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					                                                                                                           WEST COAST LOCK-IN FORM
                                                                                                             Lock Desk Cut-off Time is 2:00 PM PST
                                                                                       Email Completed Form(s) to:
Lock-in Request Date/Time:
Broker ID:                                                                          Loan #:
Broker Name:                                                                        Broker Loan #:
Email Address:                                                                      Account Executive:
Phone Number:                                                                       Account Manager:

               BORROWER NAME – Last, First & Middle:                                                     SSN                              FICO SCORE

             CO-BORROWER NAME – Last, First & Middle:                                                    SSN                              FICO SCORE

Property Address:

City:                                                         County:                                    State:                  Zip:

                   LOAN PURPOSE                                           OCCUPANCY                                      PROPERTY TYPE
    Purchase                                                      Primary                                    1-Family            PUD-Attached
    R/T Refinance                                                 Second Home                                2-Family            PUD-Detached
    C/O Refinance                                                 Investment                                 3-Family            Low-Rise Condo
    Streamline w/appraisal                                                                                   4-Family            High-Rise Condo
    Streamline w/o appraisal                                                                                 Townhouse          Site Condo

                                                                  LOAN INFORMATION
Mortgage Amount:                             Sales Price:                                    Appraised Value:
$                                            $                                               $
Subordinate Financing                        Subordinate Financing Total                     LTV:             CLTV:                       HCTLV:
$                                            $
          LOAN PRODUCT                                                                LOAN TYPE / FEATURES

    CONFORMING                               TERM:                   ARM / FIXED             INTEREST               MORTGAGE INSURANCE?
    CONF HIGH BALANCE                          10-Year                 3/1 Libor             ONLY?                     No
    FNMA DU REFI PLUS                          15-Year                 5/1 Libor                Yes– 10yr              Yes- Borrower Paid MI
    DU REFI PLUS HIGH BALANCE                  20-Year                 7/1 Libor                No                  Coverage:     %
    FHA                                        25-Year                 10/1 Libor                                      Yes- Lender Paid MI
                                               30-Year                 Fixed

                                             AU INFO
                                               FNMA DU

                                   Submit Rate Lock Requests to

NOTE RATE        %                                    ESCROWS                                            PRICING
Lock Period:                                             Yes                                             BASE PRICE
   15-Day Best Efforts *Approved only                    No                                              Borrower Paid Comp
   30-Day Best Efforts                                                                                   Lender Paid Comp
   45-Day Best Efforts                                                                                   No Impounds
   60-Day Best Efforts                                                                                   FICO/LTV
LOCK EXTENSION                                                                                           Units
*Max 15 days total                                                                                       Occupancy
    3 Days 0.125                                                                                         Subordinate Financing
    7 Days 0.25                                                                                          Geographic Add
    10 Days 0.375                                                                                        Other:
    15 Days 0.50
                                                                                                         NET REBATE/DISCOUNT:
*All CTC’s / PTF’s must be met.
Pricing subject to change upon confirmation of all applicable loan level feature price adjustments. Lock Confirmation does not guarantee a loan is eligible
for a specific program or product.

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