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					                                   Your Guide To The Future Of Purebred Swine   JUNE-JULY 2006
                               Breeders Digest

Team Purebred
                They walk the walk…
   Female                     They talk the talk
                                                                           We fit any and
                                                                           all of your needs!
                                                                           Be watching for more information on the
                                                                           Nothin-But-Purple Club Pig Sale in Albert Lee,
                                                                           MN. scheduled for April each year. Over 20 head
                                                                           of Hampshire and Poland China barrows pur-
                                                                           chased here have been selected for the premium
We operate a strict all in/all out policy farrowing on wire and weaning    sales in Oklahoma City and Houston.
at three weeks of age. All of our litters are weighed at 21 days of age
and females have sow productivity indexes (SPI) and STAGES informa-        Purchase your next crossbred
tion generated for documented reproductive performance data.
                                                                           or purebred champion here!

We are proud to offer a large selection of Hampshire and
Poland China breeding stock for sale at all times. These ani-
mals are affordably priced with volume discounts on three or
more head of boars. We offer a free guaranteed selection serv-
ice and will be happy to work with you on delivery.

Be watching for a complete update on our 2006 list
of winners and photos in an upcoming issue.

Breeding stock, Poland, Hampshire and Crossbred
show pigs available for Fall 2006 showpig season out
of the nation’s top herdsires. Bred gilts on order.
                                                                                    2005 National Jr. Show
                                                                                    1st Class 3 Poland Gilt

                                                                            19536 180th St., New London, Iowa 52645
                                                                          Bill Tucker: 319/367-5228 • Fax: 319/367-2728
                                                                          Cell: 319/209-0305 • email: btucker@lisco.com
                                  is Summer?
                          IME” Th
Are You
        Ready For A “BIG T

                                                                 BIG TIME (Grand Drive x Atlas)
                                                                 2005 STC Champion Boar
                                                                 He has done a great job for us and is the
                                                                 sire of our 2006 spring Chesters.

                   …Or How About A “SI LV ER
                                                                 SILVER BULLET (Silverback x Konan)
                                                                 He was our pick of the great set of Goodnight
                                                                 boars at the 2005 NBS. He did an excellent job
                                                                 of siring stoutness, length and bone. He is the
                                                                 sire of our spring 2006 Berk litters.

                                                                     ut A “P
                                       …Or, Wha                 t Abo
                                                                 (Stars & Stripes x One Giant Step)
                                                                 The $3500 top-selling boar at the 2005 NBS.
                                                                 He has exceeded our expectations!

Pictured to the right is the Champion Berkshire Gilt at the 2006 NSR
Extravaganza. This Silver Bullet x Goldberg gilt sold to Luke Stales, PA. Our
summer looks to be very exciting. Our best sons and daughters of these three
young herdsires will be at the STC, Illinois and Indiana State Fairs, and the NBS.
Thank you to all our spring pig sale customers. We appreciate your positive com-
ments and your business.

             Miller Farms/Miller & Young Berkshires
                                        ROBERT & KIRK MILLER
                                 1285 E. 800 N. Rd. • Melvin, IL 60952
      (Bob) 217/388-2419 or 217/249-2419 (mobile) ❖ (Kirk) 217/749-2819 or 217/781-2419 (mobile)
                           ❖ Herdsman         ❖ Validated Herds 1080-1080QP
                                       email: millent@illicom.net
                         Check out our website at: www.millerswinefarm.com
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                           PAGE 3
        BERKSHIRE                                    CHESTER WHITE
    PHONE: 765/497-3618                           PHONE: 309/691-0151                                         Breeders Digest
    BOARD OF DIRECTORS (BERK)                 BOARD OF DIRECTORS (CHESTER)                                            VOLUME 11, NO. 3
EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                          EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE                                                       JUNE-JULY 2006
Greg Innerst - President                     Ronnie Perry - President
Tona Smith - Vice President                  Paul Beaver - Vice President                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS
Pete Hoffman
                                             TERM EXPIRES 2006                                            ABA Annual Meeting .............................26
TERM EXPIRES 2006                            *Ronnie Perry
*Mike Hodges                                 1415 So. Walnut St., Pauls Valley, OK 73075
                                                                                                          ABA Board of Director Candidates ..34-35
6193 S. Road, Julian, NE 68378               405/238-3041                                                 ABA Breeder Directory.....................28-31
402/242-2001                                                                                              ABA Herdsire Listings ...........................25
*Pete Hoffman                                TERM EXPIRES 2007
55432 265th St., Ames, IA 50010              *Paul Beaver                                                 CPS Extravaganza...........................36-38
515/233-3596                                 1550 900th Ave., Lincoln, IL 62656                           CPS Wall Street Address ......................52
Tona Smith                                   217/732-2898                                                 CWSRA Annual Meeting .......................64
1746 County Hwy 123, Alexander, IL 62601     Tom Holton
217/478-2081 email: rts75@irtc.net           4409 S. CR 25W, Greencastle, IN 46135                        CWSRA Breeder Directory...............66-69
                                             765/653-0710                                                 CWSRA Herd Sire Summary ................61
TERM EXPIRES 2007                            *Al Schminke                                                 CWSRA Recording Leaders..................63
Shane Butcher                                6641 24th Avenue, Van Horne, IA 52346
2655 N 1800E, Blue Mound, IL 62513           319/223-5352                                                 DNA Stress Labs...................................21
217/676-4833                                                                                              Index To Advertisers..............................77
*Rodney Goodwin                              TERM EXPIRES 2008                                            National Shows .....................................22
4004 Phoenix St., Ames, IA 50014             Bill Cothran
515/292-6237                                 2630 Mayfield Hwy, Benton, KY 42025                          NBS Hog College Candidates...............58
*Polly Hindman                               270/527-9834                                                 NBS Progeny Pen .................................38
2574 W. Highway 6, Maysville, MO 64469       *Jeff Robb
                                                                                                          NBS Jr. & Open Schedule & Entry Blank
816/449-5209                                 1060 N. 1900 E., Farmer City, IL 61842
                                             309/438-7021                                                  .........................................................42-45
TERM EXPIRES 2008                            *Jeff Rudasill                                               PCRA Board Candidates.......................59
*Greg Innerst                                1520 Hwy ZZ, Mexico, MO 65265
5140 Deer Rd., Red Lion, PA 17356            573/581-2618
                                                                                                          PCRA Breeder Directory ..................53-54
717/246-1738                                *Indicates serving 2nd term                                   PCRA Herd Sire Summary....................55
email: GBIBerks@juno.com                                                                                  PCRA Recording Leaders.....................59
Bob Uphoff
4581 Meadowview Rd., Madison, WI 53711
                                                                                                          Summer Type Conference Schedule ....50
608/222-7389                                            SPOTTED                                           Spotted Breeder Directory ...............16-19
Chad Waterman                                                                                             Spotted Herd Sire Summary ...................8
781 N. 900E Rd., Palmer, IL 62556
                                                  PHONE: 309/693-1804                                     Spotted Recording Leaders ..................21
*Indicates serving 2nd term                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS (SPOTTED)                               State Fair Dates ....................................23
                                                                                                          Team Purebred Alum-Line Raffle ..........49
                                             EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
                                             Ron Pierce - President                                       Team Purebred Amy Jo Editorial...........47
       POLAND CHINA                          Tom Zell - Vice President                                    Team Purebred Foundation Female .....46
                                             TERM EXPIRES 2006                                            Team Purebred Photo Contest..............48
    PHONE: 309/691-6301                      Doug Lovgren                                                 Team Purebred Silent Auction...............47
  BOARD OF DIRECTORS (POLAND)                30531 2200 N. Ave, LaMoille, IL 61330                        Team Purebred Support ........................48
J.R. Reid - President                        TERM EXPIRES 2007
                                                                                                             CHESTER WHITE, POLAND CHINA,
Raymond Rice - Vice President                *Johnnie Bellettini
                                                                                                                     SPOTTED ASSOCS.
Sharon McWhinney - Treasurer                 R #4, Box 1435, Coalgate, OK 74538
                                             580/927-2170                                                     (Certified Pedigreed Swine) CPS
TERM EXPIRES 2006                            *Ron Pierce                                                             www.cpsswine.com
*Sharon McWhinney                            1210 Highland Drive, Greenville, OH 45331                   Mailing Address = Box 9758, Peoria, IL 61612
8678 St. Rt. 122W, Eaton, OH 45320           937/548-7909                                                Street Address (for UPS only) =
                                                                                                         6320 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, IL 61614
937/456-2844                                 *Tom Zell                                                   E-mail = cpspeoria@mindspring.com
*Todd Boicken                                6177 W. Base Rd., Winchester, IN 47394                      Phone = 309/691-0151        Fax = 309/691-0168
                                             765/584-5650                                                Editor Jack Wall home phone = 815/537-2210
9207 E. 4000 N. Rd., Momence, IL 60954                                                                                  FAX = 815/537-9035
815/472-4017                                                                                                            mobile & voice mail = 309/945-3312
                                             TERM EXPIRES 2008                                           Assistant Editor = Karla Smith
Randy Huseman                                Bob Barker                                                                 home phone = 309/385-2553
Box 2114, Hereford, TX 79045                                                                             Website Coordinator = John Koscelny
                                             5512 W. Windsor, Champaign, IL 61821                                       Phone = 918/255-6046
806/364-0530 (Day) Ext. 104                  217/863-2020                                                               Cell = 918/520-6297
806/363-6924 (Night)                         Randy Derr                                                                 email: johnkoscelny@aol.com
                                                                                                         Office Secretaries = Agnes and Peggy
                                             26258 Holt 180, Mound City, MO 64470                        President = Bob Armstrong
TERM EXPIRES 2007                            660/442-3474 (day) - 660/935-2532 (night)                                  Phone = 217/667-2762
Brad Davis                                   *Bobby Listen                                               Vice President = Tom Zell
23437 92nd Ave., Mediapolis, IA 52637                                                                                   Phone = 765/584-5650
                                             6400 W. OKC Reno St., El Reno, OK 73036                     Committee Members = Al Schminke, Sharon McWhinney,
319/394-9322                                 405/422-3311                                                Jerry Masters, Tom Holton, Bob Barker
J.R. Reid                                    *Indicates serving 2nd term
                                                                                                          AMERICAN BERKSHIRE ASSOCIATION
310 N. Locust, Box 104, Sweet Springs, MO
                                                                                                         Mailing Address = P.O. Box 2436, West Lafayette, IN
660/826-7100                                POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Chester White            47996-2436
65351                                       Swine Record Association and/or Poland China Record          Street Address (for UPS only) =
                                            and/or National Spotted Swine Record and/or Berkshire        1769 U.S. 52 West, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Raymond Rice                                                                                             Phone = 765/497-3618 • Fax = 765/497-2959
                                            Assoc. at Box 9758, Peoria, Illinois, 61612-9758.
P.O. Box 591, Velma, OK 73491                                                                            Secy. & Trea. = Amy Smith
                                                                                                         E-mail = berkshire@nationalswine.com
580/467-4163                                The Breeders Digest (ISSN 1082–6920) is published bi-        Website = www.americanberkshire.com
                                            monthly by the Chester White Swine Record Association and
TERM EXPIRES 2008                           the Poland China Record Association and the National                           TEAM PUREBRED
*Jerry Masters                              Spotted Swine Record, Box 9758, 6320 N. Sheridan Rd.,        Mailing Address = P.O. Box 1996, West Lafayette, IN
                                            Peoria, Illinois 61612-9758; and the American Berkshire      47996-1996
625 Buck Mountain Rd., Dover, AR 72837
                                            Association, Box 2436, 1769 U.S. 52 West, W. Lafayette, IN   Phone = 765/497-3618
479-331-9708                                47906. Periodicals postage paid at Peoria, Illinois 61612-   Jr. Coordinator = Amy Jo Johnson
*Indicates serving 2nd term                 9758 and additional mailing office.                                        email: amyjo@nationalswine.com

PAGE 4                                                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
           Secret                                TO
            Meat Quality

                   The highest quality pork is produced by purebred Berkshires.
 Only by having purebred sows can this pork be produced. In today’s meat market there has been
    an explosion in ‘100% Berkshire pork’ from suppliers that don’t seem to have any purebred
 Berkshire sows. These producers are taking Berkshire premiums while benefiting from the reduced
                           production costs of crossbred sows and pigs.

We believe in delivering the highest quality products to our meat customers, produced by purebred
 Berkshire pigs. Thanks to other Berkshire breeders that also believe in delivering a quality product
          by maintaining purebreds and supporting the ABA efforts to educate customers.

 Thanks to Six Point Nucleus, Myron Damman and Steve Stassen for their semen purchases,
                       we appreciate their support of our programs.

                       Semen from GFF Herd Sires is available at
                       North Iowa Boar Semen (888-797-2373).
                                     Herd is certified with ABA.
                   Large Groups of PRRS Negative Gilts Available

                        Goodwin Family Farms fax: 877-868-1179
                              4004 Phoenix Street • Ames, Iowa 50014
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                            PAGE 5
          Harvest of Genetics
         Production Sale Saturday, August 26
                   7 p.m. Eastern time at the farm
  Selling 25 elite boars - 50 replacement females - 15 bred gilts
                                 Dan Baker Auctioneer

                                                              Featuring Exciting
                                                                Progeny By:

                                                             BOLD STEP is one
                                                             powerful and exciting
                                                             herd sire. He combines
                                                             unbelievable bone, mus-
                                                             cle, width and soundness.
               FSF Bold Step                                 His potency is real.

                                                             VELVET REVOLVER
                                                             epitomizes the word bal-
                                                             ance. Utilizing old line
                                                             genetics, RF Paymaster
                                                             and out of the Trowbridge
                                                             sow that never misses, his
                                                             breeding strengths will be
                                                             appreciated on August 26.
          TFO Velvet Revolver
         Contact us for a catalog or for more information.
              SALE DAY PHONE: 574-643-9472
              F • A • R • R • E • R Stock Farm
                             3606 N. 725W • Royal Center, IN 46978
            Betty & Day (574) 643-6095 • Steve (574) 643-9472 • Tom (574) 643-9965
                         Fax (574) 643-9948 • email: tfarrer@myvine.com
                           — SEMEN — SHOWPIGS — SEEDSTOCK —
PAGE 6                                                           BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006   PAGE 7
             Spring 2006 Spotted Across-Herd Sire Summary
                                                      The National Spotted Swine Association proudly presents this 2006 Across Herd
                                                      Sire Summary. The CPS Breeds Herdsman Performance Program allows breeders
                                                      the opportunity to submit data of many different performance and production
                                                      traits to not only improve within herd performance, but also utilize other breed-
                                                      ers’ genetics to maximize profit and performance. The sires listed in this report
                                                      were all born January 1, 2002 and after, therefore genetics should be readily avail-
                                                      abe on most of these bloodlines. True genetic progress can be made if a serious
                                                      attempt is given by breeders to utilize this data. All the boars listed for these traits
                                                      are in the top 5% of the Spotted breed. For a complete list of sires, feel free to
                                                      contact the NSSR at 309-693-1804.

          Spotted Sires Ranked on Performance Traits                                        Spotted Sires Ranked on Maternal Traits
Trait      Boar’s Name                  Owner, State                  EPD       Trait       Boar’s Name               Owner, State                     EPD
TSI        FSF2 Boxcar 127-1            Farrer, IN                   103.36     SPI         RRA3 Wild Card 16-2       Irwin, IN & Kysela, OK         115.39
TSI        JRX2 Backatcha 7-1           Reid, MO                     103.17     SPI         RRA3 Foresight 21-1       Armstrong, IL                  114.41
TSI        FSF3 Pol-Ka-Dot 26-2         Eicher, IN                   103.15     SPI         CAB13 Boss 37-2           Purple Power/Brattain, IN      114.16
TSI        FSF4 Pol-Ka-Dot 3-3          Top Cut, OH                  103.14
TSI        CS2 Next Step 4-1            Shaffer Gold Rush, IN        103.11     SPI         RRA3 Second Chance 54-1   Armstrong, IL                  113.45
TSI        JF13 Force 1-9               Johnson, NE                  103.05     SPI         JRX2 Hip Hop 6-2          Reid/Trophy Boar Stud, MO      113.11
TSI        LEF2 Pietrain 1-1            Ebert, In                    102.97     SPI         JRX2 PSSS Chameleon 6-3   PSSS, IL                       113.11
TSI        FSF2 Boxcar 108-5            Farrer, IN                   102.93     SPI         MWH2 Stardust 21-5        Hurd, IA                       112.83
TSI        FSF2 Boxcar 2-2              C&M Spots, In                102.89     SPI         FSF2 Boxcar 2-2           Farrer, IN                     112.61
TSI        FSF2 Outer Limits 48-10      Farrer, In                   102.85
                                                                                SPI         RRA2 20/20 49-8           Shaffer Gold Rush, IN          112.21
TSI        ES4 Super Dog 3-9            Entwistle Spots, IL          102.76
TSI        MET3 Super Dog 4-2           Melvin Miller, IN            102.74     SPI         KAW4 PSSS Unleaded 16-2   PSSS/M-T Miller/Day& Planalp   111.93
TSI        JRX2 PSSS Chameleon 6-3      PSSS, IL                     102.73     SPI         2 Black Ice 3-4           Armstrong, IL                  111.38
TSI        RLP4 E-Mail 19-6             Joy Genetics, NE             102.71     SPI         RRA3 Mr. V 49-3           Miller, IL                     111.18
BF         JRX2 Backatcha 7-1           Reid, MO                         -.05   SPI         BDF4 20/20 44-4           Farrer, IN                     111.07
BF         FSF2 Boxcar 127-1            Farrer, IN                       -.04   SPI         RRA4 Mr. V 30-8           Breeders Choice, OH            111.03
BF         CS2 Next Step 4-1            Shaffer Gold Rush, IA            -.04
                                                                                MLI         RRA3 Wild Card 16-2       Irwin, IN & Kysela, OK         123.46
BF         FSF2 Boxcar 108-5            Farrer, IN                       -.04
BF         FSF2 Boxcar 2-2              C&M Spots, IN                    -.04   MLI         JRX2 PSSS Chameleon 6-3   PSSS, IL                       122.46
BF         FSF4 Pol-Ka-Dot 3-3          Top Cut, OH                      -.04   MLI         JRX2 Hip Hop 6-2          Reid & Trophy, MO              122.34
BF         FSF3 Pol-Ka-Dot 26-2         Eicher, IN                       -.04   MLI         CAB13 Boss 37-2           Purple Power/Brattain, IN      121.91
BF         ES4 Super Dog 3-9            Entwistle, IL                    -.04   MLI         FSF2 Boxcar 2-2           C&M, IN                        121.76
BF         RLP4 E-Mail 19-6             Joy Genetics, NE                 -.04   MLI         RRA3 Foresight 21-1       Armstrong, IL                  121.59
BF         MWH2 Stardust 21-5           Hurd, IA                         -.04
BF         JRX2 PSSS Chameleon 6-3      PSSS, IL                         -.04   MLI         RRA3 Second Chance 54-1   Armstrong, IL                  121.11
BF         JRX2 Hip Hop 6-2             Reid & Trophy, MO                -.04   MLI         MWH2 Stardust 21-5        Hurd, IA                       120.44
BF         LEF2 Pietrain 1-1            Ebert, IN                        -.04   Lit. Size   MWH2 Stardust 21-5        Hurd, IA                         +.50
BF         FSF2 Outer Limits 48-10      Farrer, IN                       -.04   Lit. Size   FSF3 Boxcar 11-3          Farrer, IN                       +.44
BF         LKLS3 Boomerang 8-5          Wehner, KS                       -.04   Lit. Size   KATE3 Waikiki 1-5         Triple B, OK                     +.41
BF         JF13 2 Force 1-9             Johnson, NE                      -.04
                                                                                Lit. Size   FSF2 Boxcar 2-2           C&M, IN                          +.40
BF         ABCS2 Boomerang 10-6         Searles, OK                      -.04
BF         LEF3 PSSS Brickyard 3-1      Ebert, IN                        -.04   Lit. Size   FSF2 Boxcar 108-5         Farrer, IN                       +.39
Days       JF13 2 Force 1-9             Johnson, NE                    -1.47    Lit. Size   FSF2 Boxcar 127-1         Farrer, IN                       +.37
Days       TF22 Prophet 9-1             C&M Spots, IN                  -1.44    Lit. Size   FSF2 Outer Limits 48-10   Farrer, IN                       +.35
Days       SSS13 PSSS Proud Soul 96-4   PSSS, IL/Stephens, TX          -1.34    21Day#      JRX2 Hip Hop 6-2          Reid & Trophy, MO              +11.81
Days       MET3 Super Dog 4-2           Miller, IN                     -1.31    21Day#      JRX2 PSSS Chameleon 6-3   PSSS, IL                       +11.81
Days       LEF2 Pietrain 1-1            Ebert, IN                      -1.25
                                                                                21Day#      RRA3 Wild Card 16-2       Irwin, IN & Kysela, OK         +11.03
Days       MB&F3 Pol-Ka-Dot 15-1        Beard, IN                      -1.25
Days       FSF3 Pol-Ka-Dot 26-2         Eicher, IN                     -1.24    21Day#      RRA3 Second Chance 54-1   Armstrong, IL                   +9.62
Days       GHS4 Hot Spot 7-5            Triple B, OK                   -1.24    21Day#      RRA3 Foresight 21-1       Armstrong, Il                   +9.34
Days       SBS3 In Your Face 4-2        Belgard, MN                    -1.22    21Day#      RRA2 20/20 49-8           Shaffer Gold Rush, IN           +8.64
LEA        FSF2 Boxcar 127-1            Farrer, IN                      +.11    21Day#      CAB13 Boss 37-2           Purple Power/Brattain, IN       +8.41
LEA        JOY3 Pure Quality 5-2        Joy Genetics, NE                +.11    # Wnd.      RRA3 Foresight 21-1       Armstrong, IL                    +.21
LEA        FSF2 Outer Limits 48-10      Farrer, IN                      +.10
                                                                                # Wnd.      RRA3 Wild Card 16-2       Irwin, IN & Kysela, OK           +.19
LEA        DLM12 Fresh Start 10-5       Hi Point & M-T. Miller, IL      +.07
LEA        DHFS2 Boomer 1-5             McCoy, TX                       +.07    # Wnd.      RRA3 Second Chance 54-1   Armstrong, IL                    +.18
LEA        FSF4 Outa Control 34-4       Farrer, IN                      +.07    # Wnd.      RRA3 Mr. V 49-3           Miller, IL                       +.18
LEA        FG3 George 14-4              Niehaus & Feldman, IA           +.07    # Wnd.      RRA4 Mr. V 30-8           Breeders Choice, OH              +.17
Ln. Gn.    FSF2 Boxcar 127-1            Farrer, IN                      +.02    # Wnd.      RRA2 20/20 49-8           Shaffer Gold Rush, IN            +.16
Ln. Gn.    FSF3 Pol-Ka-Dot 26-2         Eicher, IN                      +.02    # Wnd.      KATE2 Full Strut 4-2      Breeders Choice, OH              +.15
Ln. Gn.    FSF4 Pol-Ka-Dot 3-3          Top Cut, OH                     +.02
Ln. Gn.    JRX2 Bakatcha 7-1            Reid, MO                        +.02    # Wnd.      REM2 Osama 54-1           Killian, OK                      +.15
Ln. Gn.    CS2 Next Step 4-1            Shaffer Gold Rush, IN           +.02    Birth Wt.   KAW4 PSSS Unleaded 16-2   PSSS/M-T Miller/Day& Planalp     +.82
Ln. Gn.    JF13 2 Force 1-9             Johnson, NE                     +.02    Birth Wt.   BJB5 Sudden Fury 16-3     Breeders Choice/Pierce, OH       +.38
Ln. Gn.    LEF2 Pietrain 1-1            Ebert, IN                       +.02    Birth Wt.   NBS3 Dazzleman 45-4       Belgard, MN                      +.27
Ln. Gn.    FSF2 Boxcar 108-5            Farrer, IN                      +.02    Birth Wt.   FSF2 Boxcar 108-5         Farrer, IN                       +.20
Ln. Gn.    FSF2 Boxcar 2-2              C&M Spots, IN                   +.02
                                                                                Birth Wt.   FSF2 Boxcar 2-2           C&M, IN                          +.17
Ln. Gn.    FSF2 Outer Limits 48-10      Farrer, IN                      +.02
Ln. Gn.    MET3 Super Dog 4-2           Miller, IN                      +.02    Birth Wt.   DLM13 Challenger 10-4     R&K Miller/M&T Miller, IL        +.15
Ln. Gn.    ES4 Super Dog 3-9            Entwistle, IL                   +.02    Birth Wt.   FSF3 Boxcar 11-3          Farrer, IN                       +.15

PAGE 8                                                                                                     BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                                                                PAGE 9
                                                      (Big Step X Waikiki)

                                                                                BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
$11,500 Reserve Grand Champion Spot Boar - ‘05 Fall Classic - Duncan, OK
      Semen Available From Over 50 Boars • Call Today • 888.690.2022
                          Check Out Our Website at www.ssggoldrush.com
                          Call For A Color Catalog Featuring All Of Our Sires

  Reports on Graffiti’s first crop sound promising. Two of his litter-
                                                                              30 years
  mates were Res. Champion Gilt at the Tulsa State Fair and Res.           These boars represent our philosophy
  Champion 4-H Barrow at the Missouri State Fair.
                                                                         of breeding Spotted hogs in our 30th year
                                                                                       in the breed.

                                                                         Besides these sires, our spring litters are
                                                                         sired by World Wide, Pack N Heat, Fear
                                                                          Factor, Kahlua, Big Island and Target.

                                                                            Watch for our entries this summer.

                                                                                 RANDY DERR
                       One Giant Step                                      26258 Holt 180 • Mound City, MO 64470
  Having been called legendary, his influence in the breed is             (Home) 660-935-2531 • (Cell) 816-262-5104

                                           August 4, 2006

                      2005 Champion Boar                                             2005 Champion Gilt

            The Ohio Spotted Producers invite you to come to the Ohio State Fair
                      Spotted Show and Sale, Friday, August 4, 2006.
                 Open Show starts at 10:00 a.m. with the sale at 4:00 p.m.
                    Junior Spot Show - Thursday, August 3 at 4:00 p.m.
                                          For more information contact:
                   Jeff Wilt: 740/335-8675        Tony Nye: 1-888-267-9864 or 740/606-0031 (cell)

PAGE 10                                                                                  BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006   PAGE 11
   Diamond Back                                                   Join us
                                                              August 18, 2006
                                                                             for the
                                                        iowa state fair
                                                         spotted show
                                                            Breeding stock will be for sale
  We have used this guy heavily this spring. He
                                                         privately after the show in the barn.
  sires long, level, square hipped, heavy mus-              For more information contact:
  cled hogs that are outstanding in kind. He is         Bob Behnkendorf, Pres: 515/295-5901
  housed at Lean Value Sires. Call 1-800-972-           Rosie Olson, Sec/Treas: 319/223-5329
  8766 for semen.

  Look for us this summer at the STC, and at the
  Indiana and Ohio State Fairs. We’ll have a
  Diamond Back to fit your needs.

          Pierce Swine Farm
     1210 Highland ♦ Greenville, Ohio 45331

   Have Confidence in our Breeding Program
                                                                               Proud recipient of ten
                                                                               straight NBS Super
                                                                               Sire Awards. How’s
                                                                               that for consistency?

    This stout boned, heavy muscled, wide based, big ribbed, muscular and
    sound son of KAW4 PSSS Unleaded x B52 was the 2005 NBS Reserve
    Champion Boar shown by Norman Bros. His powerful February &
    March litters will be available at the Indiana State Fair and National
    Barrow Show. He has advanced our program to even greater heights.

             ISF       12400
                                   IRWIN SPOT FARM
                               N.C.R. 600W., Gaston, IN 47342 • 765-358-3832
PAGE 12                                                                BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
         O                 is for

      Reserve Champion 2005 CPS Extravaganza           Class winner at the 2006 SWTC
               We call him “The Big O”                          Sired by Maui
                    Sired by NBC                      Thanks to Curtis Schwartz of Texas
                                                              for your purchase!

           Champion Spot Barrow Keystone        Champion Spot Market Hog Kentucky State Fair
                 Sired by Unleaded                           Sired by Unleaded
             Shown by the Wilson Family                   Shown by Justin Powell

           Spring Litters Sired By:              Summer Litters Sired By:
                     The Big O                              Direct Hit
                        Maui                                  Maui
                     Gettin’ Busy                           Demand
                       Kahlua                               Big Island

         We’ll see you at the                  Wayne Wedekind & Family
   World Pork Expo, Summer Type                             Butler, IL
    Conference, Illinois State Fair                    Farm: 217-532-3298
     and the Indiana State Fair.                       Home: 217-532-3296

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                         PAGE 13
                                        “The Affordable Place for Semen”
                                                            (All boars $40 or less/bottle)
                                              4815 SR 753 SE • Washington CH, OH 43160 • 740/636-8465
                                                   Ph: 888/267-9864 • Cell Phone: 740/606-0031

                JPB Studman 90-5                                   RJM Center Piece 11-5
                  Studman x Carhart                                    Masterpiece x New Dezine
              Sire of 2005 Champion Gilt,                              Exciting sire from Masters!
                     Ohio State Fair                                   His first set look awesome!

              BJB Sudden Fury 16-3                                     P&R Play Maker 99-4
                Unleaded x Pol-Ka-Dot                                   Power Play x Echo
          Negative for stress, 2nd at Indiana in               He sires bone mass and eye appeal!
                2005. He has us excited!

                                         TF Back to the Future
                                             O’s Gold x Tsunami
                                           2005 Fall Classic Sleeper

                         CHECK    OUT   BREEDERS CHOICE     OR WWW.SHOWPIG.COM

PAGE 14                                                                      BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                        2006                                      Your Best Bet For
                 Illinois State Fair
                   Spotted Show                                   Superior Spots is in
               Wednesday, August 16
                                                                   Illinois for 2006
                   Show: 8:00 AM
                 Sale: Approximately                     We welcome you to the State Fair
                       2:00 PM                               Spotted Show and Sale
                      Judge: Ron Pierce
                                                                 FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT:
                     Selling 20 Boars                                   President: George Bruns
                       and 30 Gilts                                 Secretary/Treasurer: Tona Smith
                        Sale Phone #s
                    217-525-9910 Ext. 361
                         or Jack Wall
                            cell phone
                                                            See the best Spots available in
                          309-945-3312                      2006 at the Spotted Show at
                                                             Illinois. Out of state breeders
                                                                       always welcome!

