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       March 2012                   Livingston High School                                      Volume 54                                      Issue Three

        INSIDE                        Mr. Cohen Named LHS Teacher of
          THIS                             the Year for 2011-2012
         ISSUE                                                                                                                     ers here,” he said. “It’s important to take
                                                                                                                                   advice from your peers, especially veteran
                                                                                                                                       Mr. Cohen tries to spend his free time
                                                                                                                                   with his family. “I want to spend as much
 SENIOR GAMES: PAGE 3                                                                                                              time with them as possible—[my hobby is]
                                                                                                                                   being a good dad to my three children.”
                                                                                                                                       In addition, he acts as an adjunct pro-
                                                                                                                                   fessor at Kean University teaching night
                                                                                                                                   courses in Special Education. “Between
                                                                                                                                   kids and work, I hardly ever have time to
                                                                                                                                   shave,” he joked.

                                                                   Image Credit: Daniel Stein
                                  By Emily BAE ‘13                               Hall of Fame, combines his love of sports
                                        Mr. Cohen, a dedicated technology        and teaching through coaching boys’
                                  teacher and esteemed coach, has been           basketball, girls’ soccer, and girls’ lacrosse.
                                  named Livingston High School’s Teacher             “It’s extremely challenging balancing
                                  of the Year for 2011-2012.                     both,” he revealed, “but it’s definitely re-
                                      “I was honored after hearing about it,”    warding. Through coaching, I’m able to
                                  he said. “Maybe a little embarrassed—but       meet new students who I would not have
                                  honored and humbled.”                          met in my classes.”
                                        Mr. Cohen currently teaches Career              Above all, Mr. Cohen values his
                                  Internship Program (CIP), a class that aids    relationships with his students. “I have
        Rappers:                  students in developing job readiness skills.   trust for them and they trust me,” he said.
 Who’s Real? Who’s Fake?             “My students create many of the plaques         After studying recreational therapy as
                                  and signs that are featured around the         an undergraduate, Mr. Cohen was unsure
         Page 5                   school,” he said. “By junior or senior year,   of his future career path. “My whole fam-
                                                                                                                                            Image Credit: Daniel Stein
                                                                                                                                        Mr. Cohen, who has gained invalu-
                                  we hope to prepare them for employment.”       ily is involved in teaching, and they en-         able experience in his 14 years of teaching
                                       Aside from teaching, Mr. Cohen has        couraged me to pursue teaching,” he said.         technology, has straightforward advice for
                                  a passion for sports and competition. “I       Eventually, he earned his education degree        his fellow teachers. “I learned that keep-
LHS Basketball Star Sam Abam      love it,” he said, “I played basketball in     at New Jersey City University.                    ing a low profile is important,” he said,
 Reflects on his Final Season     high school and in college at Virginia             Mr. Cohen emphasized his great deal           “When things get tough—ride the storm
                                  Wesleyan.” Mr. Cohen, who was recently         of respect for his fellow teachers and staff.     out. When things are great, share it with as
            Page 8
                                  inducted into his high school’s Athletic       “We have a tremendous group of teach-             many people as you can.”

                                    LHS Safety Team Presents Anti-Bullying Assembly
                                                                                                                                   mances by the band Taylored, whose mem-
                                                                                                                                   bers include LHS students Austin Zudeck
                                                                                                                                   (’13) and Gregg Greenberg (’12). At the

       INDEX                                                                                                                       heart of the student-run program were true
                                                                                                                                   testimonials written by students in LHS,
                                                                                                                                   read anonymously by student members of
                                                                                                                                   the Safety Team.
News......................1, 3                                                                                                       “The goal for this assembly was to begin
                                                                                                                                   the change of the culture of our high school.
Features..................4, 6                                                                                                     Nothing will change if no one stands up for
                                                                                                                                   each other,” stated Greenberg.
Opinion......................5                                                                                                        The Safety Team, run by Student Assis-
Lance Lite..................7                                     Image Credit: Daniel Stein                                       tance Counselor Mrs. DeGennaro, hopes
                                                                                                                                   to create a secure environment for students
                                  By Tori KARKGMAN ‘13                           March 7th and 8th. The assembly, entitled
Sports.....................7, 8      A group of concerned members of the         “We Don’t Stand By, We Stand Together,”           in Livingston by not only preventing bul-
                                  school community known as the Safety           calls attention to the widespread issue of        lying from happening in the future, but by
                                  Team organized assemblies for the fresh-       bullying within the community.                    also consoling victims and ensuring that
                                  man, sophomore, and senior classes on               The assemblies featured live perfor-         support is given to anyone who needs it.
 The Lance Staff                                                            From the Desk
   Carly Abenstein
                                      Robert Fidler
                                                                                 of the
   Marlena Idrobo                     Rachel Geffner
                                      Amanda Glatt
   NEWS EDITORS                      Logan Grossman
    Ari Gilberg                       Priscilla Jenq
   Karli Weitzman                     Tori Kargman
                                     Julie Kesselhaut
 FEATURES EDITOR                      Benjamin Leff
       Emily Bae                      Morgan Levy                              Last week, the viral video KONY 2012 made headlines, generated contro-
                                     Rebecca Popper                 versy, and had us all confused about whom to believe in a situation where the truth is
                                                                    ambiguous. The video, created by nonprofit organization Invisible Children, aims to
                                    Talia Rosenstrauch              raise awareness of the atrocities committed over the past 25 years by rebel leader Jo-
  OPINION EDITOR                                                    seph Kony, who has abducted over 30,000 children from Uganda and Central Africa
                                       Lori Shapiro                 and forced them to become soldiers in the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) and work
  Shivangi Khanna                                                   as sex slaves. Within a day of being released, the video received over eight million
                                       Oriana Tang                  views. However, then critics began to lash out against the video and the organization
                                                                    that created it. They argued that the video oversimplified the issue, misled viewers
   SPORTS EDITOR                                                    to believe the LRA was still active in Uganda, and was produced by a group that
                                                                    allocated more of its profits toward creating media and raising awareness than to
    Madan Atreya                                                    its programs in Africa. Soon, the very social media users who had been so adamant
                                                                    about spreading the message of the campaign reversed their opinions and renounced
                                                                    their support of Invisible Children. Most of us remain conflicted: should we trust
    PHOTOGRAPHY                                                     Invisible Children or its many critics? What really is the best way to stop Kony and
                                                                    help the children who were exploited?
      Daniel Stein                                                             This isn’t the first time social media has played a powerful role in spark-
                                                                    ing a movement. In 2011, protesters in Egypt first used Twitter to gather a group of
                                                                    people that resulted in the overthrow of president Hosni Mubarak. In a First World
                                                                    country such as ours, social media allows otherwise sheltered individuals to quickly
                                                                    find and spread information about worldwide issues. But with easy access to a di-
                                                                    verse array of viewpoints comes a need for critical thinking. Just because a website
                                                                    states something doesn’t mean it is completely true. We cannot take what we read
                                                                    or hear at face value; we must seek out multiple sources on an issue and recognize
                                                                    bias. Let KONY 2012 be a lesson to us all that we should not be passive recipients of
                                                                    information. Rather, we should be proactive and responsible in utilizing the Internet
                                                                    as a tool in our quest to make a difference in the world.

