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					“The crucifixion of Jesus is the
greatest theme, not only of the
 Bible but of the human race.”

        ~ Gerald Coats
“The Cross is the surest, truest
and deepest window on the very
heart and character of the Living
        and loving God.”

         ~ N.T. Wright,
    First Century Historian
 “Easter is the only festival that looks in
  two directions at the same time: back
into history to fathom what happened in
  the week that changed the world, and
     forward into the future with the
 assurance that people who die will live

~ Dr. Paul Maier, First Century Historian
 “We see that it is not the task of
   Christianity to provide easy
answers to every question, but to
make us progressively aware of a
mystery. God is not so much the
 object of our knowledge as the
     cause of our wonder.”

        ~ Cardinal Hume
“Although the world is full of
suffering, it is full also of the
     overcoming of it.”

~ Helen Keller, Humanitarian
      (Blind and Deaf)
“Only the suffering God can

   ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer,

   Executed in Germany for
resisting Nazism during WW 2
“Jesus wasn’t just a talking head,
 spouting interesting ideas. He
     intended to accomplish
something: to bring Israel’s story
to the goal which God intended.”

          ~ N.T. Wright,
     First Century Historian
 “Among the data available to us
  regarding Jesus of Nazareth,
  none is more incontrovertible
 than his execution on a Roman
cross by order of Pontius Pilate.”

     ~ Markus Bockmuehl,
      Cambridge Scholar
“Who would ever have thought that
a Galilean carpenter would come to
   be regarded by millions as the
human being most like God ever to
     have walked this planet?”

         ~ Angela Tilby,
     BBC Documentary writer
    “They say that our madness
 consists in the fact that we put a
crucified man in second place after
the unchangeable and eternal God,
     the creator of the world.”

          ~ Justin Martyr,
       2nd Century Christian
“Our old history ends with the
cross; our new history begins
   with the resurrection.”

      ~ Watchman Nee
 “What happened in Jerusalem on that
 Friday afternoon was what the temple
 was always pointing to. This was the
place where the pain and the sin and the
 shame and the guilt of all the world, of
      all people, of all history, was
concentrated – and was dealt with once
               and for all.”

 ~ N.T. Wright, First Century Historian
“Quite what transpired on that third day
   after the crucifixion is of course a
 complex problem. Nevertheless, it is a
     matter of historical record that
  something happened – and that this
changed the course of world history like
    no other event before or since.”

       ~ Markus Bockmuehl,
 The Cambridge Companion To Jesus
“If the thing happened, it was the
central event in the history of the

          ~ C.S. Lewis
 “And when the centurion, who
  was standing right in front of
 Him, saw the way He breathed
His last, he said, ‘Truly this man
     was the Son of God!’”

      ~ Mark 15:39, NASB
“I am the door; if anyone enters through
  Me, he shall be saved, and shall go in
       and out, and find pasture.”

          ~ John 10:9, NASB
 “And it came about, when the days
were approaching for His ascension,
that He resolutely set His face to go
           to Jerusalem.”

         ~ Luke 9:51, NASB
“Surely no prophet can die outside

        ~ Luke 13:33, NIV
  "For even the Son of Man did not
come to be served, but to serve, and
 to give His life a ransom for many."

        ~ Mark 10:45, NASB

 He shall be stoned because he has practiced
    sorcery and enticed Israel to apostasy.
Anyone who can say anything in his favour, let
  him come forward and plead on his behalf.
    Anyone who knows where he is, let him
     declare it to the Great Sanhedrin in
  “And when the centurion, who was
 standing right in front of Him, saw the
way He breathed His last, he said, ‘Truly
    this man was the Son of God!’”

          ~ Mark 15:39, NASB
 “He has rescued us from the power
 of darkness and transferred us into
the kingdom of his beloved Son, 14 in
   whom we have redemption, the
        forgiveness of sins.”

      ~ Colossians 1:13, NRSV
 “He disarmed the rulers and
authorities and made a public
example of them, triumphing
       over them in it.”

  ~ Colossians 2:15, NRSV

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