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					                                                                Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 1

                           SETON NOTES
                           Ad Jesum per Mariam : To Jesus through Mary
                              Monthly newsletter for parents of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School
                                                          Nov./Dec. 2012

Calendar of Events p. 2
Asst. Principal    p. 3
Athletics          p. 4
Open House         p. 5
Finals             p. 6
Advancement Office p. 7
Auction            p. 11
Guidance/Finance p. 12
                           Dear Parents and Friends,
Student Activities p. 13
Parent Groups      p. 15   Pope Benedict has declared it a year of faith beginning on October 11,
Fine Arts Nights   p. 18   2012 through November 24, 2013. The official symbol of the year of
                           faith, as you can see above, is a ship. A ship is traditionally used as a
                           symbol for faith. During times of persecution the symbol of a ship was
                           used to hide the cross in the mast of the ship. The ship is sometimes
                           represented with Christ as the helmsman. “The world is a sea, in which
                           the Church, like a ship, beaten by the waves, but not submerges” (St.
                           Churches and chapels named for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton often have a
                           replica of a ship on display, this is to remind us of her return voyage from
                           Italy after her husband’s death. It was during this voyage that she
                           discerned and upon her return to the United States she embraced the
                           Roman Catholic faith. During this year of faith we know that we are
                           blessed to have our patroness as an example of “the faith by which one
                           believes is itself a gift from God” (USCCB).

   September               Merry Christmas!
 Students of the           Patricia L. Collins
McKenna Wiegand            Principal
& Sam Engelbert
 Congratulations!                For Seton Notes submissions, please contact Paula Osterday in the
                                  Advancement Office at (480) 963-1900, Ext. 2011 or via e-mail at
                                                                        Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 2

                                NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHTS
Nov    1     All School Mass, Gym, 10:00 a.m.
Nov    3     Open House, Gym, 9:00 a.m.—Noon (see page 19)
             Sister Cities Southwest Tea, Chandler City Hall, 11:00 a.m.—1:00 p.m. (see p. 15)
             Night of Hope, Downtown Sheraton, 6:00 p.m.
Nov    6     Blood Drive, 8:30-1:00 p.m. Contact Cyd Totten at
Nov    8-11 Kairos XXXVI
Nov    12    NO SCHOOL Veterans Day
Nov    19    Booster Club Meeting, Library, 7:00 pm
Nov    21    EARLY RELEASE for Thanksgiving Break.
Nov    22-26 NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break
Nov    28    SPA Meeting, Library, 7:00 pm
Nov    29    Seton Fine Arts Association Meeting, Library, 7:00 pm

                                 DECEMBER HIGHLIGHTS
Dec     1       Seton After Dark 25th Annual Dinner Auction. Event begins at 5:00 pm at Fiesta Resort
                Conference Center, Tempe
Dec     4       Advent Reconciliation Service, Gym, 9:23 am
Dec     6       Fine Arts Night, Theatre, 7:00 pm (see page 20)
Dec     10      Booster Club meeting, Library, 7:00 pm
Dec     12      Mothers’ Mass, Gym, 1:00 pm
Dec     13      Fine Arts Night, Theatre, 7:00 pm (see page 20)
Dec     17-19   Final Exams
Dec     20      Final Exam Make-ups
Dec     21-6    School and Office Closed starting at Noon on Friday, Dec. 21

Jan     7       SCHOOL RESUMES

Just a reminder that the Seton Catholic Prep name, Crest, Logos, Sentinel name, logo and the interlocking
SCP logo are protected trade names and trademarks that are the exclusive property of Seton Catholic
Preparatory High School. Seton Catholic Preparatory High School retains the exclusive right to their
use. As such, the use of such on items on websites, clothing and other materials is prohibited without the
prior written permission of Seton Catholic Preparatory High School.
                                                                            Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 3
From the Office of the Assistant Principal...
Happy November!

The following is the second part of ‘Navigating the Academics at Seton’. The last installment will come in the
Jan/Feb Seton Notes. I hope you find it helpful.