                                                                                        -Idrobo and Abenstein
The Lance is a newspaper publication for the reading pleasure
of the Livingston District. We encourage readers to submit their    Answers to The Lance’s Winter Crossword:
ideas and opinions. Unsigned editorials appear only with a valid
reason for requesting anonymity and do not represent the staff’s
opinions. We reserve the right to edit all pieces for length con-
cerns, libelous content, and material which may cause disrup-
              tion of the school and/or the district.

    If you have any comments or suggestions e-mail us at:

                   30 Robert H. Harp Drive
                    Livingston, NJ 07039
                    (973) 535-8000 x8869


                          Joseph Trad
March 2012                                                                                                                                                  LHS Lance 3

                                                Lance News
                   Club Update: LiNK                                                           Yellow Dominates Senior Games

                                                                                                Yellow Team seniors Jessica Glasser, Allison Dinar, Gabby Levy, Luna Hwang, & Gabi Salerno
                                                                                                                                 Image Credit: Daniel Stein
                            Image Source:
                                                                                               By Madan ATREYA ‘12
By Talia ROSENSTRAUCH ‘12                          Activists work to spread refugees’ inspi-       The Yellow Team emerged victorious              While the Blue Team prevailed with
       Livingston High School’s chapter of      rational stories of survival and help them     after an unforgettable night of competition     their “blue team swagger” cheer, the
Liberty in North Korea (LiNK) works to          to “find freedom and find freedom in their       and spirit at LHS’s annual Senior Games         Purple Team won Tug-of-War and the Red
spread awareness about the human rights         new lives.”                                    on Friday night. The class of 2012 and          Team placed first in Crabby Volleyball.
crisis in North Korea.                               Last year, the LiNK club had a suc-       parent and teacher volunteers participated      However, the Yellow Team ultimately took
     “We fundraise money in order to pro-       cessful documentary screening and in-          in relay races and other cooperative games.     the top prize and their celebrations echoed
vide help to the refugees,” says Anne Yu, a     vited North Korean refugees to talk to             Among the many events showcased that        throughout the gym.
member of the LiNK board.                       the club. Due the events’ popularity, the      evening were Crabby Volleyball, Hip Hop              The goal of Senior Games was to raise
      The purpose of LiNK is to educate         club plans to have another showing and         Scoot Scoot, Tug-of-War, Balloon Bango,         money for the graduating class’ upcoming
the public and to directly assist and protect   an apparel sale.                               Fowl Play, Hula Hoops, and Dizzy Izzy.          Project Graduation in June. Funds were
North Korean refugees, writes LiNK on its          LiNK meets monthly in room A110 with        The games were followed by a group cheer        collected through the purchase of team
website.                                        club advisor Mrs. Alvich.                      lead by the team captains.                      shirts and tickets sales to spectators.

   Fashion: From the ‘80s to Now                                                                 Club Update: Crafts for a Cause