                               Fire Power In 2006

                   Commander in Chief                                              Back To The Future
 Perhaps the heaviest skeletoned, most complete and bal-         Bringing back the good old days will be made possible
 anced boar shown in 2005, this Iowa State Fair Champion         with Back To The Future. Sired by the past National
 is a consistent sire of these traits. A true breeding boar      Champion, O’s Gold, this Trowbridge 2005 Fall Classic
 with properly distributed muscle, he’ll be the sire of a high   popular boar has unbelievable muscle, width, soundness
 percentage of our fall litters. His early spring litters look   and flexibility. We’ll have six fall litters by him. We’re
 extremely good.                                                 excited with his promise.

                          OS                 OLSON SPOT • FARM                           OS
                                            7218 27th Ave. • Newhall, Iowa 52315
                                  F     Craig - (319) 223-5329 • Mark - (319) 446-7146
                                                     Tom - (319) 664-3956                      F
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                 PAGE 15
This is a newly compiled list of all active senior members who have paid their 2005-2006 yearly recording fee as of May 19, 2006. If there
are incorrect addresses, phone numbers, or you think that you have been incorrectly left out of this Breeders’ Directory — please contact
Jack Wall at the Spotted office at 309/693-1804.

CALIFORNIA                                                            Brian & Collin Barnett, Kirklin, IN 46050, 765/279-8157
                                                                      Marty Beard & Family, Frankfort, IN 46041, 765/258-3027
CSU Fresno Swine Unit, c/o Dr. Scott Williamson,                      Gary Boggs, Columbia City, IN 46725, 260/244-7606 (day),
Fresno, CA 93740, 559/278-5398 (day), 559/906-7761                    260/691-3402 (night)
(night)                                                               Brad Bradshaw & Family, New Carlisle, IN 46552,
Alison Fetherolf, Cotati, CA 94931, 707/521-2500 (day),               574/233-3745
707/792-0220 (night)                                                  Kent Brattain & Family, Greencastle, IN 46135,
Rick, Megan & Lacy Shepherd, Montague, CA 96064,                      765/653-1254
530/842-4914                                                          Marshall & Shirley Brattain, Greencastle, IN 46135,
COLORADO                                                              Brazel Show Stock, Albion, IN 46701,
Baby Blue Show Pigs (Robin, Kara & Wyatt Halley),                     260/760-3054 (cell)
Mosca, CO 81146, 719/588-9604 (day), 719/588-9984                     C & M Spot Farm, Richard Oakley & Cyndy Keeling,
(night)                                                               Bremen, IN 46506, 574/633-0629 (Cyndy), 574/784-8887
FLORIDA                                                               Chenoweth Family Spots, Portland, IN 47371,
                                                                      260/703-2722 (day), 260/726-9120 (night)
Ken C. Clyatt, Lake Butler, FL 32054, 386/752-8214                    Charles & Judy Chernowsky Family, Wolcott, IN 47995,
ILLINOIS                                                              Kevin & Lynn Conwell & Family, Selma, IN 47383,
Robert & Rhonda Armstrong, Huntsville, IL 62344,                      Steve Crosby & Raymond & Kyle, Roachdale, IN 46172,
217/667-2762                                                          765/522-1466
Tyler Behrmann, Albers, IL 62215, 618/248-5151 (day),                 Glenn & John Crum, Frankfort, IN 46041, 765/258-3249
618/228-7073 (night)                                                  Wendell & Dale Crumbacher, New Harmony, IN 47631,
Robin & Tammy Berry & Family, Bluffs, IL 62621,                       812/499-7672, 812/568-1920
217/754-3508                                                          John Culver & Family, Chalmers, IN 47929, 219/984-6833
Mike & Ron Brown, Kent, IL 61044, 815/443-2459                        Cutting Edge Show Pigs, c/o Caton Howard, Urbana, IN
Sharon Charlesworth, Garden Prairie, IL 61038,                        46990, 260/774-9330
815/547-9691                                                          Bob Day-Neil Planalp Families, Tipton, IN 46072,
Entwistle Spots, c/o Jerry Entwistle, New Holland, IL                 765/860-3695 (day), 765/675-8962 (night)
62671, 217/445-2075                                                   William E. & Michael G. Decker, Terre Haute, IN 47802,
Flach Farms, c/o Roger & Roy Flach, Oakley, IL 62501,                 812/299-1045
217/763-6017                                                          D.L. Detwiler Family, Bristol, IN 46057, 574/848-4780
Flynn Spot Farm, Jacksonville, IL 62650, 217/243-4970                 Charles Dill & Family, New Richmond, IN 47967,
Goodson Family Spots (Mark & Barb), Greenville, IL                    765/275-2682
62246, 618/664-0424 (day), 618/664-9485 (night)                       Earl Dobson & Family, Rensselaer, IN 47978, 219/866-7480
Iberg Livestock, Highland, IL 62249, 618/201-2745                     Bruce A. Ebbert & Family, Knightstown, IN 46148,
Dennis Jeffers, Poplar Grove, IL 61065, 815/292-3336                  765/345-5545
(day), 815/292-3332 (night)                                           Leon Ebert & Family, Frankton, IN 46044, 765/623-4201
Knisley Spots, Sheldon, IL 60966, 815/486-7325 (day),                 (day), 765/552-9795 (night)
815/429-3880 (night)                                                  Dale Egolf & Family, Columbia City, IN 46725,
Lovgren Spots, c/o Doug Lovgren, Lamoille, IL 61330,                  260/244-3527
815/830-0288 (cell), 815/638-2785                                     Farrer Stock Farm, Royal Center, IN 46978, 574/643-6095
Lynn Spot Farm, Bill & Ann, Virginia, IL 62691,                       (Betty); 574/643-9965 (Tom)
217/473-6732                                                          Douglas C. Ferrell & Family, Columbia City, IN 46725,
Eric Meyer, Greenfield, IL 62044, 217/436-2698                        260/691-2778
Matt & Tammy Miller, Cabery, IL 60919,                                Flint Creek Spots, c/o Jeff Oliver, Westpoint, IN 47992,
815/674-3267 (day), 815/567-3327 (night)                              765/572-2335, 765/426-8977 (cell)
Miller Farms (Robert & Kirk Miller), Melvin, IL 60952,                Shane Frey & Family Spot Farm, Walton, IN 46994,
217/388-2419                                                          574/721-6224 (day), 574/626-0442 (night)
Norman Bros. & Sons, Sidell, IL 61876, 217/887-2703                   Karl Friddle, Carthage, IN 46115, 765/565-6770
(Bill); 217/887-9049 (Bob); 217/887-2506 (Greg)                       Steven Gaines & Family, Rensselaer, IN 47978,
Ranson Family Farms, Kilbourne, IL 62655, 309/538-4468                219/866-5026
Troy Robb, McLean, IL 61754, 309/874-3238 (Troy),                     Phil Genth, Columbia City, IN 46725, 260/396-2351,
309/379-7591 (farm), 309/261-0084 (cell),                             260/438-5780 (cell)
Stanley Shaffner, West Union, IL 62477, 217/279-3559                  Rudy Glingle, Nappanee, IN 46550, 574/773-5960,
Randy & Tona Smith, Alexander, IL 62601, 217/478-2081,                574/535-3621 (cell)
217/473-7234 (Tona cell), 217/473-4875 (Randy cell)                   Grimm Family Farm, Kerry Grimm, Wawaka, IN 46794,
Gene Weber, Chatsworth, IL 60921, 815/635-3334,                       260/761-2503
815/674-0334 (cell)                                                   Keith Grimm & Family, Albion, IN 46701, 260/636-1062
                                                                      Hazelett & Milner Spots, Frankfort, IN 46041,
INDIANA                                                               765/258-3585
Robert Anderson & Family, Remington, IN 47977,                        Hendrickson Farm, c/o Ted Hendrickson, Farmland, IN
219/261-3918, 219/863-5525 (cell)                                     47340, 765/468-7773
PAGE 16                                                                                       BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
Andy Howe & Family, Star City, IN 46985, 574/278-7146     Leon Glew, Manchester, IA 52057, 563/927-4950
Hunt Family Farms, c/o Ron & Scott Hunt, North            Glen Goettsch, Davenport, IA 52806, 563/391-5405
Manchester, IN 46962, 260/982-7921                        Mark W. Hurd, Cleghorn, IA 51014, 712/436-2696
Irwin Spot Farm, Gaston, IN 47342, 765/358-3832           Listers Spot Farms, Terry, Clint & Clay, Bloomfield, IA
Koch Brothers (James & Joe), Rosedale, IN 47874,          52537, 641/675-3472, lsf@netins.net
812/208-6897 (day), 812/877-3185                          Niehaus & Feldman Spot Farm, Greene, IA 50636,
Shanna Krull, Milford, IN 46542, 574-658-4890             319/404-0446 (day), 319/267-2809 (night)
William Linback & Family, Remington, IN 47977,            Olson Spot Farm, Newhall, IA 52315, 319/223-5329
219/986-0050 (day), 219/986-0153 (night)                  (Craig); 319/446-7146 (Mark); 319/664-3956 (Tom)
Doug Linville & Family, Greenfield, IN 46140,             Olson & Goehrig, South English, IA 52335, 319/664-3956,
317/498-7744 (day), 317/326-3075 (night)                  319/461-4485
Loy Stock Farm, Portland, IN 47371, 765/857-1717,         Ritterside Farm, Norman & Steven Wolf, Sheldon, IA
260/729-2111 (cell)                                       51201, 712/324-9820 (Norm), 712/324-8970 (Steven)
Lukens’ Farms, Rochester, IN 46975, 574/353-7265
Mark Marsh & Family, Bremen, IN 46506, 574/784-2214,      KANSAS
574/780-4214 (cell)
Jeff McClaskey & Family, Crawfordsville, IN 47933,        Connie Gross, Holcomb, KS 67851, 620/277-2440
765/359-0604                                              Gary Hellebust, Olsburg, KS 66520, 785/532-7505
Robert & Bridget McClatchey, Morocco, IN 47963,           Messner Farms, Caney, KS 67333, 620/879-5229
219/863-4098, 219/285-2958                                Shipley Spots, Marvin & Matt Shipley, Lebanon, KS
Merley Farms, c/o Bill Merley, Akron, IN 46910,           66952, 785/389-8001
574/893-7022 (day), 574/893-7293 (night)                  Wehner Farms, Larry D. Wehner, Rossville, KS 66533,
Mohr-Shannon Farms, Greenfield, IN 46140,                 785/379-4392 (day), 785/771-2579 (night)
317/326-7563 (day), 317/753-1385 (night)
Moore Family Farm, Albion, IN 46701, 260/636-7375,
260/349-7771 (cell)                                       KENTUCKY
Matthew & Scott Morehouse, New Paris IN 46553,            Jamie Butler, Taylorsville, KY 40071, 502/797-1745 (day),
574/202-3280 (day), 574/831-2677 (night)                  502/538-9842 (night)
Randy Newcom & Family, 2835 S. 1100 W., Kempton, IN       Twin Plum Farm, Dwayne Montgomery, Taylorsville, KY
46049, 765/947-5144                                       40071, 502/477-8734
Steve Nichols & Family, Delphi, IN 46923, 765/564-9607
(day), 765/564-2375 (night)
Michael E. Pluimer & Family, Middlebury, IN 46540,        LOUISIANA
Phillip Rains & Family, Lucerne, IN 46950, 260/438-0306   Harvey Patton, Epps, LA 71237, 318/926-5543, 318/428-
(day), 574/889-4242 (night)                               5373 (cell)
Randy Reed & Family, Bremen, IN 46506, 574/633-4380
Stan Rush Family & George Bailey, Greentown, IN 46936,
765/628-3470                                              Jamie & Jane Lamb, Windham, ME 04062, 207/892-4708
Brad & Carrie Russell, Pekin, IN 47165, 812/786-0605
(day), 812/967-4375 (night)                               MASSACHUSETTS
Brian Shaw & Family, Greenfield, IN 46140, 317/538-7836
Jeff Shoup, South Bend, IN 46615, 574/631-5551 (day),     Leroy Clark, Rutland, MA 01543, 508/886-2952
574/287-9404 (night)
Ned J. Smith & Family, Michigantown, IN 46057,            MINNESOTA
Randy & April Stearns, Wolcott, IN 47995, 219/279-2210    Belgard Spots, Garden City, MN 56034, 507/546-3162
(day), 219/279-3151 (night)                               Carlson Bros., Welch, MN 55089, 651/258-4401 (day),
Fred & Ed Stuckwisch, Brownstown, IN 47220,               651/258-4645 (night)
812/358-3811                                              Ellingsberg’s Spots, Mark, John & Adam Ellingsberg,
Brian Taulman, Remington, IN 47977, 219/261-2317          Kenyon, MN 55946, 507/789-5385
Trim Line Farm, c/o Steve Edwards & Family, Sheridan,     Dave Peckat & Family, Park Rapids, MN 56470,
IN 46069, 317/758-5084                                    218/732-3887
Twin Cedars Farms, Clayton, IN 46118, 317/539-2204        Steven Resler, Owatonna, MN 55060, 507/455-2385,
WWK Farms, c/o William Kessinger & Family, Elwood,        507/456-7746 (cell)
IN 46036, 765/552-6929 or 765/552-0267
Chris Wenning, Depauw, IN 47115, 812/347-2095             MISSISSIPPI
Andy Wise & Rob Mason, Romney, IN 47981,
                                                          Walter Hogue, Benton, MS 39039, 662/673-9912
                                                          Wayne Shaw, Lamar, MS 38642, 662/252-1186
Zell Spot Farm, Winchester, IN 47394, 765/744-7840
(cell), 765/584-5650
IOWA                                                      John Behr, Bolivar, MO 65613, 417/326-8407
                                                          Davis Livestock, William W. & Susan A. Davis, Chillicothe,
Behnkendorf Bros., Algona, IA 50511, 515/295-2469         MO 64601, 660/646-6010 (day), 660/646-2210 (night)
(day), 515/295-5901                                       Randy Derr, Mound City, MO 64470, 660/442-3474 (day),
Davis Spot Farm, Mediapolis, IA 52637,                    660/935-2531 (night)
319/394-9322 (Brad); 319/394-3290 (Ken)                   Diamond J Livestock, Chillcothe, MO 64601, 660/247-
Fee Farms, Rodney Fee, Ackworth, IA 50001, 515/848-3406   1647 (day), 660/646-5196 (night)
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                         PAGE 17
Wes & Emily Gay & Family, Gallatin, MO 64640,              Yates Hog Farm, c/o Daniel Yates, Andover, OH 44003,
660/334-0592 (day), 660/663-3047 (night)                   440/577-9775
Eugene Hinnah Family Spots, Gilliam, MO 65330,
660/631-5454 (day), 660/784-2454 (night)                   OKLAHOMA
Drew Jett, Ash Grove, MO 65604, 417/751-3327
Little Man Farms, c/o John E. Littlefield, Diamond, MO     Beavers’ Show Pigs (Mitchell & Nichole), Apache, OK
64840, 417/325-4274                                        73006, 580/512-3530 (cell), 580/588-2904
Leo Miller, Centerview, MO 64019, 660/864-7607             Bellettini Spots, B.J & Johnnie, Coalgate, OK 74538,
Nobles Family Spots, George, Angie, Wesley, Dustin,        580/927-2170, 580/310-4872 (cell)
Cowgill, MO 64637, 660/255-4576                            Mitchell Bouziden, Waynoka, OK 73860, 580/824-0701
Oaks Livestock Enterprises, Justin & Kabel Oaks, Harris,   Regina Campbell-Crotty, Stillwater, OK 74074,
MO 64645, 660/359-7973 (day), 660/794-6187 (night)         405/743-4306
Oram Family Spots, Gilman City, MO 64642,                  Dandy Farms, Hooker, OK 73945, 580/652-2256
660/425-0784 (day), 660/876-5302 (night)                   Bobby L. Dean, Okemah, OK 74859, 918/623-1602
Porter Hog Farm, California, MO 65018, 660/489-2353        DeWitt Show Pigs, Velma, OK 73491, 580/444-2290
Garett & Amanda Reid, Concordia, MO 64020,                 Dustin Frazee, Pauls Valley, OK 73075, 405/238-4297
660/463-0303                                               H&P Show Pigs (Vernon Hawthorne/Jeff Pruitt),
Triple A Swine (Aaron, Abby, Andie) Maysville, MO          Shawnee, OK 74804, 405/964-3153
64469, 816/449-2510                                        Greg & Joni Hartman, Sayre, OK 73662, 580/774-9796,
Whitehead Spots, Ash Grove, MO 65604, 417/491-4364         580/928-3449
                                                           Harold Hays Family, Wynnewood, OK 73098,
NEBRASKA                                                   405/665-4875
                                                           Dale Heard, Paden, OK 74860, 405/523-1833 (day),
Anderson Farms, c/o Brian Anderson, Hoskins, NE            405/932-5593 (night)
68740, 402/565-4209                                        Jarboe Show Pigs, Rush Springs, OK 73082,
Hirschfeld Livestock, c/o Ross Hirschfeld, Benedict, NE    580/476-2138 (day), 580/342-6582 (night)
68316, 402/732-6751                                        Alan Jennings, Stillwater, OK 74074, 405/377-8498
Johnson Spot Farm, c/o Tom Johnson, Scribner, NE           Bill Jester, Yale, OK 74085, 918/387-2996
68057, 402/664-3207                                        Charles Killian, Mountain Park, OK 73559, 580/569-4194
Sarah & Laura Joy, Joy Genetics, Dunbar, NE 68346,         Kirkpatrick Farms, Fox, OK 73435, 580/656-1323 (day),
402/873-6648 (day), 402/873-4406 (night)                   580/856-3036 (night)
Wetovick Spots, Fullerton, NE 68638, 308/536-2731          Melvin Kysela, Oklahoma City, OK 73170, 405/613-8181
                                                           (day), 405/691-2031(night)
NEW YORK                                                   Lanier’s Show Pigs, Michael Lanier, Indiahoma, OK
                                                           73552, 580/512-0658 (day), 580/246-3667 (night)
James M. Luckman, Gasport, NY 14067, 716/772-5665          Barton Leiphardt, Mountain View, OK 73062,
Mormon Hollow Farm, Lynn or Jeri Brayman, Sidney           580/347-2114
Center, NY 13839, 607/265-3769                             Listen & Spears, El Reno, OK 73036, 405/262-3230 (day),
Timothy Posecznick, Skaneateles, NY 13152, 315/673-4589    405/519-5209 (night)
                                                           Brian Lockler, El Reno, OK 73036, 405/831-3603 (day),
OHIO                                                       405/262-1106 (night)
                                                           Derrick Markes, Beggs, OK 74421, 918/267-3625 (day),
Adrian Brown & Family, Botkins, OH 45306,                  918/267-3135 (night)
937/846-1526 (day), 937/693-2391 (night)                   DeWayne Mayberry, Rush Springs, OK 73082-1126,
Da Ja View Farm, Dave Runyan, Urbana, OH 43078,            580/476-3979
937/599-6149, 937/539-0890 (cell)                          Mike & Dusty McAlexander, Willow, OK 73673,
Elm Row Farm, Ottawa, OH 45875, 419/384-3885               580/450-4987 (day), 580/683-4262 (night)
Tim Finney Family, Spring Valley Farm, Rayland, OH         McCage Farms, Thackerville, OK 73459, 580/276-2918
43943, 740/769-2575                                        McDougal Show Pigs, c/o James McDougal, Comanche,
Norman Hager & Sons, Wapakoneta, OH 45895,                 OK 76442, 325/356-3687
419/738-8000                                               Pecos McNiel, Bristow, OK 74010, 918/367-5271
Howell Stock Farm, Sidney, OH 45365, 937/498-9460          Mitchell Spots, c/o Jeff Mitchell, Fairmount, OK 73736,
Norman Howell & Family, St. Marys, OH 45885,               580/484-0408
419/394-4059                                               Larry Moore, Taloga, OK 73667, 580/328-5341
Jim McCoy & Family, Bloomingburg, OH 43106,                Moss Spots, Buddy Moss, Elmore City, OK 73035,
740/572-0271                                               580/788-2322
Brad Morehouse, Perrysville, OH 44864, 419/994-4810        Rick Ott, Claremore, OK 74017, 918/342-4077
L. Tony Nye, Washington Court House, OH 43160,             Randy L. Pullan, Aline, OK 73716, 580/463-2201 (day),
740/636-8465                                               580/463-2323 (night)
Pierce Spot Farm, Ron Pierce, Laura, OH 45337,             Searles Station (Larry, Brenda, Lakin, Lexie, Brody),
937/546-5364 (day), 937/548-7909 (night)                   Chouteau, OK 74337, 918/476-6718
Smith-Tudor Club Pigs, Centerburg, OH 43011,               Stilwell Spots (Michelle & Jonathan), Tuttle, OK 73089,
740/625-6303                                               405/210-1134
Joyce Taber, Harrod, OH 45850, 419/649-6465                Jay Stinnett, Hulbert, OK 74441, 918/458-4179 (day),
Trowbridge Farm, Jim Trowbridge, Archbold, OH 43502,       918/772-2318 (night),
419/445-0318                                               Triple B Hog Farm, Eufaula, OK 74432,
Jeff & Josh Wilt, Washington Court House, OH 43160,        918/689-3290 (day), 918/689-7111 (night)
740/335-8675, or 740/572-0202                              Whisenhunt Swine Farm, c/o Darwin Whisenhunt,
Wrasman Spots, c/o Alan J. Wrasman, Ft. Jennings, OH       Checotah, OK 74426, 918/689-2981
45844, 419/286-2959
PAGE 18                                                                       BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
Brent Whitaker, Durant, OK 74701, 580/920-2438 (day),      L&J Stock Farms, Comfort, TX 78013, 830/995-4312
580/513-8264 (night)                                       (office), 830/739-5631 (cell)
Gary Wolf, Salina, OK 74365, 918/434-5207                  Charles Luedtke, Bluffdale, TX 76433, 254/728-3365
                                                           McCoy Hog Farm, Lubbock, TX 79407, 806/234-2653
PENNSYLVANIA                                               Mike McQuagge, Hawley, TX 79525, 325/537-2832
                                                           Dennis Melcher, Pork Chop Ranch, Meadow, TX 79345,
Leon S. Blose, Sykesville, PA 15865, 814/894-2252 (day),   806/392-0095 (day), 806/585-6575 (night)
814/583-7549 (night)                                       Mike Mikeska, Rogers, TX 76569, 254/778-0131, ext. 378
Chambers Family Farm, Punxsutawney, PA 15767,              (day), 254/985-2602 (night)
724/286-1223                                               Michael Probst, Brady, TX 76825, 915/597-1778
Lazarus Bros., Germansville, PA 18053, 610/799-5593        Jana G. Robrecht, Livingston, TX 77351, 936/685-4997,
(day), 610/767-3595 (night)                                936/329-2730 (cell)
William A. Mowry, Bedford, PA 15522, 814/623-9538          Samm’s Hog Farm, c/o Stan & Mary McMullen, Loraine,
Larry Robinson, White Oak Lane Farm, Delta, PA 17314,      TX 79537, 325/728-3111 or 888/720-2980
717/456-5445                                               Schwartz Livestock, San Angelo, TX 76904,
Rusty Acres, Russell & Ginger Kegg, Bedford, PA 15522,     325/651-5206 (day), 325/651-9400 (night)
814/623-8981                                               James Spivey, Breckenridge, TX 76424, 254/559-3939
Swamp Grass Acres, (Dennis, Janet, Meghan & Alex           Amy Leigh Gass-Stehling, Comfort, TX 78013,
Farmery), Rossiter, PA 15772, 814/427-2688                 830/459-8905
Patrick Yohe, Monongahela, PA 15063, 724/613-6365          Stephens Farms (Kyle), Amarillo, TX 79108,
(day), 724/258-8475 (night)                                806/654-5667 (cell), 806/381-4582
                                                           Scott Sullivan, Robstown, TX 78380, 361/960-6725 (day),
SOUTH CAROLINA                                             361/387-9686 (night)
Sam Wessington, Jr., Lexington, S.C. 29072, 803/359-7730   T’s Top Spots (Eric Ingram), Comfort, TX 78013,
                                                           830/377-0038 (day), 830/995-3837 (night)
SOUTH DAKOTA                                               Tony Thomas, Ransom Canyon, TX 79366, 806/829-2552
                                                           Michael Tondre, LaCoste, TX 78039, 210/844-7308 (day),
Rasmussen Swine Farms, Hurley, SD 57036, 605/326-5373      830/985-3517 (night)
                                                           Sandra Tondre, LaCoste, TX 78039, 210/844-7309 (day),
TEXAS                                                      830/985-3517
                                                           Joe Womack, Floydada, TX 79235, 806/983-3049
Armendariz Geneticts, c/o Peter R. Armendariz, Rowena,
TX 76875, 325/895-0807, 325/442-3040
John Benefield, Weatherford, TX 76088, 940/682-4830        WISCONSIN
Bert Byrd & Family, Hart, TX 79043, 806/647-7488 (day),
806/938-2380 (night)                                       Eric Benhart, Lake Geneva, WI 53147, 262/903-6202
Quincy L. Byrd, Jr., Georgetown, TX 78628, 512/930-5850    John Dahl, Union Grove, WI 53182, 262/492-5211 (day),
(day), 512/930-5502                                        262/534-5958 (night)
Camp Creek Hog Farm, Calvert, TX 77837, 979/828-4554       Wayne Fowler Spots, John, Victoria & Rebecca, Cuba City,
Bo Caraway, Eastland, TX 76448, 254/639-2545               WI 53807, 608/744-2439
Morgan Cox, Tarzan, TX 79783, 432/213-1235 (day),          Holst Bros., Trevor, WI 53179, 262/862-2746
432/458-3350 (night)                                       K&L Livestock, Scott & Karlene Kruger, Eden, WI 53019,
Robert & Sherry Early, Pleasant Hill Hog Farm, Snyder,     920/948-2757
TX 79549, 325/573-0029                                     Nagel Spot Farm (Jonathan, Becky, Justin, Tyler,
Norman Floyd, Deleon, TX 76444, 254/893-5822               Brooklyn), Eastman, WI 54626, 608/874-4080
Marcus Gerngross, San Angelo, TX 76904, 325/651-9726       Steve & Al Ries, Lomira, WI 53048, 920/269-4416 or
Gerth Hog Farm, Seguin, TX 78155, 830/914-4020             800/589-5123
Denny Heathcott, Winters, TX 79567, 915/754-5610           Rolling Knoll Farm, Milton, WI 53563, 608/868-3790
Randy & Scott Huseman, Nazareth, TX 79063,                 Greg & Brenda Sawtelle, Delavan, WI 53115,
806/364-0530 (day), 806/346-4852 (night)                   262/728-8317
Klein Spots, Barret & Claire Klein, Vernon, TX 76384,      Triple L Show Pigs, (Darren-Laura-Austin-Natalee Lynd),
940/838-8300 (day), 940/553-1174 (night)                   Janesville, WI 53546, 608/676-5816
Allan & Ryan Koltermann, LaVernia, TX 78121,

    Spot Breeders Named For Hog College Selection Process
   Pursuant to the National Spotted Swine Board of Directors decision, a committee of Mike Irwin -
   Chairman, Greg Norman, Ron Pierce, Troy Robb and Karl Friddle will view tapes and select the Spotted
   representatives on Hog College row at Austin, Minnesota.

                        All video tapes are due at NSSR by August 1, 2006

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                        PAGE 19
          Missouri Spot Breeders Association
                         President: Ron Crider • Vice-President: Rick Whitehead
                    Sec/Treas. - Dixie Crider • Seedstock Representative - Dixie Crider

                                                                    The Missouri Spot Breeders Association
                                                                   will offer $100 to the Spot Barrow in Best

          Missouri State Fair                                      of Breeds Junior Champion Barrow Sale.
                                                                        Awards will be given to the 4-H and
                                                                       FFA champion boar and gilt, also the
             Spot Breed                                                 reserve champion 4-H and FFA boar
                                                                              and gilt. To be eligible for these
                                                                              awards the exhibitor must be a
                                                                                member of the Missouri Spot
                                   SHOW                                       Breeder Association by July 30,
                                                                                 2006. Dues are $5 for Junior
                              August 15, 2006                                                         members.
                                 8:00 a.m.
                              August 15, 2006
                                 6:00 p.m.
                                 Judge: Lee Denzer
                              For further information contact:
                             Will Davis (Sale committee chairman)
                            Dixie Crider (Sale committee secretary)

                                   SALE GUIDELINES
1. Sale is sponsored by the Missouri Spot                 full purchase price will be required on every
   Breeders Association.                                  animal at the conclusion of the sale.
2. Other breeds are welcome to sell -- If show-       All Spot hogs will be scanned and classified on
   ing the second day can sell with waiver that       breed characteristics and underline.
   the breeder can show the animal before it is
                                                      Boar stress status needs to be known. If not
                                                      done, boar will be sold as negative. If buyer
3. Judge, Sale Chairman and Classifier will be        tests and if positive or carrier, it is seller’s
   responsible for selecting the hogs for the sale    responsibility. Boars which are positive or carri-
   and determining the sale order.                    ers will be allowed to sell in the State Fair sale.
4. 35% of the animals will sell; twice as many
                                                      Spot Breeders Picnic and Meeting —Monday,
   gilts will sell as boars.
                                                      August 14 following the Showmanship contest.
5. Sale commission will be 12%. Settlement for
PAGE 20                                                                  BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
              Spotted                                        Your Choice of DNA Stress
          Recording Leaders                                     Test Labs Include:
    — May 1, 2005 to April 30, 2006 —
                                                                   GenAlysis Laboratory Inc.
 Rank    Name/State                 Litters Ind. Transfers
   1     Armstrong Genetics, IL      133 1210       170
                                                                         508 S. Englebeck Rd.
   2     Olson Spot Farm, IA          62    520     78                   Lakeside, Ohio 43440
   3     Mark Hurd & Family, IA       47    419      10            (419) 798-9999 • 1-888-300-4363
   3     Behnkendorf Bros., IA        47    410     30
   5     Rusty Acres, PA              38    293      54                     GeneSeek Inc.
   6     Noble’s Family Spots, MO     35    222       1                  4711 Innovations Drive
   7     L&J Stock Farms, TX          34    294      19                       Lincoln, NE
   7     Miller Farms, IL             34    261      63                     (402) 435-0665
   7     Day & Planalp Families, IN   34    240      74
  10     B.J. Bellettini, OK          33    249      66                   GeneCheck, Inc.
  11     Farrer Stock Farms, IN       32    263     117
  12     Zell Spot Farm, IN           30    244      48
                                                                   1629 Blue Spruce Dr., Suite 100
  12     Dennis Jeffers, IL           30    242      84                   Fort Collins, CO
  14     Bo Caraway, TX               25    207     53                    (970) 472-9951
  14     Katelin Barker, IL           25    203      57
  14     Steven Resler, MN            25    175       8      Please note that as of this date, the listed labs are
  17     Randy & Tona Smith, IL       24    221      59         the only ones currently in operation. Please
  17     Pierce Spot Farm, OH         24    170     39       contact the labs direct for procedures they use or
  19     Hager Spot Farm, OH          23    221      11         require. Please allow 10-20 days for results.
  20     McCoy Hog Farm, TX           22    233     36
  21     Wehner Farms, KS             20    185      24
  21     Jim Trowbridge, OH           20    183      53      BERKSHIRE BREEDERS:
  23     Lazarus Bros., PA            17    185     38       GeneSeek also does Napole testing. All testing at
  24     Matt & Tammy Miller, IL      16    182      10      GeneSeek must go through the ABA office.
  24     Tyler Behrmann, IL           16    157      16

     The Greatest Show On Earth
             2006 Indiana State Fair Spotted Show & Sale
                      Saturday, August 19, 2006
                           Indiana State Fairgrounds — Indianapolis
                 Show: 8:00 a.m. — Sale follows show conclusion — Two Hours
                         Sale Phone: 317-927-7515 (ask for swine barn)

        2005 Indiana State Fair Champion Boar                  2005 Indiana State Fair Champion Gilt
            For additional details, contact: Indiana Spotted President - Ned Smith at 765/249-2327 or
                              Secretary-Treasurer - Sandy Oakley at 574-784-8887
              Exhibitors Note: All Spot entries will be classified for Breed Character prior to show.
        Stress Status must be known — 2005 Sale Results: 20 Boars Ave. $2258 & 34 Gilts Ave. $779

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                         PAGE 21
   With Liberty and Fat Toes For All
                                                                                   Liberty’s first crop of pigs are
                                                                                definitely giving us the freedom to
                                                                                produce excellent Spots as pictured!

