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									VOL. 18 Issue 8       SGPRWF

OCT. 2007
   It’s a mystery to me. Here it is again☺))
4TH                            News from the San Gorgonio Pass Republican Women Federated

                                                                                            Founded May 14, 1960

2007 Board

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                                         Myrtlewood,right look for Country Club signs
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Ann Oliver
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                                                GREGG BARKER
                                                 GENE KADOW

                                PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
     We look forward to our October meeting so that you can hear all
     the wonderful things that occurred at the NFRW Convention in Palm
     Springs. We, as you know, had several of our members attending
     and participating as hosts for the visitor table at the Hilton

     Don't forget to mark your calendars for our Lincoln
     Dinner, February 16, at the Beaumont Civic Center.

       THANKS to SGPRWF members who hosted the Welcome Table at
                                     the Hilton Hotel
     Ann Botts, Helen Browning, Sheila Bryan, Rosemary Dimitt, Glenda Gurzi, Corky
     Evans, Pat Hays, Pat Pinz, G’anne Shuey, Sandy Richardson, Sandy Swenson, and Jack
     Your enthusiasm and efforts made SGPRWF look real good. Lynette
                      OUR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY?
OPPOSITION RESEARCH --------------------------------------------------------SHEILA BRYAN

    Fox news network with Brit Hume and his panel, has been one of my favorite Sunday
information sources, especially when the sardonic Charles Krauthammer was on the panel. Sadly
I watched when the subject of the North American Union was brought up. I leaned eagerly
forward to hear the answer. What was the thought on this Security and Prosperity Partnership
between Mr. Bush, Mr. Fox and Mr. Martin, the respective leaders of the United States, Mexico
and Canada?. The “Trade Partnership” seems to have caused a backlash from both the right and
the left. Brit Hume referred to the International Highway from Canada through the United States
into Mexico to facilitate trade. The smirks immediately appeared on all the panel’s faces. Charles
Krauthammer said, “Anyone who believes this will happen, also believes that Elvis is alive”.
Snorts, chuckles and eye rolling from Fred Barnes and Juan Williams followed. I say anyone
who does NOT believe it, has their head in a bucket, or someplace else where the sun does not
       Go to Phyllis Schafley, World Net Daily, Lou Dobbs or look up North American Union.
You can find a 59 page document from the Council on Foreign Relations called “Building a North
American Community”. The idea for the partnership, announced at a summit in Waco, Texas, in
2005, grew out of concerns that heightened border security in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001
terrorist attacks. This was the same summit when President Bush called the people protecting the
border “Vigilantes”. The concern was this might impede commerce at a time when North
American businesses already faced growing overseas competition. NAFTA’s chapter 11 rulings
were established in April 2004. California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald George said,
“There are grave implications here. It’s rather shocking that the highest courts of the state and the
federal governments could have their judgments circumvented by these tribunals.” TPA or Trade
Promotion Authority agreements restrict the ability of the United States to set its own trade
policies by transferring decision making to global arrangements as part of a broader agenda called
“globalization.” Can you say New World Order?
       There has been growing grass-roots resistance to the TPA agreements and their neutering of
U.S. sovereignty. Former Sec. of State Henry Kissinger predicted when the NAFTA agreement
was still being debated: “NAFTA will represent the most creative step toward a NEW WORLD
ORDER taken by any group of countries since the end of the Cold War, and the first stop toward
an even larger vision of a free-trade zone for the entire Western Hemisphere …NAFTA is not a
conventional trade agreement, but the architecture of a new international system.” If that isn’t
bothering you yet, try this one on for size.
       A Texas Democrat, congressman Henry Cuellar, .is leading discussions with the White
House to develop a military plan to assist Mexico in the war President Felipe Calderon is waging
against the drug cartels. The discussions involve the possibility of utilizing the U.S. military
directly in the effort in addition to providing military assistance. The Bush administration is
considering a multi-year multi-million dollar military assistance package that could include
telephone-tapping equipment, Blackhawk helicopters, radar to track drug shipments and training,
according to the Associated Press. H.R. 502 has been referred to the House Foreign Affairs
Committee, and Rep. Silvestre Reyes, D-Texas, whose district includes El Paso is urging the
Bush administration to allocate $850 MILLION over the next five years to help train Mexican law
enforcement and military personnel to utilize the advanced military equipment the U.S. is
planning to send to Mexico in a drug-related military assistance effort. When did we vote to take
on the problems of Mexican Drug Cartels? To solve their poverty, and corruption? When did we
vote to absorb the problems of Canadian Socialized Health Care. Are we ready to pay for the
welfare of the entire continent as a result of a North American borderless Union?
   Do you think this is important enough to print in your club bulletins? Do you care enough to
look it up for yourself? I challenge every club President to get this information to their members,
and if it is too disturbing – ask yourself how dedicated you really are to preserving the borders
and the Constitution of the United States of America.
      Theodore Roosevelt on Immigrants and being an American in 1907
  "In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes
here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us,
he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is
an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or
birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person's
becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an
American...There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says
he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all.
We have room for but one flag, the American flag...We have room for but
one language here, and that is the English language...and we have room
for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

