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									                                                    Volume XXXVIII    No.10   •   January 2013

MANASQUAN ELKS LODGE #2534 BPOE                                                               http://www.elks.org/

                            Brothers and Sisters,                                      Effective with this issue of the
                                                                                      HoofPrints Beth Tracey is stepping
                            By the time you read this the holi-                       down. Kevin Hourihan will replace her
LODGE OFFICERS              day season will have passed and                           as the new editor. I want to thank
   2012-2013                winter will have set in. So far the                       Beth for her years of service as our
Mi ke Si nneck              winter season has been uneventful                         editor. Beth consistently produced an
                            albeit a bit wet and seasonably                           award winning newsletter which
Barbara M cCredi e          cold. Many are hoping for the first Mike Sinneck         differentiates Manasquan from most
                            snow while others can’t wait for                         other Lodges in the country. Thank
Shirley Smit h              warmer weather to arrive. I hope your Christ-    Beth and welcome to Kevin. Please give Kevin
ESTEEMED LOYAL KNIGHT       mas or Chanukah celebrations were joyous.        your full support as the editor job is a big one.
Brian Fahey                 Eileen and I want to wish you all an abun-
ESTEEMED LECTURING KNIGHT   dance of health, peace and prosperity in          The new year is already in full swing and the
G regg Ol i vera, PER       2013.                                            BCS championship game between Notre
ESQUIRE                                                                      Dame and Alabama is one anxiously awaited
Thomas Pellegrino           December was a very busy month at the            by all football fans. The game is just a week
INNER GUARD                 Lodge with our traditional breakfast with San- away and we all have our favorites picked. I
Susan Tritsch               ta and Children’s Christmas party. Mr. and       wonder who will be crowned national cham-
CHAPLAIN                    Mrs. Claus came to the breakfast and created     pion? Recovery efforts continue in Ma-
                            lots of excitement and anticipation among        nasquan and the shore communities. The
Patt i Dal garno
TILER                       the children. Thanks to Gregg and Lisa Olivera town is holding a gala at the Algonquin Arts
                            for performing their roles so well! That same    Theatre on Saturday, January 5 at 8 PM.
Tom Tracey
SECRETARY                   day we held Christmas in Killarney and the       There is a fabulous lineup of entertainment
                            Lodge was jam packed with holiday revelers.      and all of the proceeds of the evening go to
Noel Benkoi l
TREASURER                   The music and dancing and Irish tunes were       the Manasquan Hurricane Restoration Fund
                            wonderful and a great time was had by all.       to assist the Borough of Manasquan with the
Tom Alexander, Esq.
JUSTICE OF THE SUB FORUM    Thanks to Beth and Shirley and their team for    massive recovery effort to get our beach and
                            making this event a great success. The Chil-     town restored better than ever. Tickets are
Coll een Smi th
1 YEAR TRUSTEE              dren’s Christmas Party was a joyous event        selling fast. Please make every effort to
Jim Reill y                 and the special children had a grand time. It is attend and show the support of Elks in Ma-
2 YEAR TRUSTEE              hugely gratifying to see the smiles on their     nasquan.
Di ck M ercora              faces and anticipation as Christmas ap-
3 YEAR TRUSTEE              proached. My hat is off the Carol Butti and       January will be a busy month at the Lodge.
                            Jim Caruso and the entire Special Children’s     Please stop by for some great food, libations
Bob M onaco, PER
4 YEAR TRUSTEE              Committee for the ongoing work to bring joy      and camaraderie with your Elk brothers and
                            to the kids and their families. On December      sisters. Remember to take care of yourselves
James Caruso, PER
                            2 your officers performed the Memorial           as the stresses of the past couple of months
                            Service to honor our departed brothers and       since super storm Sandy are significant and
                            sisters. This ritual which is mandated by        affect each of us in subtle ways. Take time for
LODGE MEETINGS              Grand Lodge is a poignant tribute to those       family and loved ones to confirm for them
                            who have passed during the year. This year       the warmth and love that we all need to sur-
January 8, 2013
                            we honored 21 souls. Unfortunately too few       vive. God bless our troops, our town and the
January 22, 2013
                            members and families attended this service.      USA.
                            We must find ways to increase participation
                            in this event in the years to come. Please       Fraternally,
                            come out to support this and all ritualistic
        8:00 PM             ceremonies. It matters to the Lodge, the         Mike Sinneck, ER
ALL MEMBERS INVITED         members and Elkdom.
                    HOOFPRINTS                                     Volume XXXVIII      No.10   •   Page 2

