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									David Faulkner

DoB – 6th March 1984

7 Stanway Close, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8UZ home : 01889 566361 mobile : 07815 967517 website : www.cg-art.co.uk e-mail : dave@cg-art.co.uk Personal Statement
A Creative Visualisation graduate from the University of Teesside, I am interested in art and animation and have acquired a range of skills and experience in this field. I am a friendly, practical person with a high IT literacy and experience with graphics applications. I enjoy problem solving and I’m always happy to lend a hand.

Work Experience
Since finishing university I have primarily been working as a freelance artist / animator. Brain in a Jar - May 07 to Dec 07 I worked as a texture artist on a game called Indianapolis 500: Evolution which is due for release on Xbox 360 later this year. Working remotely, my main responsibilities included unwrapping and texturing character models and props provided by the 3d artists. Panjab Records – Feb 06 to Jan 07 I was contracted to create an animated music video for an up-coming bhangra artist. I created over 4 minutes of 3d animation including characters, vehicles, and several environments. Unfortunately, just as the animation was nearing completion, the project was cancelled due to problems with the singer. Other work I have used time between contracts to work on my own projects. Recently I have been collaborating with a couple of friends to create a 2D platform game using Microsoft’s XNA framework for the Xbox 360. A previous game we made won Best Overall Game in the 2007 Microsoft XNA – UK User Group Competition. I have also undertaken other casual work to supplement my contracting activities including the organising and logging of archive files for a local company.

Education and Qualifications
University of Teesside 2002 - 2005: BA(hons) Creative Visualisation The main focus of this course was computer graphics and animation. The course was based around practical modules and included some team projects.

David Faulkner

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Thomas Alleyne’s High School 1997 – 2002  A-levels: Physics : D IT : C Design : D


10 GCSE’s including Maths, English and Science

Graphics applications I have an excellent knowledge of common industry graphics applications such as 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and After Effects. For 2d animation I use a package called Toon Boom Studio. I also have experience with web design including the use of Flash and Dreamweaver. I have a range of skills including modelling, texturing and animation of characters and environments. I have a good knowledge of advanced lighting and rendering setups, and experience working with physics simulations and particle systems. I also have some experience with compositing and post-production including 3d tracking and camera matching.  3d Studio Max – Modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, advanced lighting and rendering, camera matching and motion tracking, physics simulation and particle systems. Photoshop – Texture maps, painting, batch processing, and graphic design. After Effects – Post production, compositing, motion tracking, and particle effects. Flash – Animation, interface and website design, action script. Toon Boom Studio – 2D animation Dreamweaver – website design using CSS

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General computer knowledge I have a good knowledge of computer hardware and a lot of experience in operating, fixing and maintaining computers. Most of my experience is with Microsoft operating systems. I have experience with common Office applications including Word, Excel, Access, and Outlook.

Personal interests
I’ve had a long interest in computer graphics and animation. I have worked on many personal projects in my spare time. I have a keen interest in music and I regularly play the guitar in a rehearsal band with friends. I also enjoy film, photography and computer games.
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