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   Household appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves,
                                                                      City of Federal Way
   hot water heaters, washers and dryers can be reused or
   recycled. Some businesses also accept dishwashers and
   microwaves. Call ahead for fees and restrictions.
   A Plus Recycling
   116 Clay St, Auburn
   The Maytag Store
   33029 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
   Jaco Environmental
   Pick up only
   Major Brand Appliances
   34415 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
   Schnitzer Steel
                                                                   Online Materials Exchange
   1902 Marine View Dr, Tacoma                                      Reusable household items can be sold or given away.
                                                                    Post an ad online for free:
   253.572.4000                                               • King County Online Item Exchange:
   Valley Recycling                                                  • The Freecycle Network:
   312 W Valley Hwy S, Pacific                                         • Craigslist:
   253.833.5431                                                   • 2Good2Toss:
                                                                        • Industrial Materials Exchange:

                                                                         Clothing & Household Goods
Yard Debris*                                                              Second hand stores and clothing banks will accept clothing
 Year-round or occassional curbside yard debris collection                and household goods in reusable condition. There are also
 is available for a fee. Contact Waste Management at                       numerous donation boxes located throughout the City for
 800.592.9995 or to sign up.                        clothing and books. Call ahead for restrictions.
 Before hauling, call ahead for fees and restrictions.
                                                                            Deseret Industries
 Glacier Recycle                                                            2200 S 320th St, Ste 1A, Federal Way
 32300 148th Ave SE, Auburn                                                 253.839.9045
 253.333.6565                                                                Goodwill                                                           32521 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
 Land Recovery Inc.                                                           253.573.1333
 10308 Sales Rd, Tacoma                                             
 253.589.6993                                                                 Multi-Service Center                                                               1200 S 336th St, Federal Way
 Lloyd Enterprises                                                            253.838.6810
 80 5th Ave, Milton                                                 
 253.874.6692                                                                 Northwest Center                                                     TOP Foods, 31515 20th Ave S, Federal Way
 Pacific Topsoils                                                   
 6000 S 129th St, Tukwila
 425.337.2700                                                               Salvation Army                                                         26401 Pacific Hwy S, Kent
 Recovery One                                                    
 1630 E 18th St, Tacoma                                                   St. Vincent de Paul
 253.627.1180                                                            Pick up available                                                           206.767.9975
TVs & Computers*
 Recycling for TVs, monitors, computers and laptops is available at      Porcelain, Concrete & Brick
 no cost. Computer peripherals such as keyboards, mice and printers        Concrete, brick and asphalt can be recycled for a fee.
 may not be accepted. Visit for more details.         Call ahead for fees and restrictions.
 Deseret Industries                                                        Lloyd Enterprises (no porcelain)
 2200 S 320th St, Ste 1A, Federal Way                                      80 5th Ave, Milton
 253.839.9045                                                              253.874.6992
 32521 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way                                           Renton Concrete Recyclers
 253.573.1333                                                              500 Monster Rd SW, Renton
 PC Recycle                                                                206.772.2278
 29100 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way                                 
 253.839.9377                                                              Stoneway Concrete
                                                                           510 Monster Rd, Renton
Fluorescent Tubes & Bulbs*                                                 425.226.1000
 Compact fluorescent lights and tubes can be recycled at a variety of
 locations. Visit or for
 locations, fees and details. Items are also accepted at the Auburn
 SuperMall Wastemobile (see below for details).

Rechargeable Batteries & Cell Phones*                                  Oil-Based Paint,
 Rechargeable batteries and cell phones can be recycled at a
 variety of electronics, office supply and building supply stores.      Chemicals & Pesticides*
 Visit for locations and details.                      The Household Hazardous Wastemobile and other
                                                                        hazardous waste sites accept a variety of hazardous
                                                                        materials including oil-based paint, chemicals,
                                                                        cleaners, pesticides and insecticides (see below
                                                                        for details).
Used Motor Oil*
 Used motor oil can be recycled at your curb or at most auto           Latex Paint
 parts stores.                                                          Latex is not accepted at the household hazardous waste
 Curbside: Place oil in sealed gallon jugs with your name and           facilities. It can now be put in the garbage, as long as
 address on your recycling day (limit 3 gallons per pickup).            it is dried up or solidified. Mix paint with equal parts
 Stores: Most auto part stores will accept used motor oil for           cat litter, shredded paper, sawdust or commercial paint
 recycling. Call ahead for quantities and restrictions.                 hardner. After solidified, place in garbage with lid off.