In the first part of this article (from the September/October Seton Notes), I talked about how the mission
statement and ‘college prep’ framework help guide and inform all that we do at Seton. Now that you have our
endgame in mind, let’s talk about the way we get there. First and foremost, it begins with course selection and
selecting courses for the appropriate reasons, not because their best friend wants to take it! If a student desires
a rigorous load and admission to a selective or highly selective college or university, they should plan their
course of study very carefully. This means requesting courses that they find interesting and challenging. But
what about the student who is not planning to attend a selective or highly selective college or
university? Those students should also plan their courses carefully based on areas that they find interesting.
Regardless of a student’s goal, they should always push themselves to achieve more and take courses that are
of interest to them and challenge them.

Given the importance that we place on a course of study, hopefully the course drop/change policy becomes
clearer. From the handbook:

       “Students may only change a schedule based on the following two criteria.

       1.The schedule change is teacher initiated for misplacement.

       2.The student desires a heavier academic load.”

If our students have given critical thought to their study, they should have selected the courses that they need
and want to take from the onset. While colleges and universities have a drop period at the beginning of a
semester, our drop period is in May when student schedules are released. The other reason for the policy is
more practical to the secondary environment; not so much so for the higher education environment. That
reason is budgeting, scheduling and hiring. If we have significant fluctuation in student schedules, it can alter
what we would have otherwise budgeted. In other words, let’s say a course makes at 15 students in the
spring. This is taken into consideration as we build the master schedule, hire teachers, and determine other
courses that make or are cancelled. It is then placed in the budget. If 8 students request a change in the fall,
this significantly alters what is otherwise in the budget plan. This is the practical part of operating a school,
one that must be taken into consideration.
                                                                            Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 4

From the Office of the Assistant Principal, cont...

Finally, let’s talk about students in a college prep curriculum. A necessary part of any college prep
curriculum is reading and homework. In order to master the material, students need to supplement their
classroom experience with outside practice. At the high school level, it is not uncommon to spend anywhere
from 20 - 30 minutes per subject per night. The amount of time a night can vary based on student
motivation, ability, and whether or not there is a test the next day! Regardless, homework will continue to be
a part of the academic program at any college prep institution.

In the next installment, I will address three more important elements of navigating the academics at Seton –
grievance procedures, teacher feedback and time management.

God bless,
David Sorkin

 News from the Athletic Office...

CLARIFICATION ON REFUNDS: We have updated the wording regarding refunds of Participation Fees in
the Student Athlete Handbook, under Pre-Season Requirements, #6; this document can also be found on the Ath-
letics page of the Seton website.

Athletes must have paid the participation fee. The participation fee is $200.00 for each sport. This fee is
refundable only if a Refund Request Form is filled out and submitted to the Athletic Department before the
end of the season that sport takes place. Refunds are not available if the student athlete quits the team AF-
TER the first scheduled event. The Refund Request Form is available from the Athletic Administrative As-
Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 5
                                                                                     Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 6

                                        HOLIDAY OFFICE HOURS
The school and offices will be closed for Thanksgiving on the afternoon of November 21 through Monday,
                      November 26. School will resume on Tuesday, November 27.
  The school and offices will also be closed for Christmas at Noon on December 21 through January 6.
                                   Seton will reopen on Monday, January 7, 2013.

                                           Semester Final Exams
                                           Mon. 12/17                   Tues. 12/18                 Wed. 12/19
              8:30 – 10:00           Social Studies/Health                English                     Theology

             10:15 – 11:45              World Languages                   Science                       Math

                                 Make-up exams will be held Thursday, December 20.

         Seton Catholic Blood Drive: Give the gift of life this holiday season!
                Sponsored by the Senior Class and Blood Drive Committee
The upcoming blood drive is on November 6 from 8:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. in the Chapel parking lot. Our blood drive committee has
presented the information through the English classes and have been passing out permission forms. Some posters are up and more
will be posted. Questions: contact Mrs. Totten at or Ext. 2124.