                    MANASQUAN ELKS LODGE 2534 DIRECTORY
Office                          Officer                         Phone                    E-Mail Address
Exalted Ruler                   Mike Sinneck                    425-443-5718            sinneck@gmail.com
Est. Lead. Knight               Barbara McCredie        732-513-9836, 732-223-4402      mcsquan59@msn.com
Est. Loyal Knight               Shirley Smith                   609-915-2882            irishshirley3@gmail.com
Est. Lect. Knight               Brian Fahey                     732-539-4416            brianfahey77@yahoo.com
Esquire                         Gregg Olivera, PER              732-223-8876            squangregg@yahoo.com
Inner Guard                     Tom Pellegrino                  732-948-0075            pump6932@yahoo.com
Chaplain                        Susan Tritsch                   732.403.6392            susan.tritsch@gmail.com
Justice/Sub. For.               Tom Alexander,Esq               908-289-8181            talexanderlaw@yahoo.com
Tiler                           Patti Dalgarno                  732-829-2954            latap104p@netscape.net
Secretary                       Tom Tracey                      732-746-3701            tomtrace59@yahoo.com
Treasurer                       Noel Benkoil                    732-859-6685            elks2534@yahoo.com
Trustee 1 year                  Colleen Smith                   732-580-3001            colleen@jfmurrayco.com
Trustee 2 year                  Jim Reilly                      732-673-0895            waterhazard47@aol.com
Trustee 3 year                  Dick Mercora                    732-449-2450            dickmerc@yahoo.com
Trustee 4 year                  Bob Monaco, PER                 908-770-0900            chcsbobm@aol.com
Trustee 5 year                  James Caruso, PER               732-905-0702            jcaruso353@yahoo.com
Committee                       Chairperson                     Phone                   E-Mail Address
Accident Prevention             Kevin Peacock                   732-408-1474            kevin1141@aol.com
Activities                      Donna Bossone                   732-581-8765            1xandersmom@optonline.net
Americanism                     Tom Pellegrino                  732-948-0075            pump6932@yahoo.com
Antlers                         Joe Kupselaitis, PDD                                    joekup@optonline.net
Army of Hope                    Mike Cole, PER                  732-773-3006            jetty333@aol.com
Auditor                         Frank Vario                     732-223-0730            vario.squan@verizon.net
Banquet Manager                 Mary Mackay                     732-223-2534, ext. 2    squanbanquets@yahoo.com
Bldg & Grounds                  Dick Wright                     732-899-5547            dwr1455@comcast.net
Blood Drive                     Dave Glaser, PER, PVP           732-528-5848            mrelk2534@aol.com
Bylaws                          Mike Sinneck, ER                425-443-5718            sinneck@gmail.com
Capital                         Kevin Miles                     732-236-1755            kmiles5@optonline.net
Community Activities            Michael O’Boyle                 908-309-6642            sandcastle60@optonline.net
Convention                      Noel Benkoil                    732-859-6685            elks2534@yahoo.com
Drug Awareness                  Erik Ertle                      732-528-8023            ertl05@optonline.net
Fraternal                       Gregg Olivera, PER              732-223-8876            squangregg@yahoo.com
Government Rel.                 Susan Tritsch                   732.403.6392            susan.tritsch@gmail.com
Hoofprints Editor & Webmaster   Kevin Hourihan                  732-687-5619            khourihan@ymail.com
Hoop Shoot                      Dennis Fitzgerald               732-241-4749            dennisfitz@optonline.net
House Committee                 William Freund                  732-292-9280            wfreund1@verizon.net
Indoctrination                  Barbara McCredie        732-513-9836, 732-223-4402      mcsquan59@msn.com
Investigation                   Shirley Smith                   609-915-2882            irishshirley3@gmail.com
Lapsation                       Barbara McCredie        732-513-9836, 732-223-4402      mcsquan59@msn.com
Membership                      Barbara McCredie        732-513-9836, 732-223-4402      mcsquan59@msn.com
Nat.Veterans Svc.               Andy Mazur                      732-829-9065            goandyo@gmail.com
Nat’l Foundation                Rebecca Reinhardt               732-948-3075            beck5908@gmail.com
Photography                     Karen Jansen                    732-610-5798            karenljansen@hotmail.com
Public Relations                Bob Monaco, PER                 908-770-0900            chcsbobm@aol.com
Relief                          Mike Sinneck, ER                425-443-5718            sinneck@gmail.com
Scholarship                     Gene Heisler, PER               732 359-6536            euheisl@optimum.net
Sickness/Distress               Ellen Wright                    732-899-5547            dwrl1455@comcast.net
Soccer Shoot                    Paul Herrmann                   908-489-5965            herrmann5@yahoo.com
Special Children Co-Chair       Carol Butti                     908-415-8189            carbut1@aol.com
Special Children Co-Chair       James Caruso, PER               732-905-0702            jcaruso353@yahoo.com
Youth Activities                Dave Glaser, PER, PVP           732-528-5848            mrelk2534@aol.com
Lodge Phone and email                                           732-223-2534            secretary2534@optonline.net
SED District Deputy             Peggy Berry                     732-539-0603            rypegber@aol.com
                 HOOFPRINTS                           Volume XXXVIII       No.10   •   Page 3