Automotive Batteries*                                                  Needles & Sharps*
 Automotive and boat batteries can be recycled for free at most         Used needles and sharps are dangerous in garbage
 auto parts stores. Call ahead for quantities and restrictions.         because they can injure sorters and spread diseases. Mail
                                                                        in programs are available: Search online for “sharps mail
Tires                                                                   in programs”. Call ahead for fees and restrictions.
 Tires are accepted for a fee at most tire retailers. Call ahead for    Fred Meyer Pharmacy
 quantities, fees and restrictions.                                     33702 21st Ave SW, Federal Way
Motor Vehicles*
 Contact auto wreckers for disposal of vehicles or donate to           Medication
 a charity.                                                             Return your unwanted medication to keep your home
                                                                        and environment safer. Visit
                                                                        for locations and
                                                                        details on the
Auburn SuperMall Wastemobile
 Schedule: 1st & 3rd full (Fri–Sun) weekends each month
                                                                        types of
                                                                        medication                              *
                                                                                                         banned from
 Hours: Friday–Sunday • 10am–5pm                                        accepted.                    disposal—cannot be
 Location: Northwest loading dock (near Sports Authority) of            Group                            thrown away
 Auburn SuperMall (1101 SuperMall Way, Auburn)                          Health                            in garbage.
 Accepted: Oil-based paint, cleaners, pesticides, propane tanks,        Pharmacy                    This partial list does not constitute
 fluorescent tubes/bulbs, motor oil, gasoline & antifreeze               301 S 320th St               an endorsement of any particular
                                                                                                    service or business. Exclusion from
 NOT Accepted: Latex paint, empty containers, electronics,              Federal Way                       this list is no comment
 explosives, medicine & garbage                                         253.874.7000                        on suitability of any
 Cost: Free of charge!                                                                                         other vendors.
 More Information: • 206.296.4692.
Cardboard, Paper, Plastic, Glass & Metal                              RECYCLING INFORMATION
 Recycling is available to all Federal Way residents with garbage     The City of Federal Way contracts with Waste Management
 service. For a recycling collection calendar and/or recycling       for collection. Contact Waste Management at 800.592.9995 or
 guidelines, contact the City of Federal Way at 253.835.2771 or to start, cancel or change garbage, If you need to add or               recycling or yard waste service.
 increase recycling service, contact Waste Management at             With all-in-one recycling, all recyclables go in your cart and
 800.592.9995 or                             you no longer need your “bottles and cans” bin. Keep for extra
 A Plus Recycling (no glass or plastic)                              storage or place at the curb on recycling day marked “dispose.”
 116 Clay St, Auburn                                                 If you often have extra recyclables, contact Waste Management
 253.737.4441                                                        to order a larger cart at no additional charge.
 JMK Recycling
 1440 Port of Tacoma Way, Tacoma                                    Food Scrap Recycling
 253.272.6208                                                        Food scraps and food-soiled paper can be placed in your yard
 Valley Recycling (no glass)                                         waste cart and recycled into compost. Wrap food scraps in
 411 W Valley Hwy, Pacific                                            newspaper or place in a paper sack to reduce mess and keep
 253.833.5431                                                        your cart clean. Waste Management will clean carts for $10.00.
                                                                     For more information on food scrap recycling including what
Confidential Documents                                               type of items are accepted, contact the City of Federal Way at
 Attend a free community shred event to keep your                    253.835.2771 or
 personal information safe and ensure the paper
 is recycled. Visit for dates            Compost Bin Sale
 and locations. Confidential documents may also be taken              The City of Federal Way offers discounts on compost bins, worm
 to the locations below:                                             bins and food scrap collection containers. Composting “how-to”
                                                                     guides will be given with each composter purchase and a sample
 Tacoma Recycling                                                                                                       hk
                                                                     of biodegradable bags will be given away with each kitchen scrap
 2318 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma                                                                                             locations.
                                                                     carrier purchase. Coupons are available at retail lo
 (Under 10 lbs free)                                                 Oriental Garden Center
                                                                     30650 Pacific Hwy S, Federal Way
Packing Materials                                                     Northshore Ace Hardware
 Most mailing and shipping stores (such as the UPS stores)
 accept clean packing peanuts for reuse. Call ahead for               35419 21st Ave SW, Federal Way
 quantities and restrictions.                                          253.835.5052
Styrofoam Blocks
 Clean, white Styrofoam blocks accepted at no charge.
 V&G Styro Recycle                                                   Recycling Events
 800 SW 43rd St, Renton                                                  The City of Federal Way sponsors recycling events for
 253.838.9555                                                            residents to recycle a wide range of materials such as                                                        appliances, clean wood, bulky yard debris, mattresses,
                                                                         Styrofoam, fluorescent tubes, electronics, petroleum
                                                                         products, tires, batteries and rigid plastic.
Plastic Bags                                                             2010 events are scheduled for Saturdays, April 3 and
 Clean plastic bags, dry cleaning bags and other types of                September 18, 9am–3pm at the Twin Lakes Park & Ride.
 film plastic can be recycled at most grocery stores. Visit               Visit for details. for a list of locations and additional
 types of film plastic accepted.                                      Multi-Family Complex Recycling
                                                                         Recycling collection service and educational materials
Holiday Trees                                                            are provided at no additional charge to all multi-family
 Holiday trees are collected from all households at no cost              complexes. Contact the City of Federal Way at 253.835.2771 or
 after the holidays. Property managers of multi-family         
 complexes need to call Waste Management at 800.592.9995
 to order the free service. Visit              Recycling at Work
 recycling in December for details.
                                                                         Free assistance is available to set up or expand recycling at your
Fat, Oil & Grease                                                        workplace in Federal Way. Contact the City of Federal Way at
 Fat, oil and grease can be solidified and placed in garbage or
                                               d                         253.835.2770 or
 recycled. Call ahead before dropping off.
 Darling International                                               Stay Informed
 2041 Marc Ave, Tacoma                                                  Sign up for email notifications of recycling events, hazardous
 253.572.3922                                                           waste collection options and other important information:
                                                                                                                                                                                  PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                                  PRSRT STD
                                                                                                                                                                                 US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                 US POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                SEATTLE, WA
              Public Works Department                                                                                                                                            SEATTLE , WA
                                                                                                                                                                                PERMIT #1154

