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Answers for Brokers

Your Accident and Third
Party Accident Cards

Delivering quality insurance solutions
                  Your Accident and Third Party Accident Cards
                  We are very excited to be launching the new Equity Red Star “Your Accident and Third Party Accident”
                  cards that will be featured in all Equity Red Star branded policy documents, excluding fleet.

                  Q. Why has Equity Red Star decided to introduce Your Accident and Third Party cards?
                  A. To improve the service we offer to our brokers and their customers. This initiative will ensure we are able
                  to effectively manage claims costs through pro-active case management and also allows us to combat
                  fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

                  Q. How are the cards going to be distributed?
                  A. The cards will be incorporated in to the policy booklet cover so they are highly visible. They will be
                  distributed at new business and renewal. In addition, in August 2012 all existing non-fleet policyholders will
                  receive Your Accident and Third Party Accident cards, sent direct to their home address, to maximise the clear
                  benefits of this project.

                  Q. Why have you chosen to mail directly to policyholders?
                  A. The normal method of distribution will be on new business and renewal via the policy documents. The
                  August 2012 distribution is the only instance where this will occur. We will mail direct to policyholders who
                  are more than 3 months from renewal. The benefits the policyholder will receive from using the cards in the
                  event of an accident are very significant. To maximise the benefits of the cards it was decided to mail direct to
Equity Red Star

                  the policyholder in this circumstance.

                  Q. Who is this going to?
                  A. ‘Your Accident’ and Third Party Accident cards will be issued to existing non-fleet Motorcycle, Private Car,
                  Bespoke, Van, Passenger Carrying, minibus, coach, Haulage, Classic car, Commercial Vehicle and Agricultural
                  policyholders. The next stage of this project is for Vehicle Packs to be distributed to our Fleet policyholders.
                  These will provide fleet managers and drivers with information on vehicle security, fraud prevention, what to
                  do after an accident, Third Party accident cards and a window sticker for the vehicle.

                  Q. How do you want the policy holder to use the cards?
                  A. There is a direct correlation between speed of reporting an accident and the ability to effectively manage
                  claims costs. The cards allow the Insured to immediately notify Equity Red Star of the incident and put us in
                  a position to control claim costs

                  A. Your Accident card. For the Your Accident card we ask that the policyholder breaks the card into two pieces
                  and puts the card in their wallet or purse or vehicles glove box. The other piece – the key fob – needs to be
                  attached to their key ring.

                  The Your Accident card is for the policy holder to use in the event of an incident. The front of the card provides
                  the number the Insured should call to report an accident or loss. On the reverse of the card is a list of 5 key
                  points that the Insured is advised to follow in the event of an incident. These 5 points talk them through the
                  process to follow to make sure we can provide assistance as quickly as possible and protect against fraudulent
                  or exaggerated claims.

Accident and Third Party Q&A

Your Accident and Third Party Accident Cards
A. Third Party Accident cards. The insured should always carry the Third Party cards in either their wallet, purse
or vehicles glove box and use these in the event of an accident. We advise that the insured gives the Third
Party Accident card to the other driver involved in the accident in all circumstances. The insured must enter
their details on the Third Party Accident Card before they hand this to the other driver. The card provides the
third party with a dedicated phone number to contact us immediately about any claim. If we are contacted
we will clarify liability, screen for fraud and offer our services including an Approved Repairer and car hire via
our suppliers.

Q. Do the phone lines attached to the Your Accident and Third Party card cost the policy holder
money to call and does Equity Red Star earn revenue from these phone lines?
A. Call costs to the 0845 number will vary depending on what provider the caller is calling from, however the
costs associated with calls to this type of number are lower than that to a 0844 number. Equity Red Star does
not use these phone lines as a revenue stream as 0.5 pence per minute is earned from calls made to the 0845
number. Equity Red Star made a conscious decision to use 0845 numbers instead of other numbers available
to make sure we generated the lowest amount possible whilst allowing us to provide and sustain this service
for our customers.

Q. Can the policy booklets and cards be distributed electronically?
A. Ideally we would like all policyholders to receive a hard copy so the quality of the cards in the document are
upheld. An electronic copy of the new policy booklets will be available for download via the Equity Red Star
site once the documents are issued to policyholders over the course of the next few months. Your Accident
and Third Party Accident cards will also be available for download.

Q. Why should I as a broker support this?
A. There is significant value in this new initiative for our brokers, the policyholder, and Equity Red Star. Through
this new service we are able to immediately attend to all claims, give our customers a first class level of service
and continue to offer competitive premiums through the effective management of claims costs, including
defence against fraud, something many policyholders are rightly demanding. The benefits for the broker and
Equity Red Star is, improved customer satisfaction and reduced claims spend which improves the profitability
of the broker’s account.

We ask for your support by encouraging your customers to use the cards in the event of an accident and take
this opportunity to reinforce that Equity Red Star does not receive any commissions from suppliers within our
claims management network.

                  Contact Us
                  If you have any questions in relation to the Your Accident and Third Party cards please speak with your
                  relevant relationship manager.
                  David Grant
                  Head of Distribution and Relationship management
                  Tel: 08456 045008

                  Andy Chapman
                  Senior Broker Relationship Manager North
                  Tel: 07721 536077

                  Ken Dawson
                  Broker Relationship Manager
                  Home Counties South
                  Tel: 07879 604722

                  Robin Farquhar
                  National Broker Relationship Manager
                  Tel: 07825 907429

                  Madeleine Gee
                  Broker Relationship Manager
Equity Red Star

                  Scotland & North East
                  Tel: 07825 064083

                  Nigel Rawlings
                  Broker Relationship Manager
                  South West Region
                  Tel: 07825 123850

                  Ian Smedley
                  National Broker Relationship Manager
                  Tel: 07825 064081

                  Steve Smith
                  National Broker Relationship Manager
                  Tel: 07824 529403

                  Richard Ward
                  Broker Relationship Manager
                  Home Counties North
                  Tel: 07810 528150

                  Sandra Walsh
                  Broker Relationship Manager Midlands
                  Tel: 07721 333305


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