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					                                                Eureka Recycling is a nonprofit organization, created by the Saint Paul
                                                Neighborhood Energy Consortium, that specializes in recycling and waste
                                                reduction and manages Saint Paul’s recycling program. Our mission is to
                                                reduce waste today through innovative resource management and to reach a
                                                waste-free tomorrow by demonstrating that waste is preventable not inevitable.
                                                We believe that our resources are valuable—like gold—and our goal is to
                                                provide you with an opportunity to conserve them.

                                                                                                       Updated Fall 2003

                     Recycling & Waste Disposal Guide
                      for the Como Park and St. Anthony Park Neighborhoods

Appliances must be recycled by a licensed appliance recycler because they contain hazardous substances.
Appliances include dehumidifiers, air conditioners, furnaces, microwaves, hot water heaters, freezers,
refrigerators, washers, dryers, stoves and incinerators. The following businesses offer
drop-off and pickup service.
      •       Appliance City, 785 University Ave. W., (651) 224-8606
      •       A-Plus Appliance, 747 Payne Ave., (651) 298-1929
      •       JR's Appliance, 8980 Hwy. 149, Inver Grove Heights, (651) 454-9215

Car Batteries
Throwing car batteries in the garbage is illegal. All stores and service stations that sell
automobile batteries are required by law to accept up to five batteries per person for free,
whether you are a customer or not. Listed below are some in your neighborhood.
          •    Batteries Plus, 2215 Snelling Ave. N., Roseville, (651) 636-4200
          •    GT Auto Parts, 1000 University Ave. W., (651) 645-0485

Curbside Recycling
There are still many Saint Paul residents who need to know about their recycling program.
Please share this information with a friend or neighbor who may need it.
            The Como Park Neighborhood has curbside recycling pickup every other
            Monday. The St. Anthony Park Neighborhood has curbside recycling pickup
            every other Wednesday. Call (651) 222-SORT (7678) for a pickup schedule or if you have
            questions about what is accepted in the curbside recycling program.

                                                                                      For more about Eureka Recycling’s services
Electronics can be recycled in a number of different ways. You can                          and FREE information, contact:
contact the manufacturer to see if they have a take back program, drop
off your electronics at various electronics recyclers (some listed below),
bring them to a transfer station (see next page) or ask your garbage
hauler if they pick up electronics for recycling.                                      624 Selby Avenue | Saint Paul, MN 55104
•   Asset Recovery, 150 State St., (651) 602-0789                                             Recycling Hotline
    Electronic Recovery Inc., 124 12 Ave. S., Mpls., (612) 338-2466                         (651) 222-SORT (7678)
•   Materials Processing Corp., 2805 Service Rd. W., Eagan,                           TTY for the hearing impaired (651) 221-9832
                                                                                                  FAX: (651) 221-9831
    (651) 681-8099
Below are some items that are not recyclable and may be put in the garbage:
•   Alkaline batteries (i.e. AA, C, D)              •   Pop and beer boxes, unless made
•   Pet waste and litter                                of corrugated cardboard
•   Empty aerosol cans                              •   Broken glass and dishes
•   Unusable plastic bags and tubs                  •   Broken toys
•   Styrofoam blocks                                •   Worn out video tapes
•   All boxes from fridge/freezer, because          •   Unusable household goods
    they contain a water-resistant additive         •   Light bulbs (regular incandescent only)

Garbage Transfer Stations
                There are no public landfills in Saint Paul. Transfer stations are private businesses that
                accept various items for a fee. They take household trash, broken furniture,
                construction debris and other non-hazardous waste for disposal. They also usually
                accept electronics, appliances, scrap metal, grass and leaves and brush and tree waste
                for recycling.
               •    J & J Recycling, 607 Barge Channel Rd., (651) 227-4457
               •    Twin City Refuse, 318 Water St. W., (651) 227-1549
               •    NRG/United Waste Transfer Station, 195 Minnehaha Ave. E., (651) 228-1324
               •    Vasko Recycling Drop-Off & Transfer Station, 309 Como Ave., (651) 487-8546

Household Batteries
                   Alkaline/heavy duty batteries are commonly used in flashlights and toys.
                   Alkaline/heavy duty batteries can be thrown in the garbage in Saint Paul because
                   they no longer contain mercury. Small lithium batteries, less than 9 volts, labeled Li
                   or CR, can also be thrown in the garbage.

Rechargeable batteries contain more hazardous chemicals than alkaline/heavy duty batteries and
cannot be thrown in the garbage. Some cordless tools and small electronics, like cordless telephones,
contain rechargeable batteries. Batteries labeled Ni-Cd, for nickel cadmium, should be taken to a
retail store that collects Ni-Cd batteries. Customers should call the manufacturer before attempting to
remove "non-removable" rechargeable batteries from tools, appliances or small electronics.
               • Radio Shack, 1538 University Ave. W., (651) 646-2791
Small silver button batteries that are used with cameras, hearing aids and watches contain mercury or
other hazardous metals and cannot be thrown in the garbage.
               •    Businesses that sell them will accept them for disposal for free.