   Image Source: Bliss & Pumpkin Blog                    Image Source: Lookbook
By Rachel GEFFNER ‘14                           pants and metallic blazers in their stores.
     At first, it may seem that styles in the       Other styles from the ‘80s are still very            Cake-shaped keychains created by club members at a recent meeting.
trendiest stores are completely new and         much in vogue. Another ‘80s fad that ‘s                                    Image Credit: Nan Zhong
original. At second glance, the leather jack-   popular is leggings with an oversized shirt
et and shiny leggings you wore to school a      or sweater. The casual off-the-shoulder        By Julie KESSELHAUT ‘14
few days ago are blaringly similar to the       look originated in the flash dance days and             Crafts for a Cause is just one of       the pops were sold out in 20 minutes!
ones that your mom rocked in the hallways       has evolved from bright color blocking and     the new and exciting clubs at LHS.                    In past years, members have created
of her high school. Make no mistake: the        blaring neons to a more polished look. It      Members meet after school to make a va-         chocolate penguins for Christmas and Eas-
‘80s are a huge contributor to modern style.    can be mixed and matched with different        riety of crafts, including keychains and        ter and cherry flower hair pins that were
      Sequins, blazers, leggings, and over-     patterns, colors, and textures to achieve a    edible treats. The crafts are sold and after-   sold to help people in Japan after the coun-
sized shirts are just a few of the trends       grungy yet sophisticated look. Mismatched      wards, the club donates the proceeds to a       try’s disastrous earthquake. Currently, they
brought forward from the edgy eighties          colors and gaudy glitter can become mod-       charity of its choice.                          are making polymer clay charms which
right into your closet. In her heyday, Ma-      ern when they are combined with artfully             “In the fall, we held a bake sale for     will be attached key chains. “Membership
donna was a style icon. She often sported       paired prints and accenting accessories.       Halloween,” said the club teacher advi-         for our club has increased rapidly from its
stylish black pants and metallic blazers:       Without ‘80s fashions to guide and inspire     sor, Ms. Fenelon-Diaz, who teaches metal        original 10 members to over 30 members!”
quintessential pieces from ‘80s fashion.        current designers, stylists, and fashion en-   arts, sculpture, and AP Art History at LHS,     said President Nan Zhong. New members
     Many trendy, youthful stores, such as      thusiasts, who knows what contemporary         “Students made themed cake pops in hon-         are always welcomed and encouraged, es-
ZARA and Forever 21 offer simple black          fashion would look like?                       or of the holiday.” According to members,       pecially those with a love of crafts.
4        LHS Lance                                                              Features                                                               March 2012
                                                  Environmental Awareness at LHS
                                                 What’s Green at LHS? Not Just Our School Color!
                                                                                                 tions, such as the Environmental Club,                 Mr. Weis continued, “A second
                                                                                                 the Green Club, and the Science National      concern is what happens to organic waste
                                                                                                 Honor Society (SNHS), have sprung up          if we don’t compost. The material is placed
                                                                                                 in an attempt to raise awareness about im-    into a landfill in which it will not decom-
                                                                                                 portant environmental issues and promote      pose, thereby removing it from the nutrient
                                                                                                 sustainable living.                           cycles mentioned above.”
                                                                                                           Green Club “isn’t your average               In addition, SNHS has recently
                                                                                                 ‘make posters, save the planet’ club,” ex-    begun an endeavor to calculate Livings-
                                                                                                 plains junior Sachi Chandiramani, Presi-      ton’s carbon footprint. Members col-
                                                                                                 dent. “We do things a unique way.” Last       lect data from power companies such as
                                                                                                 year, club members tie dyed reusable          PSE&G and JCP&L, which they enter
                                                                                                 grocery bags. So far this year, they orga-    into spreadsheets containing calculations
                                                                                                 nized Reduce Your Waste Day in which          to determine total carbon emissions, ex-
                                                                                                 they asked the town to bring their clothes,   plained senior Julia Riccardi, who is in
                                                                                                 shoes, toys, and electronic waste to be       charge of the project.
Jason Lombardi, Minhui Zhu, and Alex Li at SNHS’s litter pickup. Image Credit: Angela Zhu        recycled and donated.                                  Senior Anne Yu believes that LHS
By Marlena IDROBO ‘12                                                                                      SNHS tries to reduce waste in       science classes helped her to become more
           For Talia Rosenstrauch, each day                The outlook of these students re-     the community as well. At lunchtime in        aware of environmental issues. “In Organic
is a (green) step forward in conserving en-      flects an attitude that is widespread across
ergy and other valuable resources. “I drive      the nation: in a recent Gallup poll, Ameri-
my family insane telling them to turn off        cans cited the economy as being of greater
lights they’re not using,” the senior said       concern than the environment. In a time
at lunchtime, zipping open her reusable          when environmental concerns are frequent-
cloth lunch box. As she snapped open the         ly overshadowed by the current economic
sides of a plastic container and proceeded       situation, students may see the short-term
to butter a bagel with a stainless steel – not   struggles of getting good grades, getting
plastic – knife, she rattled off a list of en-   into college, and eventually having favor-
vironmentally-friendly measures she takes.       able job prospects as more important than
“I recycle, do not throw away paper until        saving the environment for posterity in
it’s totally used up, and use environmen-        some distant, hazy future.
tally friendly conditioner and shampoo.”                   Fortunately, a number of LHS
           Senior Eliana Gassman and her         students and teachers believe strongly in
family are similarly proactive in practicing     protecting the environment and are ac-
sustainability. “I ride my bike everywhere,      tively taking measures to help slow down
my mom recycles everything, and she has          degradation. AP Environmental Science
every environmentally-friendly appliance         teachers Dr. Walsh and Mr. Weis urge stu-
                                                                                                              A recyclable plastic water bottle in the trash bin in a classroom.
known to man, including an Energy Star           dents to join in.
                                                                                                                                  Image Credit: Dr. Walsh
washer and dryer.”                                          “If one considers the speck of
           For these LHS students, being en-     environmental degradation associated with       prior years, SNHS collected food scraps Chem, we learned how long it takes certain
vironmentally friendly is an ordinary part       an individual’s end use of a resource such      such as fruit peels, seeds, and pits for plastics like polyester to degrade, and we
of their lives. But for others, it’s a chal-     as electricity, disposable packaging, or fac-   composting in the courtyard. The group saw a lot of pictures of landfills, and ani-
lenge. The questioning of several students       tory meat, one must also consider the addi-     hopes to restart the composting collection mals getting stuck in the plastics because
revealed that many believe they are “too         tive effect over the entire population. The     this school year.                               people don’t recycle,” she said.
busy” to be environmentally conscious.           earth is finite,” said Dr. Walsh.                         “Composting serves a couple                      Similarly, the AP Environmental
           “I don’t think we really care                   One of the most effective ways to     of important functions,” says Mr. Weis. Science course provides students with a
about the environment as much, espe-             encourage environmental consciousness is        “First and foremost, it permits a closing wealth of information regarding the envi-
cially because we do come from a wealthy         to be part of a “green” community, whether      of the biogeochemical cycles. Autumn ronment and the earth’s natural process-
town and we care a lot about our school          it is a professional, recreational, local, or   leaves, for example, composted into a soil es. However, Mr. Weis points out, “This
work,” one senior said. “I guess I’m just        online community, explains Zachary Sha-         amendment and reused on the same prop- doesn’t mean that a given individual will
saying we have more ‘important’ things           han of                          erty allow the nutrients to support plant actually use the ideas presented in class to
 to care about.”                                           Various student-led organiza-          growth multiple times.”                        inform their own life and choices.”