                                                                                                          or a
                                                                                                                                                                                  ECR #2500
              Solid Waste & Recycling Division

              PO Box 9718

                                                                                e for recycling options f
              Federal Way, WA 98063-9718

                                                                                     ms such as TVs, toi
                                                                                  t and much more!
                                         Printed on recycled paper

                                                                                                                                        ECR WSS
                                                                                                                                    POSTAL CUSTOMER

                                                                      variety of it
                                                                     Look insid

                                                                                                                 Great job Federal Way on recycling over
                                                                                                                 32 million pounds of materials last year!

Contact Information                                                                                                “What Do I Do With…?”
                                                                                                                   Comprehensive local recycling database
 City of Federal Way Recycling Program                                                                             206.296.4466
 Assistance with recycling and composting options                                                        
 Jeanette Brizendine
 253.835.2771                                                                                                      1.800.Recycle
                                                                                                                   Washington State recycling database
 Information Line: 253.835.2708                                                                                    1.800.RECYCLE (732.9253)                                                                          
                                                                                                                   Illegal Dumping Hotline
 Waste Management                                                                                                  Report litter and illegal dumping
 Curbside garbage, recycling and yard debris service                                                               206.296.SITE (7483)
 800.592.9995 (M-F 7AM-5PM)                                                                              
 King County Transfer Stations                                                                                     Spill Hotline
                                                                                                                   Report spills, accidential discharges or illicit connections to our
 Facilities for disposing of garbage for a fee                                                                     storm water system
 206.296.4466                                                                                                      253.835.2700                                                               
 The Household Hazards Line
 Assistance with reducing and disposing of                                                                                 Alternate formats available upon request
 household hazardous waste                                                                                                       253.835.2771 • TTY Relay: 711
 206.296.4692                                                                                                         Para atención en español, favor de comunicarse con Teniel Sabin,
                                                                                                                        coordinadora para la comunidad hispana, 253.835.2606.
                                                                                                                     한국어 통역을 원하시면            로 전화하시면
                                                                                                                     한국인 연락관이 도와 드립니다 감사합니다
                                                                                          Produced with resources from King County Solid Waste Division, Washington State Department of Ecology and the
                                                                                                                                 Local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County • March 2010

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