 The Mission of Seton Catholic Preparatory High is to provide a college preparatory
   curriculum within a Catholic faith community focusing on academic excellence,
                      leadership, and loving service to others.
                                                                        Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 7
From the Advancement Office…

Please join Honorary Chair, Ann Myers Drysdale, for the 25th Anniversary Seton After
Dark Gala on Saturday, December 1, 2012. For more information and to purchase
tickets, visit the Seton After Dark webpage at
                    A special thank you to the sponsors of Seton After Dark


                                          Save the Date!
                            Seton ‘THON ~ Friday, February 1, 2013

     Help Us Help Every Student Reach Their Full Potential
            Support the 2012-2013 Fund for Seton Catholic!

 The annual Fund for Seton Catholic, launched in September, will support
 our science and math programs, technology, enhancement of our athletic
 facilities and expand our summer enrichment programs.
 Help us continue our strong tradition of ensuring that today’s students—and
 the students of the future—will experience a full and meaningful Seton
 We are counting on you! Every gift is important, no matter the size.
 Should you wish to give online, visit our website and click on Support

  Questions about giving? Email Becky Sanchez at or call
                                 480.963.1900 x2006
                                                                       Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 8
From the Advancement Office…

                      Like Seton Catholic Prep on Facebook!

                       SCPHS Volunteer of the Month 2012-13
            Volunteers of the Month receive a gift of $25 Scrip and recognition at the annual
                            All Volunteer Thank You Reception in April 2013

                                         OCTOBER 2012
The Seton Catholic Prep October Volunteer of the month is Ms. Maureen Farinella. While being
involved with many Seton Catholic Prep committees and activities since 2009, recently Maureen had led
the Seton Fine Arts Association in several fund raising activities including a fun evening at Orange Leaf
and selling tickets for performances at Gammage. Maureen and her husband, Joe, are the proud parents of
Megan, Class of 2013.

                                        NOVember 2012
The November Volunteer of the Month is Ms. Micki Schroeder. Micki has been involved with Seton
Catholic committees for several years and this year serves as the Vice President of the SCPHS Advisory
Board. Micki recently took a volunteer lead on the “student hearing screenings” provided to our freshman
class. Many in the Seton community appreciate the entire volunteer ours Micki donates to the school and
our students. Micki and her husband, Michael, are the proud parents of Seton senior, Amber.

                  Congratulations and thank you to Maureen and Micki!

If you would like to nominate someone in our community for the honor of Volunteer of the
     Month, please email Becky Sanchez at Thank you!
                                                                             Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 9

                                         Pay It Forward!
                       Use Your Will To Give the Gift of Catholic Education
Steps to Consider in Leaving a Bequest to Seton Catholic Prep:
1) Decide to make a gift of a specific amount or determine a percentage which allows your gift to remain in
proportion to the size of your estate.
2) Decide if you want to direct your gift to help a particular area, such as academics or athletics, or leave your gift
unrestricted, allowing it to be used for the most pressing needs.
3) See your attorney to include your gift in your will or trust. Below is some bequest language that may be helpful
to take to your attorney.
4) Please notify us of your intention so we can thank you and keep you informed of ongoing activities. We will be
happy to adhere to your wishes regarding anonymity.
Bequest Language for Your Will
Bequest language is the formal name of the sentences your estate planning attorney uses to include a charitable
bequest in your will. Here is our suggested wording:
 I, (name) of (city, state, zip) give, devise and bequeath to Seton Catholic Preparatory High School (written
amount or percentage of the estate or description of property) for its (unrestricted use and purpose OR area
that you want to support.)
For more information, contact Paula Osterday at

                             Commemorative Giving Program

Seton Catholic Prep offers the Commemorative Giving Program as a way to recognize the special people
in your life. This opportunity allows you to give a gift in honor or memory of someone. Many friends,
colleagues and family members live their lives in the same spirit that Seton Catholic Prep was founded.
Now you can recognize their life journey or celebrate their accomplishments. Persons wishing to
recognize a loved one in this way may do so with either a Memorial Gift or an Honorarium Gift.

