Stuck In Neutral Reading Schedule by babbian


									 Stuck In Neutral – Reading, Annotation,
            and Activity Schedule
                                                           Stuck In Neutral – Reading, Annotation,
Date    Before Coming to Class     During Class                       and Activity Schedule
10/22                              “What is CP?”
                                   article and video      Date    Before Coming to Class         During Class
                                   clip, Read chapter 1   4/2-3   Read chapters 1-5;             Pre-games
10/23   No School                                                 Annotate for conflicts,        training
10/24   Read chapters 1-4;         Analyze poem                   characterization, back story
        Annotate for               using SIFT             4/4     Same as above                  Pre-games
        characterization of        *Reading Check                                                training
        minor characters,                                 4/5     Read chapters 6-9;             Pre-games
        plot/sub plot, symbolism                                  Annotate for self              training
10/25   Review notes on            Discuss symbolism              questioning, irony, and
        symbolism                  in the beginning of            plot complication
                                   novel                  4/10    Organize notes, drawing        Whole class
10/26   Read chapters 5-8;         Poetry                         connections between pre        Socratic Seminar
        Annotate for                                              game training and the text     over Part 1
        characterization (focus                                   – skim back through 1-9 to
        on relationships/family                                   annotate for discussion
        dynamics), plot/sub plot                                  points
10/29   Read chapters 9-12;        Plot/Sub plot          4/11    Organize and add to notes      Test over Part
        annotate                   *Reading Check                 based on the seminar –         One
        characterization (focus                                   have novel annotated and
        on motivation) and                                        field guide ready for test
        plot/sub plot                                     4/12    Read chapters 10-14;           Tribute Battle
10/30   Continue to read and       Cruise Control to              annotate for appearance        Activities
        annotate as well as work   discuss point of               vs. reality, character
        on RAFT writing            view, assign and               motivation
                                   discuss RAFT           4/16    Same as above                  Tribute Battle
10/31   Read chapters 13-16;       Using nonfiction                                              Activities
        Annotate for               articles to create a   4/17-   Read chapters 15-18;           Tribute Battle
        characterization (focus    claim and identify     18      annotate                       Activities
        on Shawn), plot, and       evidence               4/19    Organize annotations for       Whole class
        theme                                                     discussion points              Socratic Seminar
11/1    Organize annotations for   Group theme                                                   over Part 2
        discussion points          activity               4/20    Organize and add notes         Test over Part
11/2    RAFT due                   Socratic Seminar               based on the seminar –         Two
11/5    Review and add to          Assessment over                have novel annotated and
        annotations based on       Stuck In Neutral               ready for the test
        theme activity and                                4/23    Read chapters 19 – 23          Tribute Battle
        seminar                                                                                  Activities
4/26    Read chapters 24-end       Tribute Battle         4/26    Read chapters 24-end           Tribute Battle
                                   Activities                                                    Activities
4/27    Organize annotations for   Whole class            4/27    Organize annotations for       Whole class
        discussion points          Socratic seminar               discussion points              Socratic seminar
                                   over part 3                                                   over part 3
5/1     Organize and add to        Test over Part         5/1     Organize and add to notes      Test over Part
        notes based on the         Three; victors                 based on the seminar –         Three; victors
        seminar – have novel       declared and prizes            have novel annotated and       declared and
        annotated and ready for    awarded                        ready for the test             prizes awarded
        the test
              Terms to Know                 Terms to Know

Utopia                        Utopia

Dystopia                      Dystopia

Totalitarianism               Totalitarianism

Defiance                      Defiance

Rebellion                     Rebellion

Allusion                      Allusion

Sacrifice                     Sacrifice

Desensitization               Desensitization


                              Plot Complication
Plot Complication


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