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					                                                                  Workers lined up side by side,
                           Henry Ford                             and a motorized conveyor belt
                                                                  moved the chassis along, while
                           World’s First Moving Auto              each worker did one job. “The
                                                                  man who places a part does not
                           Assembly Line
                                                                  fasten it,” explained Henry Ford.
                                                                  Their average chassis assembly
                           Spring, 1913
                                                                  time was now only ninety-three
                           Henry Ford grew up on a ninety-        minutes.
                           acre farm in Dearbornville,
                                                                  “Every piece of work in the shop
                           Michigan where he attended school
                                                                  moves. It may move on hooks,
                           until the age of 16.
                                                                  on overhead chains, it may
  Further training came from working as an apprentice to learn    travel on a moving platform, or
  the trade of machinist. Here is where he learned of the gas     it may go by gravity, but the
  engine and his obsession began.                                 point is that there is no lifting or
                                                                  trucking.”                             www.

As a young man, Ford worked as a machinist for companies         Henry Ford had found the key to producing a good car at a
such as Westinghouse and the Edison Illuminating Company.        low price. Henry Ford’s creation of the assembly line sped up
Edison allowed Ford to set up a workshop at the plant so he      production and made the automobile affordable to the average
could develop a gasoline engine in his spare time. In 1896,      working man.
Henry Ford sold his first Quadricycle for $200 and
immediately began to work on another one. It wasn’t until        Today, the assembly line can be found in manufacturing firms
1903 when Ford Motor Company made its first sale. The            around the world. It has allowed for mass production of
Model A sold for $850 and was the first of seventeen hundred     goods, such as automobiles, to meet the demands of a society
cars sold in the first fifteen months. By 1913, the company      that has come to expect the availability of a product at at any
could not keep up with orders. As a result, Ford developed       time.
the worlds first moving assembly line and was able to turn out
twice as many cars without increasing the number of
All of this began with Henry Fords fascination with the
internal combustion gas engine that he read about in a
magazine while working as an apprentice.

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