Recycling and Waste Guide

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					     Recycling and Waste Guide

Acids and/or Alkalis             L
Aerosol cans                     D   R
Aluminium foil                   R
Aluminium cans                   R
Animal droppings                 G
Anti-freeze                      L
Appliances (working)             B   F   D
Appliances (not working)         D   H   G
Asbestos                         E
Ashes (cooled and wrapped)       G   W
Bag ties                         G
Band aids                        G
Baskets                          B   F   K   D   G
Baskets (damaged)                G
Batteries (alkaline, NiCad)      C   D
Batteries (car)                  D
Batteries (mobile phone)         C   D
Bicycles                         B   D   H
Biscuit trays (plastic, 1-7)     R
Biscuit trays (other)            G
Bottles                          R
Bottle tops (metal)              R
Bottle tops (plastic, 1-7))      R
Books                            B   F   K   D
Boxes (cardboard)                R   D
Boxes (foam/polystyrene)         G
Brake fluid                      L
Branches                         O   D   H
Bricks/rubble                    D
Bubble wrap                      G
Building materials               D
Cake trays (plastic, 1-7)        D
Cans                             D
Cameras                          C   F   D
Car batteries                    D
Car body filler                  L
Car/auto parts                   F   D
Car wax                          L
Carbon paper                     G
Cardboard                        D   R
Carpet & underlay                F   D   H
Cassette tapes                   F   B   G
CD / DVD players                 F   B   D
Cellophane                       G
Ceramics                         G
Cereal Box inserts                    G
Cereal boxes                          R
Chemicals                             L
Chinaware                             F   H   G
Chip packets                          G
Christmas trees                       D   O
Chocolate bar wrappers                G
Cigarette butts                       G
Cleaning rags                         G
Cleaners (alkaline based)             L
Cling wrap/film                       G
Clothes baskets (plastic, 1-7)        F   B   D   R
Clothing                              F   B   D   H   G
Coffee cans/jars                      R
Compact discs (CDs)                   F   B   C
Computers                             F   D   H
Computer paper                        R
Computer parts                        F   D   H
Concrete                              D
Coolant                               L
Corks and anything made from cork     C
Crockery (intact)                     F   H
Crockery (broken)                     G
Curtains                              F   B   H
Cutlery (metal)                       F   B   D   H
Cutlery (plastic)                     B   D   G
Detergents, Disinfectants and Drain
cleaners                              L
Detergent bottles                     R
Disposable Nappies                    G
Dog poo                               W   G
Doors                                 F   D
Drums (empty)                         R
Egg cartons                           K   R
Electronic waste                      D   H
Engine oil                            D
Envelopes (including windows)         R
Exercise bikes                        F   D   H
Fertilizers                           L
Fire extinguisher                     D
Floor-care products & waxes           L
Fluorescent tubes                     D   C
Foam boxes                            G
Foam cups / trays                     G
Foil                                  R
Foil trays                            R
Food waste                            W   G
Fridges and freezers                       P
Fruit and vegetable scraps                 W   G
Furniture                                  D   F   B   H
Garden waste                               W   O   D
Gas bottles                                D
Glad wrap                                  G
Glass bottles and jars                     R
Glasses (reading)                          B   G
Glue                                       L
Grass clippings                            W   O   D
Greeting Cards                             R
Gym equipment                              D   F
Herbicides & weed killers                  L
Hot water units                            D   F   H
Household chemicals                        D
Ice cream containers (plastic, 1-7)        K   R
Insect spray/pesticides                    L
Jars                                       R
Jar lids (metal)                           R
Jar lids (plastic, 1-7)                    R
Juice cartons                              R
Juice containers                           R
Junk mail                                  R
Keyboards (computer)                       D
Kitty litter                               W   G
Laptops                                    D
Leaves                                     W   O   D
Light globes / bulbs/ tubes                D   C
Linen/ Towels / Sheets                     F   D   G
Lolly wrappers                             G