                       APPLICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP
Name                     Residence            Occupation                               Sponsor
Edna Phelps              Pt. Pleasant         Retired                                  Nancy Newman
Michelle Ertle           Manasquan            Arbitrator/Legal Secretary               Nancy Newman
Frank Cellibione Jr.     Brick                Trucking                                 Robert Diubaldi
Casey McArdle            Sp Lake Hts          Carpenter                                Shirley Smith
Jim Walten               Pt. Pleasant Beach   Bulk Driver                              Robert Kleinhans
Ty Hawkins               Pt. Pleasant         -----------------                        Shirley Smith
Robert Donofrio          Brielle               Business Owner                          Dave Glaser
Dorrie Kelly             Wall                  -----------------                       Barbara McCredie
G.Anthony Zarrilli       Brick                 Gen. Contractor                         Rita Gurry

          ATTENTION ALL                                                      We have a new
                                                                             Hoofprints Editor
               MEMBERS!!                                                     that will be tak-
                                                                             ing over with the
  Any Member from now until March                                            January 2013 is-
  31, 2013, who signs up 3 or more new                                       sue.
  members will receive a " Dinner for 2
  @ Sid's Café" (drinks not included).             Kevin Hourihan
                                                   Email: khourihan@ymail.com

                                                    ATTENTION MEMBERS
                                                  Would you like to be notified via
                                                  email when the Hoofprints become
                                                  available online? Please send an
                                                  email to Kevin Hourihan at
                                                  khourihan@ymail.com & ask to be
                                                  added to the distribution list.
               HOOFPRINTS                                    Volume XXXVIII      No.10   •   Page 4

                     Need Elks attire?                        From the Editor (Kevin Hourihan)
                                                                Congratulations to Barbara McCredie for win-
                     Golf Dresses, Golf shirts,       ning the December EOY contest! The following image
                     sweatshirts, sweatshirts with    represents Carol Butti, EOY, and is hidden
                     zippers, sweatshirts with        somewhere in the Hoofprints! Be the first person to
                     hoods, sweatshirts with          contact me & tell me the location of the Jets Helmet.
                     hoods with zippers, long         You will receive a coupon for dinner for 2 at Sid’s Ca-
                     sleeve shirts, etc… Any color,   fé!!! (Drinks are not included). Please note the rules:
                     any size, any way you want it!   Only one family member can win per year (rolling
                                                      12 months).

Call Lisa O – 908-377-7279                            Please help to support the Hoofprints by becoming
                                                      a Booster! Only $10 a year! Make checks payable
                                                      to the Manasquan Elks (attn: Kevin Hourihan) &
                                                      mail in or drop off in the Hoofprints Box in the

  “Voted Best Massage in Monmouth County”
                                                                John L. Little, D.D.S., P.A.
         732-223-1990                                           John P. Little, D.M.D., J.D.
                                                                Mary Caron-Russo, D.M.D.
 Try a 1 hour massage for $29                                804 Highway 71, Sea Girt, NJ 08750
                                                            Cosmetic, Family, and Implant Dentistry
       www.MassageClubOfWall.com                                 Treatment of TMJ Disorders
                                                              732-449-6564     732-449-8606 FAX
  2204 Highway 35, #7 Sea Girt N.J. 08750                          www.JohnLittleDDS.com
      HOOFPRINTS                    Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 5

                SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 17th

                ALL MEMBERS AND GUESTS

                BRING YOUR OWN SNACKS!!!!