                         Roving Reporter: Do you think the LHS community
                         Roving Reporter
                                   is en
                                   is environmentally-friendly?
     It’s not that students don’t care about the enviro
    “It’s not that students don’t care about the environment but
               h t t dent don’ ca abo
                        ntts               o    e enviro                                                  “Could the LHS community do more? Certainly. Conservation
    more that they don’t believe that one person can affect it.
      ore that h
    more tha they don’t believe that one person can
                      on’ believe that
                       n                     pe on
                                             person                                                       of electricity could easily be improved on here at school; very
    The environment something we all take for gran
                 m       something      al        r ran
    The environment is something we all take for granted, and                                             likely people could do even better at home, conserving and
     hat’s mainly why
      at’s mainly wh
    that’s mainly why we lack appreciation.” – Anne Yu ‘12
                            lack appreciation.” Anne Y
                            lack appreciat on.” Ann
                                        a           n                                                     using resources more efficiently.” – Mr. Weis

                                                                      “I can’t say with satisfaction that I
                                                                      feel a strong environmental aware-
                                                                      ness in our community.” – Dr. Walsh
       “No, don’t think the school environmen
                on’t think he chool envir nmen
       “No, I don’t think the school is environmentally friendly.                                                       “It’s nice to see so many clubs putting
         think that some people care lot, but the
         think th some people are ot,
       I think that some people care a lot, but the majority                                                            forth an effort to make our school more
       couldn’t care less.” Francesca Agnello ‘14
       couldn’t care ess ” Francesca Agnello
       couldn’t care less.” – Francesca Agnello ‘14                                                                     ‘green.’” – Jenna Heaslip ‘14
March 2012                                                                Opinion                                                               LHS Lance 5

                                     Will the Real Rappers Please Stand Up?
                                                                                               gle, the hardships one has to overcome,          complex rhymes and the deep emotional
                                                                                               and the angst of society as a whole, not         lyrics that made people fall in love with the
                                                                                               about doing drugs, having sex, or eating         genre in the first place. Marshall Mathers,
                                                                                               some pizza.                                      better known by his stage name Eminem,
                                                                                                   The rap industry is spiraling downward;      talks about his early years as a father and
                                                                                               it has gotten to the point where record la-      living in the harsh parts of Detroit in his
                                                                                               bels are forcing artists to conform to the       song “Mockingbird.”
                                                                                               simpleminded style of mainstream rap.                 He raps, “Cause Daddy felt like a bum,
                                                                                               Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, more commonly              see Daddy had a job. But his job was to
                                                                                               known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco, has         keep the food on the table for you and
                                                                                               had several run-ins with his record label,       Mom. And at the time every house that we
                                                                                               Atlantic Records.                                lived in either kept getting broken into and
                                                                                                   Before releasing his last album, Lasers,     robbed…”
                                                                                               the executives at Atlantic Records threat-           Now let’s look at the lyrics from Soulja
                                                                                               ened to make sure Lasers would never see         Boy’s former number one hit “Crank Dat
                                                                                               the light of day unless the Chicago based        Soulja Boy.” The following lyrics are from
                                                                                               rapper dramatically changed his style and        a song that spent seven weeks – yes, seven
                                                                                               wrote less complex rhymes. Fiasco told the       -- at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot
                    Rapper Marshall Mathers (stage name Eminem).                               Chicago-Sun Times he felt he was being           100 in 2007: “Soulja boy, I’m the man,
                    Image Source:                               “held hostage.”                                  they be looking at my neck, saying it’s the
                                                                                                   “That was a specific order from the top.      rubber band man (man). Watch me do it
By Ari GILBERG ‘13                                I’m talking about you, Soulja Boy, Waka      ‘You’re rapping too fast or too slow, or it’s    (watch me do it). Dance (dance). Let get to
     For years, the freedom to express one-    Floka Flame, Flo Rida, and many others.         too complex.’ ...There are consequences          it (let get to it)”
self has been the staple of the music indus-   Congrats Tramar Dillard, you know how           and combat that come from that process,”              I, like many others, didn’t fall in love
try. However, today in the rap world, cor-     to hit the space bar in between the name        Fiasco said.                                     with rap to listen to meaningless lyrics
porate moguls and greedy producers are         of our “Sunshine State,” Florida. What a           “With me, though, I’m not writing about       about a “rubber band man;” we fell in love
transforming what was once a prosperous        clever stage name you’ve got there!             someone else. I’m writing about me. This         with the rhymes, the passion, and most im-
and lyrical music genre into, simply put,         Not all mainstream rap is bad, but when      is my life. It’s very personal for me. So for    portantly, the lyrics.
mainstream trash.                              two of your top songs on YouTube are            somebody to kind of put their fingers in                 Alan Vegra, vocalist from the band
    The days of emotional lyrical geniuses     named “Kool Aid and Frozen Pizza” and           that and play with that, it becomes more         “Suicide” said it best, “I’ve liked rap for a
such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, and old           “Nikes on My Feet,” please excuse me if I       damaging…I gave them what they wanted.           long time, especially when it got out of its
school Jay-Z seem to be numbered. Now          don’t consider you, Mac Miller, to be a true    If I didn’t, at the end of the day the album     first period and became this gangsta rap, ya
the music industry is making way for art-      rapper. Real rappers talk about a little more   wasn’t coming out.”                              know this heavy rap thing? That’s when I
ists whose lyrics are so poorly written,       than what they just had for lunch, or what            Rap is about the freedom to express        started to fall in love with it. I love the lyr-
even an elementary school dropout could        shoes they’re wearing.                          yourself; it is poetry of the street. It’s the   ics. I love the beat.”
write more powerful songs.                         Real, true, emotional rap is about strug-

