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									Dear Publishing Business Reader,

Social Media (SM) can be a powerful consumer engagement tool for publishers. It (SM) can be
used to listen to consumers to know what the buzz is all about. It (SM) can be used to impress
consumers with superior service. It (SM) can be used to grow your digital database.

Effective social media integration will help you drive engagement with your consumers.

The session on social media integration at the Publishing Business conference was well
attended, evoked very positive response, and got people to think about putting together a social
media blueprint.

Whatever you do, think about these five principles to help you guide your social media path -

1 - Finding new consumers
2 - Knowing about your consumers
3 - Turning your consumers into promoters
4 - Reducing costs
5 - Driving attributable revenue

The publishing business is interestingly poised with all that is going on with new media. It is going
to be about cross channel engagement, yet it is not going to be easy. Email marketing will move
to the forefront to enable this engagement. Other important considerations will be around knowing
consumer preferences and safeguarding consumer data.

Please do leverage both the presentation & the articles that I am sharing with you - they cover
many aspects of social, mobile, and email engagement. There is a lot of good information in
these articles.

If you have any questions do send them my way. Thanks again for the interaction, many thanks
for the wonderful feedback at the conference, do stay in touch, and here is wishing you the very
best till we meet again.


Sundeep Kapur
Author, Digital Evangelist, NCR

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