  EDITOR NOTE: At the NFRW Convention I attended the “AMERICAN SOLUTIONS” (for
Winning The Future) presentation.. This is program is on line at :
  This program was developed by Newt Gingrich. I highly recommend that you look this up.
                                      LEGISLATIVE REPORT
                                          SEPTEMBER, 2007
                                            Betty De Santis

        This will be the first time we will vote as residents in the BUSD. The elections are on
        November 5. There are three seats up for election. Incumbents Amy Herr and Karl
        Walton are seeking re-election. Incumbent, Ann Peace, is not running again. Including
        Herr and Walton there are 10 candidates – 5 women and 5 men.

        Last November Measure R was passed for the BUSD by the residents of Banning. The
        measure was for $63,000,000 to construct, upgrade and equip local schools. Of the
        $63,000,000 authorized by voters, the School District has sold $13,500,000 of the bonds.
        The following projects are in progress:
           • Modernization of Hoffer Elementary School;
           • Modernization of Hemmerling Elementary School;
           • Preparation for modernization of Central Elementary School;
           • Preparation for modernization of Coombs Intermediate School;
           • Architectural and engineering for Banning High School expansion;
           • Architectural and engineering for a new elementary school.

        The cost to homeowners for Measure R is at $60 per $100,000 of property valuation for
        25 years. Since Sun Lakes was not part of the district at the time of passage, this cost per
household will be recalculated. It will be less with the addition of Sun Lakes properties.
A 5 member Citizens’ Oversight Committee has been set up to oversee the use of the
funds and to inform the public about the use of these funds.


Congress is crafting future telecommunication legislation and how that will affect the
consumers who subscribe to broadband service. Democrats are trying to introduce “net
neutrality” legislation which will drive up costs to consumers. At this time tech
corporations pay the tab to expand the websites. If “net neutrality” comes into being then
a ceiling will be set on tech payments and they will have to look to consumers to pay the
rest through their monthly bills. Since we live in a free-enterprise country which is based
on competition, the “Hands off the Internet” coalition think the government should stay
out of this internet growth.

“Hands off the Internet” will facilitate the letter writing for each of us. They are directing
our letters to Rep. Mary Bono. You can contact them or write directly to Rep. Bono at:
        Congressional District 44
        1600 E. Florida Ave. #301
        Hemet, CA 92544
The contact for “Hands off the Internet” is Nikko Ambroselli at:
        1215 19th St., 2nd Floor
        Sacramento, CA 95814


Ab16 the HPV virus immunization bill failed to pass. It passed in the Assembly, but died
in the Senate Rules Committee. Much of this was due to the information that came out
regarding some of the side effects and possible problems with the use of the drug