                                                                                     Champion Spot Female
           FAT TOES — Reserve Spot Male
                                                                             Thank you, Tyler Key, IL., for purchas-
  Thank you, Purple Power Boar Stud, for purchasing
                                                                             ing this outstanding Liberty daughter.
  one of Liberty’s first progeny. Look for great things here.

   Thank you to all of our spring pig buyers. We wish you the best of luck this summer.
                                Look for more pigs like these this summer.
                                R.T.S. Genetics                   c/o Randy - Tona - Cody Smith
                                    1746 County Hwy 123 • Alexander, Illinois • Phone: 217/478-2081
                         e-mail: rts75@dtnspeed.net • Cell Phones: Tona: 217/473-7234 • Randy: 217/473-4875

                  2006 NATIONAL SHOWS
             For Berkshire • Chester White • Poland China • Spotted
                       Contact the individual Breed Associations for complete rules.

           Summer Type                       Team Purebred Summer                          National Barrow Show
            Conference                          Type Conference                               September 11-13, 2006
       June 28-July 1, 2006                        June 28-July 1, 2006                                Austin, MN
              Springfield, IL                            Springfield, IL                              8 Breed Event
           4 Breed Conference                Barrows & Gilts farrowed Dec. 1 & after        Breeding Stock born Feb. 1 & after
    Breeding Stock born Dec. 1 & after           Entry Blank in April/May issue

  NBS Jr. Barrow Classic                           Team Purebred                              Team Purebred
     September 11-12, 2006                         Eastern National                        Southwestern Jr. Nat’l.
               Austin, MN                        September 15-17, 2006                           October 7-8, 2006
            8 Breed Barrow Show                        Timmonium, MD                                    Dallas, TX
          Born Feb. 1, 2006 & after                                                                 Purebred Gilt Show
            Weight 230 - 280 lbs.                      Barrow & Gilt Show

                                Fall Classic                          Team Purebred / PSSS
                          November 15-18, 2006                           Bred Gilt Sale
                                  Duncan, OK                                December 2, 2006
                         Chesters & Spots - Breeding stock                       Lafayette, IN
                                 March 15 & after
                            All Breeds Weanling Pigs

PAGE 22                                                                                    BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
 OLE3 Hill Wilbur 2-3 has been the foundation of our herd. He stood 2nd in class at the 2003 NBS and was
 Reserve Grand over all breeds at the North Central MO District Fair. Hill Wilbur and his offspring have been
 recognized as balanced, sound, and structurally correct while maintaining adequate muscle and fast
 growth. These hogs are an excellent outcross to add diversity in purebred herds or provide productive,
 easy keeping, fast growing pigs in a commercial operation. Our thanks to McCully Farms for their recent
 purchase of the Hill Wilbur son pictured here for use in their commercial operation.

 We also have January through April pigs sired by Hot Spot, a home-raised King Pin son, a Lister bred Hot
 Spot son, and we are excited about a Kahlua litter out of the Kysela NBS Reserve Gilt we purchased last fall.
 In addition, we have Chester White pigs sired by a Colossal son purchased from Randy and Becky Schmidt
 last winter. Give us a call for more info, and look for us at the MO State Fair, STC, and NBS this summer.

             Justin Oaks        OAKS LIVESTOCK ENTERPRISES                         Kabel Oaks
            17987 Ash Drive                  GOOD OLE HOGS                         535 NE Hwy J
           Harris, MO 64645                 BRED FOR BUSINESS                     Galt, MO 64641
            (660) 359-7973                    (660) 794-6187                      (660) 673-6515

     Check out these state fairs
     OHIO: August 3: Berkshires
           August 4: Polands, Chesters & Spots

      WISCONSIN: August 3: Chesters & Spots
                 August 4: Polands & Berkshires

         MISSOURI: August 15: Chesters, Spots & Polands
                   August 16: Berkshires

                INDIANA:             August 15: Polands & Berkshires
                                     August 18: Chesters
                                     August 19: Spots

                        ILLINOIS: August 16: Spots
                                  August 17: Chesters & Polands
                                  August 19: Berkshires

                                IOWA:         August 18: Chesters, Spots,
                                                          Polands & Berkshires

                                     NEBRASKA:            August 26: Chesters, Polands
                                                                       & Berkshires
                                                          August 27: Spots

                                                MINNESOTA: August 29: Chesters,
                                                               Spots & Berkshires
                                                           August 30: Polands All
                                                                     Breed Auction
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                     PAGE 23
              Illinois Berkshire Association
                                                        (WISCONSIN)     •6                  • 15
              ASSOCIATION                                                     • 26
                                                                                     24 •
                President:                                                           & 25
                   Shane Butcher
                  2655 N 1800 E.
               Blue Mound, IL 62513
                  (217) 676-4833

                 Vice President:
                                                                               • 11
                   Ryan Keyser                                                                • 29
                  RR 1, Box 308                                              • 19
                                                                                            • 17          • 23• 8
                  Geff, IL 62842
                                                              20   •                                       •7
                  (618) 897-2607
                                                                               • 27 & 28
                                                                                   •3       •4
             Secretary/Treasurer:                                      16 •• 10    • 5 • 22 • 18
                   Nancy Flach
             7861 Angle Crossing Rd.                                               •2 &
                Oakley, IL 62552                                                       • 12
                 (217) 763-6017
                State Directors:                                                      •1                      •9
                   George Miller                                                                   • 13
                  (217) 963-2460
                    LeRoy Rahn
                  (217) 832-7043
                    Travis Brink
                  (618) 594-4854
                    Randy Zorn
                  (309) 376-7003

   1. Travis, Emmalee & Caleb Brink     11. Tuthill Genetics (TUT)              20. Reid Fulkerson (John Torrance)
      (BSF)                                 Wyoming: 309-286-5039 (Randy)           (RFD)
      Highland: 618-594-4854            12. Chad & Matt Waterman (CDW)              Macomb: 309-456-3804
   2. Shane, Shelly & Brandon Butcher       Palmer: 217-526-3761                21. R&S Farm, Erik Smith & Jeffrey
      (BSG)                             13. Ryan Keyser (SRK)                       Reed (RSJC)
                                                                                    Blue Mound: 217-692-2858
      Blue Mound: 217-676-4833              Geff: 618-897-2085 (home)
                                                                                22. Flach Farms (RNR)
   3. Edwards Family Berks (EFB)                   618-838-9432 (cell)              Oakley: 217-763-6017
      Buffalo: 217-364-4522             14. Joe McKenna (JBM)                   23. Pilcher Farms (CMP)
   4. Huls Berks (KGF)                      Capron: 815-569-2584                    Paxton: 217-379-3473
      St. Joseph: 217-365-0426          15. Joey Clothier (JCB)                 24. Clayton Smith (CASB)
   5. George Miller & Family (MJR)          Clinton, WI: 608-676-4190               Poplar Grove: 815-765-2541
      Niantic: 217-963-2460             16. Stone Berks (SWS)                   25. Dale Rabe (DARB)
   6. Pork Chop Ridge (BPG)                 Chandlerville: 217-458-2864             Poplar Grove: 815-765-2879
      Gill Family                       17. M.R. Hogs (MRH)                     26. Kevin J. Hay (GKH)
      Platteville, WI: 608-348-5175         Marla Behrends & Randy Zorn             Warren: 815-745-3702
   7. Jess Rieches (JR)                     Carlock: 309-376-7003               27. Mark Anderson (EN)
      Onarga: 815-457-2517              18. Creek Side Swine Berkshires             Sherman: 217-652-1153
   8. Seyfert Bros. (SEYB)                  (LDRB)                              28. Fancy Creek Farm (EN)
      Milford: 815-889-4911                 LeRoy, Debbie & William Rahn            Fred Nessler
   9. Ken Shaffner & Family (KSF)           Camargo: 217-832-7043                   Sherman: 217-652-1153
                                        19. Smith Farms, Jeff Smith Family      29. Illinois State University (ISU)
      West Union: 217-279-3584
  10. Randy & Tona Smith (RTS)                                                      c/o Jeff Robb
                                            Princeville: 309-385-2553
      Alexander: 217-478-2081                                                       Lexington: 309-365-8235

PAGE 24                                                                          BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                      2006 BERKSHIRE HERDSIRE INDEX
              AJC4 Lucky 12-1

                                         2004 Iowa State Fair Class winner. The fastest gaining boar in 2004 at AJC with
                                         144/250, .60 BF, 6.97 LEA. Two littermate barrows were in the #2 pH truckload at
    Cottonwood Farm, Shady Brook Farm,   the 2004 NBS.
            and Casey Conover            Growth — Eye Appeal — & Meat Quality

         D&W4 Black Profile 12-2

                                         One of the top WDA boars at the 2005 WTC. At 325#, .89 BF and 7.80 LEA. He
    Cottonwood Farm, Shady Brook Farm,   has produced some of our highest weaning weights ever!
                                         Meat Quality plus Show Quality!
            and Casey Conover

             CCV5 Big Foot 5-1

                                         Our choice of all the 2005 NBS boar entries. He excels in foot size, loin eye (8.6
                                         @ 360#), levelness and thickness of rump. He was second class 5 at the NBS.
             James T. Parlett, Jr.

         JTP5 Jailhouse Rock 12-3

                                         Known as Hot Rod around here, this Jailhouse Rock son is extra long fronted,
                                         clean fronted, level, heavy boned and sound. He’ll be a great addition to our herd
                                         in 2006 and beyond.
             James T. Parlett, Jr.
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                  PAGE 25
 The request for Berkshire pork continues to grow and thus the demand for
 Berkshire breeding stock continues to grow as well. As one critically evalu-                                American
 ates the breed, we are most fortunate to be blessed with outstanding meat
 quality throughout the breed. While Berkshire sows are excellent mothers,
 it still behooves us to identify genetic lines that will produce more pigs per
 sow per year. As a result, at Phenotypic Acres we are placing a bit more
 emphasis on the retention of sows that are capable of producing more pigs.
 Genetically, incorporating this into a breeding program is a slow process.
 However, we are certain that this trait will continue to grow in importance in                         Annual Meeting
 the future. Pictured is a boar that we believe has the bred in genetics and
 structure to produce females capable of meeting this challenge.
                                                                                            The American Berkshire Association
    The                                                               To                    will be holding their annual meeting
    Kind                                                           Produce                  on Thursday, June 29, 2006, at 7:00
                                                                                            p.m. at the Northfield Inn & Suites in
    We                                                               And
                                                                                            Springfield, Illinois. This meeting is
    Use                                                              Sell
                                                                                            being held in conjunction with the
                      AJC5 Power Line 51 1-1                                                Summer Type Conference.
                    Trait         EPD         Index        EPD
                    NBA           0.09         SPI        102.1
                  21 day wt.      0.45         MLI        106.0                             Please be sure to attend this impor-
                    Days         -1.46         TSI        109.7
                   Backfat       -0.02                                                      tant meeting as we will be discussing
                  Lb. Lean        0.42
                                                                                            end-of-year financial reports, by-law
                     No order too large or too small.
Let our experience & our Berkshires help you develop your Berkshire herd & program.
                                                                                            changes, Board of Director elections,
            GENETIC CONSULTATION                                                            and awards.
          Drs. M.P. and L.J. Hoffman & Family
                   Ames, Iowa • 515-233-3596

  — The Best Is Yet To Come —

                                  Big Foot                                                                        Hot Rod
 Study this picture of a truly big footed, muscular, sound struc-                     This young Jailhouse Rock x COR Rufus May farrowed boar
 tured, big ribbed, wide based hog that we purchased at the                           is getting a lot of use around here. This extra long bodied,
 2005 NBS. This Line 51 x AJC Stallion son has sired a great                          clean fronted, stout boned, sound footed guy will quickly
 set of pigs in his first pig crop. He is a true generating boar.                     make a positive contribution to the industry.

                                                       Thanks to these recent customers:
                 Paul & Susan Rork, PA - 1 bred gilt                                          Northern Lebanon FFA, PA - 1 bred gilt
                 John Ropp, PA - 2 bred gilts                                                 Richard Browser, PA - 1 boar
                 John Durr, NJ - 1 boar                                                       Green Meadows, MD - 1 bred gilt
                 Stone Barn Center, Craig Haney, NY - 6 bred gilts                            Bud Stohmer, MD - 1 open gilt

                                           JAMES & GUS PARLETT
                                                       88 Parlett Rd. • Airville, PA 17302
                                                   Jim: 717/862-3610 • Gus: 717/862-1191
PAGE 26                                                                                                     BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
              Diamond J Farms
                          show pigs
  Can’t afford $667.00 a dose for
  Stallion 16-4?…
  Our foundation sow is a granddaughter out of him
  and a daughter of Mr. Profile. She is being bred to
  a RTS0 Jailbreak 60-1 boar from McGee
  Berkshires. Her first litter had a good showing at
  shows, we kept a daughter and bred her to Dr.
  Hook. She has Stallion 16-4, Mr. Profile 8-6, and
  Jailhouse Rock 1-5 — all the great ones — in one

  We have a great selection of crossbred gilts. One
  will be bred to Jim Hopper’s Kahuna boar. A
  Duroc gilt, purchased from Ryan Rochell (Grand
  Champion 5 times, Res. Grand 1 out of 6 shows)        Look for us at shows & jackpots, we will also have a
  will be bred to have a great summer litter.           great set of pigs at the Fall Classic. Give us a call!
  As you can see, we feel we have what you are              GENE & JOE JONES
  looking for in a great show pig. Look us up on our            1620 N. 5th • Duncan, OK 73533
  website: www.diamondjshowpigs.com.                                        580-656-5104

                 Oooh The Possibilities
                                        We had a great set of pigs at the
                                        CPS Extravaganza. Their litter-
                                        mates will be at the STC in
                                        Springfield, the Iowa State Fair,
                                        and the NBS in Austin,

                                        Thank you, John McGee III, DE.
                                        & James Ureche, MI., for your
                                        Extravaganza purchases.

                                        Thank you to our spring pig buy-
                                        ers for making this a good
                                        spring. We wish you the best of
                                        luck. Thanks to our buyers from
                                        the All American Pig Sale in

                                           CC Berks
                                  Dustin & Wade Conover • 515-480-5889
                                      Gayle Conover • 641-363-4500
                                    2840 I Avenue • Adel, Iowa 50003

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                      PAGE 27
          ✦ ARIZONA ✦                          R&S Farms
                                               Jeffery Reed & Eric Smith
                                                                                      (RSJC)    Blindhorse Bottoms Farm
                                                                                                Ken Hunt

Trump, Erika                        (AZBK)     PO Box 291, Blue Mound, 62513                    10622 Felometer Rd., Lynnville, 47619
22332 W. Hilton Ave., Buckeye 85326            217/692-2733, 217/692-2858                       812/922-5498
623/386-2267                                   reedracing@hotmail.com                           Kblindhorse@aol.com
e-mail: arizonaberkshires@prodigy.net
                                               Rabe, Dale                             (DARB)    Brattain, Marshall & Shirley         (MSB)
      ✦ CALIFORNIA ✦                           15270 IL Rt. 76, Poplar Grove, 61065
                                                                                                621 N 850 W, Greencastle, 46135-7769
Worden’s Berkshires                   (RJW)    rasonpigs@aol.com                                brattainfarms@webtv.net
Ralph & Julie Worden
480 Horn Ave., Santa Rosa, 95407               Revolution Farms                        (REV)    Burch, Robert L.                         (RLB)
707/584-7806                                   Rich & Matt Ritter                               3966 S. 150 W., Wabash, 46992
                                               101 Ririe Place, Flanagan, 61740                 260/563-6763
          ✦ ILLINOIS ✦                         815/796-4518
                                               ritter@uiuc.edu                                  Culver, John & Family                    (JCF)
Butcher, Shane, Shelly & Brandon       (BSG)                                                    6236 S. 300 W., Chalmers, 47929
2655 N 1800 E, Blue Mound, 62513               Rieches, Jess                            (JR)    219/984-6833
217-676-4833                                   1042 N 1200 E Rd, Onarga, 60955
                                               815-457-2517                                     Genth, Phil & Family                    (GIOS)
Creek Side Swine Berkshires           (LDRB)                                                    10021 S. Meridian, Columbia City, 46725
Leroy, Debbie & William Rahn                   Seyfort Brothers                       (SEYB)    260/396-2351
734 N 725E, Camarge, 61919                     Rt 3, Box 2, Milford, 60953                      PKGENTH@netusal.net
217/832-7043                                   815/889-4911
                                               eatberk@yahoo.com                                Golden Dawn Farms                       (GDFB)
Edison, B&M & Family                                                                            Brent, Joann & Donald Stoten
2934 N 1800 Ave, Clayton, 62324                Shaffner, Ken & Family                 (KSF)     7398 N. 550 W., Carthage, 46115
217/894-6354                                   14481 East Angling Road, West Union, 62477       765/565-6312
bmedison@adams.net                             217/279-3584
                                                                                                Goodnight, Clay & Mark                (CLG)
Flach Farms                            (RNR)   Smith, Clayton                        (CASB)     5222 W. Co Rd 200 N, Frankfort, 46041
Roger & Roy Flach                              16681 Poplar Grove Rd., Poplar Grove, 61605      765/659-4999
7861 Angle Crossing Rd., Oakley, 62501-7105    815/742-9441                                     goodnight@geetel.net
217/763-6017                                   smij31@net.com
flach05@fbconnectu.net                                                                          Harlow, Rick & Richard                   (OCB)
                                               Smith Farms                              (SFP)   Owl Creek Farm
Harfst, Elizabeth                      (ERH)   Jeff & Karla Smith                               4503 E. 300 N., Lafayette, 47905
27475 E. 200 N. Rd, Saunemin, 61769            11602 W. Legion Hall, Princeville, 61559         765/589-3882 (Richard)
815/832-4023                                   309/385-2553                                     765/491-3371 (Rick)
                                               smittys@npoint.net                               rwharlow3@aol.com
Helgen, Dan
214 N 15rh Ave., Litchfield, 62056             Smith, Randy & Tona                     (RTS)    Harvey, Todd & Family                   (THFS)
217/324-6643                                   Rt. 1, Box 73, Alexander, 62601                  1215 Holiday Dr., P.O. Box 224
danjo85@wamusa.com                             217/478-2081                                     Greentown 46936
Huls Berkshires                        (KGF)   Stone, Schuyler                         (SWS)
Glen & Jodie Huls                              Rt. 1, Box 179, Chandlerville, 62627             Melton, Wayne                           (HWF)
2028 CR. 2400E, St. Joseph, 61873              217/458-2864                                     4228 E 100 South, Greenfield, 46140
217/365-0426                                                                                    317/462-7310
huls80@yahoo.com                               Tuthill Genetics                        (TUT)
                                               Ron and Randy                                    Myers, Mitchell                       (MMBG)
Kant, Walter & Josh         (CAAB & KANT)      Rt. 2, Box 175, Wyoming, 61491                   417 E. Washington St., Greencastle, 46135
1279 Riverview Rd, Amboy, 61310                309/286-7201 (Ron - farm)                        765/653-9596
815/857-2168                                   309/286-5039 (Randy)                             mm@berkshireswine.com
Keyser, Ryan                           (SRK)                                                    Scott, Michael & Gregory         (MJSB/GSB)
R.R. #1, Box 307B, Geff, 62842                                                                  325 S. Co. Rd. 800 E., Bowling Green, 47833
618/897-2085, 618/838-9432 (cell)                        ✦ INDIANA ✦                            812/986-2658
berks10@hotmail.com                                                                             tscott@ccrtc.com
                                               Arnholt & Smith Seedstock           (A&SS)
M.R. Hogs                              (MRH)   11678 E. St. Rd 46, Columbus, 47203              Smith, Merrill & Linda                   (MLS)
Marla Behrends & Randy Zorn                    812/579-6800                                     1927 S. Hwy 421, Greensburg, 47240
23202 N. 950 E. Road, Carlock, 61725-9746                                                       812/663-8789
309/376-7003                                   Barker, Dennis                         (DLNC)
                                               329 W 1200 S, Romney, 47981                      Stanley, Larry                           (LSF)
Miller, George & Family                (MJR)   765/538-2588                                     36 S Co. Rd 900 E, Coatesville, 46121
10385 Pit Rd, Niantic, 62551                   Barker33@aol.com                                 765/386-2336
217/963-2460                                                                                    ljs@ccrtc.com
                                               Bontrager Berkshires                    (BBS)
Pilcher Farms               (CMP, BEP, KMP)    Mark, Tammy, Kyle, Kaley                         Updike, Joel                             (JEU)
538 N 1300 East Rd., Paxton, 60957             23168 CR 56, Napanee, 46550                      5130 W 300 S, Huntington, 46750
217/379-3473, 217/377-3307 (Chad’s cell)       574/773-3041                                     260/519-2554
pilcher@uiuc.edu                               barney44@bnin.net

PAGE 28                                                                                         BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
Wabash Valley Berkshires
1552 S. 450 E., Avon, 46123
                                  (WVB)(KSWV)       Marland Farms
                                                    Doug Martin
                                                                                           (MFC)             ✦ MISSOURI ✦
317/745-7270                                        10236 K. Ave., Fayette, 52142                   Burns Farms                            (WKL)
                                                    563/637-2703                                    Clarke Burns
Wakeland, Gene & Family                     (WB)                                                    20546 Hwy M, Brookfield, 64628
20059 Old US 31 S., Argos, 46501                    Olson Berks                            (OPB)    660/258-7389
574/892-5681                                        c/o Craig Olson
                                                    7218 27th Avenue, Newhall, 52315                Cowsert, Ryan                           (RRC)
Yake, Wayne & Marilyn                               319/223-5329 (Craig)                            20887 Cowsert Dr., Braymer, 64624
4415 E Old 56, Salem, 47167                         319/664-3956 (Tom)                              660/484-3020
812/896-1418                                        OlsonSpotFarm@aol.com                           e-mail: cowsert@greenhills.net
              ✦ IOWA ✦                              Phenotypic Acres                         (PA)   Crider, Ron & Dixie                  (RDCB)
                                                    Drs. M. Peter & Lorraine J. Hoffman             11319 SW Patton Rd., Clarksdale, 64430
Biensen Breeding Stock                   (GKB)      55432 265th Street, Ames, 50010                 816/393-5481
Kelly & Nina Biensen                                515/233-3596
2454 Binford Ave., R.R. 2, State Center 50247       phoffman@iastate.edu                            Fitzwater Berkshires              (PLF, RFZ)
641/483-2292                                                                                        Phillip & Rodger Fitzwater
                                                    Shady Brook Farm                        (SBF)   49791 E. 136 St., Norborne, 64668
Biz E Acres Berkshires                      (BIZ)   Chris & Kelsey Conover                          660/484-3501
Elston J. Buls & Sons                               403 W 7th St., Logan 51546
1645 140th St., Waverly, 50677                      712/644-3665                                    Hindman Farm                            (DPH)
319/276-4753                                        cconover12@yahoo.com                            David & Polly Hindman
                                                                                                    2574 W. Hwy. 6, Maysville, 64469
Conover, Adam J.                           (AJC)    White Knight Farms                     (WKF)    816/449-5209
Box 9, Baxter, 50028                                Burdette & Alex Conover                         dphberks@ccp.com
641/227-3686                                        2059 Faith Ave., Holstein, 51025
conover@pcpartner.net                               712/368-4481                                    Killingsworth, Mike                  (KHD)
                                                                                                    31791 Catalina Road, Skidmore, 64487
Conover, Brice                             (BTC)                                                    660/928-3494
13604 County Line Rd., Carlisle, 50047                      ✦ KENTUCKY ✦                            mikek@nwmo.net
barney_1124@hotmail.com                             Florence Club Pigs                     (FCP)    Montgomery, Luke & Bill                  (LM)
                                                    Ray & Chris Florence                            10734 Hwy YY, Sumner, 64681
CC Berks                                    (CC)    103 Mocking Bird Lane, Flemingsburg, 41041      660/963-2456 - Luke
Gayle, Dustin & Wade Conover                        606/267-2651 (Ray)                              660/856-3618 - Bill
2840 I Ave., Adel, 50003                            606/845-0471 (Chris)                            montgomerylvstk@memsys.com
515/480-5889 (Dustin)
641/363-4500 (Gayle)
                                                           ✦ MINNESOTA ✦                                     ✦ MONTANA ✦
Cottonwood Farm                             (CW)
Clark & Jean Conover                                Dammann, Myron                         (TMF)    High on the Hog                        (HOH)
5361 190th St., Holstein, 51025                     Triple M Farm                                   Janell Henschel
712/368-2209                                        19517 670 Ave., Elkton, 55933                   HC 48 Box 1147, Roberts, 59070
                                                    507/584-6835                                    406/445-9848
Conover, Tom & Shirley                      (BA)    medtmf@frontiernet.net                          pigsfly2@inetmail.att.net
Bonnie Acres
5428 200 St., Holstein, 51025                       Johnson, Ron J.                          (BS)   J Bar Stenberg Ranch                    (JBAR)
712/368-2208                                        54689 430th St., Bingham Lake, 56118            Jerome, Joseph, Jarrod
                                                    507/831-1963                                    1450 Dublin Gulch Road, St. Ignatius, 598665
Davis, Brad & Ken                          (BDB)                                                    406/644-3636
23437 92nd Ave., Mediapolis, 52637                  K&H Berkshires                        (K&HB)    info@montanaranchhorse.com
319/394-9322                                        20018 Indian Lake Rd., Mankato, 56001
England’s Berkshires
Doug England
                                            (EB)    paulk&biggain.com                                      ✦ NEBRASKA ✦
1875 Yellowstone Ave., Clearfield, 50840            Rozeboom Farms                         (ROZ)    Cornhusker Genetics                    (CHG)
641/336-2925                                        7050 100th Ave. NE, Murdock, 56271              43656 Rd 760, Lexington, NE 68850
englberk@iowatelecom.net                            320/231-0083                                    308/324-4406 (Charles, Anita & Amy)
                                                    320/264-0820                                    515/298-0275 (Bryce & Valarie)
Goodwin Family Farms                       (GFF)                                                    bmartin@iastate.edu (Bryce)
4004 Phoenix St., Ames, 50014                       Six Point NUC                          (SPN)    clmdvm@hotmail.com (Charles)
515/292-6237                                        90 Railway Street, Cottonwood, 56229
goodwinrn@aol.com                                   507/423-6235                                    Heritage Hill Farms                    (HIRC)
                                                    sixpoint@mvtvwireless.com                       Lee Hircock
ISU Swine Teaching                         (IASU)                                                   412 Hake St., Ansley, NE 68814
Al Christian, Mgr.                                  Stassen, Steve                          (SFB)   308/935-1753
Dan Morrical, Prof. in Charge                       1105 140th Ave., S.E., Kerkhoven, 56252
337 Kildee Hall, Ames, 50011                        320/264-5932                                    Hodges, Dan & Michael               (OHF/MJH)
515/292-3117                                                                                        Oak Hill Farm
515/292-2257 (Al home)                              Wipplinger, Lyle & Darla               (WIPP)   6223 “S” Rd., Julian, 68378
                                                    4001 570th Ave., Kiester, 56051                 402/242-2251 (Dan)
Kehrli, Ken                                 (KK)    507/294-3842                                    402/242-2001 (Michael)
2721 Stewart Ave., Winthrop, 50682                  djwippli@smig.net                               mh52443@alltel.net

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                      PAGE 29
JK Farms                                (JKF)   Mapes Family Berkshires                  (MFB)     McCasland Farms                      (AUMC)
Jerry Kowalski                                  Box 63, Unionville Center, 43077                   Austin McCasland
Rt. 2, Box 68, Loup City, 68853                 614/873-5208                                       P.O. Box 759, Perkins, 74059
308/745-0589                                                                                       405/707-0606
JKOWALSKI@cornhusker.net                        Myers, Jim                               (MPF)     cimarronfin@hotmail.com
                                                6187 St Rt 656, Centerburg, 43011                  Perkinscowboy@aol.com
 ✦ NEW HAMPSHIRE ✦                                                                                 McGee, Charles                        (CMG)
                                                Springdale Farm                          (SDF)     741 SH 7, Hennepin, 73444
Howard Farm                            (HFDH)   Cliff & Ann Blazier                                580/868-3315
1085 2nd CR Pt Rd, Strafford, 03884             3637 Rebert Pike, Springfield, 45502
603/335-5806                                    937/322/9109                                       Rochell, Josh                        (ROCH)
JDHowardFarm@aol.com                                                                               915 N 60th, Duncan, 73533
                                                Wippel Family Berks                     (WPF)      580/252-8219
      ✦ NEW JERSEY ✦                            Jeff Wippel                                        rochell@texhoma.net
                                                15085 London Rd., Orient, 43146
Heaton Family Farm                   (HFF)      740/869-2016                                       Rozell, Owen                          (BOG)
Thomas Heaton                                   OINK@qn.net                                        RR4, Box 40-C, Duncan, 73533
95 Kemah-Mecca Lake Rd., Newton, 07860                                                             580/252-3343
973/948-6050                                           ✦ OKLAHOMA ✦
                                                                                                   Star D Show Pigs                      (SDS)
        ✦ NEW YORK ✦                            Campbell-Crotty, Regina                  (RCC)     Shawn Delk & Sons
                                                3920 S. Fairgrounds, Stillwater 74074              804 S Lake Rd., Bradley 73011
Shufelt, Roger                          (PRB)   405/743-4306                                       405/785-9900
6750 Stringer Rd., Wolcott 14590                ginac@provalue.net
315/594-2748                                                                                       Stinnett, Jay                         (JAY)
                                                Carroll Show Pigs                       (RYAN)     19387 S 430 Rd., Hulbert, 74441
Wilson, Jay & Abigail                   (JAW)   Ryan, Robert & Danette                             918/772-2318
71 Palmer Rd., Craryville, 12521                P.O. Box 225, Davenport, 74026                     918/458-4179 (school)
518/851-7187                                    405/258-1420
                                                rdrcarroll@yahoo.com                               Triple H Hog Farm                     (HLH)
              ✦ OHIO ✦                                                                             Justin Harris
                                                Doc Roc Farms                                      RR3, Box 4550, Bartlesville, 74003
Allen, Roger                            (RAB)   Vance Aldridge                            (VA)     918/336-0414
7077 Old Troy Pike, St. Paris, 43072            Box 301, Elmore City, 73433                        jharrisfarm@sbcglobal.net
937/788-2501                                    405/527-4945 - Home
                                                405/227-8044 - Cell
Battle Run Farms                       (BRF)                                                                 ✦ OREGON ✦
David & Deb Gerfen                              Jennings, Alan                            (AJ)
5307 Schwernfurth Rd., Prospect, 43342          4200 W 56th St., Stillwater, 74074                 Gourley, Stan & Jerry                  (GF)
740/494-2965                                    405/377-8498                                       Gourley Farms
                                                Sowsncows@aol.com                                  34893 Muller Dr. SE, Albany 97321
Huff, Dan & Family                      (DHF)                                                      541/926-7474 (Stan)
1403 Parrott Station Rd.                        Komalty Hog Farm                        (TURK)     541/928-2542 (Jerry)
Washington Court House, 43160                   Dwayne Robinson                                    gourleyfarms@peak.org
740/335-6397                                    Rt. 1, Box 137, Hobart, 73651
shuff1@in-touch.net                             580/726-2031

       A Family Tradition…
         Shady Br ook                                 Cottonwood                                           Casey
            Far m                                        Far m                                            Conover
          Chris & Kesley Conover                        Clark & Jean Conover                              Casey Conover
               403 W. 7th St.                              5361 190th St.                                 107 S. 6th St.
              Logan, IA 51546                            Holstein, IA 51025                             Mapleton, IA 51034
               712-644-3665                                 712-368-2209                                  712-881-3768
          cconover12@yahoo.co.in                        cotnwood@pionet.net                      CaseyConover@maple-valley.k12.ia.us

          Proud suppliers of quality Berkshire genetics to purebred, crossbred, and
                                   niche market producers!
            Thank you to Lucan Gerlt and John Socolofsky for their WTC purchases!