                I Would Like to Thank the Academy...                                                                                                 Roving Reporter:
                                                                                                                                                Should The Artist Have Won
By Robert FIDLER ‘12                                                                           work in Moneyball as the same character
      The Academy Awards recognizes that                                                       he plays in every movie. Although Drive           the Oscar for Best Picture?
it is “an election campaign that rivals, at                                                    was snubbed by the Oscars, it will go on
least in Hollywood, the passions and some-                                                     to be the next Fight Club. Like Fight Club,
                                                                                                                                                    “I completely believe The
times the excesses of the quadrennial race                                                     Drive is critically acclaimed, only recog-
for the nation’s presidency.” Similar to                                                       nized by the Oscars with a nomination in             Artist should have won. It
the presidential race, a film can’t get any-                                                    the Sound Editing category, and has a cool          is a cinematic masterpiece,
where in the Academy Awards without the                                                        “rules” speech that will be regularly quoted         and it brings back the true
financial backing from a large studio and                                                       for years to come.                                     essence of the motion
without conforming to the conventions of                                                             The Best Picture category this year
Hollywood.                                                                                     strangely contains only nine nominations,
      My favorite movie of the year, and                                                       although ten are allowed. This means that                - Austin Zudeck ‘13
possibly of all time, Drive, was critically-                                                   excellent but edgy films like Shame, Drive,
acclaimed (93% on Rotten Tomatoes). But                                                        and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo were
                                                                                               deliberately left out. Unfortunately, honor-        “No, because Ryan Gosling
                                                                                               ing films and actors that are true models of
                                                                                                                                                         was not in it.”
                                                                                               achievement is not the way of the Oscars.
                                                                                               Rather, if you bare your breasts to Ralph              - Roth Bernstein ‘12
                                                                                               Fiennes in a bathtub, you get an Oscar
                                                     Image Source:
                                                                                               (Rachel Weisz in 2005’s The Constant
                                               matoes) and widely-regarded as overly
                                               sappy, but was produced jointly by two
                                                                                               Gardener); if you make a movie about the             “Yes, because it revived a
                                                                                               Holocaust, you get an Oscar (The Pianist,
                                               wealthy studios: Warner Bros. and Para-                                                             very unique style of movie-
                                                                                               Schindler’s List, etc.); and if you bare your
                                               mount Pictures. It received a Best Picture
                                                                                               breasts to Ralph Fiennes in a bathtub in                     making.”
                                               nomination and a Supporting Actor nomi-
                                                                                               a movie about the Holocaust, you get an                - Meaghan Annett ‘13
                                               nation that knocked Albert Brooks’ superb,
  Image Source:                                                          Oscar and your movie gets nominations in
                                               out-of-type performance in Drive out of
because it was edgy and produced on a                                                          all of the major categories despite average
                                               the category. Brooks received a nomina-
$13 million budget by a studio called                                                          reviews (Kate Winslet in The Reader, 62%
                                               tion at the Golden Globes and was as-                                                              “Midnight in Paris deserved
FilmDistrict that had no money for a large                                                     on Rotten Tomatoes).
campaign, Drive was ignored in the Oscar
                                               sumed to be the runner-up at the Oscars in
                                                                                                     It’s time for the Academy Awards to           it more; however, I’m glad
                                               the Supporting Actor category after Chris-
nominations. Extremely Loud and Incred-                                                        recognize truly inspiring films instead of               to see a foreign film
                                               topher Plummer for Beginners. Just as ir-
ibly Close, a film about September 11th,
                                               ritating as Brooks’ absence from the cat-
                                                                                               awarding mediocre movies backed by dol-                      honored.”
was poorly reviewed (45% on Rotten To-
                                               egory is the presence of Jonah Hill for his
                                                                                               lar signs and flashy names.                                 -Abhi Shah ‘12
LHS Lance 6                                                                  Features/Opinion                                                        March 2012

                                       Genetically Modified Insects:
                                       Are They Helpful or Harmful?
By Priscilla JENQ ‘13 and Lori SHAPIRO ‘13                                                                                                         However, this poses other problems that
    One of the major insect-borne diseases                                                                                                     could be potentially dangerous. An example
in the world is malaria, a life-threatening                                                                                                    of this is the absence of the population would
ailment that causes nearly one million                                                                                                         leave a vacuum in the ecosystem that could
deaths annually. Another is dengue fever,                                                                                                      be filled by another insect species that may
which is caused by viruses and is transmit-                                                                                                    introduce new diseases.
ted by mosquitoes as well. According to                                                                                                             Although       these      techniques   of
the World Health Organization (WHO),                                                                                                           modifying insects may prevent, to some
this often fatal disease infects 50 to 100                                                                                                     extent, the transmittance of deadly
million people annually with 2.5 billion                                                                                                       diseases, many dangers and obstacles are still
worldwide at risk.                                                                                                                             unaccounted for. First, these methods for
     Scientists have recently developed a                                                                                                      transforming the insects are not foolproof:
new way to prevent the spread of insect-                                                                                                       about 3.5 percent of insects survive to adult-
borne diseases that plague the world: by                                                                                                       hood despite carrying the “lethal” gene,
genetically modifying the insects that                                                                                                         according to a Nature Biotechnology
usually carry the diseases. A brief on                                                                                                         article. It is also impossible to know if
genetically modified insects by the UK                                                                                                          there are any random mutations already
Parliamentary Office of Science and                                                                                                             present in any given insect that would make it
Technology states that scientists “modify”                          Image Source:                            resistant to the genetic modification,
the insects by introducing specific genes                          Are genetically modified insects beneficial to society?                        explained Dr. Alfred Handler, a geneticist
that will alter the insects’ biology. These     are not. Lethal genes can cause insects to British biotechnology company, aims to              at the Agriculture Department in Florida.
specific genes, also known as transgenes,        die or render them unable to reproduce. Re- suppress the population by inserting a lethal      There is a chance that the modified insects
are inserted using short sequences of DNA       fractory genes in insects aid in resistance gene into the insects. This gene causes the        could actually spread disease more effec-
that integrate themselves (along with           to particular pathogens, which prevent the organism to die prematurely; therefore,             tively and carry human diseases they were
the transgenes) into the insect’s genome.       insect from transmitting the disease.        when the GM insects mate with wild in-            never able to transmit, which would exac-
There are a number of different transgenes          While many believe that these geneti- sects, the lethal gene is passed on and              erbate the problem. In addition, the differ-
through which insects can be modified.           cally modified (GM) insects will be hard will eventually cause the offspring to                 ent viable methods to modify the insects are
Marker genes, which make the insects            to monitor, scientists have developed pos- die. If enough GM insects are released              also very costly, which makes modification
fluoresce, allow the modified insects to be       sible methods to control them. One of into the wild, the insect population in                  impractical in developing countries that are
distinguished more clearly from those who       the techniques, developed by Oxitec, a the area could possibly be eliminated.                  often the most affected.