Leaves and Grass
             The Ramsey County compost sites accept any soft-bodied plant material for free. This
             includes leaves, grass, weeds and pine needles. No brush, tree branches, dirt or sod.
             • The Midway compost site is located on the north side of Pierce Butler, just west of
             Prior Ave. Hours: Mon. & Wed. (& Fri. starting in Oct.) 11-7, Sat. 9-5 and Sun. 11-5.
             Sites are open from the end of March to the end of November, weather permitting.
             For exact dates and other locations, call (651) 633-EASY (3279).
Paint, Oil and Other Household Chemicals
Ramsey County offers a free year-round collection site in Saint Paul for household
hazardous waste. This site accepts items such as pesticides, wet paint, paint thinner, old
gasoline, used motor oil and oil filters, solvents, fluorescent bulbs and other products
containing mercury.
       •    Bay West at 5 Empire Drive (between Jackson and Rice St., just north of
            Pennsylvania Ave.). Hours: (April-October) Wed., Thurs., Fri. 11-6 and
            Sat. 9-4; (November-March) Sat. 9-4 only
Call (651) 633-EASY (3279) for more information about what is accepted.

Plastic Bottles
Most plastic bottles are recyclable at drop-off sites located throughout Saint Paul. If a
bottle has a       or        on the bottom of the container and has a neck like a bottle,
it can be recycled. Remove lids and flatten bottles. No plastic bags, tubs, trays, toys or
plates accepted. Put plastic bottles in the big recycling bin in the parking lot at the
drop-off site. Please do not put plastic or paper bags in the recycling bins. The drop-off
sites nearest you are listed below. Call (651) 222-SORT (7678) for more locations.
       •   EZ Recycling, 875 Prior Ave. N., (651) 644-6577; Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6-5
       •   Vasko Recycling Drop-Off & Transfer Station, 309 Como Ave., (651) 487-8546
           Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6-6 & Sat. 7-2
Other Plastic: Most plastic is not recyclable. Plastic that is not a bottle, has a number other than a
or     on the bottom of the container or has no number is not recyclable. If a plastic container
cannot be recycled or reused, it can be thrown in the garbage.
Reusable Household Goods and Clothes
                   Free MarketSM Listing Service
                   The Free Market is an Internet-based listing service connecting people who have
                   free reusable items with people who want them. This service is part of Eureka
                   Recycling’s effort to reduce the amount of reusable goods being thrown away.
                   Residents can find out about available items or list items to give away on the Free
                   Market website at or by calling Eureka
                   Recycling at (651) 222-SORT (7678).
                   Curbside pickup for clothes and linens on your recycling day: Saint Paul’s curbside
                   recycling program will pick up good clothes and linens. Items must fit into a 30-
                   gallon plastic bag that is tightly closed and clearly labeled "Clothes & Linens."
                   Place the bags next to your recycling by 7 a.m. on your recycling day.
                   Clean Rags: Rags are no longer accepted at the curb. You can drop off clean rags
                   for recycling at Bro-Tex, 800 Hampden Ave., (651) 645-5721.
Consignment Shops: You can resell clothes, shoes and accessories that are in good condition and
current style. If your item sells, the shop pays you a percentage of the price that was charged for the
item. Look under "Clothes-Consignment & Resale" in the yellow pages for listings and call to get
more details.
                                      Charities: Charities only accept household goods that are in good
                                      condition and need no repairs. Please pass along only items you would
                                      give to a friend. Household items for donation may include kitchen
                                      utensils (pots, pans, silverware), small working electronics (lamps, radios,
                                      phones), toys and good furniture (chairs, tables, couches).

To drop off reusable goods, contact:
          •    Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store, 572 University Ave. W., (651) 292-1707
          •    Goodwill, 553 Fairview Ave. N., (651) 379-5800
          •    Salvation Army, 1654 White Bear Ave. N., (651) 771-7779
To donate large items in good condition call these numbers for pickup:
          •    Salvation Army, (612) 332-5855
          •    Pilot City, 1315 Penn Ave. N., Mpls., (612) 348-4762

Scrap Metal
Most kinds of metal can be recycled. Scrap metal dealers will pay money for certain kinds
of metal. Save money by recycling metal at a scrap metal dealer instead of paying for
disposal at a garbage transfer station.
          •    Great Western, 521 Barge Channel Rd., (651) 224-4877
          •    Kaplan's, 355 University Ave. E., (651) 222-8551

It is illegal to put car tires in the garbage. Some neighborhood service stations accept
small quantities of car tires for a recycling fee. A few options are listed below. Check the
phone book for other stations near you.
          •    Firestone, 2100 Snelling Ave. N., (651) 631-2004
          •    Park Service, 2277 Como Ave. W., (651) 644-4775

Tree Trimmings and Brush
Tree limbs, branches, bushes, stumps, sticks and wood chips by law must be kept out of the garbage.
                The following commercial composters and transfer stations accept tree waste for a
                fee, or you can ask your garbage hauler if they pick up brush for composting.
                  • NRG Processing Solutions, 915 Albert St. N., (651) 641-1939
                  • NRG/United Waste Transfer Station, 195 Minnehaha Ave. E., (651) 228-1324
                  • Vasko Solid Waste, Inc., 309 Como Ave., (651) 487-8546
Saint Paul residents can also bring brush to any neighborhood cleanup for a fee. For cleanup dates and
locations, call (651) 222-SORT (7678).
This guide is not intended to be an endorsement of any business, organization or product. Any omissions or inaccuracies are
unintentional. We recommend that you call to confirm locations, hours of operation and acceptable materials.

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