Assembly Speaker, Fabian Nunez states that lawmakers accomplished much in consumer
protection, public safety, environmental protection, etc. However, the most pressing
issues, health care, water and political boundaries were never discussed. The Governor
will call a special session to discuss health care and water. Democrats and Republicans
(to a certain extent) have drawn boundary lines which assure that an election will never
be lost by each party. This is gerrymandering at its worst. There was a proposition on
the ballot two years ago that would appoint three non-partisan judges to examine this
problem. It was not passed by the voters.
The special sessions to discuss water supply began September 11. The Governor and key
lawmakers will try to craft a borrowing package to bolster the state’s water supply in time
to put it before voters in February. A federal judge’s ruling is expected to cut by 1/3 the
amount of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta water for Southern California use. Money is
needed to build reservoirs and delivery systems.

STATUS OF BILLS WE HAVE DISCUSSED: Some failed and some are sitting on the
Governor’s desk waiting for signature or veto by October 14.

AB755 – “Spanking Ban” Bans parents from using spanking as a discipline for
misbehavior – Failed to pass.

AB374 – Legalized physician-assisted suicide – Failed to pass.

AB43 – Gender-neutral marriage – This would license homosexual “marriages.” – Sitting
on Governor’s desk. Opposed by CFRW.

SB1 – “California Dream Act” – This bill would unfairly give money from the Cal Grant
system to illegal immigrants for college. Last year’s Cal Grant budget was $746,561. An
estimated $6.7-$22.6 million more will be needed to cover the cost of this bureaucracy.
This bill takes money away from California citizens who NEED the money. Only 17%
of students who applied for a Cal Grant received money in 2006 as the program ran out
of money before the applications could be filled – Sitting on Governor’s desk. Opposed
by CFRW.
AB1634 – “Pet Spay and Neuter Bill” – Dead for this year, but is on a two-year status.
Opposed by CFRW.

SB69 – Sen. George Runner’s proposal to break up large school districts, such as
LAUSD, into manageable sized school sites. This bill was supported by CFRW – Failed
to pass.


At the time of the February 5th election there may be other issues on the ballot:
    • A bond package for water needs;
    • A measure designed to eliminate the need for hundreds of billions of dollars in
        new taxes to bail out state pensions and health care benefits by raising retirement
        ages and lowering the retirement packages from 100% to 60-70%.
    • Limits on Legislators’ Terms of Office. This would reduce the total amount of
        time a person may serve in the state legislature from 14 to 12 years. This can be
        served either in the Assembly, the Senate, or a combination of both.


***Proof in the Pudding; Devil in the Details***
As this legislative session wraps up, there is a renewed focus on
the Governor’s health care proposal. At the core of the
Governor’s plan, announced last January, is that idea that every
Californian have health insurance. Think about what a dramatic
paradigm shift that it. What other insurance does the government
mandate you to carry? You are required to have automobile
insurance if you own a vehicle, but you can post a bond
demonstrating your financial responsibility instead of having a
policy. Most people think of homeowner’s insurance as required,
but really it is just a condition of your mortgage so if your
home is paid off, you do not have to carry, say, fire insurance.

One of the biggest obstacles to the state mandating that you
carry insurance is enforcement: how will the state know whether
you have purchased a health insurance policy for yourself? With
your car insurance, you confirm your policy each year when you
register your vehicle. There is no similar mechanism for proving
to the state that you have health insurance, and I shudder at the
size of the bureaucracy and the intrusiveness that would be
required to accomplish that mission. Some have suggested that
people just list their insurance carrier on their state income
tax returns. Imagine how a tax bureaucracy could complicate

Improving health care is a complex issue, and I do not believe
the state legislature will work it out before this session
adjourns. It will continue to be debated, but those discussions
should recognize that further involving state bureaucracy will
not improve the quality, cost or availability of health insurance
in any way.

***State Department of Public Health Should Pay Up***
from LEONARD LETTER   10/1/07

The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act fee is currently
assessed on just two industries (motor vehicle fuel distributors
and paint distributors) even though we know there are many other
sources of lead out there. The state collects $22 million a year
from these industries. The money funds various programs dealing
with lead abatement and education. According to Cal-Tax, fuel
companies, which have not produced leaded gasoline since the
early 90s, pay 85 percent, and paint companies who always have
not produced lead based paint for decades pay the remaining 15

The Board of Equalization collects this fee for the California
Department of Public Health, which administers the education and
abatement programs.