PAGE 30                                                                                            BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                     ✦ BERKSHIRE BREEDERS DIRECTORY ✦
    ✦ PENNSYLVANIA ✦                          Bain, Ashley
                                              3200 Houston St., Vernon, 76384
                                                                                    (A&BB)    Sullivan, Scott
                                                                                              S&W Swine Productions

Bennecoff, Todd Lee Jr.               (TLB)   940/553-1326                                    P.O. Box 1252, Robstown, 78380
2335 Fritz Court, Kutztown, 19530                                                             361/387-9686 or 361/387-1847
610/285-6582                                  Byrd, Bert                             (BFS)
bennypig87@hotmail.com                        P.O. Box 77, Hart, 79043                                ✦ WISCONSIN ✦
Brummer, Ed & Pete                    (HBF)                                                   Gill, Ben, Brandon & Bryant              (BPG)
Box 2115, Port Royal, 17082                   Dalton Bagwell/Bill Wood             (DBBW)     Pork Chop Ridge
717/527-4081 (Ed)                             4117 CR 123, Gainesville, 76240                 29770 St. Hwy. 81 E., Platteville, 53818
717/589-3401 (Pete)                           940/736-6943                                    608/348-5175

Cornbower, Russel & Arlie       (RUS/COR)     Huseman, Randy & Scott                 (TRH)    Schomberg, Wm. F, & Sons             (WFS)
14326 Ingham Rd., New Freedom, 17349          P.O. Box 264, Nazareth, 79063                   Octagon Farms
717/515-9094 (Arlie cell)                     806/363-6924                                    N2832 County Rd. YY, LaCrosse, 54601
717/235-1549 (Russel)                                                                         608/786-1771 (Bill)
                                              McMullen, Stan & Mary                (SAMM)     608/786-1935 (Tom)
Hilty, William Sr. & Family           (HAF)   2210 N. County Rd. 424, Loraine 79532           608/786-2969 (Wade)
RD 5 Box 563-H, Mt. Pleasant, 15666           325/737-2980                                    octagonBD@aol.com
412/610-0628                                  1-888-720-2980
                                                                                                         ✦ CANADA ✦
Innerst, Greg & Beth                  (GBI)   Pork Chop Ranch                       (PCRB)
5140 Deer Road, Red Lion, 17356               Dennis Melcher                                  LeeWay Farms
717/246-1738                                  P.O. Box 129, Meadow, 79345                     Wayne, Lee & Troy Collingridge
                                              806/585-6575                                    Box 534, St. Claude, Manitoba, ROGIZD
Parlett, James T., Jr.                (JTP)                                                   204/379-2282
88 Parlett Rd., Airville, 17302               Real, Charles                          (CER)    204/379-2872 (fax)
717/862-3610                                  15492 Real Rock Rd., Marion, 78124
                                              830/914-2833                                        ✦ NEW ZEALAND ✦
             ✦ TEXAS ✦                        Stephens, John                                  Cooley, J.I.
Amacker, Leroy                        (CVF)   1101 CR 477, Gorman, 76454                      114 Cheal Rd. RD 23, Stratford, Taranaki,
Cibolo Valley Farm                            254/734-4100                                    New Zealand 4700
P.O. Box 65, Cibolo, 78108                    stephens@cctc.net                               06-764 7446

                              Team Purebred Southwest National
                                 Junior Purebred Gilt Show
                   Saturday, October 7                                          State Fair of Texas
                      2 p.m. - Earliest arrival of hogs                         P.O Box 150009
                      7 p.m. - Registration/Check-in Deadline                   Dallas, TX 75315
                      7 p.m. - Exhibitor Appreciation Supper                    (214) 421-8723
                   Sunday, October 8
                     9 a.m. - Swine Skill-a-Thon Contest                        Entry Deadline: September 1, 2006
                     11 a.m. - Showmanship Contest followed                     Ownership Deadline: August 1, 2006
                              by Purebred Breeding Gilt Show
                     5 p.m. - Begin Release of Jr. Gilt Show                    Judge: JR Reid, Missouri
                              Breeding Swine.
                                                                                For more information, contact:
                   **All Junior Exhibitors are welcome to partici-              Amy Jo Johnson
                   pate in the Pan American Open Breeding Hog                   Team Purebred Junior Coordinator
                   Show held Monday, October 9th, 2006. (sepa-                  765-497-3618
                   rate entry form required)                                    amyjo@nationalswine.com
                   Entry Information Forms available from:                      October 7-8, 2006
                   Team Purebred (765)497-3618                                  Dallas, Texas
                   www.teampurebred.com                                         (located at the State Fair of Texas)

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                               PAGE 31
      Ohio Berkshire Association
                     President: Jeff Wippel             Vice President: Dan Huff
                  Steve Mapes - Box 276 99W State, Milford Center, OH, 937/349-8845

          Join us at the Ohio State Fair on August 3, 2006 • Entries due: June 20th
                                  Call Steve Mapes for more information.
                    Prize Money Offered: $2171 — $50 for 1st Place Pigs
                              Sale on Friday, August 4, 2006


                                                       ◆3         ◆ 11
                          ◆ 12                              ◆1
                                                 ◆2        ◆ 10


   1) Columbus, Ohio State Fair                              7) Kayla Overstake
   2) Springdale Farm                                           5551 Franklin Rd., Hillsboro 45133
      c/o Cliff & Ann Blazier & Family                          937/288-9867
      3637 Robert Pike, Springfield 45502                    8) Marcie Helberg
   3) Mapes Family Berkshires                                   5130 Orangeville-Kinsman, Burghill 44404
      c/o Leland Mapes & Family                                 330/772-2273
      Box 63, Unionville Center 43045                         9) Battle Run Farm - c/o David & Deb Gerfen
      614/873-5208                                               5307 Schweinfurth Rd., Prospect 43342
   4) Clint High Farms                                           David: 740/494-2965
      10700 SR 73, New Vienna 45159                          10) Jeff Wippel & Family
      937/987-2288                                               15085 London Rd., Orient 43146
   5) Dan Huff & Family                                          740/869-2016
      1403 Parrott Station Rd. Washington C.H. 43160         11) Smith-Tudor Club Pigs
      740/335-6397                                               14876 Ulrey Rd., Centerburg 43011
   6) Paul C. Bernard                                            Smith: 740/625-6303 — Tudor: 740/625-6746
      761 Tilton Rd., New Vienna 45159                       12) Stikeleather Family
      937/987-2647                                               8831 Hartle Road, Greenville 45331
PAGE 32                                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                President ........................Mark Goodnight
                                Vice President ....................Doug Addison
                                Secretary/Treasurer .................Ken Hunt

   1. Mark Bontrager (BBS)
      23168 CR 56, Nappanee: 574-773-3041
   2. Blindhorse Bottoms Farm (KWH)
      10622 Feldmeier Rd., Lynnville: 812-922-5498
   3. Robert L. Burch & Family (RLB)
      3966 S. 150 W., Wabash: 260-563-6763
   4. Golden Dawn Farm - Brent Stoten (GDF)
      7398 N 550 W., Carthage: 765-565-6312
   5. Mark & Tina Goodnight (MTG)                                              • 12
      5222 W. Co. Rd. 200 N., Frankfort: 765-659-4999
   6. Rick & Richard Harlow (OCB)                                                        • 10
      4503 E. 300 N, Lafayette: 765-589-3882 (Richard)
                                 765-491-3371 (Rick)
   7. Ed & Judy Heady (HHF)
                                                                    • 16                 •3
      15750 S. All St., Pimento: 812-495-6251
   8. Merrill & Linda Smith (MLS)                                     •6           • 18
      1927 S. Hwy 421, Greensburg: 812-663-8789                                     • 17
   9. Larry Stanley & Family (LSF)
      36 S. County Rd. 900 E., Coatesville: 765-386-2336             •5                    • 14
  10. Joe Vogel & Family (JV)                                          9
      1623 W. 950 N., North Manchester: 260-982-7674                   •
  11. Wabash Valley Berkshires (WVB) (KSWV)                                 • 11
      1552 S. 450 E., Avon: 217-279-3584 (Ken)
                            317-745-7270 (John)                                            •4
  12. Gene Wakeland (WB)
      20059 Old US 31 S., Argos: 574-892-5681
  13. Terry Scott & Family (GSB/MJSB)                                                         •8
      325 S. Cr. 800 E., Bowling Green: 812-986-2658
                                                                           • 13
  14. Doug Addison & Family (ADD)
      D&T Swine
      9028 E 100N, Greenfield: 317-936-5962
  15. Walter Hunter (WLH)                                  •7              • 15
      1922 Mundell Church Rd., Heltonville: 812-834-5806
  16. John Culver (JCF)
      6236 S. 300 W., Chalmers: 219-984-6833
  17. Jeff Barber & Greg Powell (BLBR)
      6746 E. 300 N., Elwood: 765-552-9309                  •2
  18. Todd Harvey & Family (THFS)
      1215 Holiday Dr., P.O. Box 224
      Greentown: 765-628-7239

                The IndianaState Fair Berkshire Show & Sale
                      will be Tuesday, August 15, 2006
                                  Entries due by July 1, 2006
                         Indiana State Fair Entry Dept. (317) 927-7515

             Contact your nearest Indiana Berkshire Breeder
                       For Your Seedstock Needs
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                 PAGE 33
          American Berkshire Association Board of Director
                    Election Candidate Profiles
          Clarke Burns, Brookfield, Missouri
          My wife Penny teaches school at Brookfield and we have three children. Whitney attends Missouri State University,
          Kellie is in high school and Lucas is in middle school.

          I grew up on the farm and worked here all of my life raising hogs all the time. We started with Berkshires as a 4-H
          project for the children and increased every year to 125 sows. We have been all Berkshire for four years now. I have
          held offices in local church, Pork Producers, and Farm Bureau.

          I know Berkshires are the top meat breed and I want to preserve that rank and see them promoted and supported as best
          as we can. We have fine programs going now for checking meat quality and these need to be continued as well as
          adding more within our own breed.

          We have the meat of choice; it just needs to be in all the best restaurants. There is a lot of potential market here in our
          country to use up our supply of hogs. Keeping that supply pure and registered through our association will maintain
          that demand.

          Dan Hodges, Oak Hill Farm, Julian, NE
          Married to Sue for 33 years this June. I have 3 children: Michael, Timothy, and Emily (all married); and 3 grandchil-
          dren; Elizabeth (3), Abigail (1), Liam (1).

          375 Acres of Crops; Corn and Soybeans
          180 Sow Berkshire heard in partnership with Michael
          100% Berkshire since 1990
          Raising Berkshires since 1967

          I have served on many community and church boards over the years and have also been active on the local, state, and
          national levels of pork producer organizations.

          At present I am Chief of our local volunteer fire department, Chairman of the County Planning Commission, Church
          Board Chairman and Secretary of our local Gideon’s International camp. In addition I am the Chairman of the
          Production Systems Advisory Group at the NPB and am the Immediate Past Chair of the Animal Science Committee. I
          have also served on the NPB Budget Task Force the last three years.

          The decisions that the ABA Board makes have a big effect on all of us and I would like to take a part in shaping the
          future of the Berkshire breed — a breed that is my livelihood. I have been a member of and have chaired numerous
          committees over the past several years and was also a member of the ABA board from 1993-1996. I feel these experi-
          ences will help me be an effective board member.

          In looking to the future it is often useful to look back at the past. 15 years ago we were concerned about whether the
          Berkshire Breed would even survive outside of the hobby area. Because of our efforts in promoting the scientifically
          validated meat quality traits that we possessed, that problem has been solved. Or has it! Pork quality is the hot issue
          today. The swine genome is being mapped. Genes with pork quality effects are being discovered. Genes are being
          patented. Other breeds and companies are developing quality based marketing programs. These are all present and
          potential challenges that we are going to need to address in the new few years if we are to maintain our place as the
          premier pork quality breed.

          To succeed in the future we are going to need to make hard choices. We are going to need to be proactive. As we devel-
          op new markets and opportunities we need to maintain and grow the markets we have now. Most of all, as we make
          these decisions we need to increase communication between board and membership and vice versa.

          Yes, we have challenges ahead but we also have tremendous opportunities. When I ran for the Board of Directors in
          1993, I pledged to do my very best to insure that Berkshires had a place in the swine industry of the 21st century. I
          renew that pledge to you today.

          Dustin M. Conover, Adel, IA - 25 years old
          CC Berks and D & W Berks have twenty sows. CC Berks is Gayle, Dustin, and Wade Conover, while D & W Berks is
          Gary Wall and myself. All the sows are at the same farm and I manage both herds. I have been around Berkshires ever
          since I was born and showed my first Berkshire gilt at the Iowa State Fair when I was three years old with my father,
          Cliff. I was in 4-H and youth group. When I was a freshman, junior and senior in high school I was President of the
          Hominy Ridge Independence Club and Vice-President my sophomore year.
PAGE 34                                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
           My reasons for running for the ABA Board of Directors are to help make Berkshires better, keep the breed strong in the
           future and my love for the breed of hogs and the people in it. There is a lot to be said about both.

           Right now the breed is separated into two kinds of hogs; the Meat Quality kind and the Show Ring kind. My future
           vision is to try and combine the two. The ABA Board of Directors has two big jobs and that is to ensure that the meat
           programs continue to grow and provide a place for Berkshire market hogs. The other is to provide a place for breeders
           to show the rest of the world that we are making Berkshires that can compete and still get it done in the real world.
           Other breeds have forgotten how to do that.

           Tona Smith, Alexander, Illinois
           My husband Randy & I have been married for almost 31 years. We have three children. Our daughters Mandy & Dusti
           are married and have 3 children each. Our son Cody who will soon be seventeen still lives here at home and helps with
           the family farm.

           We farm around 1,000 acres with Randy’s father Darrell & his brother Darin who also has a cattle operation. Our pure-
           bred hog operation consists of show pigs & breeding stock of all breeds. Berkshires have been one of our main focuses
           since adding them to our herd almost 10 years ago. We purchased our first Berkshire gilt at a joint conference with the
           Polands in Missouri. We quickly saw how well they performed & were “hooked” on Berkshires right away! I have
           served as secretary for Illinois Young Farmers, Illinois Poland Assn., Illinois Landrace Assn., Illinois Purebred Swine
           Council, and am currently serving as Illinois Spot Secretary & Board Member. We are members of the Illinois
           Berkshire Assn. as well as CPS Breeds’ State Associations. I was a 4-H leader for about 10 years. I served as the first
           President of the Illinois Porkettes, received the first Bell Ringer Award as well as Morgan County Farm Bureau
           Outstanding Farm Woman of the Year award.

           I am finishing my first term on the ABA Board. I was originally asked to run because of my knowledge of the show
           industry. I have put that knowledge to use and I feel my input to the board has been valuable in making the decisions
           we have had to make. One of my goals three years ago was the growth of Team Purebred and joining forces with CPS
           to host joint shows. Because of my background in assisting with shows and sales for other breeds, and my association
           with CPS Breeders, I was able to play an instrumental role in achieving those goals, and would like to continue to be a
           leader in this area.

           Our meat program is another essential key to Berkshire growth. I feel without a doubt that we have the best product
           and program to offer both breeders and consumers. We continually strive to update our program to meet certification
           requirements as well as the needs of our breeders and consumers. This is not always an easy process, but I would like
           to tackle these challenges as well.

           I have enjoyed my past three years on the board. There have been tough decisions to make and my decisions were
           always based on what I thought was best for our organization and not just what I wanted on a personal level. I have
           enjoyed meeting new breeders, listening to your thought and ideas and taking them to the board.

           My future vision for the Berkshire Breed is that of continued growth. In times when other breed associations have seen
           a reduction in numbers at shows, Berkshires have continued to grow, often being the largest or second largest breed in
           terms of numbers at shows. In my travels to shows and sales in the south I have seen more new Berkshire Breeders
           each year. The demand for Berkshires continues to grow. I believe this has been the result from some of the decisions
           we as a board have made the past three years, which were not always popular at first but have proven to be the wise
           choice. I want to see our meat program continue to grow, become utilizable by more members and be as cost effective
           as possible.

           Being a Board member has been a challenge which I have enjoyed. I believe it takes dedication and hard work to make
           the decisions necessary for continued growth and success. After careful thought I am pledging my dedication to you
           the Breeders for the next three years to continue to serve on your Board of Directors.

           Vance Aldridge, Elmore City, Oklahoma
           Wife: Dr. Kim Murdock DVM
           Son Gregory - 6 years old

           Have raised Berkshires for seven years and currently have 15 sows. I have served on the Show Committee for two

           I drive a fork lift for Curwood Bemis Corp.- Manufacturer of Shrink packaging.

           I want to raise awareness of the quality of Berkshires in the Southern U.S. in the show ring as well as quality of their
           meat, showing that they are competitive in both markets.

           Get litter registration numbers up in the Oklahoma and Texas regions. Work with the Association with meat program
           and possibly get special packaging for Berkshire meat similar to Certified Angus Packaging, etc. I would also like to
           raise consumer awareness of meat quality of the Berkshire breed.
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                         PAGE 35
        2006 CPS SHOW & SALE RESULTS
                   April 25, 2006 • Greencastle, Indiana
                                Sift Judge: Jim McCoy • Auctioneer: Col. Jon Fisher
                                    251 head shown — 151 head sold — Ave. $260
Supreme Champion Male: Crossbred, exhibited by Brown                             Res. Supreme Champion Male: Spotted exhibited by Randy &
Family Farms, IA., sold to Brice Conover, IA. for................$600.           Scott Huseman, TX., sold to Jim McCoy, OH., for.............$1200.
Supreme Champion Female: Poland China exhibited by WW                            Res. Supreme Champion Female: Hampshire exhibited by Todd
Polands, IA., sold to Dave LaFollette & Family, IN. for ....$2200.               Harvey & Family, IN., sold to Littleman Farms, MO. for ...$300.

Champion Crossbred Male & Supreme Champion               Champion Poland Female & Supreme Champion       Champion Spotted Male & Reserve Supreme exhibit-
exhibited by Brown Family, IA., sold to Brice Conover,   exhibited by WW Polands, IA., sold to Dave      ed by Randy & Scott Huseman, TX. , sold to Jim
IA. for $600.                                            LaFollette & Family, IN. for $2200.             McCoy, OH. for $1200.

Champion Hampshire Female & Reserve Supreme              Champion Chester White Male exhibited by Joe    Champion Chester White Female exhibited by Grimm
exhibited by Todd Harvey & Family, IN., sold to          Koch, sold to Scott Reeves, IN., for $175.      Family, sold to Jenna Wheeler, IL. for $700.
Littleman Farms, MO. for $300.

Champion Poland Male exhibited by Tony Thomas,           Champion Spotted Female exhibited by RTS        Champion Berkshire Male exhibited by Todd Harvey
sold to Steve Kenney, OH., for $150.                     Genetics, sold to Tyler Key, IL. for $525.      & Family, sold to ABC Showpigs, IN. for $375.

Champion Duroc Male exhibited by Sam Scher, sold         Champion Duroc Female exhibited by Sam Scher,   Reserve Poland Female exhibited by WW Polands,
to Seth Downs, IL. for $100.                             sold to Brent Case, IN. for $350.               sold to Erin Bowles, IN. for $900.

PAGE 36                                                                                                  BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
RTS Genetics’ Reserve Spotted Male, selling to Cody     Motes’ Reserve Spotted Female, selling to Cory, Kyle   RTS Genetics’ Reserve Chester Female, selling to
Smith, IL. for $2300.                                   and Cole Webster, IL. for $375.                        Scott Reeves, IN. for $350.

Tony Thomas’ Reserve Poland Male, selling to Steve      Clint High Farms’ Champion Hampshire Male, selling     Huseman’s Reserve Berk Male, selling to Prairie
Kenney, OH. for $150.                                   to Nathan & Ellen Whisman, IN. for $250.               State Semen, IL. for $1600.

McCausland’s Champion Berkshire Female, selling         Brattain’s Champion Hereford Female, selling to        Leiphardt’s 3rd Spotted Male, selling to Rick Ott, OK.
to Joel Updike, IN. for $475.                           Phillip Francis, IN. for $100.                         for $300.

Knight’s Chester Gilt, selling to Holton & Newby, IN.   Huseman’s Berkshire Male, selling to Mitchell Myers,   McCasland’s Reserve Hampshire Male, selling to
for $425.                                               IN. for $350.                                          Mike Rissler & Family, IN. for $300.

Beard’s Champion Yorkshire Male.                        Twin Oaks’ Reserve Chester Male, selling to Twin       Sanders’ 3rd Yorkshire Gilt, selling to Gary Bush, WV.
                                                        Oaks Farm, IL. for $200.                               for $150.

A big thank you to everyone who supported and assisted with the 2006 CPS Extravaganza. With a record number of con-
signors, hogs and crowd, it took everyone working together to make this event a tremendous success. A big thank you to
the Wendell Brattain Family, Jim McCoy, Brice Conover, Al Schminke, Amy Johnson, Bob Chalus, Jon Fisher, and others
for making this event successful.
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                                     PAGE 37
CC Berks’ Berkshire Male, selling to John McGee III,   CC Berks’ Berkshire Male, selling to Dusty & Wade         Schieber’s Reserve Crossbred Gilt, selling to Rodger
DE. for $375.                                          Conover, IA. for $1000.                                   Bankert, PA. for $200.

                                                                                                                       The CPS Staff
                                                                                                                     thanks everyone
                                                                                                                      for making the
                                                                                                                     CPS Extravaganza
                                                                                                                      a Huge Success!
CC Berks’ 4th Berkshire Gilt, selling to James         CC Berks’ 5th place Berkshire Gilt, selling to Dusty &
Ureche, MI. for $325.                                  Wade Conover, IA. for $425.

NSR Extravaganza Winners - Held April 26 in Richmond, IN

Logan Thomas’ Champion Berkshire Male.                 Robert & Kirk Miller’s Champion Berkshire Female.         Clay Moore’s Champion Poland Female.

Huseman’s Champion Spotted Male.                       Clay Moore’s Champion Spotted Female.                     Logan Thomas’ Reserve Berkshire Female.

    Congratulations to these 2006 NBS Progeny Test Supporters
      Berkshire:                                         Innerst Berkshires, PA — 1 pen                         Kirby Moldenhauer, WI — 1 pen
      Phenotypic Acres, IA — 3 pens                      Hindman Farm, MO — 1 pen                               Brown Farms, MO — 1 pen
      Goodwin Family Farms, IA — 5 pens                  Lyle & Darla Wipplinger, MN — 2                        Rudasill Farms, LLC, MO — 1 pen
      Black Springs Farm, IL — 1 pen                     pens                                                   Randy & Becky Schmidt, IA — 3 pens
      Revolution Farms, IL — 2 pens                      K&H Berkshires LLP, MN — 1 pen
      Iowa State University, IA — 2 pens
      Oak Hill Farms, NE — 3 pens                                                                               Poland China:
                                                         Chester White:                                         Lawrence Griebel & Son, IA — 1 pen
      Steve Stassen, MN — 1 pen
                                                         Neil Albertson, IA — 1 pen

       Your progressive foresight into building a better industry is truly appreciated.

PAGE 38                                                                                                          BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
           All Kinds of Trailers
      For All Kinds of Needs


                TRAILER TALK: Call Brad Today
2005: 6’ x 16’ x 5’ Showmaster Bumper Hitch             1995: 7’ x 29’ Alum-Line Gooseneck, 2 gates,
                                                              aluminum rims, 2 - 8000# axles
2005: 5’ x 12’ x 5’ Alum-Line, Dual Line
                                                        1992: 7’ x 24’ Featherlight Gooseneck, Cover panels,
2002: 6’ x 14’ x 4’ Alum-Line Dual Line                       center gate, roll-up door
1998: 7’ x 24’ WWW - Steel, Gooseneck                   1991: 7’ x 23’ Alum-Line, Low-Pro Gooseneck
1997: 6’ x 16’ Hillboro - Steel, Gooseneck              4:    New 6’ Poppers (old price) center gate, hinge,
                                                              cover panels

                For more information or additional details, contact:
                                       BRAD DAVIS
          23437 92nd Avenue            “Your Friendly” Alum-Line Dealer        Phone: 319-394-9322
         Mediapolis, Iowa 52637                                              Cell Phone: 319-750-7665
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                  PAGE 39
                                     The Most Powerful Results

                                                 Are Always BLACK & WHITE
                                     …And Then There Was                                        Selling these great bred gilts carrying
                                                                                               his service on Friday, June 16, 2006, at
                                                                                                   the Sooner Select Bred Gilt Sale.

                                                                                                  2-2 (Masterpiece x Authority) Due August 18
                                                       No Doubt
                                     Be some of the first to secure the services of perhaps
                                      the greatest breeding boar ever used at Master’s
                                        Polands in 30+ years. His first pigs are GREAT!

                                     TOUCH OF CLASS “INTERNET” BRED GILT SALE
                                           Tuesday, June 20, 2006 • 8 am - 8 pm
                                                  at www.showpig.com
                                               Consigned by Masters, Nelson & Mapes
                                         Selling Polands - Hampshires - Yorkshires - Crosses     5-1 (Masterpiece x Nugforbaldw) Due August 9

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                     …He Creates Excitement                                                     Selling these excellent females
                                                                                                                         bred to him on
                                                                                                                     Friday, June 16, 2006.

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                                                                                                7-11 (New Dezine x Big River) Due August 1

                                           He is Masterpiece!
                                      Masterpiece has made monumental
                                       success at many breeders’ herds.
                                            His best is yet to come.