                 Opinion: Freedom to “Surf” Censored
By Oriana TANG ‘15                                                                                                                             the public, and Wikimedia. Where you
     The Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA,                                                                                                      can only speak if you have sufficient re-
is a bill designed to police websites for                                                                                                      sources to fight legal challenges, or if your
piracy in an effort to reduce copyright vio-                                                                                                   views are pre-approved by someone who
lation and sale of counterfeit goods. Un-                                                                                                      does, the same narrow set of ideas already
der SOPA, the government will be able to                                                                                                       popular will continue to be all anyone has
pursue court orders against websites                                                                                                           meaningful access to.”
accused of online trafficking. Consequenc-                                                                                                           In addition, a Christian Science Moni-
es can range anywhere from prohibiting                                                                                                         tor article states, “Wikipedia…relies on a
the processing of online credit card orders                                                                                                    network of volunteers to update its web-
to blocking certain sites entirely. Stopping                                                                                                   site through its open-source platform.
plagiarism and piracy – that sounds like a                                                                                                     If SOPA were to pass, Wikipedia could
good thing, right?                                                                                                                             be held responsible for any information
     The problem here is, passing a bill like                                                                                                  added to its website.” In other words, if an
this puts the U.S. on a slippery slope toward                                                                                                  instance of plagiarism was discovered, the
further censorship. America is known for                                                                                                       volunteer who plagiarized would not be
its freedoms, especially that of speech.                                                                                                       blamed –Wikipedia would be, and the web-
But if the government can censor our web,                                                                                                      site would have to face consequences like
what will they censor next? Will Ameri-                                                                                                        being completely shut down or blocked,
can internet censorship turn into one like                                                                                                     inconveniencing millions of people all
China’s firewall, where sites with content                                                                                                      over the world.
that may provoke the people to act against                                                                                                           It may be important to stop online pi-
the government are shut down?                                                                                                                  racy and copyright infringement, but SOPA
      There are other negatives as well, as                           Image Source:                                    goes about it the wrong way. In theory,
outlined by founder of the website Dys-           NY Tech Meetup, a group of techonology enthusiasts, gather in NYC to protest SOPA.           this bill will help companies regain profit
function Junction, Kent McCarty, “New           taking thousands of jobs with them.”              their state’s representatives to protest.    from pirated goods. In reality, we will end
websites will be reluctant to start up in              The English version of the online          Wikimedia Foundation board member            up one step closer to a severely censored,
the United States when they have other          encyclopedia Wikipedia protested SOPA on          Kat Walsh writes, “We depend on a legal      monitored U.S., lacking the freedom of
countries with fewer restrictions to choose     January 18 by blacking out its site for twenty-   infrastructure that makes it possible for    speech guaranteed by the Bill of Rights.
from. Websites currently accessible in the      four hours; instead, the website re-directed      us to operate…where it can be censored       Keep SOPA from passing. This isn’t the
U.S. may choose to relocate elsewhere,          users to a link where they could contact          without due process, it hurts the speaker,   kind of future we should want.
March 2012                                                       Lance Lite/Sports                                                              LHS Lance 7

Sophomore Perspective                                                                                             PICK UP LINES
By Rebecca POPPER ‘14                                                                                                Need a Prom Date?
                                                                                                                   Give These Lines a Try!
                                                                                               Compiled by the Lance staff and “Special
                                                                                               Legal Consultant” Ben LEFF ‘12

                                                                                               Before you, my life was like watching a
                                                                                               Knicks game without Jeremy Lin playing.

                                                                                               You’re the top trending topic in the Twitter
                                                                                               feed of my heart.

                                                                                               Baby, I know my chemistry, and you’ve
                                                                                               got one significant figure.

                                                                                               I asked Barack Obama if we could get
                                                                                               together later, and he said Yes We Can!              Image Source:
                                                                                               Are you an earthquake? Because you just
                                                                                                                                              Are you using the Confundus charm or are
                                                                                               rocked my world.
                                                                                                                                              you just naturally mind blowing?
                                                                                               You defy Newton’s Laws. You make me
                                                                                               stop in my tracks with just a look.
                                                                                                                                              The Lance does not guarantee the
                                                                                                                                              success of these pickup lines.         By
                                                                                               I hope you know CPR because you take my
                                                                                                                                              attempting one of the above lines on a
                                                                                               breath away!
                                                                                                                                              woman and/or man, the user agrees not
                                                                                                                                              to sue the Lance or its writing affiliates
                                                                                               Are you on the track team? Because you’ve
                                                                                                                                              in a court of law. Possible risks include
                                                                                               been running through my mind all day.
                                                                                                                                              being laughed at, being slapped, having
                                                                                                                                              the police called on you, and losing your
                                                                                               If looks could kill, you would be a weapon
                                                                                               of mass destruction.