Now – if you can believe this – the California Department of
Public Health admits that it distributed 300,000 lead-tainted
lunchboxes in recent years as part of its program to natter
people to eat better. Tests have found these lunchboxes have
“elevated” levels of lead and are a potential health hazard.

I await the DPH to identify themselves as a source of the lead
exposure California’s children are suffering from, and thus pay
their fair share of the same stupid fee they are making others
pay who are not actually contributing to the problem as they are.

“In the end more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security.
When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society
but for society to give to them, when the freedom they wished for
was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free.”
--- Edward Gibbon (1737-1794)
Source: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 1909

***Your Tax Dollars at Work*** 9/17/07

The Los Angeles Times ran an article last week pointing out how
much money local governments in California spend lobbying the
legislature. The Times calculated that cities, counties and the
like spent about $40 million, and noted that the figure is more
than “unions, manufacturing interests or the oil industry.” Sad,
but true. Of course, state government’s budget is really a
budget that transfers money to local governments. Our
Legislative Analyst lists the following programs with significant
state support of local services: K-14 education, welfare, mental
health, drug treatment, jails, probation, police/sheriff, trial
courts, parks and recreation, and streets and roads.

Thus local governments directly benefit from state tax dollars
more than unions, manufacturing interests, or the oil industry.
Not only are local governments interested in increasing their
share of the state’s tax revenue, I learned early on that they
cheat on each other. Complex formulas are written to distribute
the state money to local entities. Small changes in these
formulas can mean big differences to a particular local
government. Because of the clout of the Bay Area legislators the
formulas always seemed to favor Bay Area cities and counties. I
worked with lobbyists for inland and rural local governments to
make these formulas fairer to every Californian.

So it would be nice to fire these lobbyists and spend that money
to hire more police or teachers, but with the way that state
government micromanages local decisions and steals local tax
dollars they would end up losing twice and not be able to fight
for a fair allocation of your tax money.

New Orleans went Under --      A Black Man's Comments.
Carefully read the whole article. You'll be amazed. He says
things that no white man could ever write and keep his job.

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is founder and president of BOND, the
Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, and author of "Scam:
How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America."

Say a hurricane is about to destroy the city you live in.   Two
    What would you do?
    What would you do if you were black?

Sadly, the two questions don't have the same answer.

To the first: Most of us would take our families out of that city
quickly to protect them from danger. Then, able-bodied men would
return to help others in need, as wives and others cared for
children, elderly, infirm and the like.

For better or worse, Hurricane Katrina has told us the answer to
the second question. If you're black and a hurricane is about to
destroy your city, you'll probably wait for the government to
save you.

This was not always the case. Prior to 40 years ago, such a
pathetic performance by the black community in a time of crisis
would have been inconceivable. The first response would have
come from black men. They would take care of their families,
bring them to safety, and then help the rest of the community.
Then local government would come in.

No longer. When 75 percent of New Orleans residents had left the
city, it was primarily immoral, welfare-pampered blacks that
stayed behind and waited for the government to bail them out.
This, as we know, did not turn out good results.

Enter Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. Jackson and Farrakhan
laid blame on "racist" President Bush. Farrakhan actually
proposed the idea that the government blew up a levee so as to
kill blacks and save whites. The two demanded massive
governmental spending to rebuild New Orleans, above and beyond
the federal government's proposed $60 billion. Not only that,
these two were positioning themselves as the gatekeepers to
supervise the dispersion of funds. Perfect: Two of the most
dishonest elite blacks in America, "overseeing" billions of
dollars. I wonder where that money will end up.

