a time. Of
       course, we would like to edit the numbers, as
    In Holdings Maintenance, staff should have option to
       only see list of branches that have Volumes/Copies.
       40+ locations takes a long time to display and slows
       down our work
    In (bib) record bucket, user can select which records
       to merge, delete, edit bib and/or item attributes
    In (bib) record bucket, user can edit bib record fields
       in a batch
    Before, during, or after, user can select all or some
       imported records and put them into an existing
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    record bucket or create a new bucket. If loading item
    records, such as for Opening Day Collections, user
    can create an item bucket list for the newly created
    item records. Staff can batch edit bib records in
   User can right click on the call number, note, subject
    headings, title and author (both 100s and 700s) fields
    and chose a “verify” command that would compare
    the field against our other holdings.
   A new tab would open when going into a marc
    record or item holdings from the opac/catalog             High
    search results screen.
   Spell checker in MARC editors recognizes correctly
    spelled place names and does not flag them as errors
   Words can be added to spellchecker dictionary             Low
   When item data is exported in MARC Batch
    Import/Export, subfield $a is set for KCLS not Georgia
    Pines “gaaagpl” (so as not to confuse the vendors we
    might send this data to)
   Item record attributes should not appear as column
    heading choices if no item data is going to display in    Low
    those columns
   When sorting by clicking on a column header, the
    default should be A-Z. Clicking again will sort Z-A
   Evergreen “remembers” column positions selected
    by user when adding additional records to a query,        Low
    pending list, or bucket list
   Default setting in Holdings Maintenance Create
    Volumes only pulls the call number from the 092 and
    099 fields. 050, 082, and 090 fields should not          Normal
    display as choices. Staff can choose which call
    number fields to display in dropdown.
   User can run a query on any bib field, including
    subfields in 998 field, and run queries on item
    attribute and choose to create a copy bucket and/or
    a (bib) record bucket from the results.
   Bib Call Number and other bib record attributes
    should display in column in a (bib) record query list,
    pending list, and bucket list. KCLS staff can define
    what bib record fields to include.
   User can run queries on any bib field or item
    attribute to create a copy bucket, not just search by    Normal
   Marc Editor is easily customizable for users who         Normal
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      need larger and more readable fonts. Users can
      adjust font sizes and font types and increase spaces
      between lines.
   Users can adjust screen colors to increase/decrease
      contrasts to alleviate eye strain
   In Item Status, under “Actions for Catalogers,” users
      with permission can select “Edit MARC Record”
      instead of having to View in Catalog and then select
      “Edit MARC Record”
  CMS run reports and pull files to send to vendors for
  processing based on dates bib records are added to the
  catalog. This date must be visible and reportable.             Super High
   The date Bib record is created/imported is visible
      and in a reportable field
   Marc Batch import/Export can load bib records and
      attach Volume/Copy records based on item data
      stored in a MARC field in the bib record, (for
      example, the 852, 945, or 949 field). ESI will advise      Super High
      KCLS on which item fields and subfields to use for
      item data. This is critical for loading item records for
      Opening Day Collections
OPAC Issues (searching, limiting, relevancy, etc.)
   MARC Expert search indexes all fields and subfields                       Completed
      and retrieves results for items those fields in the
      bibliographic record
   User can sort MARC Expert search results A-Z or Z-A,
      by date, or by relevancy
   Bibliographic record call number should display in
      Call Number “field” in brief and detailed display.
      Copy level call numbers should be viewable when
      viewing Copies only
   Bibliographic record call number should consistently
      display in brief and detailed display for every search
   Bibliographic data in brief and detailed display fields
      should map from MARC fields instead of MODS                  High
   CAPS staff can access to all the functionality of the
      vanilla Advanced Search
   Staff can add notes to holds that will print out on the
      holds slip. These notes contain processing                 Super High
      instructions and are very useful

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