                                           Call For a Complete List
                                           of our Bred Gilt Offering                                             2-7 (Jaguar 3-2 x Bow Flex) Due August 1
                                                                                                                               Stress Negative
                                                                           JERRY MASTERS
                                                                    625 Buck Mountain Road • Dover, Arkansas 72837
                                                  Home - 479-331-4062 • Office - 479-331-9708 • Cell - 479-970-0031 • Fax - 479-331-9709
                                                                                E-mail: appa1357@cei.net
                                                                              Visitors Always Welcome

60th Anniversary
The World Series of Swine Shows —
The National Barrow Show
September 10-13
Mower County Fairgrounds in Austin, MN
Saturday, Sept. 9
8 a.m. — Earliest entries can arrive
6 p.m. — All junior barrows must be on the grounds

Sunday, Sept. 10
10 a.m. — NBS® Junior Showmanship Contest
1 p.m. — NBS® Junior Barrow Classic
1-3 p.m. — Truckloads accepted and weighed
                                                                 NBS Show and Sale
3 p.m. — All open show entries must be on the                    Phone (Sat.-Wed.):
4-6 p.m. — Individual Market Hog entries accepted                  507.434.2937
and weighed
6 p.m. — NBS® Hospitality Night at Holiday Inn                     507.434.2946

Monday, Sept. 11                                      Note Purebred Exhibitors: An exhibitor may enter a
                                                      total of four boars and four gilts (per breed) farrowed
8 a.m. — FFA/4-H/Junior College and Senior College
Judging Contest in Crane Pavilion                     on of after Feb. 1, 2006.
8 a.m. — Check-in of open show entries (scanning to
follow)                                               Each exhibitor of breeding stock at the NBS® will be
1 p.m. — Individual Market Hog Show (barrows and      assessed a Progeny Test support fee of $20 for each
gilts are shown separately)                           breed exhibited, in addition to individual fees for each
3 p.m. — Truckload show                               boar and gilt entered, if they did not have a sire
                                                      group on test in 2006. Non-participants in the
Tuesday, Sept. 12                                     Progeny Test will be assessed the Progeny Test support
                                                      fee for each breed they exhibit at the NBS®; however,
8 a.m. — Judging of Breeding Stock begins             entry of one sire group of any breed qualifies an
North Ring: Poland China, Chester White, Spotted,     exhibitor to show any breed without paying the
and Berkshires                                        Progeny Test support fee. All Progeny Test funds will be
South Ring: Hampshire, Duroc, Landrace, and           distributed to those individuals who have placed hogs
                                                      in the 2006 test.
7 p.m. — Poland China Annual Membership Meeting
Holiday Inn Motel
                                                      All hogs entered in the NBS® are subject to being
                                                      selected for use in the NBS® Swine Judging Contest
Thursday, Sept. 13                                    that will be held Monday, Sept. 11, beginning at 8
9 a.m. —Sales Begin                                   a.m. in Crane Pavilion. For information regarding the
North Ring: Poland China, Chester White, Spotted,     NBS®, contact the NSR at 765.463.3594.
and Berkshires
South Ring: Hampshire, Duroc, Landrace, and
Yorkshire                                             For additional information concerning the require-
                                                      ments for the NBS®, contact the American Berkshire
Judges:                                               Association at 765.497.3618 or Certified Pedigreed
Berkshire - Jerry Masters                             Swine at 309.691.0151.
Chester White - Jim Rodibaugh
Poland China - Howard Parrish
Spotted - Seth Swenson

PAGE 42                                                                 BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                       2006 National Barrow Show ®
                                        OFFICIAL ENTRY FORM
                                  (Please use a separate form for each breed)
                               Entries must be postmarked by August 10, 2006

  1) Breeding Stock:
  Please indicate breed entered: ______Berkshire______Chester White______Duroc______Hampshire
                                    ______Landrace______Poland China______Spotted______Yorkshire
  Born February 1, 2006 and after
                          Boars:_________________________________ (Number of entries) x $25 = ________
                          Gilts: __________________________________ (Number of entries) x $25 = ________
  Progeny Test Support Fee (Must be paid if no pigs were on test in 2006):                     $20 = ________

  2) Truckloads: Born February 1, 2006 and after
                          Purebred Breed: ________________ (Number of entries) x $25/truckload = ________
                          Crossbred: _____________________ (Number of entries) x $25/truckload = ________

  3) Individual Market Hogs: Born February 1, 2006 and after
  Berkshire     ______ Barrow ______ Gilt                        Poland China   ______ Barrow ______ Gilt
  Chester White ______ Barrow ______ Gilt                        Spotted        ______ Barrow ______ Gilt
  Duroc         ______ Barrow ______ Gilt                        Yorkshire      ______ Barrow ______ Gilt
  Hampshire     ______ Barrow ______ Gilt                        Crossbred      ______ Barrow ______ Gilt
  Landrace      ______ Barrow ______ Gilt
                                                                   Entry Fee $25/head      Due $_______________

                                                                      TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED $_______________
                                         (Make check payable to: CPS or American Berkshire Swine - NO REFUNDS)

  Name _______________________________________________________________________________________

  Street/Box Number ____________________________________________________________________________

  City _______________________________________________________________ State ____________________

  Zip Code ____________________________ Telephone ______________________ Date ____________________

  (Please indicate any address changes. Please print legibly.)
  Return this entire form to: CPS - Box 9758 - Peoria, Illinois 61612
                               ABA - Box 2436 - West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

                               Entries MUST be postmarked by August 10, 2006 and
                                   appropriate fees must accompany all entries.

    Berkshire: All breeding stock are required to be DNA stress tested negative validated by stress sta-
    tus noted on the pedigree.
    Chester White: All breeding stock are guaranteed to be stress negative. Any progeny derived from
    stress carrier parent(s) must be DNA stress tested negative.
    Poland China: All breeding stock must be DNA stress tested with results printed on the pedigree.
    Spots: All breeding stock must be DNA stress tested with only negative and carriers allowed to be
    exhibited. Results must be printed on the pedigree.

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                          PAGE 43
Individual Market                        National Barrow Show® Premiums
Hog Show                                 Market Hog Show                                Truckload Contest
The specific rules and regulations       Class winners: $50                             Grand Champion: $200
are as follows:                          2nd place: $30                                 Res. Grand Champion: $100
• Barrows and gilts are eligible and     3rd place: $20                                 Grand Champion Purebred: $100
  will be shown in separate classes.     Grand Champion Gilt: $500                      Res.Champion Purebred: $50
• Purebreds and crossbreds are eli-      Grand Champion Barrow: $500                    Grand Champion Crossbred: $100
  gible and will be shown separate-
                                         Res. Champion Gilt: $250                       Res. Champion Crossbred: $50
                                         Res. Champion Barrow: $250
• Farrowing date is Feb. 1, 2006,
  or after.                              Grand Champion Purebreds: $100                 The top 10 loads in the carcass
• Hogs must weigh between 230            Res. Champion Purebreds: $50                   competition will receive the following
  and 280 pounds.                        Grand Champion Crossbred: $100                 premiums: $300, $150, $130, $90,
• All purebreds must have pedigrees      Res. Champion Crossbreds: $50                  $80, $70, $60 and $50.
  from their respective breed associ-
• Individual animals from the                                       HEALTH REGULATIONS
  Truckload Contest are eligible.         Each animal must be have an ORIGINAL official interstate health certificate or certificate of
• Entry fee is $25 per head.              veterinary inspection from state of origin, issued by a licensed accredited veterinarian.
                                          Certificate must show: consignor’s name and address, consigned to NBS®, Austin, MN, indi-
Truckload Contest                         vidual identification of animal; and health status of animal including dates and laboratory
                                          location of required tests and vaccinations. ALL SWINE MUST HAVE INDIVIDUAL HEALTH
• The popular Truckload Contest           CERTIFICATES ISSUED AFTER AUG. 17, 2006, AND A DUPLICATE OF EACH CERTIFI-
  consists of two categories - pure-      CATE. REMEMBER, ONLY ONE ANIMAL PER HEALTH CERTIFICATE.
  bred and crossbred. Loads must          A. All animals must be tested for Pseudorabies (PRV) and Brucellosis after Aug. 17, 2006,
  average 230 to 270 pounds, and             unless they come from a PRV qualified and Brucellosis validated herd. Swine tested for
  no individual hog in a truckload           PRV and Brucellosis must show the date blood sample was drawn (month, day & year).
  may weigh less than 230 pounds             The Elisa, PCFIA, ALA, or S/N tests are acceptable — (Differentiable Elisa test WILL NOT
  or more than 280 pounds.                   be accepted). If the herd of origin is PRV qualified and Brucellosis validated, individ-
• Truckloads consist of six market           ual testing of the swine will not be required. In this case, the PRV qualification and
  hogs, at least three of which must         Brucellosis validation numbers must appear on the health certificate and complete date
  be barrows. All must have been             (month, day & year) must be stated on certificate.
  farrowed on or after Feb. 1,            B. All breeding swine coming to the show MUST be vaccinated against Lepto (6 way) includ-
  2006.                                      ing bratislava and erysipelas. The complete date of vaccination MUST be listed on the
• The entry fee is $25 per load.             health certificate. Market animals should not be vaccinated.
• Truckload entries must meet the
  same health requirements as the         C. All health papers must include the following statement that the swine’s farm of origin
  breeding stock.                            has not had pseudorabies or swine dysentery in the past 12 months, has not had TGE in
                                             the past 60 days, feeds no garbage, uses no PRV vaccine, and is not under quarantine
                                             for any disease condition; also that vesicular stomastitis has not been diagnosed within 10
Other 2006 NBS®                              miles of the farm of origin within the past 30 days.

Features                                  D. All trucks carrying animals must enter the east gate of Mower County Fairgrounds and
                                             stop for inspection by the show veterinarian. All animals must meet NBS® health
• All hogs must be penned in the             requirements to remain on the fairgrounds. This includes animals in transit.
  facilities surrounding Crane               A) If all animals meet show requirements, NBS® hogs may be unloaded and remaining
  Pavilion.                                  animals (non-entries) may stay in your vehicle at the south end of the fairgrounds. There
• The NBS® Judging Contest will be           is some shade, but no utilities are available.
  held Monday, Sept. 11.                     B) If non-show animals meet Minnesota import requirements, but not NBS® requirements,
  • Junior and senior college partic-        show animals may be unloaded and all remaining animals must be immediately
  ipants will judge eight classes. 4-H       removed from the fairgrounds. A parking lot is available south of the fairgrounds across
  and FFA contestants will place four        the street. The welfare and care of these animals is the owner’s responsibility. There is
  classes of market hogs and two             some shade, but no utilities are available.
  classes of gilts. For more informa-
  tion, contact the NBS® at Box              C) If any animals on your vehicle do not meet Minnesota import requirements, all animals
                                             will be refused entry, including NBS® show animals.
  367, Austin, MN, 55912 or call
  507.437.5306. E-mail inquiries to          Hogs must arrive on grounds between 8 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 9, 2006, and 3 p.m. Sunday,
  Chairman Julie Grass at                    Sept. 10, 2006.
                                             NEW: Include your vet’s cell phone number on health certificates.
  • A reception will be held for
  judging contestants on Monday
  evening at the Plager Building,
  featuring pork sandwiches and          Judging contest awards and Hall of Fame presentations will
  beverages.                               be announced approximately 9 a.m. on Tues., Sept. 12
PAGE 44                                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
   2006 NBS® Junior Barrow Classic Entry Form
                                                                Complete an entry form for each participant. Photocopies acceptable. All information
                                                                must be completed and proper fees submitted before entry will be processed. Entry
Due: Aug. 10, 2006                                              forms must be postmarked by Aug. 10, 2006. No metered mail accepted. Each
                                                                exhibitor may enter up to two barrows per breed. Exhibitors MUST bring registra-
Entry Fee: $25/entry                                            tion papers to check-in. Ear notches are not needed as substitutions are allowed. For
                                                                more information, call the NSR Director of Junior Activities at 765.463.3594 or e-mail
Late Fee: $40/entry                                             jennifer@nationalswine.com. All double-entered barrows must complete entry forms
                                                                for both junior and open show.

        Participant Information (One registration form per junior member)

[                                                                                                                                                                [
                    ________________________________                                          ___________________________________________

                 ___________________________________                                     ________________                ____________                _________

               _______________________                                _____________________________                                ____________________

   Member (circle)                                                                   T-Shirt Size                      ______________________________

                                                                                                    Contest Entries

             Barrow Entries (Limit 2 per breed)

 Chester White ________
                          Entry 1
                                                  Entry 2
                                                                                             [Place an X beside the contest you will participate in.
                                                                                              Showmanship _____

 Duroc                  ________                ________
 Hampshire              ________                ________

 Landrace               ________                ________                                                            Entry Fees
 Poland China           ________                ________
                                                                                                    Purebred entries (# of entries x $25) ______________
 Spotted                ________                ________
                                                                                                    Late entries (# of entries x $40) __________________
 Yorkshire              ________                ________                                            (late entries may not be accepted due to space allotments)
                                                                                                    Participation fee ($5) __________________________
                                                                                                    (paid only if exhibitor does NOT have a barrow entry)
                                                                                                    Total Fees ____________________________________

To be completed by parent or legal guardian
I, the undersigned parent or legal guardian of the minor listed above, do hereby                    Payment options (no refunds):
authorize any X-ray, examination, anesthetic, dental, medical or surgical diagnosis or              1. Make checks payable to NSR.
treatment by any physician or dentist licensed by the state and hospital service that               2. Credit Card
                                                                                                    Visa        MasterCard
(name of adult person who is temporary custodian of minor)                                          Card No. _____________________ Exp. Date _______
                                                                                                    Name on card __________________________________
the temporary custodian of the minor(s); whether such diagnosis or treatment is                     Signature ______________________________________
state, I authorize the physician or dentist to call in any necessary consultant at
his discretion. I further authorize said physician or dentist to exercise his discre-
                                                                                                    Mail entries to:
tion in authorizing the disposal of any severed tissue or member. It is understood                  NSR Director of Junior Activities, P.O. Box 2417,
                                                                                                    West Lafayette, IN 47996-2417
required, but is given to encourage the temporary custodian of the minor(s), and
said physician or dentist to exercise their best judgment as to the requirements of

This consent shall remain effective until midnight on Sept. 10, 2006, unless sooner
resolved in writing, delivered to said physician or dentist, or said person instructed
with the custody, care and control of said minor child or children.
                                                                                                     Liability Release

(signature of parent or legal guardian)                                                       The NSR, NJSA, CPS, ABA, NASR and Team Purebred members and staff
                                                                                              shall not be held liable for any accidents that should occur during the 2006
        ________________________           ______________________                             _________________________________________________________
               __________________________________________________                             signature of legal guardian or participant (if 18 as of Jan. 1, 2006)

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                                         PAGE 45
                                                                    2006 Team Purebred “Foundation Female” Donation Gilt

                                                                        Graciously donated by: Iowa State University Swine Teaching Herd - Ames, IA
                                                                        Al Christian - Herdsman (515) 292-3117 Dr. Dan Morrical (515) 294-2904
                                                                                     Selling Saturday, July 1, 2006 at 9:00 a.m. at Springfield, Illinois
                                                                IASU5 Lady U 49-6                                           Farrowed May 16, 2005 ★ 9 farrowed 7 weaned ★ 121#/21 day litter wt.
                                                                                                                                             Bred March 19, 2006 Due July 11, 2006
                                                                                                                         This powerful female represents an exciting opportunity to everyone involved in the seedstock or showpig indus-
                                                                                                                    try. Yes, we realize she is a different female than was introduced earlier, but by farm visitors and herdsman Al
                                                                                                                    Christian, easily the best Berkshire female at the farm and needs to be the “Foundation Female” for Team Purebred
                                                                                                                    in 2006. Sired by IASU4 Unlimited 46-1, the “Cover Boy”pictured in April-May who is sired by Master Link 25-6
                                                                                                                    whose dam is the $5000 “Miss America” sow. The maternal great grand-dam of this “Foundation Female”, IASU7
                                                                                                                    Lady Sky 4-3, is a littermate to the dam of Miss America, Lady Sky 4-8.
                                                                                                                         Combining extra length of body, with an excellent hip, a great underline, excellent breed character, and max-
                                                                                                                    imizing muscle, leanness and productivity, makes the 2006 Foundation Female a true genetic gem. Mating her to
                                                                                                                                                                        IASU3 Line 51 39-9 was a no-brainer for genetic advancement
                                                                                                                                                                        to the Berkshire breed.
                                                                                                                                                                              The service sire, IASU3 Line 51 39-9 was the 2004 World
                                                                                                                                                                        Pork Expo Reserve Champion Boar. He was the #1 ranking
                                                                                                                                                                        2005 NBS Super Sire and 2nd highest ranking Meat Quality sire
                                                                                                                                                                        in the 2005 NBS Progeny Test. He sired the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd
                                                                                                                                                                        place gilts at the 2005 WPX and $7500 2005 NBS Hog
                                                                                                                                                                        College Boar as well as 4 class winners at Austin, 10 class win-
                                                                                                                                                                        ners at Iowa, and Premier Sire at both events. This could be the
                                                                                                                                                                        most exciting mating ever made at Iowa State University.
                                                                                                                       IASU3 Line 51 39-9 - Service Sire                      A huge thank you to the crew at Iowa State University for
                                                                                                                                                                         supporting Team Purebred and the entire swine industry.
                                                                                                                                       RTS8 Goldberg 3-1
                                                                                                         RTS9 Neutralizer 18-3
                                                                                GBI2 Master Link 25-6                                  RTS7 Cleo 1-8
                                                                                                                                       IASU7 Sky High 5-6
                                                                                                         IASU8 Miss America 16-2
                                                         IASU4 Unlimited 46-1                                                          IASU7 Lady Sk 4-8
                                                                                                                                       TUT3 Horizon 1-4                               A True
                                                                                                         IASU5 Skyline 2-1
                                                                                IASU9 Lady Sl 6-5                                      IASU3 Lady 1-3
                                                                                                                                       IASU6 Skyway 7-5
                                                                                                                                                                                “Foundation Female”
                                                                                                         IASU Lady Sk 4-3
                                     IASU5 Lady U 49-6                                                                                 IASU3 Lady B 2-5
                                                                                                                                       TUT7 Horizon 109-4                    For additional details, contact Al
                                                                                                         TUT9 Five N Dime 114-4
                                                                                IASU0 Eastwood 20-1                                    TUT4 Bobbi 42-1                       Christian, Team Purebred, American
                                                                                                                                       WB5 Rosette Count 56-1
                                                                                                         IASU9 Lady Sk 19-1                                                  Berkshire Association, or trusted friends.
                                                         IASU3 Lady E 33-7                                                             IASU7 Lady Sk 4-8
                                                                                                                                       TUT3 Horizon 1-4                      Purchase also includes 60 days mortali-
                                                                                                         IASU5 Skyline 2-1                                                   ty insurance paid by Team Purebred.
                                                                                IASU9 Lady Sl 6-5                                      IASU3 Lady 1-3
                                                                                                                                       IASU6 Skyway 7-5
                                                                                                        IASU7 Lady Sk 4-3
                                                                                                                                       IASU3 Lady B 2-5

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                            A Note from Amy Jo
   Team Purebred is an ever changing organization that continues to grow throughout the years, both by the num-
   ber of members and the addition of quality events. The success of our organization and all of our events can be
   credited to a very devoted group of juniors and an endless list of sponsors, volunteers, breeders, parents, and
   other individuals who are committed to the success of youth.

   Behind every successful person stand several others who have encouraged and helped that individual reach new
   heights. All of us have had a devoted parent, teacher, mentor, or friend that has helped us at some point in our
   life to achieve success. We often get caught up in our success or caught up in our own excitement, we end up
   forgetting how we actually got to the positions we are in. We forget to say what I believe to be two of the most
   important words in the English vocabulary “Thank you.” These two words mean a lot; please take time to show
   your appreciation to the people that do so much.

   Take time to thank the people that contribute their time and money, resources and knowledge to Team Purebred
   and to each of us independently. It is these selfless individuals that make it possible for the junior members of
   Team Purebred to have so many opportunities to meet new friends, compete on a national level, and perfect the
   skills we will use through our lives.

   Sometimes I feel that as a society we have gotten too busy to sit down and reflect on successes, failures, and
   even knowledge gained in our experiences. Without time to reflect on these things, we fail to see the many peo-
   ple who have helped us along the way, consequently they go unappreciated. I encourage you the next time you
   see someone who has been influential in your life or has helped you achieve success somewhere throughout
   your life to thank them. Sit down and write them a simple note to let them know just how much you appreciate
   their support and encouragement.

                        Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone. — G.B. Stern

                           S-s time for a Silent Auction
    Once again this year Team Purebred is sponsoring a Silent Auction at the 2006 Summer Type
  Conference in Springfield, IL. from June 28 to July 1. We are currently accepting donations for this great
  event to help raise funds for Team Purebred. In 2005, over $4200 was raised for Team Purebred.
     Items can be anything craft related, art/collector items, memorabilia, semen, or anything you feel
  would be of value to someone else. These can be items that would appeal to small children as well as
  seniors. We would love to have items from each of the breed associations.
    This is a great way to help Team Purebred and have a lot of fun in the process. The bidding will start
  on Wednesday, June 28 and continue through Friday, June 30.
     To donate your items, please contact one of the following people: Erin Musick (217) 696-4893 or
  email: pmusick@adams.net; Tammy Miller (815) 567-3327; or Sharon McWhinney (937) 456-2844 —
  cell (937) 545-8440 or email: smcgmblr@infinet.com.
     We would like to have your donations by June 10 (Saturday of World Pork
  Expo). Please let us know what you’re planning to donate so we can publi-
  cize our list. You may bring the items to the show with you, or get them
  to one of us early. Please consider donating to this great cause and

  donate generously.
     Thank you in advance, we appreciate your help in mak-
  ing this a great event to support our youth of today, our          S
  breeders of tomorrow!

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                              PAGE 47
                    It’s Not Too Late to Support
                          TEAM PUREBRED
                                   If you would like to make a contribution to
                                         Team Purebred,it’s not too late.
                                    Make checks payable to: Team Purebred

    Contributor’s Name _______________________________________________________
    Address __________________________________________________________________
    City_________________________________________ State ______ Zip _____________
    Phone: ________________________________ Fax: ______________________________

    Contribution Amount $_______________

                                           Photo Contest - “Paradise”
                           1. Contestants must be members of the Junior Purebred Swine Association (Team Purebred).
                           2. Age divisions are Senior (17-21), Intermediate (13-16), Junior (8-12), and Novice (7 & under).
                           3. All photos must be the work of the contestant and must be taken by the contestant during the
                              past year.
                           4. Each contestant may have a maximum of four entries.
                           5. The theme for the 2006 photography contest is “Paradise.”
                           6. Photos must be 5x7-inch color or black and white prints mounted on a 6x8-inch black poster

      it your
                              board. Place entry blank on back side, upper left-hand corner. Photos must be mounted as
                              described above BEFORE they are presented for entry.

Give shot!!                7. No professional matting or framing allowed.
                           8. No decoration or writing on frames or mats will be allowed.
                           9. Photo cannot be altered or image-enhanced.

 best                     10. Contestants are encouraged to use 35-mm cameras, not digital cameras. However, when using
                              a digital camera, contestant must print the photograph on photo paper.
                          11. The photos cannot have been presented for competition at a previous Team Purebred event.
                          12. All photographs become property of Team Purebred. Photos cannot be taken home.
                          13. Entry blanks are available below, on the website, or from the Team Purebred office.

 Imagination                  Please cut out the form below or print one from the website, and tape it to the back of the
                           photograph you wish to enter in the Team Purebred Photography Contest. Bring the mounted and
                                    correctly labeled photo with you to registration on Wednesday, June 28th by noon.
 Originality                              Team Purebred Photo Contest Entry Form
                                   (One form per photograph - photocopies of this form are fine)

                           First Name _________________________ Last Name _________________________

 Win exciting
                           City _____________________________ State _______ Zip Code ________________
 prizes and fame!
                           Phone __________________________________ Age (as of Jan. 1, 2006) ________

PAGE 48                                                                         BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                       2006 Team
                                     Purebred Raffle

              Dual Line Trailer
✧ Low Profile —4x5x12 ft.                          ✧ Center Gate with Sliding door
✧ Front Escape Door                                ✧ Lexan — 2 air spaces per side
✧ 5 inch Hinge Cover Panels                        ✧ Spare Tire and Rim

                             Trailer Valued at $6,500!
                      Tickets - $100 each
                   Only 125 tickets being sold
   Winner will be drawn at Summer Conference — 9 am on July 1st
                       *Winner is responsible for taxes, tags, and insurance

          See a Team Purebred Board Member for details and to get your raffle ticket,
                               or Buy your Ticket Today ! !

                2006 Team Purebred Alum-Line Trailer Raffle
 Name _________________________________________________________________________________________

 Address ______________________________________________________________________________________

 City State Zip ________________________________________________________________________________

 Phone ________________________________________________________________________________________

                   Return to Team Purebred PO Box 1996 West Lafayette, IN 47996
             $100 ticket cost must accompany, no tickets will be reserved without money

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                        PAGE 49
 2006 Summer Type Conference

2006 Team Purebred National Summer Show
June 27 – July 1, 2006 · Springfield, Illinois
June 29 - July 1, 2006 • 4 Breeds Open Shows
 Tuesday, June 27                                           Friday, June 30
    Noon       - Earliest arrival of hogs                      8:00 a.m. - Poland China Breeding Stock Show begins
    6-8 p.m. - Begin check in of Junior Hogs                               followed by Chester White & Spots
                                                              9:00 a.m. - Berkshire Breeding Stock Show begins

 Wednesday, June 28                                           9:00 a.m. - Skill-a-thon Contest begins

    8-11 a.m. - Conclude check in of Junior Hogs              1:00 p.m. - Judging Contest begins

    9:00 a.m. - Junior hogs must be penned                    4:00 p.m. - Novice Judging Contest

    9-10:30 a.m.- Barrow weigh in and classification          7:00 p.m. - Family Fun Night and Barnyard Olympics

    1:00 p.m. - Mandatory Junior Exhibitor Meeting            8:30 p.m. - Contest Award Winner Presentation and

    2:00 p.m. - Team Purebred Barrow Show                                    Silent Auction Concludes

    2:30 p.m. - Swine Issues Contest Begins-Sr Exhibitors
    Immediately following Barrow Show –                     Saturday, July 1

                   Costume Contest                            8:30 a.m. - Sweepstakes Award Presentation and
                                                                             Alum-Line Trailer Giveaway

 Thursday, June 29                                            9:00 a.m. - Team Purebred Donation Gilt Sale

    8:00 a.m. - Silent Auction Begins                         9:05 a.m. - Berkshire Breeding Stock Sale Begins

    8 a.m. – noon – Check in of open breeding stock           12 noon - Poland China Breeding Stock Sale Begins
                                                                        followed by Chester White and Spots
    8:00 a.m. - Showmanship Contest Begins
    9:00 a.m. - Weighing & Scanning of open class
                boars and gilts begin                       Hotels:

    10:00 a.m.- All open breeding stock must be penned                Northfield Inn & Suites: 217-523-7900
                                                                      Ramada Limited: 217-523-4000
    12:30 p.m.- Junior Gilt Show Begins
   At the motel:                                                   Team Purebred Junior Show:
    7-8 p.m.   - Team Purebred Pizza Party                                 Brian Anderson and Dan Hoge
                                                                  Team Purebred Showmanship:
    8:00 p.m. - Team Purebred Annual Meeting                               Sue Schaffer and Kevin Wendt
    Immediately Following Annual Meeting-                         Berkshire:       Kevin Wendt
                                                                  Chester White: Neil Planalp
          Team Purebred Miniature Golf Outing                     Poland China: Raymond Rice
      Entry Deadline: May 20th, 2006                              Spotted:         Jim McCoy

Entry Forms and additional information                      For more information, contact:
 available at www.teampurebred.com                                 Amy Jo Johnson
                                                                   Team Purebred Junior Coordinator
   Held in conjunction with CPS and                                765-497-3618
  Berkshire Summer Type Conference                                 amyjo@nationalswine.com

PAGE 50                                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
You Gotta Know When To Hold Em
    & Know When To Fold Em
                              Don’t Mess With
                        The GAMBLER

                 $8100 Reserve Champion Boar - SWTC
        We are so excited about The Gambler, we don’t feel we are
           gambling with him at all, and are very excited about
            his first litters coming late summer. This has been the
             herdsire we have been looking for for a long time.

    We have a great selection of pigs this summer by George (sire of
    Curious George) and Goin Ape (a full brother to Curious George).
     We will be at the STC, Ohio & Indiana State Fairs, and the NBS.

                     Be sure to look us up and say “Hi!”

                          MCWHINNEY/YEAZEL SHOW PIGS
                 Dale & Sharon McWhinney                                 Jim Yeazel
               8958 St. Rt. 122 West • Eaton, Ohio 45320    1495 Wolverton Rd. • Eaton, Ohio 45320
                 937-456-2844 • Fax: 937-456-2424          Farm: 937-456-3094 • Home: 937-456-1711
                            Cell: 937-545-8440                          Cell: 937-689-0241
                    E-Mail: smcgmblr@infinet.com           Boars - Gilts - Bred Gilts Available on Farm
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                        PAGE 51
Wall Street Address
                   by Jack Wall, CEO
                Certified Pedigreed Swine


              Walking the Walk and Talking the Talk
    The ever changing agriculture scene and swine industry has       cost to you individual breeders has probably been less than ten
mandated that farmers and pork producers become efficient at         cents per litter you have record in the last ten years.
what they do best. There is not doubt that there are multiple            The CPS Breeds are proud of our in-house performance
ways to do things. Some farmers use red tractors, some green         program. This Herdsman program keeps within data to formu-
and some blue. Some swine producers use exclusive A-I, and           late sow productivity indexes, terminal indexes and is capable of
some like the natural service method of the boar. Good results       ranking your hogs on almost all traits imaginable. We are also
can materialize using the method that you know best.                 able to utilize Herdsman to calculate across herd sire summaries.
    Breed Associations have had to adapt to changes, and often       In this issue you will find the most current across herd sire sum-
we make these changes at no expense to you. The past several         maries for all three breeds. Seedstock producers need to utilize
years have been highlighted with a renewed interest in purebred      all the information available to reach greater progress. Purple
swine. Junior shows have surfaced all over the country, and the      ribbon genes have a short memory when it comes to true genet-
CPS Board of Directors saw the need for an organized Junior          ic progress in my book. Consistent sires and dams will alter
Association and formed Team Purebred. Organized in 2003,             breed history for years to come, where purple ribbons fade in
this active Junior Association now numbers nearly 1000 youth         the sun. the aforementioned Herdsman program cost you the
across America and either solely or assist in planning and man-      producer most like 0 dollars.
aging six shows per year. These are much more than pig shows,            Providing fast and accurate pedigree service to you is priori-
but also educational opportunities and social events of great sig-   ty one. The CPS staff does not set the policy in terms of cost of
nificance. In short, these Junior activities have made your pure-    a litter or rules for registry. We only enforce those rules that the
bred hogs more valuable and give your herd and genetics more         individual breeds adapt. I challenge any of you to find an organ-
exposure. The cost to you was probably 0.                            ization that does the things we do, with the passion we have,
    The eight breed swine organizations comprise an organiza-        with the efficiency that we provide. It’s our goal to get them
tion called National Association of Swine Records or NASR.           right the first time. If you provide the correct data, the proper
Collectively, NASR helps plan and organize the World Pork            payment, and do it in a timely manner, our accuracy will be
Expo and National Barrow Show. These two events are annu-            nearly perfect.
ally some of the most attended and successful events in the              National pig shows are a major part of many breeders’ rou-
country. Through the cooperation of NASR and Geo. A.                 tine. CPS successfully conducts seven national shows across the
Hormel & Company, the most expansive NBS Sire and Progeny            United States annually. We do our best to promote the event,
Test is conducted. Progressive breeders have consigned 8 pigs        hire capable judges and auctioneers to merchandise your best,
by one sire to this event and gotten more valuable meat quality      at a facility that is both accommodating as well as accessible.
data than available anywhere in the world. Not only is ADG, BF,      We post the entry list on the internet as well as show and sale
LE, and Feed Efficiency gathered, but so are eating quality traits   catalogs with sale results listed while at the show or shortly
of loin pH, IMF, Instron and Hunter color scores, along with         afterwards. We also photograph many of the sale hogs available
stress status and napole. Sire summaries are available ranking       and provide this service to you at no additional charge.
each tested sire on all of these traits. The CPS breeds’ Board of        The Breeders Digest is a great tool for breeders to view
Directors and individual breeds realize the need to find out as      what is available within their breed. I have been a little disap-
much information as can be gathered to improve the industry.         pointed in breeders’ reluctance to advertise is this publication.
    There is no doubt in my mind that a great deal of valuable       Your continued support of the Breeders Digest will determine
information has been accumulated from this test that can and         the future of CPS.
has been utilized by the breeders involved and the Breed                 As you can see from the above methods of involvement,
Associations. We should care what our end product looks like         Chester White, Poland China and Spotted breeders are able to
and tastes like. The CPS Breeds are proud of our support of this     take huge steps to greater success in the purebred industry.
test and proud of the breeders who have been involved. The           These breeds not only “Walk the Walk, they also Talk the Talk.”
PAGE 52                                                                                     BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                           THE POLAND CONNECTION
The names listed in this June-July Breeder Directory, called the Poland China Connection, symbolize those that have paid $75.00 between August 1, 2005 and May 19,
2006. With the next magazine, only those breeders who have paid their 2005-2006 Maintenance Fee will be included. Submit your 2005-2006 Maintenance Fee of
$75.00 today to the PCRA.