Congratulations to all of the winter sports                                                         Captained by Julia Riccardi, Shirley      Records. With such great performances
   teams on another amazing season.                                                            Shen, Jeanette Ng, the Girl’s Varsity Fenc-    at the state level the team qualified four
                                                By Ari GILBERG ‘13                             ing excelled beyond the expectations of        athletes to the prestigious Eastern State
       ICE HOCKEY                                   The Lancer Varsity Bowling Team
                                                shocked everyone by defeating top tier
                                                                                               the coach and had an outstanding season,
                                                                                               finishing with a mark of 13-3. The girls
                                                                                                                                                In the Meet of Champions, Shannon Kel-
By Logan GROSSMAN ‘14
                                                teams, winning multiple tournaments, and       placed fourth in the state tournament and      ly continued her standout season by lower-
   The Livingston Lancers ice hockey team
                                                falling just seven pins short of the overall   succeeded in taking the top spot at the San-   ing the school record in the 3200m, with a
completed their season placing fourth in
                                                Group 3 championship. No Essex County          telli Tournament and District III.             time of 11:05.
the Super Essex Conference. The Lancers,
                                                team has won as many County Bowling                  Captained by Daniel Tracey, Louis
coached by Dave Conklin and Ken Lilien,
                                                Championships as LHS, which earned five.        Rosenberg, and Jason Cai, the Boy’s Var-
have mustered a respectable 12-11-2 re-
                                                     Senior Brandon Gershon finished the        sity Fencing Team managed to pull off a        By Morgan LEVY ‘15
cord, which qualified the team for the state
                                                season off strong bowling a 279 with 11        record of 6-5 at the end of the season.         Captained by Nancy Yang, Eeshin Chang,
playoffs where they were seated 20th in the
                                                strikes in a row on the last match day. The                                                   and Brian lee, the LHS girl’s and boy’s
                                                                                                   WINTER TRACK
public schools A bracket.
                                                Lancers won four titles this season, a new                                                    swim team had yet another successful sea-
     Junior Johnny Garfinkel, recognized as
                                                Livingston record.                             By Carly ABENSTEIN ‘12                         son. The boys finished with a record of 4-7
a member of the Super Essex Conference
                                                                                                                                              and placed 9th at the SEC/Essex County
first team, led the team in both goals and
points. Also a junior, Cameron Friedfer-
                                                      BASKETBALL                                  The Boys Winter Track and Field Team
                                                                                               had a strong season, where they compet-        Tournament. Nitay Caspi was an honor-
                                                By Madan ATREYA ‘12                            ed at a high level at the county, sectional,   able mention all conference while Kaitilin
tig was a key player throughout the season,
                                                   Captained by seniors Bri Padilla and        and state level. The team was led by Nick      Farinella was honored as February Athlete
especially after scoring an important goal
                                                Carly LaGrotta, Girls Varsity Basketball       Fogarty, Kieran Tonero, and Zac Brower.        of the Month. The girls finished with a re-
with just minutes remaining in the Lanc-
                                                became more than a team this season, but          The Lancer’s competed well at the Es-       cord of 6-5. Nancy Yang and Eeshin Chang
ers’ final game of the “Holiday Tourna-
                                                rather like a family. Senior Mallory Breg      sex County Relay Championships in early        were both awarded All Conference titles.
ment” against Nutley. However, the over-
                                                provided the team with essential rebounds      January. The Distance Medley Relay team
all success of the team is not the result of
the several individual players, but can be
                                                and sophomores Katie Horiuchi and Sam
                                                Rothenberger put up big numbers for the
                                                                                               which included Mark Battista, Shane Mol-              WRESTLING
attributed to the consistent skill of the en-                                                  zer, Seth Goldstein, and Nick Fogarty fin-      By Morgan LEVY ‘15
                                                Lancers. The Lancers hosted an autism          ished in a time of 11:06 and captured a            Captained by Jason Estevez and
tire lineup. There was a tremendous effort
                                                awareness night benefit game in February.       third place finish.                             Brett Ratner, the LHS Wrestling Team
from talented goaltenders sophomore Bri-
                                                   Captained by seniors Marc Schofel,              The girl’s track and field team had an-     had a strong season. The seniors in-
an Lilien and freshman Brendan Flaherty.
                                                Sam Abam, and Alex Kalmus, the                 other remarkable season. The team was led      clude Brett Ratner, Joe Fede, Abel Amare
      On Saturday, January 28, the Lancers
                                                Boys Basketball Team proved to                 by captains Tess Ehrlich, Eloisa Cusi, Ab-     and Garret Guisto. They wrestled in the
held a fundraiser at the home game against
                                                be a well-rounded team with much               bey Eglow and Shannon Kelly.                   Neptune Classic Tournament and the Hunt-
Millburn to raise money for the Susan B.
                                                success this season. Their final record was         The team’s success was highlighted by      erdon Central Invitational Holiday Tourna-
Komen Foundation and promote breast
                                                an impressive 21-4.                            earning numerous honors, qualifying five        ment. At those tournaments, the place win-
cancer awareness and research. Spectators

were encouraged to wear pink in support of                                                     athletes for the State Championship, along     ners were freshman 113 pounder Tommy
the event, as well as to donate to the foun-                                                   with setting an amazing six new individual     Heller, junior 152 pounder Brad Kosser
dation.                                         By Madan ATREYA ‘12                            school records and four new LHS Relay          and junior 132 pounder Jason Estevez.
8        LHS Lance                                                                      Sports                                                                   March 2012