A Memorial Gift is a meaningful way to express your sympathy and can be done annually on All Soul’s
Day or another special day of memory in your loved one’s life. An Honorarium Gift is a great way to let
someone know you are thinking of them on their special day, whether it be a birthday, wedding,
graduation, promotion, civic honor, or any other special occasion.

Your gift is acknowledged with a beautiful card mailed directly to the person or family you designate at
the time of your gift. You may choose to have your name included in the card or you may remain
anonymous. The amount of your gift is not disclosed, however you will receive a letter of
acknowledgement from Seton Catholic Prep.

Gifts can be made online at under the “Support Seton” tab. All proceeds benefit
the Sisters Of Charity Scholarship Endowment Fund which provides tuition assistance to students with
financial need.

                                            All gifts are tax deductible!
                                                                Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 10

               Car Raffle to Benefit the Sisters of Charity Retirement Fund!

A group of dedicated volunteers from St. Mary's Parish are hosting a car raffle to benefit the
retirement fund for the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill, the sisters who have served Seton
Catholic Prep for the past 59 years. Tickets are $100 each, or 6 for $500, and can be
purchased by emailing Mark Buessing '70 at The winner will be
announced at the Seton After Dark Gala on December 1 and will choose between a new
Camaro or a cash prize!
Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 11
Guidance Department News...                                                   Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 12

Senior students should be checking college application deadline dates, as many are in November and December.
Be sure you check priority deadlines for in-state universities. Remember, if you are requesting a letter of
recommendation, you should give the faculty member at least two weeks to complete the letter. Please see your
counselor if you have any questions.
Barrett Honors College for Seniors:
The Priority Action due date for applications to Barrett, The Honors College at ASU, is November 15,
2012. The Regular Decision Deadline is February 15, 2013, and Late Consideration Deadline is April 30,
2013. Your application to ASU must be submitted before you apply to Barrett. For more information, contact
your Seton guidance counselor; the website is
Scholarship Opportunities:
The Guidance Counseling Department has an updated list of scholarships available to students in RenWeb. For
an updated list of these scholarships please go to RenWeb, click on ‘Resource Documents’ and then
‘Scholarship Opportunities’.
Tutoring Resources:
Please be sure that if your students are struggling in a class, they take advantage of the tutoring resources we
have on campus. Students should work with their teachers in 8th hour and if they need additional help, can
request an NHS student tutor through their guidance counselor. If students need more support, the guidance
counselors have referrals for private tutors.
Standardized Test Results:
In January, students will receive their results for the standardized tests they took (EXPLORE, PSAT and PLAN).

                                       Seton Finance Office
The end of the semester will be upon us soon. Remember Diocesan School Policy states: “no
student will be permitted to take semester examinations, receive report cards, or register for the
following semester until all financial obligations have been met.” No exceptions will be
made. Your financial account information can be found on RenWeb under “Family Information.”
Please contact Sandy Potter at or Bob Esposito at with any FACTS or balance questions. Thank you.

                Catholic Education Arizona (CTODP)
   Do you pay Arizona state taxes? Did you know you can re-direct these tax
    dollars to the Diocese of Phoenix and provide a Catholic education for a
   child? Corporations designated as a C corporation per IRS regulations can
                      also donate and receive a tax credit.
                                               To learn more:

                                                                            Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 13

                              HOMECOMING ROYALTY
Congratulations to the 2012 Seton Catholic Preparatory Homecoming Royalty!
The homecoming queen is Miss Lauren Kaiser and the homecoming king is Mr. Zach Blomberg. The senior
court included: Miss Kelsie Ballesteros, Miss Kaitlyn Thomas, Mr. Luke Bruggeman and Mr. Matt Hart.
Representing the junior class of 2014 is Jenean Sullivan and Mitchell Détente.
Representing the sophomore class of 2015 is: Victoria Rios and Andrew Rangel.
Representing the freshmen class of 2016 is: Varinia Snedeker and Brandon Garcia.