ARIZONA                                 Dirks Farms (BLD)                         Bowling, Ralph (BOW)                      Pearson, John W. & Tucker
                                        27639 E. 1300 North Rd.,                  1516 E. 450 N, Greencastle 46135          Jonathon (TJP)
Hopkins, Elijah & Renee (EHRH)          Ellsworth 61737                           765/522-6850                              2052 E. 400 N., Portland 47371
Hopkins Hog Farm                        309/824-0779 (day)                                                                  260/726-3825
P.O. Box 3195, Wickenburg 85358         309/724-8001 (night)                      Brattain, Kent & Family (KTB)
928/684-2648                                                                      263 S. CR 900 W, Greencastle 46135        Pohlman, Joe & Family (POH)
928/617-0134                            Dorjahn, Lyle & Family                    765/653-1254                              6898 W. 500 N. Kokomo 46901
928/231-4270 (cell)                     1525 N CR 205 E., Atwood 61913            765/720-3305 (cell)                       219/699-6661
                                                                                  Brattain, Marshall & Shirley (MSB)
ARKANSAS                                                                                                                    Powell, Greg (GAP)
                                                                                  621 N. 850 W., Greencastle 46135
                                        Flach Farms (RFL)                                                                   97 W. Brinton St., Apt. 11
Masters, Jerry (RJM)                    7861 Angle Crossing Rd.,                                                            Cicero 46034
625 Buck Mountain Rd., Dover 72837      Oakley 62501                                                                        765/438-1984
                                                                                  Brommer, Steve M. & Family (SMBF)
479/331-9708 (day)                      217/763-6017                              343 E. 800 S. Rd.
479/331-4062 (night)                                                                                                        Rinker, John
                                                                                  Columbia City 46725
                                        Mende, Wilma Hall (HFP)                                                             10428 N. 400 E., Alexandria 46001
COLORADO                                Hyland Farms                                                                        765/620-5974 (day)
                                        Rt. 1, 2112 IL. Rt. 38, Ashton 61006                                                765/724-2323 (night)
                                                                                  Culver, John & Family (JCF)
Collins, Gerald & Fonda (CCC)           815/246-9389                              6236 S. 300 W., Chalmers 47929
Collins Polands                                                                                                             Twin Cedars Farm (TCF)
18284 E. Mansfield Ave.                 Mills Brothers (MBP)                                                                8418 S. Co. Rd. 300 W.
Aurora 80013-3308                       RR 1 Box 419, Clinton 61727               Fisher, Rick & Family (RFF)               Clayton 46118
303/699-7462                            W. from Clinton on Rt. 10 to road sign                                              317/539-2204
                                                                                  6007 N. 300 E., Winchester 47394
303/349-2151 (cell)                     700 E., turn rt. (N) to T-road (900 N     765/584-8122
                                        turn left, 1st house)                                                               IOWA
DELAWARE                                217/935-4803                              Flickinger, Jon G. (JGF)
                                                                                                                            Davis, Brad & Ken (DDP)
                                                                                  30138 County Road 40
David H. McClements                     Siwinski, Mike & Kathy & Family                                                     23437 92nd Ave., Mediapolis 52637
                                                                                  Wakarusa 46573
472 Blackiston Road, Clayton 19938      (PNB)                                                                               319/394-9322
302/653-6360                            616 Co. Rd. 2350 E., Varna 61375                                                    319/750-7665 (cell)
                                        815/452-2935                              Fuhrmann, Stanley G. & Family
GEORGIA                                                                                                                     Griebel, Lawrence & Son (LGB)
                                        Smith, Randy & Tona (RTS)                                                           31323 395th Ave.
                                                                                  10544 N. 350 W., Decatur 46733
Morris, Dean (DDM)                      1746 Cty. Hwy. 123, Alexander 62601                                                 Bellevue 52031-9490
Rt. 1, Box 384, Cuthbert 31740          217/478-2081                                                                        563/872-4303
229/679-5321 (day)                      217/473-7234 (cell)                       Howe, Andy & Family (HOW)
229/732-6677 (night)                                                                                                        IXL Breeding Herds (IXL)
                                                                                  4516 W. 950 S, Star City 46985
                                        Strubbe, Deborah                                                                    c/o Franklin D. Albertsen
                                                                                  574/581-1105 (day)
ILLINOIS                                2165 Strawn Crossing Rd.                                                            2689 II Avenue, Toledo 52342
                                                                                  574/278-7146 (night)
                                        Jacksonville 62650                                                                  641/484-5415
ALF Livestock Co. (ALF)                 217/243-3777                              J.J. Genetics (JJG)
Todd Boicken & Family                                                             11570 W. 930 S., Seymour 47274            Tuckers Polands (DWT)
9207 E. 4000 N. Rd., Momence 60954      Walker, Roger (KRW)                       812/378-1280 (day)                        c/o Bill Tucker
815/472-4017                            1960 Arcadia Rd., Jacksonville            812/342-0450 (night)                      19536 180th St., New London 52645
                                        62650                                                                               319/367-5228
Barnett Farms (BFPC)                    217/245-7851                                                                        319/209-0305 (cell)
                                                                                  Kercheval, Kyle & Family (KKK)
1506 State Rt. 100, Bluffs 62621
                                        White Brothers (WBP)                      8998 N. 900 E., Sheridan 46069
217/248-1006 (day)                                                                                                          W&W Polands
                                        Zachary & Lucas                           317/758-5667
217/754-3936 (night)                                                                                                        Roger Waller & Jim Waits
                                        1020 Lynnville Woodson Rd.
                                        Jacksonville 62650                                                                  1446 Union Ave., Bennett 52721
                                                                                  Kilander, Leon M. & Family (LMK)
Bennett, Bryan & Scott (SBP)            217/243-3469                              10113 W. 1000 S. 90, Marion 46952         563/210-6632
13507 N. Rupp Rd.,                                                                260/375-3651
Martinsville 62442                      Widick, Jarrod (JWSF)                                                               Zedeker Bros. (CFZ)
217/382-4772                            1661 Co. Rd. 2200 E.                                                                209 W. Sycamore St.
                                        St. Joseph 61873                          Laird, Bill & Family (BLF)
                                                                                                                            Dunkerton 59626
                                        217/469-2047                              2903 S. 800E, Waldron 46182
Boicken, Gerald (GMB)                                                                                                       937/935-2174
                                                                                  2.2 mi. N. of St. Paul-Middletown
10275 N. 10000 E Rd.,                   INDIANA                                   exchange on I-74 on Cty Line Rd., 11
Grant Park 60940                                                                                                            Zedeker Bros. & Hawkeye
                                                                                  mi. S.E. of Shelbyville
815/465-6608                            Arnholt, Nathan (NRA)                                                               Community College (HCC)
815/953-3745 (cell)                     11678 E. State Rd. 46                                                               1501 East Orange Rd.
                                        Columbus 47201                                                                      Waterloo 50704-8015
                                                                                  McDonald, Robert L. & Patrick
Center Prairie Genetics (TJO)           2 1/2 mi. E. of U.S. 31 or 4 1/2 mi. S.                                             319/296-2320
14752 Backbone Rd.,                     of S.R. 46                                2256 N. 725 E, Darlington 47940
Princeton 61356                         812/371-2689 (day)                                                                  KANSAS
815/303-4625 (cell)                     812/579-6800 (night)
815/699-7075 (night)                                                                                                        Newberry, Dustin
                                                                                  Moore Family Farm (MFF1)
                                        Biddle, Ronnie & Family (RBF)                                                       1102 N.W. 100th Rd., Attica 67009
                                                                                  4594 N. 300 E., Albion 46701
Denzer, Adam (ADZ)                      1307 W. 296th St., Sheridan 46069                                                   620/254-7294
17353 North Rd. 975 East                317/758-6169                              260/349-7771 (cell)
Bloomington 61704                       317/445-3551 (cell)                                                                 Scheller, Larry E. (LES)
309/888-9964                                                                                                                17476 Donahoo Rd.,
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                                       PAGE 53
                                          THE POLAND CONNECTION
Tonganoxie 66086                          937/834-2307 (day)                     Leiphardt, Barton (BL8)              Mahan, Ray/McKnight, Max
1 mi. N. then 2 1/2 mi. W. of the 4-way   937/653-6836 (night)                   Rt. 1, Box 41, Mountain View 73062   257 HCR 1421 LP
stop sign in Basehor, KS                                                         580/347-2114                         Covington 76636
913/724-2392                              Brown, Adrian & Family (ALBN)                                               817/645-0822
                                          8801 Lock Two Rd., Botkins 45306       Miner, Bill, Miner’s Polands (BDD)   817/240-2575 (cell)
Waters, Gene (WAT1)                       419/236-8990                           Rt. 1, Box 54, Checotah 74426
26730 New Lawrence Dr.,                                                          918/473-6198                         Melcher, Dennis (PCR)
Leavenworth 66048                         Henricks Preferred Stock (HPS)                                              Pork Chop Ranch
913/727-1761 (day)                        08838 Rd. 34, Bryan 43506              Moore Poland Farm (MPF)              Rt. 1, Box 129, Meadow 79345
913/250-0660 (night)                      419/636-1694                           c/o Dustin Moore                     806/392-0095
913/683-3318 (cell)                                                              Rt. 2, Box 48A, Taloga 73667         806/585-6576
                                          Howell, Norman & Family (NRH)          580/328-5341
MARYLAND                                  11411 Sidney Freyburg Rd.,                                                  Probst, Michael
                                          Sidney 45365                           Moss, Buddy (MOS)                    150 County Rd. 101, Brady 76825
Ernst Farm Polands (ERN)                  937/394-8441                           Rt. 2, Box 67, Elmore City 73433     325/456-0013
13646 Broadfording Rd.,                                                          580/788-2322                         325/697-1778
Clear Spring 21722                        Mapes, Leland & Larry (LLM)
3 mi. NE of Clear Spring on Broad-        Box 63, Unionville Center 43077        Rice, Raymond & Sheryl (RSR)         RKH Pig Farm (RKH)
fording Rd.                               Halfway between Milford Center and     P.O. Box 591, Velma 73491            Ray & Karen Hewitt
301/842-3926 - Steve & Sheila             Plain City at end of Railroad St. in   580/255-5542                         P.O. Box 819, Coldspring 77331
301/842-2587 - Carlton & Arnita           Unionville Center                                                           936/767-4495
                                          614/873-5208 (Leland)                  Searles Station (LXFS)
MINNESOTA                                                                                                             Samm’s Hog Farms (MAC2)
                                          937/349-8845 (Steve)                   Larry-Brenda-Lakin-Lexie-Brody
                                          937/834-3913 (Larry)                   855 E. 573, Chouteau 74337           Stan & Mary McMullen
Brugman Hog Farms (BHF)
                                                                                 918/476-6718 (day)                   2210 NCR 424, Loraine 79532
Don Brugman
                                          McDonald, Douglas E. (DMD1)            918/864-0096 (night)                 915/728-3111 - Mary
46657 Co. Rd. 51, Jeffers 56145
                                          7656 St. Rt. 161                                                            915/737-2242 - Stan
                                          Mechanicsburg 43044                    Sharber, Greg (S&G)                  Toll Free: 888/720-2980
                                          937/834-2152                           P.O. Box 414, Wynnewood 73098
Graham, William J. (WJG)
                                                                                 405/665-2314                         Schnitker, Bob (BSF)
5616 Dempsey Ave. S.W.
                                          McWhinney/Yeazel Pigs                                                       179 Weber Lane, Howe 75459
Waverly 55390
                                          Dustin McWhinney & Travis Yeazel       Triple R Swine                       903/476-5831
                                          8958 St. Rt. 122 W, Eaton 45320        Shannon Remington
                                          937/545-8440 (cell)                    54605 W. 38th Pl. South              Stephens Farms (SSS1)
Kemen, Alfred M. (AMK)
                                          937/456-2844 (home)                    Jennings 74038                       4601 Diaz Ranch Rd.
2375 Highway 212, Madison 56256
                                                                                 918/862-3135                         Amarillo 79108
                                          Morrison, Paul & Family (PMFP)                                              806/381-4582
                                          2802 Weaver Station Rd.                PENNSYLVANIA                         806/654-5667 (cell)
Kritzeck Polands (KP)
                                          New Madison 45346
10470 110 St. S.W.,
                                          937/996-5491                           Strawbridge, John C. (JCS)           Thomas Farms (TTF)
Howard Lake 55349                                                                4290 Bridge St., Whitehall 18052     c/o Tony Thomas
4 mi. S. on Cty Rd 6, 1 3/4 mi. W.
                                          Priority Farm, c/o Bill Myers          610/799-5593                         28 Highland Dr.
320/543-2880 (Roger)
                                          1517 West Point Rd.,                                                        Ransom Canyon 79366
                                          Lancaster 43130                        TENNESSEE                            806/829-2552
Schley’s Polands (RSSS)
Box 281, Dodge Center 55927                                                      Ligon's Polands (LPF)
                                          740/503-4022 (cell)                                                         Woodruff, Mike (MWWF)
507/374-2103 (home)                                                              13895 U.S. 70, Lebanon Rd.           1910 Greenwood
507/259-1145 (cell)                                                              Old Hickory 37138
                                          OKLAHOMA                                                                    Weatherford 76088
                                                                                 14 mi. E of Nashville on US 70       817/594-8951
MISSOURI                                                                         615/758-0806
                                          Burchfield, Ross (RRR)
Croy Poland China (CPC)                   23226 Hwy 66 W., Calumet 73014
                                                                                 TEXAS                                WISCONSIN
(Dennis, Sheri, Erin & Kyle)              405/884-2331
24166 Slade Ave., Gallatin 64640          405/833-3881 (cell)                    B&B Livestock, Jerry Baird (JRBB)    Fowler’s Polands (WJF)
660/663-2172                                                                     110 16th Street, Hereford 79045      John, Victoria, Rebecca
660/663-2463                              Campbell-Crotty, Regina (RCC)          806/364-5216                         3089 Alt Road, Cuba City 53807
                                          3920 S. Fairgrounds
                                          Stillwater 74074                                                            608/744-2439
Davis Livestock (WSDL)                                                           Floyd, Norman
(William & Susan Davis, Eric & Jake)      405/743-4306                           511 Travis St., Deleon 76444         Larson, Mike, Matt & Andy (MML)
902 Fairlane Dr., Chillicothe 64601                                              254/893-5822                         Larson’s Polands
660/646-6010                              Frazee, Dustin (DF)
                                                                                                                      9570 Cemetery Rd., Brussels 54204
                                          Rt. 1, Box 201, Pauls Valley 73075     Huseman, Scott & Randy (DJH)         902/825-7859
Reid’s Polands (RPJ)                      405/238-4297                           P.O. Box 264, Nazareth 79063         920/255-2360 (cell)
Jerry Reid                                                                       806/364-0530 (day)
310 N. Locust, Box 104,                   H&M Showpigs (HM)                      806/363-6924 (night)                 Moldenhauer, Kirby (KEM)
Sweet Springs 65351                       Eddie & Netie Hargrove                 806/945-2681                         N6529 Hwy. 146, Randolph 53956
660/335-4653                              Rt. 4, Box 192D, Sayre 73662
                                                                                                                      1 3/4 mi. S. of Cambria on Hwy. 146
                                          580/225-4215                           L&J Stock Farms (L&J)                920/348-5692
OHIO                                                                             P.O. Box 1108, Comfort 78013
                                          Hrbacek, Curtis                        830/995-4312 (office)
Berry, Jon & Family (RRT)                 Rt. 1, Box 3420, Apache 73006          830/739-5631 (cell)
857 S. Mutual Union Rd.                   580/588-2263
Cable 43009

PAGE 54                                                                                                      BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
           Spring 2006 Poland China Across-Herd Sire Summary
                                                   The Poland China Swine Record Association proudly presents this most
                                                   recent Across Herd Sire Summary, utilizing the within house Herdsman
                                                   Performance Program. All breeders are encouraged to submit accurate
                                                   production and performance data to the PCRA when registering litters and
                                                   the completion of scanning. This sire listing includes sires born January 1,
                                                   2002 and after. The boars listed here rank in the top 5% of all sires used
                                                   since 2002. A complete list of all sires is available by contacting the Poland
                                                   China Swine Record Association at 309-691-6301.

      Poland China Sires Ranked on Performance Traits                        Poland China Sires Ranked on Maternal Traits
Trait     Boar’s Name               Owner, State              EPD      Trait       Boar’s Name              Owner, State                EPD
TSI       ERN4 Golden Hammer 29-7   Ernst, MD                106.08    SPI         MPF2 Just ‘N Time 9-9    Reid, MO                  125.86
TSI       ERN5 Cool Front 1-6       Ernst, MD                106.06    SPI         RPJ3 College King 23-3   Reid & Davis, MO          123.43
                                                                       SPI         RPJ4 Childish 4-5        Reid/Waller/Stayton/IXL   120.58
TSI       ERN2 Golden Hammer 3-9    Ernst, MD                105.65
                                                                       SPI         RPJ2 Cash Money 1-3      McDonald, IN              111.71
TSI       ERN2 Golden Hammer 3-7    Ernst, MD                105.65    SPI         3 What 2-4               Hi Point, IL              110.93
TSI       ERN4 Cool Front 22-5      Ernst, MD                105.56    SPI         DDP3 Bert 3-8            Moldenhauer, WI           109.29
TSI       ERN2 Cool Front 19-8      Ernst, MD                105.45    SPI         JWP3 Hardcore 16-6       Reid, MO                  109.23
TSI       ERN4 Cool Front 6-1       Ernst, MD                105.36    SPI         RJW2 Black Fusion 15-4   W-W, IA                   109.01
                                                                       MLI         MPF2 Just ‘N Time 9-9    Reid, MO                  138.81
TSI       ERN2 Cool Front 8-3       Ernst, MD                105.16
                                                                       MLI         RPJ3 College King 23-3   Reid & Davis, MO          135.66
TSI       BLF12 Hardcore 15-4       W-W, IA                  104.82
                                                                       MLI         RPJ4 Childish 4-5        Reid/Waller,Stayton/IXL   130.72
TSI       BLF12 Dusto 15-5          Carman, OK               104.82    MLI         BLF12 Hardcore 15-4      W-W, IA                   119.39
TSI       4S Mr. Ex-Cel 54-14       Ernst, MD                104.72    MLI         RPJ2 Cash Money 1-3      McDonald, IN              118.69
TSI       SBP4 MBP Livewire 2-1     Mills, IL                104.66    MLI         RJW5 Childish 35-5       W-W, IA                   118.12
Days      ERN2 Cool Front 8-3       Ernst, MD                  -3.73   MLI         JWP3 Hardcore 16-6       Reid, MO                  117.10
                                                                       MLI         3 What 2-4               Hi Point, IL              116.64
Days      SBP4 MBP Livewire 2-1     Mills, IL                  -3.39
                                                                       MLI         RJW4 Shape 4-5           W-W, IA                   115.99
Days      ERN2 Cool Front 19-8      Ernst, MD                  -3.30   Lit. Size   MPF2 Just ‘N Time 9-9    Reid, MO                    +.35
Days      ERN5 Cool Front 1-6       Ernst, MD                  -3.19   Lit. Size   RPJ3 College King 23-3   Reid & Davis, MO            +.28
Days      ERN4 Cool Front 6-1       Ernst, MD                  -3.15   Lit. Size   DDP3 Bert 3-8            Moldenhauer, WI             +.26
BF        ERN2 Golden Hammer 3-9    Ernst, MD                   -.08   Lit. Size   RTS2 Top Dog 7-3         Beatty, IL                  +.25
                                                                       Lit. Size   RPJ4 Childish 4-5        Reid/Waller/Stayton/IXL     +.23
BF        ERN2 Golden Hammer 3-7    Ernst, MD                   -.08
                                                                       Lit. Size   RTS2 Top Dog 19-4        RTS Genetics, IL            +.22
BF        ERN4 Golden Hammer 29-7   Ernst, MD                   -.07
                                                                       Lit. Size   RTS4 New Dezine 1-3      Culver, IN                  +.20
BF        2 Escalade 4-2            Fowler, WI                  -.06   Lit. Size   JCF2 JC 3-1              Purple Power, IN            +.19
BF        WAT12 Big Bob 3-3         Scheller, KS                -.06   Lit. Size   R&PM3 Top Dog 14-1       Ernst, MD                   +.19
BF        ERN4 Cool Front 22-5      Ernst, MD                   -.06   21Day#      MPF2 Just ‘N Time 9-9    Reid, MO                  +20.61
BF        4S Mr. Ex-Cel 54-14       Ernst, MD                   -.05   21Day#      RPJ3 College King 23-3   Reid & Davis, MO          +18.86
                                                                       21Day#      RPJ4 Childish 4-5        Reid/Waller/Stayton/IXL   +16.72
BF        ERN5 Cool Front 1-6       Ernst, MD                   -.05
                                                                       21Day#      RPJ2 Cash Money 1-3      McDonald, IN              +10.29
LEA       BLF12 Hardcore 15-4       W-W, IA                    +.17    21Day#      3 What 2-4               Hi Point, IL               +9.33
LEA       BLF12 Dusto 15-5          Carman, OK                 +.17    21Day#      RJW5 Childish 35-5       W-W, IA                    +9.11
LEA       ERN5 Cool Front 1-6       Ernst, MD                  +.12    # Wnd.      RJW2 Black Fusion 15-4   W-W, IA                     +.10
LEA       ERN4 Golden Hammer 29-7   Ernst, MD                  +.11    # Wnd.      RTS4 New Dezine 1-3      Culver, IN                  +.09
                                                                       # Wnd.      RPJ3 College King 23-3   Reid & Davis, MO            +.08
LEA       RJW4 Shape 4-5            W-W, IA                    +.09
                                                                       # Wnd.      RTS2 Top Dog 7-3         Beatty, IL                  +.07
LEA       JWP3 Crazy Horse 10-3     Tucker, IA                 +.09
                                                                       # Wnd.      RJW2 RSR Tank 14-10      Rice, OK                    +.07
Ln. Gn.   ERN5 Cool Front 1-6       Ernst, MD                  +.04    # Wnd.      DDP3 Bert 3-8            Moldenhauer, WI             +.07
Ln. Gn.   ERN4 Golden Hammer 29-7   Ernst, MD                  +.04    # Wnd.      MPF2 Just ‘N Time 9-9    Reid, MO                    +.07
                                                                       # Wnd.      RPJ4 Childish 4-5        Reid/Waller/Stayton/IXL     +.07
                                                                       # Wnd.      RTS2 Top Dog 19-4        RTS, IL                     +.07
                                                                       # Wnd.      MPF2 New Dezine 9-7      Triple B, OK                +.07
                                                                       # Wnd.      RJW5 Childish 35-5       W-W, IA                     +.07
                                                                       Birth Wt.   HFP2 Hy Class 84-1       Mende, IL                   +.31
                                                                       Birth Wt.   HFP3 Gold Star 1-9       Mende, IL                   +.30
                                                                       Birth Wt.   HFP2 Hy Choice 11-3      Mende, IL                   +.28
                                                                       Birth Wt.   HF{2 Hungry Eyes 11-4    Mende, IL                   +.19
                                                                       Birth Wt.   HFP3 Hy Star 19-1        Mende, IL                   +.14
                                                                       Birth Wt.   R&PM3 Top Dog 14-1       Ernst, MD                   +.13
                                                                       Birth Wt.   WJF2 Perfection 9-4      Tucker, IA                  +.10

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                PAGE 55
          Building a Bright Tomorrow
                                                    Plainview’s SWTC 2nd High Selling and Class
                                                    winning Gilt from Waits & Waller. We are look-
                                                    ing forward to something special in her first lit-
                                                    ter out of Bow Flexx putting together two of the
                                                    most proven and potent bloodlines in the breed.

                                                    2005 Team Purebred’s Foundation Poland gilt.
                                                    Wow! What a first litter. Nine pigs farrowed with
                                                    all nine finding excellent homes in Indiana,
                                                    Missouri and Illinois. We appreciate everyone’s
                                                    interest in her first litter and invite everyone
                                                    back in the fall to see her “NO DOUBT” litter. If
                                                    you thought the first litter was outstanding, wait
                                                    til you see this mating.

Thanks you to The                                                                 Thank you to Davis
Syndicate, IN., for                                                               Livestock and Croy
your purchase of the                                                              Polands, MO., for
1-1 boar. We expect                                                               your great purchases
to hear great things                                                              of littermate gilts
from him.                                                                         from the Foundation
                                                                                  sow’s first litter.

                  Richey-Rincker                                RRG
                       www.polandshowpigs.com - R 1, Box 190, Windsor, IL 61957
                          Phone: Dale - 618.593.2149 • Lyndal - 217.459.2890
                                  Email: lrincker@cmecwildblue.com
PAGE 56                                                              BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                           2006                                Heldermon Show Pigs
                      Illinois State Fair
                        Poland China
                        Show and Sale
                                                                Thanks to Team El Reno & Bobby Listen
           Thursday, August 17, 2006                             for their Poland boar pig purchase of
                Springfield, Illinois                            “5 Star” at our sale. We truly believe
                                                                “5 Star” is the best Poland boar to ever
              Show: 8:00 a.m.
                                                                             leave our farm.
        Sale approximately 2 hours
              after the Show
             20 Boars and 20 Gilts                             Semen available on our herd boar “TEX”.
                                                               His 1st pig crop had tremendous success.
                Sale Phone: 217/524-9761                            Champion Poland Market Hog,
                     Jack Wall Mobile:                                    Central District, OK.
                        309/945-3312                                     Premium Sale Barrow,
                   For more information call:                         Houston Livestock Show, TX
                          Brian Dirks:
                          309/724-8001                        Guy, Leigh, Kye, & Sage Heldermon
                                                                Rt. 1, Box 34A               Hinton, OK 73047
                                                               (405) 542-3022                 (405) 202-4151
                                                                     Just off I-40, Exit 95 & Old Rt. 66

              The Class Poland Event of 2006
     2006 Indiana State Fair Poland China Show & Sale
                 Tuesday, August 15, 2006 • Indianapolis, Indiana
                    Show - 8:00 a.m. • Sale - 2 hours following show
             Judge: Neil Planalp • Auctioneer: Howard Parrish (#AU01007061)
  We cordially invite all Poland China enthusiasts to Indianapolis for the 2005 Poland China State Fair Show &
  Sale. Out of state exhibitors and buyers will always be greeted with Hoosier hospitality at its finest. August 16
  will be the date of one of the finest Poland shows on record. Your participation is encouraged.

                                                  Junior Show
                                         Tuesday, August 9 - 8:00 a.m.

     2005 Indiana Res. Champion Boar                                              2005 Indiana Champion Gilt

                Show & Sale Phone: 317-927-7515 (ask for Swine Barn)
                       or Jack Wall Mobile: 309-945-3312
                             Show Manager: Faith Laird - 765/525-9974
                   Poland Hysteria — Catch It August 15
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                             PAGE 57
                    Hog College                          They’ll Open Your Eyes
     ’06           Nominations due by
                     August 1, 2006
 We are looking for some good candidates to represent
 four breeds at the National Barrow Show in Austin,
 MN. Candidates must be born after January 1, 2006
 with a minimum of 8 or more in their litter. Stress
 status must be known.                                    The most exciting litter raised on our farm in
                                                          several years is out of this 2002 Wisconsin
 For Chesters, Polands and Spots, please send a video     Grand Champion female by One Eyed Jack x
 and scan figures of your animal to:                      Hungry Eyes. This exciting litter by “The Walk”
   Jack Wall, CPS, P.O. Box 9758, Peoria, IL 61612        features a tremendous boar and gilt prospect
                                                          born February 20, that are extremely wide
      For Berkshires, send a video and scan data          based, stylish, meaty and sound.
        (animals must be stress negative) to:
          Amy Smith, ABA, P.O. Box 2436,                     They’ll hit the tanbark somewhere this
           West Lafayette, IN 47996-2346                             summer. Call for details.

     Entry form on www.americanberkshire.com
                                                                    HYLAND FARM
   Videos will not be accepted after August 1, 2006                    c/o Wilma Hall Mende
                                                                R.R. 1, Ashton, IL 61006 • 815/246-9389

 Want to get Famous? Get some Power!

                    BIG N RICH                                           GROUND WIRE
 A son of Purple Heart, he is a special one — length,   Look closely at this stress negative son of Purple
 balance, power and bone, big in frame, structure       Heart. We were going to take him to Duncan last
 and muscle. His list of winners continues to grow      fall and decided to keep him when we found out he
 and we expect many more from him.                      was negative. Real good in flexibility, great internal
                                                        capacity, amazing muscle and width — looks like a
                                                        stress positive boar. His first pigs will hit the ground
                                                        in late August. Be sure to watch for them.

            KC Farms c/o Ken Bauer
            Walkersville, Maryland 21793 • 301-829-1746 (H) • 301-748-7748 (Cell)
PAGE 58                                                                    BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
      Polands Select Board of Director Candidates
   President J.R. Reid has appointed Raymond Rice (Chairman) and Nathan Arnholt as
   the Nominating Committee for the Poland China Swine Record Association.