Of course, if these two were really serious about laying blame on
government, they should blame the local one. Responsibility to
perform legally and practically fell first on the mayor of New
Orleans. We are now all familiar with Mayor Ray Nagin, the black
who likes to yell at President Bush for failing to do Nagin's
job. The facts, unfortunately, do not support Nagin's wailing.
As the Washington Times puts it, "recent reports show [Nagin]
failed to follow through on his own city's emergency-response
plan, which acknowledged that thousands of the city's poorest
residents would have no way to evacuate the city."

One wonders how there was "no way" for these people to evacuate
the city. We have photographic evidence telling us otherwise.
You've probably seen it by now the photo showing 2,000 parked
school buses, unused and underwater. How much planning does it
require to put people on a bus and leave town, Mayor Nagin?

Instead of doing the obvious, Mayor Nagin (with no positive
contribution from Gov. Kathleen Blanco, the other major leader
vested with responsibility to address the hurricane disaster)
loaded remaining new Orleans residents into the Superdome and the
city's convention center. We know how that plan turned out.

About five years ago, in a debate before the National Association
of Black Journalists, I stated that if whites were to just leave
the United States and let blacks run the country, they would turn
America into a ghetto within 10 years. The audience, shall we
say, disagreed with me strongly. Now I have to disagree with me.
I gave blacks too much credit. It took a mere three days for
blacks to turn the Superdome and the convention center into
ghettos, rampant with theft, rape and murder.

President Bush is not to blame for the rampant immorality of
blacks. Had New Orleans' black community taken action, most
would have been out of harm's way. But most were too lazy,
immoral and trifling to do anything productive for themselves.

All Americans must tell blacks this truth. It was blacks' moral
poverty not their material poverty that cost them dearly in New
Orleans. Farrakhan, Jackson, and other race hustlers are to be
repudiated for they will only perpetuate this problem by stirring
up hatred and applauding moral corruption. New Orleans, to the
extent it is to be rebuilt, should be remade into a dependency-
free, morally strong city where corruption is opposed and success
is applauded. Blacks are obligated to help themselves and not
depend on the government to care for them. We are all obligated
to tell them so.

THE DICTIONARY PROJECT Judy Freeman (951)769-0072                 JoAnn O'Neill (951)8451864

Each third grade student in Banning and Beaumont public school districts will receive a
dictionary of their own. Dictionaries will be distributed in the fall.
  If you would like to make a contribution to our project please send a check made out to
SGPRWF and note for The Dictionary Project. Contributions are tax deductable. We accept
donations in any amount, cash or checks. A case of 24 cost $69.60, or a case of 48 cost $81.60.
  Checks may be sent to: Judy Freeman, 4925 Sunningdale St., Banning Ca. 92220.
  Thank you for supporting our project.

Ways & Means                Sandy Swenson Chair

Dates to remember:

October 13th – Saturday 8am to 2pm. Garage Sale at Sandy’s, 1606 Fairway
               Oaks Ave, Sun Lakes. You may drop off items thru Friday
               the 12th. Helpers needed for pricing and volunteers needed to
               work the sale on Saturday. Call Sandy at 845-4663 to
               volunteer or if you have a question.

October 24th – General meeting. ‘Cookie Lee’ fine fashion jewelry for sale
               by Phyllis Dalton. Fashions from Devi Dress Shop located in
               The Redlands Mall across from the Gottschalk Home Store.

November 28th – General meeting. 2008 Photo Calendars for sale

December 18th – General meeting. Bring bake goods for sale. Patriotic wine
                bags and coasters for sale.

Oct-Nov-Dec – Cookbooks for Sale. We have 100 left. They really make
              good gifts.

Let Sandy know soon if you have anything to donate to put in 3 baskets that have to be
made and given to the Southern Division & Riverside County for Silent Auction and
raffles in November and December.


It was great to see so many members at our Sept. Luncheon. We are starting out our
new season with a bang
At the meeting we had three new members. Phyllis Dalton, Marilyn Vonderheide (Former
Dianne McGrain, and Esther Mejio who was unable to attend.

I was very fortunate this weekend to attend the National Federation of Republican
I don't see how we can lose the elections in 2008, with all the enthusiasm, knowledge
and spirit
that I saw in these wonderful ladies. If we can all get behind them we will be hard to
Remember please to bring a friend to our Oct. meeting. I will be glad to answer any
question I can.
 I will see you all there.