Did you know…...
Some famous people who were Elks members.
Major General Frederick Funston. Medal of Honor win-
ner, Commanding General of Pershing, Eisenhower,
Patton and MacArthur. Some say savior of San
Francisco from fire after 1906 earthquake. He was
presented with a gold life membership card in 1902
by his home lodge Iola KS 569.
               HOOFPRINTS                                 Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 6

            Blood Drive
     When  you             give   one
      pint  of             bl ood ,
      you      help       3    people

          Monday, February 4th

    Free Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches!!

       Contact Dave Glaser, PER, PVP

                                           BPOE 2534

                              Adults $6, Children $4
                  Menu includes, but is not limited to:
 Custom Omelets (cheese, ham, mushroom, peppers, onions, etc…)
 Custom Sandwiches (Eggs scrambled or fried, cheese, pork roll or sausage)
 Sides of sausage, bacon, home fries
 French Toast & Pancakes
 Eggs
 Toast (wheat, rye, white)
 Coffee & juices
Volunteers also needed (KITCHEN HELP AS WELL). Contact Patti Dalgarno to volunteer: lat-
ap104p@netscape.net or 732-829-2954
                      HOOFPRINTS                                            Volume XXXVIII      No.10    •   Page 7

   Scholarship Committee Announcement
    ENF Most Valuable Student & The ENF Legacy Contests
 The Manasquan Elks Scholarship Committee announces two Elks National Foundation Contests open to high school sen-
 iors. The first is open to all high school seniors across the country, and is called the ENF MVS Contest. The students for
 this contest will be judged on scholarship, leadership and financial need. The second is called the ENF Legacy Contest
 and is open to any child or grandchild (or step-child, step-grandchild, or legal ward) of Elks who have been Members in
 good standing since April 1st, 2010. The students for this contest should exhibit the core values of the ENF: 1) Knowledge,
 2) Charity, 3) Community & 4) Integrity. MVS applications are due on December 7, 2012, to the Lodge nearest the appli-
 cant’s home. For more details and to download an application visit http://www.elks.org/enf/scholars/downloadmvs.cfm
 Legacy Awards applications, available online only, are due on February 1, 2013, at 12:00 p.m. (noon) Central Time.
 visit http://www.elks.org/legacyscholarship/ to find out more!

                                               or contact Gene Heisler, PER

                                          by e-mail: euheisl@optimum.net

                                               By phone: 732-359-6536

               If you pay your dues early/ on time (prior to 3/31), you will
                    be entered in a drawing to win a Flat Screen TV.
               Dues Notices are coming out mid-Feb – be on the look out!!!

                     Online Dues Payments Now Accepted
You can now renew your membership dues and pay by credit card on the Manasquan Elks web site.
Just go to http://www.manasquanelkslodge.com and click on the Dues Payments button. You’ll be taken to
the dues payment tab where you can click on the add to shopping cart button.
From there you can just check out with your credit card or if you have a PayPal account you can pay through
them. It is all very simple and painless!!
                HOOFPRINTS                        Volume XXXVIII     No.10   •   Page 8

    Saturday, January 26th
        $25 paid at Door
        (no advanced payments accepted)

    Includes Open Bar and
         Hors D’oeuvres
  Ladies, you know the drill!!!
                                           MR FATS CHOWDER SALE
Bring your favorite Stem Glass
                                                Manhattan Clam Chowder
& wear your favorite stem at-             PRE-ORDERS ONLY - $7 Per Quart
    tire and accessories...                      Sunday, February 10
Contact May Mackay @ banquets@yahoo.com
or 732-859-6748 for more information.      Stop In For Our Sunday Breakfast
                                               and Pick Up Your Chowder!
                                           The Chowder Sale will be done in con-
                                          junction with Just Us Girl to benefit lo-
                                               cal women with Breast Cancer