   This committee has selected the follow-
   ing slate of candidates to seek three
   year terms on the Board of Directors.                              Poland China
   Three Directors will be elected at the
   2006 Annual Membership Meeting to                                Recording Leaders
   be held Tuesday, September 12 in                            — Sept. 1, 2005 to April 30, 2006 —
   Austin, Minnesota.
                                                            Rank   Name/State                Litters   Ind. Transfers
                                                              1    Jerry Masters, AR           35      305     50
   Candidates in alphabetical order
                                                              2    Mills Bros., IL             28      266     71
   include: Ken Bauer, Maryland;                              3    Ernst Farm Polands, MD      27      212     12
   Norman Howell, Ohio; Randy                                 4    Fowler’s Polands, WI        24      208     13
   Huseman, Texas; Daniel Mills, Illinois;                    4    W&W Polands, IA             24      170     31
   Erin Musick, Illinois.                                     6    Derrick & D.J. Edwards, IN 23       201     27
                                                              7    Reid’s Polands, MO          18      154     30
                                                              8    Jim Waits, OK               15       57     18
   Ballots will be sent to all active Senior
                                                              9    Raymond & Sheryl Rice, OK 14        124     19
   members around August 10, 2006.                           10    Kirby Moldenhauer, WI       13       66      0
                                                             11    Nathan Arnholt, IN          11       73     13
                                                             12    KC Farm, MD                 10       56     11

   Spring Excited Leads to Summer Success
  Thanks to all of our customers for the most
  successful and rewarding spring sale season
  we’ve ever had.
  The Polands, sired by King Size, generated a
  lot of talk in the barns this spring. Watch for
  the litter 13 pigs at the STC this summer. The
  dam of this litter is the mother of our great
  Indiana Reserve Grand Gilt last summer. A
  special thanks to the Wall Family for purchas-
  ing a barrow from this litter for the WPX.
                                                                                  KING SIZE
  The Chesters, sired by Rudy, a great son of
  Ghost Rider, were very popular. Watch for more of these at the Indiana State Fair, and at Austin.
  Our young Berkshire program created a lot of excitement this spring. A very special thanks to
  Daniel Neal of Newcastle, IN., for his $800 purchase of our Berkshire gilt at the Winner’s Choice
  pig sale. She will be heard from a lot this summer. Watch for more of these, sired by Kindergarten
  Cop, this summer at the STC, Indiana, and the NBS.
           Watch for us this summer at the WPX, STC, and Indiana State Fair

   11678 E. St. Rd. 46 • Columbus, IN 47203 • 812/579-6800 • Cell: 812/371-2659

                                                     ARNHOLT & SMITH SEEDSTOCK BERKSHIRES

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                           PAGE 59
                  Patrick Creek Farm

                                                    BEST BUY
     Purchased at the 2005 Fall Classic, he is a littermate to the Champion and Reserve Gilts at Duncan
       purchased from Rodibaugh’s. Sired by The Best and out of a Whiteout sow, he will be siring
           width, bone, and power. Owned with Ronnie Perry. Semen available by calling me.

                                      2005 State Fair of Texas Team
                                         Purebred SW Regional
                                         Champion Poland Gilt
                                                Bred by us
  2004 Texas State Fair Reserve                                             2004 Houston Livestock Show
   Champion Chester Barrow                                                        7th Place Barrow
           Bred by us                                                                 Bred by us

                Give us a call and let us fill your showpig,
                     semen and breeding stock needs.

                        Michou Patrick Creek Farm
                                               c/o Ray Michou
          4682 Dennis Rd. • Weatherford, TX 76087 • Home (817) 341-3382 • Mobile (817) 304-2335
                                    email: rmichou@academicplanet.com
PAGE 60                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                                                         Spring 2006 Chester White
                                                                         Across-Herd Sire Summary
                                                       The Chester White Swine Record Association proudly presents its 2006 Across Herd
                                                       Sire Summary. Calculated with the within house Herdsman Performance Program,
                                                       the listed sires below were all born January 1, 2002 and later. They represent the
                                                       very elite and top 5% of all sires utilized since 2002. Please refer to this listing when
                                                       making genetic selections in the months ahead. For a complete listing of all sires,
                                                       contact the Chester White Swine Record Association at 309-691-0151.

            Chester Sires Ranked on Maternal Traits                                       Chester Sires Ranked on Performance Traits
Trait       Boar’s Name                     Owner, State                  EPD     Trait    Boar’s Name                     Owner, State                 EPD
SPI         AB’s 2 STS 2-4                  Armstrong, IL                115.11   TSI      RS3 Louie 83-1                  SGI & Schmidt, IA           107.20
SPI         RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL                113.87
SPI         TRF3 Big T 6-13                 Smith, WI                    113.31   TSI      RS3 Classic 48-3                Noel Bros., NE              106.30
SPI         TLH3 Lochness 105-13            Hendrickson, IN              112-19   TSI      TRF3 Big T 6-13                 Rake & Smith, WI            105.19
SPI         TRF4 Big T 5-10                 Rake, WI                     111.90   TSI      RS4 Ike 90-5                    Schmidt, IA                 105.14
SPI         XWM2 The Dream Catcher 1-5      Miller, OK                   111.45
SPI         RS4 Lazarus 79-2                SGI & Schmidt, IA            110.92   TSI      BGF2 Power Play 1-4             P&R & Lean Value            104.76
SPI         REM3 Rumor Has It 22-6          Miller, IL                   110.81   TSI      BGF2 All That & More 1-6        Arnett & Armstrong, IL      104.76
SPI         RCW4 No Question 25-4           Brown & Rudasill, MO         109.63   TSI      BGF2 Classic 1-3                Arnholt, IN                 104.76
SPI         BGF3 Soap Suds 1-4              Koscelny, OK                 109.62
SPI         CF23 Enthusiastic 10-1          Miller, IL                   109.50   TSI      AB’s 3 Class Act 15-3           Smitty’s, IL                104.54
SPI         CF23 Enthusiastic Jack 10-1     Farrer, IN                   109.35   TSI      RCW3 Colossal 40-3              SGI & Schminke, IA          104.42
SPI         LBS3 Atlas 6-2                  Banister, OH                 109.26   TSI      RCW3 Vintage 50-3               Brown & Rudasill, MO        104.36
SPI         RTS2 Truth 1-3                  RTS, IL                      108.93
SPI         SC2 Standing Tall 81-4          Koscelny, OK                 108.86   TSI      RCW3 Classic 50-2               Wetzel, PA                  104.36
SPI         RTS2 Faithful The Monster 1-5   The Stud, IA                 108.63   TSI      RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL               104.33
SPI         SC2 Wide Open 81-5              Compart/SGI/Schminke, IA     108.40   TSI      BFC2 Lincoln 87-4               Brown, MO                   104.16
SPI         CF22 It’s Time 16-1             Farmer, OK                   108.31
SPI         RS4 Ike 90-5                    Schmidt, IA                  108.28   TSI      BFC2 John Wayne 51-8            Brown, MO                   104.15
MLI         RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL                127.03   TSI      RCW5 Ghost Rider 34-3           Arnholt, IN                 104.13
MLI         TRF3 Big T 6-3                  Smith & Rake, WI             126.43
                                                                                  TSI      CJR2 Classic 3-2                CJR, IL                     104.05
MLI         AB’s 2 STS 2-4                  Armstrong, IL                122.14
MLI         TRF4 Big T 5-10                 Rake, WI                     121.18   Days     RS3 Louie 83-1                  SGI & Schmidt, IA            -5.18
MLI         RS4 Ike 90-5                    Schmidt, IA                  119.99   Days     RS3 Classic 48-3                Noel Bros., NE               -4.30
MLI         TLH3 Lochness 105-13            Hendrickson, IN              119.87
                                                                                  Days     BGF2 Power Play 1-4             P&R & Lean Value             -3.48
MLI         XWM2 The Dream Catcher 1-5      Miller, OK                   118.92
MLI         RS4 Lazarus 79-2                SGI & Schmidt, IA            118.49   Days     BGF2 All That & More 1-6        Armstrong & Arnett, IL       -3.48
MLI         REM3 Rumor Has It 22-6          Miller, IL                   118.47   Days     BGF2 Classic 1-3                Arnholt, IN                  -3.48
MLI         RS4 Colossal 51-4               Brown, MO                    117.12
                                                                                  Days     AB’s 3 Class Act 15-3           Smitty’s, IL                 -3.31
MLI         BGF3 Soap Suds 1-4              Koscelny, OK                 116.12
MLI         RCW4 No Question 25-4           Brown & Rudasill, MO         115.64   Days     RCW3 Colossal 40-3              SGI & Schmidt, IA            -3.30
MLI         RTS2 Truth 1-3                  RTS, IL                      115.38   Days     RS4 Ike 90-5                    Schmidt, IA                  -3.26
MLI         RP2 Wide Trac 39-2              Pierce, OH                   115.04
Lit. Size   SC2 Wide Open 81-5              Compart/SGI/Schminke, IA       +.40   Days     BFC2 John Wayne 51-8            Brown, MO                    -3.11
Lit. Size   AB’s 2 STS 2-4                  Armstrong, IL                  +.32   Days     BFC2 Lincoln 87-4               Brown, MO                    -3.09
Lit. Size   RCW4 No Question 25-4           Brown & Rudasill, MO           +.32   Days     CBSI3 Classic 83-3              Comparts, IA                 -3.09
Lit. Size   RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL                  +.32
Lit. Size   XWM2 The Dream Catcher 1-5      Miller, OK                     +.31   Days     RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL                -3.01
Lit. Size   REM3 Rumor Has It 22-6          Miller, IL                     +.29   Days     CJR2 Classic 3-2                CJR, IL                      -3.00
Lit. Size   P&R2 Fired Up 56-6              Breeders Choice/Pierce, OH     +.28   BF       TRF3 Big T 6-13                 Smith & Rake, WI              -.05
Lit. Size   SC2 Standing Tall 81-4          Koscelny, OK                   +.27
Lit. Size   CF23 Enthusiastic 10-1          Miller, IL                     +.25   BF       RCW4 No Question 25-4           Brown & Rudasill, MO          -.04
21Day#      TRF3 Big T 6-13                 Rake & Smith, WI             +10.42   BF       GN2 PSSS Stormin’ Norman 40-5   PSSS, IL                      -.03
21Day#      AB’s 2 STS 2-4                  Armstrong, IL                 +9.84   BF       LBF2 Enthusiastic 2-7           Williams, TX/Hi Point, IL     -.03
21Day#      RCW2 Dimension 114-4            Armstrong, IL                 +9.34
21Day#      TRF4 Big T 5-10                 Rake, WI                      +8.95   BF       TRF4 Big T 5-10                 Rake, WI                      -.03
21Day#      TLH3 Lochness 105-13            Hendrickson, IN               +8.86   BF       RCW4 Zealous 57-4               Schmidt, IA                   -.03
21Day#      RP2 Wide Trac 39-2              Pierce, OH                    +8.42   BF       BFC3 Ike 71-6                   Brown, MO                     -.03
21Day#      RS4 Lazarus 79-2                SGI & Schmidt, IA             +8.34
21Day#      P&R2 Roadie 64-2                Hendrickson, IN               +7.22   BF       ALH3 Clay 9-2                   Purple Power/Lesher, IN       -.03
21Day#      RP3 Moose 50-4                  Pierce, OH                    +7.16   BF       ALH3 Nobility 9-6               Harlow, IN                    -.03
#Weaned     RCW4 No Question 25-4           Brown & Rudasill, MO           +.16
                                                                                  LEA      CBSI3 Classic 89-6              Comparts, IA                  +.18
#Weaned     RCW3 No Doubt 36-8              Brown & Rudasill, MO           +.13
#Weaned     SC2 Standing Tall 81-4          Koscelny, OK                   +.10   LEA      RS4 Lazarus 79-2                SGI & Schmidt, IA             +.18
#Weaned     BFC3 Ike 71-6                   Brown, MO                      +.10   LEA      RS3 Classic 48-3                Noel Bros., NE                +.17
#Weaned     LBS3 Atlas 6-2                  Banister, OH                   +.10
                                                                                  LEA      RS3 Louie 83-1                  SGI & Schmidt, IA             +.17
#Weaned     RCW4 Flat Tires 75-1            Rudasill, MO                   +.10
Birth Wt    CJR2 PSSS Hot Rod 94-2          CJR, IL                        +.50   LEA      RS4 Colossal 51-4               Brown, MO                     +.15
Birth Wt    RS4 Lazarus 79-2                SGI & Schmidt, IA              +.35   LEA      RCW4 Snap Decision 73-4         Armstrong, IL                 +.15
Birth Wt    XWM2 The Dream Catcher 1-5      Miller, OK                     +.29
                                                                                  Ln. Gn. RS3 Louie 83-1                   SGI & Schmidt, IA             +.05
Birth Wt    KBD3 Dare Devil 1-9             Triple B, OK                   +.28
Birth Wt    RS4 Colossal 51-4               Brown, MO                      +.21   Ln. Gn. RS3 Classic 48-3                 Noel Bros., NE                +.04

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                                  PAGE 61
       Cow Palace                                       J.R. Beatty Memorial Award
  Supreme Champion Gilt

                                                        Jenna Wheeler, the winner of the 2005 J.R. Beatty
                                                        Memorial Award, is shown here with the gilt she pur-
  Congratulations to Kayla Wood, San Jose,              chased this spring using her $250 buying credit. Jenna
  California, on exhibiting the Supreme                 won this award at the 2005 “Showdown in
  Champion Female at the 2006 Cow Palace                Springfield” because of her friendly smile, helping
  with this excellent Chester White female.             attitude and support of Team Purebred activities.
  This extremely powerful female represented            This award is available to all Team Purebred mem-
  the Chester breed extremely well in the               bers at the 2006 “Bacon in the Sun.” Be sure to be
  competitive Junior Show. Good job, Kayla,             helpful, friendly and outgoing in all activities this
  on this exciting accomplishment.                      summer at Springfield.

                                                          Good luck, Jenna, and keep up the good work!

                                         August 17, 2006 • 8:00 a.m.
                                          CHESTER WHITE DAY
                                               At The Illinois State Fair
                                                    Springfield, IL
                                                           Judge: Tom Olson
                                         Sale shortly after the completion of the show.
                                           SALE PHONE: 217/525-9910 (ext. 361)
                                                Jack Wall Mobile: 309/945-3312

                                               SPECIAL OFFER: Any bonafide 4-H or FFA member will
                                               receive a 5% discount buying credit on any Chester White gilt
                                               purchased at the Illinois State Fair or at the State Bred Gilt
                                               Sale (limit of $100 maximum discount). 8 to 18 years of age.

                      For further information, contact:
               Jeff Smith (Smitty) - Sec/Treas. IL C.W. Association
                         11602 W. Legion Hall Rd.
                           Princeville, IL 61559
    Home: 309/385-2553 - Cell: 309/678-7678 or e-mail: smittys@npoint.net

PAGE 62                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
           Chester White                                        The TRUCK Stopped Here!
         Recording Leaders
    — June 1, 2005 to April 30, 2006 —
 Rank   Name/State               Litters   Ind. Transfers
   1    Armstrong Genetics, IL     82      732     96
   2    Brown Farms, MO            76      536      1
   3    Randy & Becky Schmidt, IA 73       586     252
   4    Parkison & Rodibaugh, In   68      626     158
   5    Rudasill Farms, LLC, MO    61      604     40
   6    Al & Kandy Schminke, IA    49      349     35
   7    Comparts Boar Store, IA    39      341      3
   8    Twin Oaks Farm, IL         23      199      9                               H&N Truck 19-4
   8    Ron Pierce, OH             23      166     32           A great son of 4x4, he is siring them extra wide, big framed,
  10    Holton & Newby, IN         21      195     52           and blown apart. We also have a great set of pigs by
  11    Stephens Farms, TX         20      162     51
                                                                Double 0 Seven (Atomic x Full Charge), TNT (Atomic x
  11    North Star Genetics, MN    20      114     20
                                                                Outcast), and some fall pigs sired by Best Buy (littermate to
  13    Neil Albertson, IA         19      161      4
  14    Brad Davis, IA             17      179     22
                                                                the Grand and Reserve Gilts at the 2005 Fall Classic).
  15    Shelby Jacoby, TX          16      102       2
  16    Arthur King & Family, IN   15      149     29           Look for us at the following sales this fall: Circle of Gold,
  16    Ronnie Perry, OK           15      138     45           NJAPS, GSPS, Lexington, Cheyenne, O’Keene, Payne
  16    Wade Miller, OK            15      126       4          Co., World Pork Expo, National Barrow Show, Fall Classic,
  19    Randy & Tona Smith, IL     14      134      25          and the Southwest Conference.
  19    Wintex Farms, TX           14      131      11
  19    Alan & Mark Myers, IN      14      110     30
  22    CJR Pork Farm, IL          13      103     22                      WADE MILLER
  23    Ross Conrady, IL           12      141      5                   R #2, Box 93 • Minco, OK 73059
  23    George Holst, WI           12      108      3                            405/966-2546
  25    Coy Farmer, OK             10      106     34

         The Buckeye State Sale of Winners
                                                Friday, August 4
                                                                   at the Ohio State Fair
                                             The Ohio State Fair Chester White Show and Sale at the Ohio State
                                           Fairgrounds, Columbus, Ohio, will feature once again the best the breed
                                                 has to offer. Outstanding boars and gilts will sell in the sale.

     Show begins at 11:00 a.m.
                                           Out of state consignors
         Sale — 4:00 p.m.
            SALE PHONE                     Join us in Columbus on
            Ohio State Fair                   Friday, August 4th
             Swine Barn
                                                                                     2005 Champion Boar

                    Ohio Chester White Breeders Association
        Keith Motter: Secretary/Treasurer, 9366 Mason Rd., Sidney, OH 45365 (937) 658-0879 (937) 295-2240

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                   PAGE 63
          Explosion                                                     Chester White
    A Great Combination!                                                Annual Meeting
  This is our herdsire line up. We will                                 The Chester White Swine Record
  have a great selection of pigs far-                                   Association will hold its Annual
  rowed July, August and early                                          Meeting on June 29, 2006 at 7:00
  September.                                                            p.m. at the Northfield Inn & Suites in
                                                                        Springfield, Illinois. This meeting is
  Call early for best selection. All pigs                               being held in conjunction with the
  will be sold privately off the farm.                                  Summer Type Conference.
       We also have a select few
                                                                        We will be discussing end-of-year
       bred gilts for sale privately.                                   financial reports, Board of Director
             Give us a call!                                            elections, and Board of Director deci-
                                                                        sions. Please be sure to attend this
                                                                        informative meeting.
                        LARRY BOX
                          Glencoe, Oklahoma
    SUNRISE               580-669-2733 (home)
      FEED                 405-612-5035 (cell)

          Silver Bullet: An Extreme Herdsire
                                                                                   Thanks to these buyers in
                                                                                   our spring Elite Sale of
                                                                                   Champions Sale:
                                                                                   Lori Heyen (top selling gilt)
                                                                                   Clayton Ahlden
                                                                                   Diana Tibbs ( 3 gilts)
                                                                                   Austin Goodman (2 barrows)
                                                                                   Dillon Smith (top selling barrow)
                                                                                   Zach Brown
                                                                                   Justin Cave (2 gilts)
                                                                                   Bryant Driver (TN)
                                                                                   Mitchell Wilson
                                                                                   Cameron Harnacke
                                                                                   Deborah Strubbe (2 barrows)
   Silver Bullet (pictured) is proving to be one of the most powerful herdsires    Mark Anderson
   we have had. A son of Power Forward from Rodibaugh’s, he just excels in every   Heather, Amanda, Ashley
   area. Big, wide, deep and powerful - we are excited about his offspring.                 Mulholland (2 barrows)

              PAUL BEAVER         1550 900th Ave., Lincoln, IL 62656
                                                                                        & Sons
                                                                                        & Families
                 Paul (Home) 217/732-2898 • (Cell) 217/725-4200 • John: 217-735-1729

PAGE 64                                                                            BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
  Quality not Quantity                              Soothing for your Herd

                                                                   Preparation H
  Although we don’t have huge numbers, we           We are excited about this Herdsire. This Big
  strive for quality pigs. That is why we           Show son is siring long, lean, heavy boned,
  picked this gilt, the Reserve Champion from       heavy muscled, stout pigs.
  the 2006 SWTC from M.D. Ideus. We feel that
  she is the perfect fit for our program. We also   Look for pigs this summer by Preparation H and
  purchased the littermate gilt to her. Both are    Charlie. We also have a great set of Berkshires.
  bred to Heartbeat.
                                                     Thank you to all of our spring pig buyers.
                                                    Good luck. Also, thank you to our seedstock
      So, if you’re looking for quality - not         buyers. We wish you all the best of luck.
             quantity, give us a call.
                                                    SMITTY’S CHESTERS / S MITH FARMS
         BILL COTHRAN                                           Jeff, Karla, Kristi & Andy
                                                       11602 West Legion Rd. • Princeville, IL 61559
      7630 Mayfield Hwy. • Benton, KY 42025             309/385-2553 • Mobile: 309/678-7678 •
                  270-527-9834                                    smittys@npoint.net

        The 150th Indiana State Fair
                 Chester White Show & Sale
                    —— Friday, August 18th ——
                       Show starts at 8 am
                                 Judge: Bob Armstrong
         Sale immediately after the Hampshire Show
               Kevin Wendt - Auctioneer - License #AU09200068
                    Indiana Auction Company AC30300004
      Purchase your next great herd boar or gilt in Indiana this year.
                           For further information, contact:
      Craig Newby, Treasurer: (Home) 765-653-4089 • email: crgnewby@joink.com
                         or go to: www.indianastatefair.com

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                               PAGE 65
 C H E S T E R W H I T E B R E E D E R S ’ D I R E C T O RY
     The following Chester White breeders have remained active Association members by paying and/or by
  being charged for their yearly service fees for 2005-2006 by May 19, 2006 (yearly service fees are good
  from June 1, 2005 to May 31, 2006). A $75 fee is required to be listed in this directory (it also pays for the
  yearly maintenance fee).
            ARKANSAS               BEAVER, PAUL J. & SONS             SMITTY’S CHESTERS (SCD1)            DETWILER, D.L. & FAMILY (DLD)
 M-T CHESTER WHITE                 & FAMILIES (SL’s)                  c/o Jeff Smith                      51075 Co. Rd. 29, Bristol 46507
 Morgan Frachiseur                 1550 900th Ave., Lincoln 62656     11602 W. Legion Hall Rd.            574/848-4780
 2033 Hwy. 70 West                 217/732-2898 (day)                 Princeville 61559
 DeQueen 71832                     217/735-4200 (night)               309/385-2553                        FARRER, DREW W. (DWF1)
 870/642-6655                                                         309/678-7678 (mobile)               4691 N. 600 W.
                                   BIDNER, LYLE (LBF)                                                     Royal Center 46978
 THREE BELLS FARM, (TBFC)          2622 County Rd. 100 E.             STOLL, MICHAEL                      765/228-6218 (cell),
 850 Woodland Hills Rd.            Mahomet 61853                      871, 2000th Ave., Chestnut 62518    574/643-9472 (home)
 Hardy 72542                       217/586-4458                        217/792-5777
 870/856-2740 (day)                                                                                       HENDRICKSON FARM (TLH)
                                   BRUNIGA CHESTER WHITES             TWIN OAKS FARM (TOF)                c/o Daniel Hendrickson
                                   2533 E. 1900 N. Rd.                1548E 2200 N Rd., Ashkum 60911      1062 S 1000W, Farmland 47340
            CALIFORNIA             Sheldon 60966                      815/383-8941 (cell)                 765/468-7773
 BUONI, MARIO                      815/471-4710 (day)                 815/432-2549 (day)
 10400 Old River Rd.               815/429-3796 (night)                                                   HILL TOP HOG FARM (HTHF)
 Bakersfield 93311                                                    VERBA, RON (FF)                     c/o Barry Sheets
 661/201-3042 (day)                CJR PORK FARM (CJR)                6020 Schultz Rd., Harvard 60033     8857 S. 200 E.
 661/397-8940 (night)               c/o Connie & Jeff Robb            815/943-3167                        Columbia City 46725
                                   1060N 1900E, Farmer City 61842                                         260/414-6640 (day)
 CSU-FRESNO SWINE UNIT (CSU)       309/838-9840 (day)                 VOIGTS, ALAN (ALV)                  260/396-2524 (night)
 c/o Dr. Scott Williamson          309/928-3728 (night)               13046E 1875 N. Rd., Pontiac 61764
 2415 E. San Ramon Ave. M/S #75                                       815/844-1982                        HOLTON & NEWBY (H&N)
 Fresno 93740                      ELLINGSON, R. J. (RJE)                                                 4533 S. Co. Rd. 25 W.
 559/278-5398 (day)                15525 Rt. 76, Poplar Grove 61065   YANTIS, TRACIE (TJY)                Greencastle 46135
 559/906-7761 (night)              815/765-3025                       RR1, Box 181, Findlay 62534         765/721-3905 (day)
                                                                      217/756-3154                        765/653-2882 (night)
 LACY (RSC)                        19850 CR 1100 N.                                                       HUSEMAN SWINE FARM (HMF)
 5734 Sunshine Lane                Kilbourne 62655                                 INDIANA                5558 W. State Rd. 18
 Montague 96064                    309/543-2307 or                    ARNHOLT, NATHAN & FAMILY            Brookston 47923
 530/842-4914                      217/652-3498                       (NRA)                               765/563-6307 (Dean)
                                                                      11678 E. St. Rd., Columbus 47203    765/563-3506 (Leo)
 W-D SWINE FARM (WDSF)             FLACH FARMS (RFL)                  812/371-2689 (day)
 c/o Ryan & Ken Watje              7861 Angle Crossing Rd.            812/579-6800 (night)                KING, ARTHUR & FAMILY (AKF)
 5919 Carver Rd., Modesto 95356    Oakley 62501                                                           684 W. 1000 S., Twelve Mile 46988
 209/604-2082                      217/763-6017                       K. BRATTAIN, AUSTIN                 574/857-4721
                                                                      LANGEMEIER (KTB)
 WEAVER FARMS (WF)                 GLEASON, BILL & FAMILY (BGF)       263 S. 900 W., Greencastle 46135    LAFOLLETTE, DAVID & FAMILY
 5801 Lambert Rd.                  776 1100th St., Middletown 62666   765/653-1254                        (DLF)
 Elk Grove 95758                   217/732-3555                       765/720-3305 (K. Brattain cell)     9680 E. 550 N., Darlington 47940
 916/684-2143                                                                                             765/679-4023
                                   IDEUS, MAURICE D. (MDI)            BURKETT, MARK & FAMILY (MBF)
                                   2370 N2150th Ave.                  5748 S. 200S.                       LESHER, STEVE (SL)
            COLORADO               Camp Point 62320                   Crawfordsville 47933                12978 E. 700 N., Idaville 47950
 HOLCOMB, TONY (KTF)               217/593-6878                       765/866-0647                        574/278-7135
 55084 Co. Rd. L, Yuma 80759       217/430-7029 (cell)
 970/848-2705 or                                                      CHERNOWSKI, JERRY (PPZ)             LOPP, CLARENCE & FAMILY (CLF)
 970/848-3456                      MAFFORD, MAGGIE (MCP)              1701 E. CR 700 S., Muncie 47302     (Addison, Mack, Ryley & Kolby)
                                   641A Co. Rd. 100 E.                765/282-1072                        810 E. 3rd St., P.O. Box 158
               ILLINOIS            Neoga 62447                                                            Brookston 47923
 ALLEN, HARLEY (HA)                217/895-3469                       CHERRY, ROBERT FAMILY (RCF)         765/563-3636
 496 85th St., Roseville 61473                                        3118 E. 100 S., Greenfield 46140
 309/426-2358                      MILLER FARMS (REM)                 317/462-0619                        LOVETT, ALAN & RACHEL FAMILY
                                   (ROBERT & KIRK MILLER)                                                 12220 E. County Rd., 50S.
 AMMANN, MIKE (MA)                 1285 E. 800 N. Rd., Melvin 60952   CORYA, DAVID & FAMILY               Parker City 47368
 1404 Old Trenton Rd.              217/388-2419                       725 E. Co. Rd. 700S.                765/468-3868
 Highland 62249                                                       Commiskey 47227
 618/654-4102                      ROPP, MARTIN & RON (MDR)           812/873-8583                        MILLAR, DOUG & FAMILY (DMF)
                                   RON & MARTY ROPP                                                       27947 Darden Rd.
 ARMSTRONG, BOB (AB’S)             2245 Ropp Rd., Normal 61761        CRUMBACHER, WENDELL &               New Carlisle 46552
 Rt. 1, Box 57, Huntsville 62344   309/452-8534                       DALE (CDY)                          574/289-9675
 217/667-2762                                                         1507 Hwy. 68
                                   SMITH, RANDY & TONA (RTS)          New Harmony 47631                   MOHR, SHANNON FARMS (ORL)
 ARNETT, ROSS & CLAYTON (RCA)      1746 County Hwy. 123               812/499-7672                        7434 N. Troy Rd., Greenfield 46140
 Rt. 1, Box 18A, Hillview 62050    Alexander 62601                    812/568-1920                        317/326-7563 (day)
 217/945-6397                      217/478-2081                                                           317/753-1385 (night)