                           European Adventure 2013
The Europe trip to Germany, Austria and Italy from June 19-July 1 is for juniors and sen-
iors. As this trip is only offered every other year, don’t let this fabulous opportunity pass
you by! The deposits are due January 15, 2013. We need a few more students to sign up;
a minimum of 12 students is required for the trip to be offered. If you have any questions,
contact either Dr. Krings or Mr. Vetti.

                                           STUDENT COUNCIL
                                 FRESHMEN ELECTION RESULTS
                          Congratulations to Newly Elected Freshman Class Officers!

                                          President: Cheyenne Murray
                                         Vice President: Michael Garlid
                      Representatives: Anthony Cook, Zuzanna Latocha, Kim Rapanut

                                         STUDENT ACHIEVEMENTS:
                                  GENEVIEVE LEACH’S ART EXHIBITED
 Come and see art work by Genevieve Leach in Vision Gallery during the month of November. The gallery is
 in historic downtown Chandler, at 10 East Chicago Street, Chandler, AZ 85225. Great job, Genevieve!
                                                                                 Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 14

        Another Environmental Recycling Project at Seton Catholic Preparatory
Seton Catholic has partnered with United Fibers of Chandler for yet another recycling
project. Beginning in November we will have a Clothing/Fabric Recycling Bin on our
campus. All clothing (we ask that you not include "unmentionables," that is personal clothing
worn under your clothing) and fabric can be deposited in the bin which will be located to the
south of the gym, right by the paper recycling bin. Students and families can also bring
materials to be recycled to the Chem Lab - B-1.
When the Environmental Science Class toured the United Fiber Facility we discovered that United Fiber
manufactures an building insulation product made of fiber. The Environmental Science Class, the
Environmental Club and the Sister School Club is conducting this recycling program. We encourage all Seton
families and friends to participate. Thank you.

                       LATIN CLUB NEWS!

  On September 21, the SCP Latin club hosted the AZJCL "Salvete" event. Over 6
  schools were in attendance. Kudos to Connor Peterson for a 2nd place win and
  Hannah Hager and CeCe Buneo for competing,
                                                                          Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 15

                              SETON PARENT ASSOCIATION
                   Christmas Bonus Program--the tradition continues this year and the tree will be in
                    the front office. Be looking for your brightly colored ornament to arrive in the mail this
                    month! Take a moment to prayerfully discern a contribution to the Seton Staff Christmas
                    Bonus program and then return the ornament to us with your monetary donation, prayer
                    commitment or sentiment. 100% of all that is collected is distributed to the wonderful staff we
 have caring for and nurturing our teens each and every day. Together we can offer a beautiful message of
 appreciation this Christmas season. Questions or if you would like to help with this program, please contact Amy

 Student Social—Games, Music and Food! The Christmas student lunch social will be held on December 11.
 Anyone interested in helping or donating to this event should contact Gina Amorosi,

 Staff Appreciation Luncheon—A wonderful lunch will be provided for our staff on December 18.
 Junior class parents will be asked for donations of drinks and desserts so be watching for an email. Anyone
 interested in helping or donating to this event should contact Jenny Cook,

 SPA General Meeting--will be held November 28 at 7:00pm in the Library.

                 Seton Parents Association wishes you a wonderful,
                 Christmas season filled with family, Faith, and Joy!