                                                    Call Tiny at 732-974-1650
                                                   E-mail kmiles5@optonline.net
                                                    Or Sign Up in the Tap Room

                                                  Sickness & Distress
                                          I will be handling this from Florida. I would appreci-
                                          ate hearing from anyone who knows of any sickness
                                          or operation, etc… Also, please let me know about
                                          any deceased Elks or family of any Elk member.
                                          Phone: 908-403-0951, Email: DWR455@comcast.net

                                          Ellen Wright, Chairperson
HOOFPRINTS                                      •
               VV lmm e X XV I V I . 3 8 • • P P a g 1 9
                  u l e X     XV                          a 13
             V o loouu m eX X X XII I N o N o . 1 0 P a g e g e e 3
                HOOFPRINTS                                  Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 10

The Special Children’s Committee Presents Our
35th Annual Charity Ball—February 23, 2013
                                   **If you
             Souvenir Journal      would like to
Please insert               page Advertisement/Message in the 34th Special Children’s
                                                                                            donate a gift
Charity Ball Journal. In consideration, enclosed is the sum of $      .                     for the gift
                                                                                            auction at the
       Advertisement/ Message Rates                Ad Sold To:
                                                                                            Charity Ball,
       Full Page             $100                  Name:                                    please con-
       Half Page             $50                   Address:
                                                                                            tact Helen @
       Quarter Page          $25
       Booster               $15                   Phone:                                   732-295-2471
                                                                                            or Carol @
Please circle your request and make all checks payable to Manasquan Elks. Early re-
turns greatly appreciated and checks deposited as received. For more information call       8189.**
Carol @ 908-415-8189. Send payment and this form to Carol Butti, 1645 3 Helen
Drive, Brick, NJ 08724 or email your advertisement to carbut1@aol.com or put
your ad in the members mailbox at the lodge.


                          Manasquan Lodge B.P.O.E #2534
                          The Special Children’s Committee
                             Cordially invites you to the
                                       “Secret Garden”
                                    Honoring Katie Hellman
                                    Saturday February 23rd, 2013
                                         6:30pm - 12:00am
                                Dinner Catered by Chef Lisa Somma
                                    Music by “Special Request”
                                       Donation $75.00 per person
                                          Black Tie Optional
                                     Reservations: Mrs. Joanne Glaser

                      Come out and enjoy the most elegant evening of the year!!
                            Help support our special needs children!
                  HOOFPRINTS                                   Volume XXXVIII          No.10   •   Page 11

January 2013                                            Lunch daily: Mon-Fri           11:30-2:30, Sat 11:30-5:00

    Sun              Mon               Tues              Wed              Thurs                    Fri           Sat
                                  1                2                  3                   4                 5
                                                                      Shuffle Board,      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm

6               7                 8                9                  10                  11                12
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm       Lodge Mtg, 8pm                      Shuffle Board,      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm
4pm                                                                   7:30pm

13              14                15               16               17                    18                19
Breakfast,      Trivia, 7pm       New Class        HC Mtg, 11am     Vets Committee        Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm
8:30am                            Installation     Antlers Mtg, 7pm Mtg, 6:30pm
Happy Hour,                       7pm                               Shuffle Board,
4pm                                                                 7:30pm
20              21                22               23                 24                  25                26
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm       Lodge Mtg, 8pm                      Shuffle Board,      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm Stem Day
4pm                                                                   7:30pm                                2-5pm

27              28                29               30                 31
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm                                           Shuffle Board,
4pm             SCC Mtg, 7:30pm                                       7:30pm

February 2013                                           Lunch daily: Mon-Fri           11:30-2:30, Sat 11:30-5:00
Sun                  Mon               Tues              Wed              Thurs                    Fri           Sat
                                                                                          1                 2
                                                                                          Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm

3               4                 5                6                  7                   8                 9
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm                                           Shuffle Board,      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm
4pm             Blood Drive                                           7:30pm
10              11                12               13                 14                  15                16
Breakfast,      Trivia, 7pm       Lodge Mtg, 8pm                      Shuffle Board,      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm
8:30am                                                                7:30pm
Chowder Sale,
Happy Hour,