Helen Browning

                                 34TH NFRW REPORT
(Thank you to Sandy Swenson for her notes)

Two Important Questions for Women Who Volunteer
          Can you answer YES or NO?

   1. Are you proud of where you go each day?

   2. Are you proud of your choices at the end of each day?

Lots of women say things that hurt you.

We need to stop the inner war between women.

Women are not good at getting our needs met.

If men have a need, they fill it
We need young women to join us whose priorities are:

     1. God
     2. Family
     3. How this country is run

We need strong national, state, and local chapters.

NFRW should be the strongest group in America.

We should have a voice.

We are on stage everyday and we are afraid to ask.

Our country is in trouble and we need healthy/sane clubs.

People are their opinions but not their FACTS.

‘Conservatives’ need to preserve America from Democrat socialists taking us into
WORLD government.
Americans want a Conservative Christian President from American elections.

In 2008 we need to get an authentic God loving President.

Our best examples have been Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.

New for 2008 (check this out on the internet)

   Bipartisan effort – 501c non-profit

  Take your kids to the polls in November (

  There will be a National TV campaign

  State kick-offs

  Free lesson plans

  Stickers for the children

  National essay contest

  Take your parents to VOTE

We need to help someone raise an American and be proud to be an American.

With the media virus, we need good parents.

American news media portray wars and sex crazes

Enemies hate us and our way of life.

The average teenage allowance is $29/week.

SYNOPSIS OF A TALK BY Major Eric Egland (Reserve) now running for CA 4th Dist
for Congress
                         THE TROOPS NEED YOU, AMERICA
Ultimately, success in Iraq will be decided by the Iraqi people, and Troops Need You
(TNY) enables Americans to help our troops accomplish their mission.
Having been on patrols with U S Soldiers and Marines throughout Iraq, I have seen the
need for more goods and resources to help win over local Iraqis.
Plus, my efforts with Congress and the Pentagon have confirmed that only American
people, not politicians and bureaucrats, are prepared to answer this call of duty.
Well, thanks to Americans like you, Troops Need You has made a tremendous impact,
both in terms of helping our troops directly and also helping them indirectly. I was able
to make the case for needed changes in Iraq to key leaders including Gen. Petraeus, the
top general in the White House, and even recently with Pres. Bush himself. Americans
have made a difference through TNY. For example, we supported combat units like the
1-28th Infantry Regiment from Fort Riley, Kansas. TNY volunteers shipped to them over
$5000 in medical supplies that the Iraqis had requested. The supplies helped to
significantly improve the medical care for part of Baghdad’s citizenry. The Al-Fura
neighborhood where the supplies were distributed went from being as dangerous as any
other in the battalion’s sector-- to being the most secure and peaceful, with the fewest
sectarian attacks and the fewest attacks against our troops. Improved security is the
outcome we need to be able to bring our troops home--successful. Helping Iraqi people
resulted in them helping us, by taking a more active role in providing intelligence tips and
taking more responsibility for their new government.

We learned new words to an old melody:                        (from Bakersfield
(Row, Row ,Row Your Boat):
Vote, Vote, Vote my friend
Elect the GOP
Kick the “Dems” right out the door,
How happy we will be!

P O Box 304
Banning, CA 92220


Oct 17         Lincoln Dinner mtg 9am before Board mtg

Oct 17         SGPRWF BOARD @ PRES. PAT 10 am call 845 3789 to confirm
Oct 24      SGPRWF Gen’l Mtg 10am $12.50 Calimesa C C

Nov 3       Riv Cty Rep Party Liberty Dinner Moromgo JON ZIEGLER speaker

NOV 9-10    So. Div. Bi-An Conv Bahia Resort San Diego


JAN 18-20   CFRW Winter Conf

Feb 16      LINCOLN DINNER Beaumont Civic Center

APRIL 21-2ADVOCACY Sacramento



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