                                    Lance Sportlight: Sam Abam
                                                Shootin’ Hoops with Slammin’ Sam
                                                attempts, I finally got it. It was really         have a banana before every game. It gives       rare in college basketball these days. I
                                                exciting at the time and I still think back      me energy and if I don’t have one, I feel       hope they go all the way.
                                                to that feeling when I dunk now.                 off – like something is missing.                What has been your worst moment
                                                How was your final season at LHS                  What does Coach Cohen do to pump                playing basketball?
                                                different than previous years?                   the team up?                                        I had finally been given the chance
                                                    In my final year, I was able to accom-           Coach is really supportive of all of         to start a game sophomore year. I really
                                                plish a lot more because in the back of my       us. Before every game, he tells us how          wanted to impress the coach but ended up
                                                mind I knew I’d never have the chance to         Livingston is known for being the “joke”        putting zero points on the board. We got
                                                do so in high school again. You have to          basketball program in the league and even       smashed by Newark Central that game.
                                                make sure you have no regrets at the end
                                                of the season.
                                                Describe this season in one word.
                                                Where do you see yourself in ten years?
                                                    In ten years, I could be playing basket-
                                                ball overseas. There’s a lot of opportuni-
                                                ties there that aren’t available in the US.
                                                How has your college process been
                                                different because of basketball?
           Image Source: Facebook                  I looked at colleges based on their
By Carly ABENSTEIN ‘12                          basketball program which was a lot differ-
       Many may associate Sam Abam with         ent than almost everyone else who chose
his “famous dunk.” However, with this           where to apply to. As much as I cared
Varsity Basketball Star, there is more than     about the basketball team, I still had to
meets the eye.                                  make sure I would get a good education.
When did you start playing basketball?          I haven’t figured out where I’m going
     I started playing basketball in fourth     next year but a few of my top choices
grade when I moved to Livingston. I was         are University of Hartford, Iona College,
formerly really into baseball, but at recess,   Fairfield University, Wagner College, and
the other boys were playing basketball so       St. Edwards University.
I joined in. I was actually pretty good for     Who was your inspiration growing up?                                               Image Source: Facebook
someone who had never played before and             Michael Jordan – on and off the court,       when we play well, the others are always      What has been your favorite moment
decided to join the rec team in town.           he was a great role model for younger            going to say what they want to say.           playing basketball?
When did you first successfully dunk?            players. I admired the way he carried him-       Who’s your March Maddness pick?                  One hundred percent, it would have
     Freshman year, I was at a club             self with such class and stature even when          I have Syracuse for the win. They have to be dunking at the state tournament
basketball practice, and we were just           he was off the court.                            eight to ten guys that can start on any       game last Thursday to end my high school
fooling around. My teammates wanted to          Any pre-game rituals?                            given day. They’re a team of great experi- career. I left the court on such a high note
see who could dunk and after a few failed           I really have no explanation for it, but I   ence and great talent, which is extremely     despite our tough loss.

               One Concussion Enough: Injuries on the Ice
                                                                                                       Concussions, first reported in hockey
                                                                                                 in 1890, are not new to the game; however,
                                                                                                 modern medical advances have recently
                                                                                                 emphasized just how threatening they are
                                                                                                 to a person’s health. As explained by the
                                                                                                 Mayo Clinic, a concussion is a trauma to
                                                                                                 the head that can “stun” the brain cells,
                                                                                                 leading to serious alterations in neurotrans-
                                                                                                 mitter function, potassium and calcium
                                                                                                 exchange, glucose metabolism, and brain
                                                                                                 blood flow. Repetitive head injury can lead
                                                                                                 to serious consequences such as degenera-
                                                                                                 tive brain disorders.
                                                                                                         Sometimes concussions are not
Former Toronto Maple Leaf Nick Kypreos suffered a career-ending concussion in a pre-             recognized if there are no obvious physi-
            season fight with the NY Rangers’ Ryan VandenBussche in 1997.                         cal symptoms initially. For instance, To-
                                 Image Source: The Star                                          ronto Maple Leaf Colby Armstrong did
By Amanda GLATT ‘15                               Such a scenario is not as farfetched           not seek medical attention until nearly 48
    Whoosh! A player races down the rink, as one would think. Ice hockey attracts a              hours after he was injured when colliding          Thomas Kaberle of the Toronto Maple
gracefully weaving his way through op- plethora of injuries that can be crippling                with another player. Although professional      Leafs after a hard hit by New Jersey Devil
ponents and teammates alike. He refuses or fatal. According to estimates by The                  hockey leagues have specific protocols for                       Cam Janssen
to relinquish control of the puck as he Exploratorium, professional hockey play-                 diagnosing and treating concussions on the              Image Source: Toronto Star
focuses on the net before him. He is un- ers skate at about 20-30 miles per hour in              spot, none were used in Armstrong’s case.       skulls, fractured bones, torn tendons, and
stoppable -- until an opposing player slams a game that revolves around physical con-                 The ice is a breeding ground for in-       more. Who do we blame? The rules, the
into him, propelling him with such force tact between players. In addition, there are            juries like concussions that may never          NHL, the game, or the spectators? When
into the boards that his stick flies out of many dangers posed by skate blades, sticks,           be reported but still wreak irrevocable         we watch a game, our favorite players are
his hands and his helmet flies off his head. and the puck itself. Injuries are prevalent          havoc on the body. Though hockey is an          at risk of fatal injuries, yet the only thing
He closes his eyes before slipping into throughout the sport, but the most frequent              exhilarating sport to watch and play, the       on our minds is which team is going to win
unconsciousness.                             and controversial ones are concussions.             associated risks may be too high: bashed        the Stanley Cup.

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