17              18                19               20                 21                  22                23
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm                        HC Mtg, 11am       Vets Committee      Sid’s Cafe, 6-9pm Charity Ball
4pm                                                Antlers Mtg, 7pm   Mtg, 6:30pm                           6:30pm-12am
Karaoke Night                                                         Shuffle Board,
6-10pm                                                                7:30pm

24              25                26               27                 28
Happy Hour,     Trivia, 7pm       Lodge Mtg, 8pm                      Shuffle Board,
4pm             SCC Mtg, 7:30pm                                       7:30pm
HOOFPRINTS               Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 12

       Children’s Christmas Party

HOOFPRINTS              Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 13

       Children’s Christmas Party
                 HOOFPRINTS                               Volume XXXVIII    No.10     •   Page 14

                                                                            

Sam Cunninghame                November    2020   Jim Coyle, PEOTY                        December    2013
Bill and Patricia Maher        July        2019   Jo-Anne and Dave Glaser, PER, PVP       December    2013
Richard Tiger                  January     2018   Jim Howard, PEOTY                       December    2013
Arno and Jeanne Schwarz        October     2017   Suzanne Moore                           December    2013
Norma Mulrain                  April       2017   Lillian Beebe                           December    2013
Dick and Mary Mercora          April       2017   Frank and Nancy Vario                   December    2013
Donald Senft, PER              December    2016   Patricia Lyons                          November    2013
John and Diane Palmer          August      2016   Thea and Carl LaSalle, Jr PEOTY         November    2013
Fredric and Carol Hand         July        2016   Don and Barbara Karwacky                November    2013
Ted and Joan Natoli            March       2016   Tom Gleason                             October     2013
Diane Dilzell                  March       2016   Eileen Loftus                           October     2013
Joe and Teresa Kelly           December    2015   James Mastrian                          October     2013
Eileen Nerlick                 August      2015   Anne Foley                              October     2013
Jack and Carol Jansen          July        2015   Shirley Smith                           September   2013
Jim and Teresa Gourley         May         2015   Tom and Debbie McHugh                   September   2013
Tiny and Kathy Miles           January     2015   Bill and Rosalie Schwickert, Jr.        September   2013
Joe and Nancy Gilroy           September   2014   Vincent Gill                            September   2013
Rich and Elaine Tuite          August      2014   Fran and Mike O'Neill, PVP, PDD         September   2013
Mae Cumiskey                   August      2014   Don Crosta, PDD, PGLC                   September   2013
William Fallace                August      2014   Jack Lord                               September   2013
Linda Schofield Gerow          August      2014   Gary and Joyce Woods                    August      2013
John J Gerow                   August      2014   Mary and Joe Bigley                     July        2013
Bob and Chris Smith            August      2014   Natalie and Paul Rifkin                 July        2013
Patricia Redman                July        2014   Dick Anderson                           July        2013
Bob Brennan                    June        2014   Gerald L. Lasky, PDD                    July        2013
Don Hopkins and Linda Florio   June        2014   Chuck Eveland                           June        2013
Rich and Rainy Kohrmann        June        2014   Amy, Tim and Jackie Lyons               June        2013
Jim and Helen Malcolm          June        2014   Jan Suss                                June        2013
John and Suzanne Toal          May         2014   Paul and Carol Marion                   June        2013
Rich and Ro Karasiewicz        May         2014   Phil and Carol Kissel                   June        2013
Tom and Carolyn Tracey         May         2014   Ev and Ken Harrington                   June        2013
John and Agnes Cooney          May         2014   Jim and Maureen Larkin                  June        2013
Rich and Susan Novak           May         2014   Dennis and Michele Fitzgerald           June        2013
Ted and Patti Schumann         April       2014   Jane Harrison and Kayta                 June        2013
Robert and Margaret Richter    April       2014   Hugh and Kathleen Flannery              May         2013
Colleen and Bill Smith         March       2014   Joan and Bill                           May         2013
Roy and Sue Pickell            January     2014   Edna Moore                              May         2013
Peg and Ted Tanke              January     2014   George and Peggy Prescott               May         2013
Jim and Cici Gerraty           January     2014   John and Maureen Murray                 May         2013
Jack Blue                      December    2013   Bob McDonnell                           May         2013