                                     Mothers’ Mass
                         December 12, 2012, 1:00 pm, Gymnasium
 Dear Seton Catholic Prep Mother,
 You are extended a warm invitation to attend our annual Mothers’ Mass celebrating the Feast of the
 Immaculate Conception. Immediately following Mass, please join us for a reception with your student in
 the quad. At the reception, the Seton Scrip/Spirit store will have a variety of items along with all of their
 gift cards for sale in the quad. So plan to begin your holiday shopping at Seton Catholic Prep!
 You are welcome to bring your student’s grandmothers, aunts and your friends, too! No R.S.V.P


Balfour will be on campus November 16 to talk to the seniors during their 9:30am break about graduation
announcements. They will also hand out information packets. Balfour will return to campus on November 28,
during lunch in the cafeteria and from 5:00-6:00pm in the gym lobby to take orders.
                                                                            Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 16

Membership in the Seton Fine Arts Association (SFAA) is open to anyone who loves the arts. The SFAA is
funded through membership fees. Details regarding the various membership opportunities are available on the
Seton website:
Benefits include free admission to fine arts nights, advance ticket sales to drama productions and free tickets to
drama productions. It’s never too late to sign up!

The first semester we have been able to grant funding requests for:
        *two new pottery wheels for the ceramics classes
        *new jackets for the dance team
        *portable art display panels for visual arts classes
These requests are funded through the participation of Seton families and friends in our membership drive, and
fundraising programs. How can you help?

There are three easy ways to support the arts programs at Seton Catholic Preparatory-
       Purchase a love note or ad in our performance program—see website for info.
       Participate in our Fresh and Easy Shop for Schools program. Submit any receipt from a Fresh and Easy
           store $20 or more now through December 31. Also plan to attend our special shopping night on
           Thursday November 1 from 4-8 pm at the Dobson and Queen Creek Rd location.
       Plan to shop during our Seton Community Book Fair at the Chandler Fashion Square Barnes and Noble.
           We will receive 10% of all sales credited with our unique voucher code for the week of December 7-
           14, with a special shopping day event on Saturday, December 8 from 10am -3pm. Our voucher
           number is 10909794 and can be used in store or online and even in the café. Share the code with out
           of town family and friends— anyone shopping for gifts can help support our arts students and

                                          UPCOMING SFAA EVENTS
Seton Strings will be performing during the Diocese “Night of Hope” Gala on November 3.

Seton Marching Band Performances -Our band will be marching in the Veteran’s Day Parade in Tempe on
November 12.

Fine Arts Night Holiday Performances--Thursday December 6 and 13 at 7pm. This event is ticketed and
you receive free admission with your SFAA membership. Students enrolled in Guitar and Band will perform
on the 6th and Choir, Drama, and Dance classes will perform on the 13th. Come see what your student has been
working on and learning in class.

Community Performance at the Barnes and Noble Book Fair--All arts students will be invited to perform
and display their artwork during our special fundraising shopping day, Saturday, December 8 between the hours
of 10am and 3pm. Please come out and support this big day promoting Seton Fine Arts in the Chandler

Fine Arts Association Meeting--November 29, at 7:00pm in the Library.
                                   Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 17

 Presented by the Sentinel Booster Club
      Saturday, January 12, 2013
The Palooza Games are expanded to include
Texas Hold'em and Corn Hole Tournaments!
Nov./Dec. 2012, Seton Notes, Page 18
      Seton Catholic would like to
        communicate with you!

 Parents: Please make sure that your personal    Q. How do I record my parent hours?
  information (address, email address, phone     A. Log on to
     numbers, etc.) is current in RenWeb.
 In RenWeb, go to “Family Information” and       > To log your parent volunteer hours in RenWeb:
 then “Family Profile” to make any changes.         Go to your RenWeb main screen
                                                    Click Family Information on the left
                                                    Select your name
If you do not have Internet access and wish to
receive Seton Notes via standard mail, please       Click the Service Hour tab
           contact Mrs. Nowak at                    Click Add Service Hours or 480-963-1900
                                                    If you have any questions about this process
                  ext. 2028.
                                                    please email Matthew Frable at
                                           Thank you!

      1150 N. Dobson Road
       Chandler, AZ 85224
      Phone: (480) 963-1900
       Fax: (480) 963-1974

       Visit our website:
   Nov./Dec. 2012 Seton Notes

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