PAGE 66                                                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
          C H E S T E R W H I T E B R E E D E R S ’ D I R E C T O RY
 MOREHOUSE, MATTHEW &                HAWKEYE COMMUNITY                  COTHRAN, RAY (KY)                     Braymer 64624
 SCOTT (MSM)                         COLLEGE (HCC) c/o Dan Lane         786 Bob Adlich Rd., Benton 42025      660/645-4149
 70333 C.R. 25, New Paris 46553      1501 East Orange Rd.               270/527-9370 (night)
 574/831-2677                        Waterloo 50704                                                           WWB FARMS (WWB)
                                     319/296-2320                                  MARYLAND                   Lauren & Tyler Way &
 MYERS, ALAN & MARK (AMM)            319/231-0495 (Dan’s cell)          MARTIN, JAMES (JKM)                   Austin Busse
 29055 Flippins Rd.                                                     18243 Marshall Mill Rd.               1904 Clay St., Chillicothe 64601
 Atlanta 46031                       HEINDEL, ROB (RH)                  Hampstead 21074                       660/646-3917
 317/758-9553                        19783 120th St.                    410/374-4495
                                     Columbus Junction 52738                                                  WHEELER, THOMAS (WCW)
 PARKISON & RODIBAUGH (P&R)          319/728-3105                                  MINNESOTA                  6900 S.E. 50 Rd., Osceola 64776
 3053 W. 725 S., Rensselaer 47978                                       CROMPTON, SHAWN & MICHELE             417/646-8827
  219/863-8647 (Steve)               J&K CHESTERS (J&K)                 & FAMILY (SMC)
 219/866-8546 (Jim)                  Jordann Wenzel & Kurt Hartmann     3010 160th Ave., Ada 56510                       NEW YORK
                                     2161 Heather Ave., Latimer 50452   218/784-2257                          KRENZER, JOSEPH F. (JFK)
 POHLMAN, JOE & FAMILY               641/579-6582                                                             869 McIntyre Rd.
 6898 W. 500 N., Kokomo 46901                                           NORTH STAR GENETICS (NSG)             Caledonia 14423
 219/699-6661                        McDOWELL, DUDLEY (DGM)             22400 Hampton Blvd.                   585/538-4401
                                     5071 370th St., Sheldon 51201      Hampton 55031
 REED, RANDY & FAMILY                712/723-5290                       952/851-4661 (Dale)                   POSECZNICK, TIMOTHY A. (TAP)
 66800 Miami Rd., Bremen 46506                                          651/437-2911 (Dale Miller)            4427 Hoyt Rd.
 574/633-4380                        McLAUGHLIN, JOHN (JMC)             320/983-2234 (Lee Todnem)             Skaneateles 13152
                                     1737 Eagle Ave., Fonda 50540                                             315/673-4589
 VERHAEGHE, LEON (LV)                712/288-5355                       PECKAT, DAVE FAMILY (PFC)
 6159 Spruce Trail, Plymouth 46563                                      9940 260th St.                                      OHIO
 574/936-8089                        OULMAN, MIKE (BMO)                 Park Rapids 56470                     ALBAUGH, JIM & FAMILY (JLA)
                                     2890 Quail Ave., Garner 50438      218/732-3887                          5548 S. Albaugh Rd.
 WEL-COM-IN FARM & FAMILY            641/923-3156                       218/252-3887 (cell)                   West Milton 45383
 (WEL)                                                                                                        937/698-6432
 11430 18th Rd., Argos 46501         SCHMIDT, RANDY & BECKY (RS)                     MISSOURI
 574/892-5807                        2471 V Ave., Williamsburg 52361    AKEY FARMS INC. (AC1)                 BANISTER, LESTER (LBS)
                                     319/668-2546                       8855 St. Rt. HH, Cameron 64429        236 W. Oak. St., Wauseon 43567
 WILLIAMS, GARY & FAMILY (JW2)                                          816/632-8188                          419/583-7324 (day)
 6310 W. 325 S., Reynolds 47980      SCHMINKE’S CHESTERS (SC)                                                 419/337-5591 (night)
 219/279-2815                        6641 24th Ave., Van Horne 52346    BROWN FARMS (BFC)
                                     319/223-5352 (day)                 4698 Audrain Rd. 217                  BROWN, WILLIAM
 WYGANT, BURTON & FAMILY             319/329-3700 (cell)                Centralia 65240                       THE BROWN FAMILY
 (BWF)                                                                  573/682-2741                          8801 Lock-Two Rd.
 13714 Hamilton Rd.                  TOENJES, RYAN (TOEN)                                                     Botkins 45306
 Roanoke 46783                       P.O. Box 116                       DAVIS LIVESTOCK (WSDL)                419/221-5243 (day)
 260/672-3462                        Center Junction 52212              (William & Susan Davis & Eric &       937/693-2391 (night)
                                     563/487-5081                       Jake)                                 email: brownshowpigs@netzero.com
 ZELL, TOM (ZSF)                                                        902 Fairlane Dr., Chillicothe 64601   website: www.brownfamilyshow-
 6177 W. Base Rd.                    WALLER, ROGER & JONELLE            660/646-6010                          pigs.com
 Winchester 47394                    (RJW)
 765/584-5650                        1446 Union Ave., Bennett 52721     DIAMOND J LIVESTOCK                   CREAGER, TODD D. (TDC)
 765/744-7840 (cell)                 563/210-6632                       (Jaryn, Jessica, Jameson & Jon        12630-D, Wauseon 43567
                                                                        Black)                                419/337-1662
                                     YEDLIK, PAUL (PY)                  9083 LIV 529, Chillicothe 64601
                IOWA                 5635 660th St. S.E.                660/247-1647 (day)                    McCULLOUGH, KEN & FAMILY
 ALBERTSON, NEIL (AC)                Lone Tree 52755                    660/646-5196                          (KMF)
 3247 335th St., Fremont 52561       319/629-4989                                                             18435 Co. Rd. 209
 641/933-4748                                                           LINEBAUGH DUROCS                      Mt. Victory 43340
                                                                        303 Main St., Rothville 64676         937/354-5212
 COMPART’S BOAR STORE OF                          KANSAS                660/256-3550
 IOWA, INC. (CBSI)                   ETHERTON, STANLEY (SEF)                                                  MOREHOUSE, BRAD (GMAF)
 c/o Marc Compart                    1167 Hwy. 7, Troy 66087            LOCKE, ROBERT & FAMILY (RLF)          747 St. Rt. 39W, Perrysville 44864
 2441 290th Street, Lehigh 50557     785/985-2667                       35484 Hwy. KK                         330/317-1582
 515/359-2322                                                           Salisbury 65281
                                     HUNT, RYAN / DUNCAN, BUEL          660/481-2250                          MOTTER, KEITH & FAMILY (KMF1)
 DAVIS, BRAD (KBD)                   (RHBD)                                                                   9366 Mason Rd., Sidney 45365
 23437 92nd Ave., Mediapolis 52637   27311 43rd Rd.                     RUDASILL FARMS, LLC (RCW)             937/ 295-2240 (day)
 319/394-9322 (day)                  Arkansas City 67005                1520 Hwy. ZZ, Mexico 65265            937/658-0879 (night)
 319/750-7665 (cell)                 620/442-6682                       573/581-7453 (day)
                                                                        573/581-2618 (night)                  NEWMAN, TED L. & FAMILY
 ELMCREST GENETICS & HARLEY          MITCHELL, TY                                                             (TLNF)
 ALLEN (EG)                          Box 64, Oxford 67119               SMITH, JENNY & JOSH (JJS)             16503 Botkins Rd., Botkins 45306
 1596 210th St., Manchester 52057    620/455-3833                       3968 N. St. Rt. A                     937/693-3291
 563/920-8494                                                           Maysville 64469
                                                                        816/449-2460                          NORTH WEST OHIO GENETICS
 HALL, BRADLY (BLH)                             KENTUCKY                                                      c/o Bret Scott (NWOG)
 16435 175TH ST., Alden 50006        COTHRAN, BILL (WC)                 SWINDLER FARMS (SFCW)                 333 N. Co. Rd. 15, Ada 45810
 515/855-4159                        2630 Mayfield Hwy., Benton 42025   Justin, Erika & Emily Swindler        419/634-6839
                                     270/527-9834                       11213 SE Tobin Valley Dr.

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                      PAGE 67
          C H E S T E R W H I T E B R E E D E R S ’ D I R E C T O RY
 PIERCE SWINE FARM (RP)             Rt. 3, Box 568, Idabel 74745            405/567-3608                         PERRY, RONNIE (RPS)
 c/o Ron Pierce                     580/286-3859                            405/659-1268 (cell)                  1415 S. Walnut, Pauls Valley 73075
 9681 W. Markley Rd., Laura 45337                                                                                405/238-3041
 937/548-7909                       CLAWSON SHOW PIGS (CFSP)                FARQUHAR, JACOB RYAN (JF)
                                    3608 E. Elm, El Reno 73036              20564 E. CR 160, Altus 73521         SCOTT, JOEY (JOE)
 SMITH-TUDOR CLUB PIGS (SSC)        405/818-9570 (day)                      580/477-0169                         Rt. 2, Box 128B, Cheyenne 73628
 14876 Ulrey Rd.                    405/262-5205 (night)                                                         580/497-2599
 Centerburg 43011                                                           FISHER, BEN
 740/625-6303                       COAKLEY, JEFF (JCC)                     400 Mustang Dr., Red Rock 74651      STINNETT, JAY
                                    Rt. 1, Box 143, Hobart 73651            580/723-4336                         19387 S. 430 Rd., Hulbert 74441
 UNDERWOOD CHESTER WHITES           580/726-5714 (day)                                                           918/772-2318
 c/o Jerry Underwood (UCW)          580/726-6326 (night)                    HILBURN, ROY (HHH)
 9162 St. Rt. 235                                                           34226 Pine Hill Rd., Bristow 74010   TRIPLE “B” HOG FARM (BUC)
 Alger 45812                        COFFMAN, SAMMY & FAMILY                 918/367-3888                         c/o Randal Buck
 419/757-4575 (day)                 Rt. 1, Box 86, Garvin 74736                                                  HC64, Box 5303, Eufaula 74432
                                    580/933-7696 (day)                      HUMPHREY, RODNEY (RHCW)              918/689-3290 (day)
 VOGEL, CHARLES & FAMILY            580/746-2407 (night)                    Rt. 1, Box 114, Minco 73059          918/689-5908 (night)
 (CVF)                                                                      405/253-0226
 1612 Angling Rd.                   CAMPBELL-CROTTY, REGINA                                                                  OREGON
 North Fairfield 44855              (RCC)                                   INGRAM, DON                          BURKE, WALT & GAYLE & SONS
 419/744-2422                       3920 S. Fairgrounds                     Box 403, Inola 74036                 (WGB)
                                    Stillwater 74074                        918/543-2623 (day)                   34231 SE Homan Rd.
             OKLAHOMA               405/743-4306                            918/269-7847 (cell)                  Gresham 97080
 BELLETTINI, B.J. (BJB)             405/714-1389 (cell)                                                          503/663-6758
 Rt. 4, Box 1435                                                            JARBOE SHOW PIGS
 Coalgate 74538                     DANDY FARMS (1DAN)                      906 County Rd., 1530                          PENNSYLVANIA
 580/927-2170                       Rt. 2, Box 16, Hooker 73945             Rush Springs 73082                   BANKERT, RODGER (RB)
 580/310-4872 (cell)                620/629-3869                            580/476-2138                         2055 Smith Station Rd.
                                                                                                                 Hanover 17331
 BOUZIDEN, MITCHELL (ICE)           DeLOZIER, DEVIN (DEL)                   KELLNER, JULIUS (JK)                 717/632-4722
 Rt. 2, Box 55A, Waynoka 73860      1612 W. 410, Adair 74330                Box 366, Okeene 73763
 580/824-0701                       918/785-3321                            580/822-4659                         BRONSON, JOHN W. (JWB1)
                                                                                                                 146 Bronson Farm Lane
 BOX, LARRY (LB)                    ELLER, STANLEY (SE)                     KOSCELNY GENETICS (KG)               Latrobe 15650
 43550 E. 52 Rd., Glencoe 74032     P.O. Box 503, Welch 74369               P.O. Box 114                         724/423-5117
 580/669-2733                       918/788-3361                            South Coffeyville 74072
                                                                            918/520-6297 (day)                   LAZARUS FAMILY
 BRAND, BRIAN (WBB)                 ERVIN, BRENT                            918/255-6046 (night)                 5542 Memorial Rd.
 1951 CR 1420, Alex 73002           Rt. 2, Box 28D, Snyder 73566                                                 Germansville 18053
 405/785-2660 (day)                 580/569-4460                            MILLER, WADE (XWM)                   610/799-5593
 405/694-9995 (cell)                                                        Rt. 2, Box 93, Minco 73059
                                    FARMER, COY (CF2)                       405/966-2546                         WETZEL, KEN & FAMILY (KWF1)
 CLARDY FARM (DAC)                  Rt. 2, Box 114, Prague 74864                                                 2319 Porterfield Rd.

     Productive Hogs With Class
             Our Herdsires With Their Work Clothes On!
                                                                   We have some
                                                                    excellent gilts
                                                                    available from
                                                                      our spring
                                                                   farrowing sired
                                                                    by these great
                                                                   herdsires. See
                                                                   a sample at the
                                                                    Summer Type
                                                                   Conference and
          2005 Extravaganza Champion                                  the Illinois                 2005 Champion at Duncan
                Son of Ghost Rider                                    State Fair.

  Twin Oaks Farm                                                      Paul Ahlden — 1548E 2200 N. Rd. • Ashkum, IL 60911
                                                                        Paul 815/432-2549 or 815/383-8941 • Jason 815/383-8940

PAGE 68                                                                                                  BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
          C H E S T E R W H I T E B R E E D E R S ’ D I R E C T O RY
 Rossiter 15772                     JACOBY BROS. (JB)                  SCHAEFER, CLARENCE, JR.           WILKINS, JERRY
 814/590-8833 (day)                 2382 N. Grape Creek Rd.            (CSJR)                            9915 Woodrow Rd.
                                    Fredericksburg 78624               418 CR 248, Rowena 76875          Ropesville 79358
          SOUTH DAKOTA              830/644-2673                       325/442-2401                      806/548-0577
 23953 451st Ave.                   KOLTERMANN, RYAN L. (ARK)          SCHROEDER, CALVIN (CBS)           WINTEX FARMS (WTX)
 Madison 57042                      213 Oak Bend Dr., LaVernia 78121   498 LCR 608, Mart 76664           (JAY & DANA WINTER)
 605/256-9004 (day)                 210/844-7484                       254/315-0778                      7801 E. Co. Rd. 6300
 605/236-3888 (night)                                                                                    Lubbock 79403
                                    McQUAGGE, GLENDA (MGM)             SCHWARTZ LIVESTOCK                806/892-3089
 RASMUSSEN SWINE FARMS              9508 FM Rd. 3326 South             2406 S. U.S. Hwy. 87              806/438-2986 (cell)
 c/o Robert Rasmussen (COR1)        Hawley 79525                       San Angelo 76904
 28652 457th Ave., Hurley 57036     325/537-2832                       325/651-5206                      WOMACK, JOE
 605/326-5373                                                                                            718 W. Georgia, Floydada 79235
                                    PATRICK CREEK FARM (PCF)           STEPHENS FARMS (SSS1)             806/983-3049
           TENNESSEE                Ray Michou                         c/o KYLE STEPHENS
 MANESS, JON D. (JDM)               4682 Dennis Rd.                    4601 Diaz Ranch Rd.                          WISCONSIN
 2755 McCall Rd., Lexington 38351   Weatherford 76087                  Amarillo 79108                    BREWER, TODD & FAMILY (TBF)
 731/614-8515 (cell)                817/304-2335 (cell)                806/654-5667 (day)                N 6801 County X, Albany 53502
 731/967-9317                       817/341-3382 (night)               806/381-4582 (night)              608/862-3165

              TEXAS                 PHILLIPS, MARCUS (MP)              TURNER, LARRY                     CHESTER HOME FARMS (CHF1)
 EARLY, SHERRY J.                   1104 Shoreview, Ennis 75119        P.O. Box 1234, Dumas 79029        Earl, Gary & Scott Skalitzky
 5140 Co. Rd. 475, Snyder 79549     214/914-3404 (day)                 806/935-7320                      1185 S. Monroe St.
 325/573-0029                       972/875-4710 (night)               806/922-5490 (cell)               Waterloo 53594
 GERTH HOG FARM (MS)                PROBST, MICHAEL                    VESTAL, HAL                       920/478-2213
 6655 W. Interstate 10              150 CR 101, Brady 76825            766 Middle Creek Rd.
 Seguin 78155                       325/597-1778                       Fredericksburg 78624              GILSTER, MICHAEL & NORMAN
 210/508-7157                                                          830/997-4535 (day)                (MNG)
                                    RKH PIG FARM (RKS)                 830/990-8803 (night)              W2614 US Hwy. 16, Bangor 54614
 HALFMANN / ROUNSAVILLE             c/o RAY & KAREN HEWITT                                               608/786-1261
 (BHCR)                             P.O. Box 819, Coldspring 77331     W-W HOG FARM (W-W)
 200 Rhonda St., Princeton 75407    936/767-4495                       473 Kramer Rd., Graham 76450      HOLST, GEORGE (GH2)
 972/734-2414                                                          940/362-4421                      26929 116 St., Trevor 53179
 405/203-5537                       S & W SWINE PRODUCTIONS                                              262/862-2746
 214/207-9370 (cell)                c/o Scot Sullivan (SWP)            WILDE, DALE E. (WDE)
                                    P.O. Box 1252, Robstown 78380      P.O. Box 292, Wall 76957          RAKE, TOM & FAMILY (TRF)
 HOWE, MIKE (HST)                   361/960-6725 (day)                 325/651-9453                      6840 Schumacher Rd.
 2566 CR 147, Gainesville 76240     361/387-9686 (night)                                                 Waunakee 53597
 940/668-4088                                                                                            608/849-7458
 940/736-6398 (cell)

   Look for a BIG SHOW This Summer

    All of our spring litters are out of RCA Big Show (pic-
 tured here) — our choice from the 2005 season. His figures
 at 333 lbs. were .68 BF, 10.57 LEA. He is sired by the 2004
 Indiana Grand Champion, Big Show.
    We feel you will be as pleased with his offspring as we
 are! If you’re looking for length of body, lean, level top, thick
 rump and a big loineye - give us a call!

                      ALAN VOIGTS                                                             2005 Illinois State Fair
                                                                                              Grand Champion Boar
       13046 E. 1875 N. • Pontiac, IL 61764
                 (815) 844-1982

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                PAGE 69
     Full H♣use at H♥N

                              Ghost Rider - Housed at PSSS

  Four by Four - Housed at Shaffer’s                Truck - Housed at Shaffer’s

          Big Cat — Housed at LVS                  Chillin’ — Housed at Hi Point

 We are expecting over 30 litters of Chesters sired by these exciting boars. We
 have also put together a great set of crossbred prospects sired by Smash Hit,
 California Dreaming, Chrome 50-1, and Reputation. We will have pigs born
       from May through September for all your fall and winter shows.

               Holton & Newby…Building Better Chesters One Litter At A Time

                TOM & KATHRYN HOLTON             CRAIG & KELLY NEWBY
                        765-653-2882                     21E CR 550S
                         4409 S. 25W                  Cloverdale, IN 46120
                     Greencastle, IN 46135               765/653-4089
PAGE 70                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006   PAGE 71
            Add Bone, Rib, Depth and Power...Keep the Look!

                                                                 Big Cat — CHESTER WHTE [LOCH NESS X ARCTIC
                                                                 CAT] Champion Chester White Boar, 2005 Indiana
                                                                 State Fair. Big, extended, powerful boar with bone,
                                                                 mass and muscle! Bred by Tony Holcomb.

     Mountain — SPOT [VISION X GOLDBERG] High selling
    Spot boar, 2006 SWTC! Combines power, style, flexi-
     bility and muscle, all with extension, soundness and
      muscle expression needed for today’s competition.
                             Bred by Mike and Ron Brown.

                                                            Silver Dollar — BERKSHIRE
                                                            [SILVER BACK X KONAN] Square
                                                            hipped, wide based, clean fronted,
                                                            heavy boned and massively heavy
                                                            muscle. His design is flawless, he
                                                            is sound and loose moving with
                                                            tremendous dimension! Bred by
                                                            Goodknight Berkshires.

  great sire he is wide chested, deep bodied with
  tremendous bone, structure, balance and style.
  Bred by Tom Zell, purchased from Doug Porter.

 PAGE 72                                                                   BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
“Genetics” Make The Winning Possible
                 Full Brothers To “Money Maker”

                       Over Drive                                                   Big Time
Owned by Shaffer’s Gold Rush, he was the 2005 WPX         The 2005 STC Champion Boar, Big Time, owned by Robert &
Reserve Champion Boar by Grand Drive. We’re hearing       Kirk Miller has really contributed thickness of hip, superior
exciting things about his first progeny.                  hind legs and structurally correct Chesters in this elite

                                             2006 SWTC Champion
                            This Grand Drive son combines extra stoutness, rib shape,
                            muscle and soundness. Watch Jerry Wilkins make tremen-
                            dous progress with this Schminke bred Champion.
     Money Maker, a full brother to the top two boars was used successfully in our herd. Watch for his
   exciting progeny at the National Barrow Show and Duncan. We also have three tremendously exciting
 litters by the $15,000 Heartbeat. These Fall Classic eligible pigs will be tremendously exciting to watch.
          Helping Kids Smile Is A Business We Take Seriously!

            Champion Gilt                      Champion Barrow                       Champion Market Hog
       Ohio State Fair Jr. Show               Missouri State Fair                     Colorado State Fair

                                               Alan Schminke
                                               6641 24th Ave.
                                               Van Horne, IA 52346
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                           PAGE 73
 “They’re real, and they’re spectacular!”
                                              If you are a fan of the television comedy “Seinfeld” as much as I am, you
                                         will recognize that famous quote. Apparently that show helped catapult the career
                                         of a now famous actress.
                                              I’m not saying all our hogs are spectacular, but all our boars and gilts are real.
                                         I don’t take hogs to national shows very often, but I did take two boars to last year’s
                                         National Barrow Show. The boar I showed gave me quite a workout as he went
                                         from boar to boar wanting to fight or jump them. He never stopped running! When
                                         the judge gave reasons on my 2nd place boar, he said, “I guarantee you that boar
                                         will breed your sows.” Later in the show another boar made it outside the show ring
                                         and collapsed. I really thought he’d die, but he did recover. I’m guessing he was
                                         fed more than his share of a product not labeled for breeding stock. The next day
            RS5 Louie 50-1               when I was getting my boar ready for the sale, I looked over and saw the owner of
                                         that boar give him a shot of “something.” The only needles my boars have seen
                                         were the baby pig iron shot, and the NBS required erysipelas, Parvo, Lepto vac-
                                         cine. They were blood tested to document that they were negative for PRRS, PRV,
                                         APP, SIV and Brucellosis.
                                             Don’t get me wrong, I respect the majority of my fellow breeders, but I have a
                                         real problem with this “whatever it takes to win the show” approach. If you win the
                                         show with a “real” animal, you’ve accomplished something.
                                             If you have a Chester boar that is spectacular, keep him real and gather factu-
                                         al data like 21 day litter weights, backfat and days to 250 pounds. I’m always inter-
                                         ested. We’re in this together.
                                            Louie 50-1: My NBS 2nd place boar was raised in a group of over 30 boars.
                                         He grew the fastest with 153 days and .53 B.F. at 250#. He was a linebred Classic
          RS2 Z6 Anna 141-13             son on a Classic daughter mating. He had a 111.90 maternal index and a -4.69
                                         days EPD. He sold to a repeat commercial customer of ours.
                                             Anna 141-13: is our top ranking sow in SPI and litter weights. Her EPD’s are
                                         121.71 SPI, +.48 number born, +12.88 litter wt. She has raised 7 litters with a far-
                                         rowing interval of 144.6 days. She has farrowed 99 pigs and weaned 82 for a 11.71
                                         average. Her 1st litter of F1 pigs didn’t get weighed, but the 21-day litter wts. on
                                         the next 6 were 214, 196, 168, 217, 185, 139 for a 186.5# average. She has a
                                         docile disposition. Although she’s been on slats her entire life, she doesn’t have a
                                         sore joint in her body.
                                             Harley: A boar I retained who was sired by Jolly Jogger. Jolly Jogger’s NBS
                                         progeny test pen had the best muscle quality score over all breeds at the 2005
                                         National Barrow Show. Harley’s maternal grandsire was Class and a great grand-
                                         sire was Momentum. Momentum had 3 NBS progeny test pens with outstanding
                                         muscle quality scores of 67.92, 67.12 and 62.61. Harley has an excellent 8-8
            Jolly Jogger 2-1             underline and was raised in a group of 33 boars having the best days (158) and
                                         being the 2nd leanest (.45). His EPD’s are -.02 born, +.29 LW, -.01 BF, -2.08 days.
                                             Anna 60-6: I didn’t think it would happen, but she broke 141-13’s farm record
                                         and had 13 F1 pigs weight 220# at 21 days. This Colossal daughter has raised 33
                                         pigs in her first 3 litters.
                                              Our Chesters, Durocs and Yorks represent many generations of the best AI
                                         boar stud bloodlines. We have excellent Chester F1 gilts and all our hogs are free
                                         of the stress gene.
                                              If you want Chesters with SPF health, EPD’s, and from someone who has the
                                         leadership to put more Chesters in progeny and boar tests than anyone else, give
                                         us a call. You’ll do business with the person who bred the sow, farrowed and
                                         weighed the pigs and watched them grow. We’ll do our best to make you a satis-
                                         fied customer.
                                                Chester White — The Maternal Muscle Quality Breed
          RS4 D6 Anna 60-6

                                  Randy & Becky
                               2471 V Ave. • Williamsburg, Iowa 52361
                                  email: cwhogs@iowatelecom.net

PAGE 74                                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
     Your Poland Success Starts Here!
We will have                         L
progeny from these                   E
3 great sires this                   A
summer at the                        I
Summer Type                          N
National Barrow                      E
Show, and the                        G
Midwest State Fairs.                 E           $2000 Class Winning Boar ’05 STC
                                           Contact Seth at Showtime Sires at 815-736-6097 for semen.

We also have a
great selection of                   E
fall showpigs from                   X
these guys and also                  T
from “44”. Give us                   R
a call to fill your fall             A
showpig needs.

                                         Littermate to the Champion Herdsman Boar ’05 STC
Thank you to all of
our spring showpig                   R
buyers. Good luck                    I
to you this summer.                  C
   MILLS BROS. POLANDS               O
RR #1, Box 419, Clinton, IL 61727
     David (217) 935-5628
     Mobile (217) 972-3017
     Daniel (217) 935-4803                Champion and $6200 Top Selling Boar 2005 NBS
     Mobile (309) 824-3040                   Contact Tom Olson at 815-699-7075 (night) for semen.
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                               PAGE 75
      WOW                   hale                             f a
 Put Armstrong Genes to Work for You. Select from these name brands.

           Shooter                                                                    Tracker
           Stress Status: Carrier                                            Sired by Grant
          Sired by One Giant Step

                                                                                New Deal
            Move N On
          Stress Status: Negative                                          Sired by Easy Out
             Sired by The One

                                              Look for us
                                              at the STC,
                                                 IL & IN
                                               State Fairs
                                               & the NBS

          Unwanted                                                            Heartbeat
                                                                          Sired by White Out
          Stress Status: Negative                              We own part interest in this guy. Call Purple
           Sired by Gettin’ Busy                               Power Boar Stud for semen: 219-984-5140

             High Hope                                                           Vendetta
                                                                          Sired by Grand Drive
          Stress Status: Negative                             We retained 1/2 interest. Call PSSS for semen
             Sired by The One                                              at 1-800-282-0428.

    QUOTE: Attitudes are contagious - make yours worth catching!

       rmstrong                     Bob & Rhonda:217/667-2762
                                      Kristy, Kendall & Clayton
                                                                       Rt. 1, Box 57, Huntsville, IL 62344
      Genetics                        J.R. & Ali: 217/667-2117               armstrong@adams.net
PAGE 76                                                                        BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                AUCTION S                             INDEX TO ADVERTISERS
      GH                        ER

                                         COMMERCIAL                                                    IOWA
                       Dan Naughton      Alum-Line.............................................. 39    AJC Berkshires ..................................... 80
                                         Baker, Dan ............................................ 77    CC Berks............................................... 27
                                         Conover, Al............................................ 77    Goodwin Family Farms........................... 5
                        Mark It Sold!    Conover, Brice ...................................... 77      Iowa Spot Association........................... 12
                                         Fisher, Jon ............................................ 77   Olson Spot Farm................................... 15
     Machinery, Livestock, Household
      For all your Sale Day Needs        Kent Feeds.............................................. 7    Phenotypic Acres .................................. 26
 Home: (217) 562-3464                    Naughton, Dan...................................... 77        Schmidt, Randy & Becky ...................... 74
 Cell: (217) 304-6502                    Wendt, Kevin......................................... 77      Schminkes Chesters............................. 73
 Pana, Illinois                                                                                        Shady Brook Farm................................ 30
                                         ARKANSAS                                                      Tucker Polands ....................................... 2
                                         Masters, Jerry.................................. 40-41
                                         ILLINOIS                                                      Cothran, Bill .......................................... 65
                                         Armstrong Genetics .............................. 76
                                         Beaver, Paul & Sons & Families........... 64
                                                                                                       KC Farms.............................................. 58
                                         Hyland Farms (Wilma Mende).............. 58
                                         Illinois Berkshire Association ................ 24            MISSOURI
                                         Illinois Chester White Association......... 62                Derr, Randy........................................... 10
                                         Illinois Poland China Association.......... 57                Missouri Spot Association..................... 20
                                         Illinois Spot Association ........................ 15         Oaks Livestock...................................... 23
                                         Miller Farms, Robert & Kirk .................... 3            Reid, J.R. .............................................. 78
                                         Mills Brothers ........................................ 75
                                         Richey/Rincker...................................... 56       OHIO
                                         RTS Genetics........................................ 22       Breeders Choice ................................... 14
                                         Smitty’s Chesters .................................. 65       Lean Value Sires................................... 72
 Auctioneer/Ringman                      Twin Oaks Farm.................................... 68         McWhinney/Yeazel................................ 51
                                         Voigts, Alan ........................................... 69   Ohio Berkshire Association................... 32
    Col.                                 Wedekind, Wayne................................. 13           Ohio Chester White Association ........... 63
    Jon                                  INDIANA
                                                                                                       Ohio Spot Association........................... 10
                                                                                                       Pierce Swine Farm ............................... 12
   Fisher                                Arnholt, Nathan & Family...................... 59
                                         Arnholt & Smith..................................... 59       OKLAHOMA
 968 Co. Rd. 1000 N.
   Champaign, IL                         Farrer Stock Farm................................... 6        Box, Larry.............................................. 64
       61821                             Holton & Newby .................................... 70        Heldermon Family................................. 57
   800/282-0428                          Hoosier State ........................................ 11     Jones, Gene ......................................... 27
                                         Indiana Berkshire Association............... 33               Miller, Wade .......................................... 63
                                         Indiana Chester White Association....... 65                   Triple B Sires ........................................ 79
                                         Indiana Poland China Association ........ 57
                                         Indiana Spotted Association ................. 21
                                                                                                       Parlett, James....................................... 26
                                         Irwin Spot Farm .................................... 12
                                         Rodibaugh Genetics ............................. 71           TEXAS
                                         Shaffer’s Gold Rush................................ 9         Michou’s Patrick Creek Farm................ 60

                                                                     Your Next
                   Dan E.                                            Sale With:
                   Baker CAI                  www.thepigpage.com
                                           Call Brice Conover
        7714 W. 500 N                      for Sale Ad and
 West Lafayette, IN 47906-9229             Ring Service

        (765) 583-2466                        515-979-3890
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006                                                                                                                  PAGE 77
                                                                                  NO DOUBT

                                                                                             2005 STC Champion Gilt
                                                                                         $2500 purchase with Collins Polands

                                                2005 NBS Champion Gilt             PURPLE BLOODLINES                                          2004 Hog College Gilt
                                            $5000 purchase with Collins Polands                                                              Mothers and sisters retained
                                                                                                                                                    in our herd.

                                                Jerry Masters and I have
                                               never had so much excite-                                                                Fall litters & bred gilts
                                               ment about a boar in our
                                                   breeding program!
                                                                                                                                           will be available!

                                                                                         No Doubt — Owned with Masters
                                                                                          ON OUR FARM

                                            2004 CPS Extravaganza Supreme
                                                Champion Gilt at $1800                                                                      2006 WPX Reserve Champion
                                              Her mother was the 2003 STC                                                                            Poland Gilt
                                            Champion. She and her sisters are                                                                    Retained in our herd
                                                  retained in our herd.
                                                                                   2005 Fall Classic Reserve Poland Weanling Gilt
                                                                                         An Explosion daughter owned with
                                     Gerald & Fonda                                                 Keegan Brewer
                                                                                                                    310 North Locust, Sweet Springs, MO 65351
                                                                                                                    Home 660-335-4653 • Office: 660-826-7100

BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006
                                     COLLINS & REID’S POLANDS
BREEDERS DIGEST for June-July 2006   PAGE 79

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