                                              BOOSTERS CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE
                 HOOFPRINTS                             Volume XXXVIII   No.10     •   Page 15

                                                                                 

Dan Moynihan, PER               May           2013   Helen Triggiano                       February      2013
Judith McCabe-Arthur, PEOTY     May           2013   Mark and Joan Clarkin                 January       2013
Patti Dalgarno                  May           2013   Gerry and Betsy Dunn                  January       2013
Tom Alexander, Esq.             May           2013   Joseph and Ruth Zach                  January       2013
Charlie and Nancy Newman        May           2013   Gene Steger                           January       2013
Dick and Ellen Wright           May           2013   Christopher “CK” Kavan                January       2013
Tom and Mary Ann Macquaide      May           2013   Harry and Dorothy Myers               December      2012
Kenneth and Madeline Kelly      May           2013   JP and Liz Patten                     December      2012
Louis Bianco                    April         2013   Beth Tracey                           December      2012
Ed & Irene Wilczewski, PP       March         2013   Rich and Mary Mackay                  December      2012
Alice and Tom Brady             February      2013   Tom and Kathleen O’Donnell            December      2012
Michael and Eileen Sinneck      February      2013

                                 Manasquan Elks Most Wanted
 If anyone knows anyone, or how to reach them please contact: Barbara McCredie, Member-

 James B. Allen           James Gallagher            Michael R Matson             William H Rooney
 Joseph ArecchI           Peter Gallagher            Brittany Matthews            Jill Ryan
 Kimberly Baubles         Thomas Goss                Peter McDonald               Deirdre L Sable
 Steven Bench             George Edward Guyette      Vivian A McGraw              Edwina Schevrer
 Philip Bohrman           Jason Hanlon               Tim McKernan                 Nancy Schroeder
 John Brower              Hubert B Hanlon            Russell McNamee              Theodore R Schumann
 Michelle Brower          Anita Healy                David H Miller               Bob Sharkey
 Geoffrey Brown           Maryjane Hrobiak           David M Mitchell             Bob Sherry
 Robert N Burkert         Lynn Hubbard               Jayson R Moore               Ryan Stanley
 Kevin Collinson          Nicholas Incolla           Robert G Moravek             William A Storch
 Robert Collinson,Jr      Raymond F Johnston, Jr.    Kelly Najar                  James F Struble, Jr
 Scott Cowley             Thomas J Keefe             Michael P Najar              Robert Sutton
 Kathleen D’Eufemia       Susan M Kelly              Eric Nordstrom               Bruce R Tipling
 Edward Dingler,Jr        Glenn Laufer               Patrick O’Brien              Virginia Upton
 Peter John Donnelly      Brian Enda Lennon          Mick Petrulla                Samuel J Vetrano
 John Doyle               Kyle P Lomax               John Phair                   Anthony Walano
 Earl S. Elmer,Jr.        James J Lortz              Robert A Polito              James L Wilcoxen
 James Feenan             Jean Madden                Richard Price                Catherine Wood-Fouts
 Edward Fernan            Jay Maher                  Jeffrey Ramsey               Frank S Woodruff
 James Robert Fisher      Joseph M Malloy            James M Revel                Henry H Yard
 Thomas Franta            Louis A Massucci Jr.       Tracey Rogers

              Special Rates for Elks
                         HOOFPRINTS                                      Volume XXXVIII   No.10   •   Page 16

       POST OFFICE BOX 256
       MANASQUAN, NJ 08736
       Lodge Telephone: 7 3 2 - 2 2 3 - 2 5 3 4

   January 2013

   January 8 Lodge Meeting
   January 15 New Class Installation
   January 22 Lodge Meeting
   January 26 Stem Day

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                                                                                      Volunteers needed to help with
                                                                                       Breakfast (kitchen help as well) the
                                                                                       second Sunday of every month.
                                                                                       Please contact Patti Dalgarno @
                                                                                       732-829-2954 or lat-
                                                  Newsletter website online,
                                                        all the time:
                                                                                      Volunteers/ Committees needed for
                                                                                       Happy Hours on Sundays. Please
                                                                                       sign-up in the Tap Room

                                                                                      The Lodge is looking for a member
                                                                                       to head up the House Committee.
                                                                                       Please contact Barbara McCredie.

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