Lunch Boxes (plastic, 1-7)                 R
Magazines                                  F   B   K   R
Manure                                     W   G
Margarine containers (1-7)                 R
Mattresses                                 F   D   H
Meat                                       G
Meat trays – foam                          G
Meat tray – plastic (remove shrink wrap)   R
Medicines                                  M
Metal (scrap)                              D
Milk bottles                               R
Milk cartons                               R
Mirrors                           F   B   G   H
Mobile phones                     C   F   D
Monitors (computer)               D
Motor oil                         D
Musical instruments               B   F   D
Nail polish & remover             L
Nappies (disposable)              G
Nappies (cloth/reusable)          F   G
Newspapers                        R
Office papers                     R
Oil – cooking                     D
Ovens                             P
Oven cleaner                      L
Paint                             F   D
Paint tins (dirty) – lid off      R
Paint tins (clean) – lid off      R
Paint stripper, thinner & turps   L
Pallets                           D
Paper                             F   D   R
Paper towel (clean)               R
Paper towel (dirty)               W   G
Pet food cans                     R
Peripherals (computer)            D
Pharmaceuticals                   M
Phone books                       R
Phones (mobile)                   C   D
Phone batteries (mobile           C   D
Photo frames                      F   B   D   H   G
Pizza boxes                       R
Placemats                         B   D   H
Plant cuttings                    W   D
Plant pots (plastic, 1-7)         F   D   R   H
Plasterboard                      D
Plastic shopping bags             S   D   G
Plastic strapping around boxes    G
Plastic cups (1-7)                R
Plastic bottles (1-7)             R
Plastic containers (1-7)          R
Plastic trays/baskets (1-7)       R
Plastic plates (1-7)              R
Plastic wrappers                  G
Polystyrene                       G
Pool chemicals                    L
Printers                          D   H
Pyrex oven ware (broken)          G
Pyrex oven ware (Intact)          F   B   D   H
Rags                                 G   D
Rat poison                           L
Ring pulls                           C
School bags                          F   B    D   H
Scrap metal                          D   H
Seedling containers                  F   G
Sheet glass – wrapped and labelled   H
Shrink wrap                          G   D
Shoes                                B   D    H   G
Shower heads                         C   R    D
Smoke alarms - household             G
Soft drink bottles                   R
Soft drink cans                      R
Solvents                             L
Sporting goods                       F   D    H
Steel cans                           R
Stoves                               P
Styrofoam                            G
Syringes                             A
Take away containers                 R
Tea bags                             G   W
Televisions                          F   D    H
Textiles                             H   D    G
Timber                               F   D
Tin cans                             R
Tissues                              G
Toilet paper rolls                   R
Tools                                F   D    B
Toys                                 F   B    D   H
Transmission fluid                   L
Tyres                                D
Twine                                G
Vacuum cleaner dust *in bag          W   G*
Vegetable Scraps                     W   G
Vinyl                                H   D
Washing machines                     P
Waxed cardboard                      G
Waxed paper                          G
Weeds                                W   O    D
Wheel barrows                        F   B    D   H
Whitegoods                           P
Window glass (wrapped)               H
Wine Bottles                         R
Wood preservatives & finishes (oils &
varnish)                                        L
Wrapping paper                                  R
X-rays                                          C
Yoghurt container (1-7)                         R


  A      Call Council

  B      Charity store or The Outlook Shop at the Resource Recovery Centre

  C      Customer Service Centre

         The Darebin Resource Recovery Centre. Kurnai Avenue, Reservoir (off Henty
  D      Street)/ Detox Your Home Facility

  E      Call EPA Information Centre on 9695 2722

  F      Freecycle. or Sharehood.

  G      Garbage bin

  H      Hard rubbish collection

  K      Give to kindergarten/school/children

  L      Detox Your Home Mobile Service – call 1800 353 233

  M      Return to your local pharmacy. For more details got to

  O      Green waste bin

  P      The Phoenix Project recycles all whitegoods. Free service call 1300 366 283

  R      Recycling bin

  S      Return to supermarkets (Bi-low, Coles, Safeway/Woolworths)

  W      Worm farm / Home Compost bin

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