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									                                                  North Edinburgh
                                                Dementia Care News
                                                                Working For Our Community
Issue 6                                                                                                        September 2012

6th Edition!                                                       As you see our autumn newsletter is once again full of
Hello and welcome to our latest edition of our newsletter.         photos of our members having a great time. We have had
We hope you find the information contained within the              a busy six months at the Centre (as always!)
newsletter useful. If you have any suggestions or ideas that       We are currently engaged in the” Investors in Volunteers”
you would like to see included, please do not hesitate to          award, this process will take about a year to complete and
contact us.                                                        we have to meet several standards in order to achieve this
                                                                   award. However all our efforts for this award are vital, to
Included with this newsletter are some photographs of              ensure we are able to recognise and support our
what we like to do, don’t worry if you are not featured in         volunteers fully, which ultimately enhances service delivery
this edition there will be more to follow. Alternatively           for our members and the volunteers experiences here.
please feel free to pop into the centre and see us at work!        We have put up notice boards in the centre which display
                                                                   photos of all the Board members, staff and volunteers so
                                                                   that they can become “kent” faces by all who come to
  In This Issue                                                    NEDC. Recent surveys carried out have been really positive
         Details of our service                                   about our service so thank you all the members/carers
         A few words from the manager                             /staff and volunteers who returned these. We know we are
         Time for Carer’s                                         doing a good job, but it is great to hear it from you, the
         Fund raising events                                      most important people!
         What we have been doing!                                 Finally huge thanks you to our two intrepid cyclists who
                                                                   cycled round Islay and Jura (and sampled a few local
                                                                   drams on the way) and raised £1028 for NEDC Well done.
Details of our service
North Edinburgh Dementia Care is a registered charity              Volunteers
organisation that provides care and support for people             We are looking for Volunteers to help support our service
living in the North of Edinburgh who have been affected            /members. We aim to include diversity in everything that
directly or indirectly by dementia.                                we do therefore everyone is welcome to apply. You may
                                                                   not think so but you have a multitude of skills and abilities
Our centre provides a day care service six days per week,          and interests that can be used to benefit our members.
Monday to Saturday. Please check out our website for               Can you sing, chat, play dominoes, wash dishes, bake, knit,
more details - If at any point you are            do arts and crafts, drive -do you have a car and clean
looking for additional day care days, please contact us            drivers licence. Do you have a few hours a week to spare?
0131 553 7147 to discuss.                                          If so, why not drop in or contact me to discuss what we can
                                                                   do for each other.
We provide person centred care, which is specifically
tailored to meet the needs of the individual as well as
transport to and from the centre and a hot meal. We also           Time for Carer’s
have the facilities to offer personal care, as well as a wide      Yes we have changed the name of the carer’s meeting.
range of meaningful activities. Day care costs are £11.50          Thank you to everyone who came along to the September
per member per day.                                                meeting. The dates of the next meetings are Saturday 6 th
                                                                   October 10.30am, Tuesday 6th November at 11am and
Chiropody Service Questionnaire                                    Thursday 6th December t 1.30pm. Everyone is welcome so if
                                                                   you have not been before, please come along and join us
                                                                   it’s very informal. If you would like to bring along your
                                                                   family member to be supported separately from the
                                                                   meeting please telephone me 2 days in advance and I will
Thank you to everyone who returned the chiropody                   arrange to have a member of the staff team present at the
questionnaire, we are currently completing various funding         centre for the duration of the meeting. This opportunity will
applications to support this service that you would like us        allow you to meet other carer’s, share information and
to provide. Watch this space for more information.                 obtain advice, help and support.

                                                                   Future fund raising event
A few words from the Manager                                       Like every Charity organisation, we are always looking for
Hello all,                                                         ways to increase our funds. This year we have had a
                                                    North Edinburgh
                                                  Dementia Care News
                                                                 Working For Our Community
Issue 6                                                                                                         September 2012

couple of fund raising events. Please remember we are               We continue to have lots of visitors to the centre we
always looking for donations of prizes for raffles etc, all         recently had a “sports Day” where 5 volunteers from The
donations will be greatly received.                                 Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) came
                                                                    along and helped us with the activities (one being to try
                                                                    and hook a duck not as easy as it looks I may add!) and
                                                                    food. Everyone had a fantastic day and won lots of prizes,
                                                                    including Gold Medals, chocolate prizes and Certificates.

                                                                                     I will catch this duck!

                                                                    We have once again be working with the Living Memory
Back by popular demand is our annual race night. Keep               Association and have been doing some more life story
the date free and please come along and join us on                  work and books with members, it great listening to their life
Saturday 10th November 12 at 7pm, at the RAF Club                   stories. This time family members were involved and seem
Hillside Crescent, Edinburgh. We would appreciate your              to enjoy this as much as the members. We hope to be able
support at this event you can help by either “ sponsoring a         to expand this to more of our members in the future but
race “ at the cost of £30.00, or “buying a horse” at £2.50          need to secure more funding. So watch this space!
each, making a donation to the raffle, buying or selling
raffle tickets to family and friends and of course attending
on the night the tickets are priced at £5.00 per person.
Come along and enjoy a “Night at the Races” Please                      Buchan being presented with his Life Story Book
contact Susan Cull on 0131 553 7147 for more details.

What we have been doing
Well as usual there is far too much to write about, but I will      Making Bird Feeders for the garden, lovely and messy!
try not to forget anything!

We were fortunate to get a donation that allowed us to
plan a day trip, some of the members went to Peebles
and some went a trip to the East Coast. The weather was
lovely and we all stopped for lunch. Although the weather
has not been great since then we have also managed
various ad hoc bus trips to Dobbies Garden centre, where
we enjoyed Tea and Scones. It is always a lovely treat!

          Enjoying Ice Cream in the Garden!

We have also had various parties, this is in addition to the
birthday parties/celebrations that we have, and (Every
day there seems to be an excuse to eat birthday cake).
Anyway we had a party for our 2nd Anniversary here at the
centre, we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a party
we had an Olympics Day and we continue to have
various food and non-alcoholic food tasting days.

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