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					                     SAFETY IS A CULTURE
  Safe workers and pipelines don’t come from just a safety policy, or safety program, they
  come from everyone at all levels committed to safety, making decisions based on safety,
    having the tools, authority and incentives to prioritize safety, and always reviewing,
                               learning, and improving safety.

What Is a Safety Culture?             An organization’s culture describes how employees behave and
perform every day, all day, reflecting the values and attitudes of employees, their shared goals and
responsibilities. Management systems may reflect technology or protocols, but culture describes the people,
what they believe and how they act.

Culture Is Vital for Safety – Every company has a safety policy, and many periodically emphasize
safety and training programs, but only a culture of safety maximizes and improves safety over the long term.

Leaders of a Safety                                                         Pipeline Operators
Culture – An organization’s           AOPL Pipeline                         Instill A Safety Culture
leaders reflect a safety culture
through their actions, prioritizing
                                      Safety Principles                     Our nation’s pipeline operators
                                                                            reflect their safety culture
safety in decision-making,                                                  through their actions. Pipeline
allocating resources for safe                                               leaders show organization-wide
operations, and rewarding             -  Zero Incidents                     commitment by communicating
safety achievement.                                                         the value of safety and requiring
                                      -  Organization-Wide                  personal responsibility from their
Managers of a Safety                     Commitment                         employees. They oversee
                                                                            management systems to
Culture – A safety culture is                                               measure progress toward safety
promoted when supervisors             -  A Culture of Safety                goals and ensure they are
reinforce safe operations and
                                                                            learning from experience.
hold employees accountable for
                                      -  Continuous                         Pipeline operators commit
safe behavior.
                                         Improvement                        resources to safety, the integrity
                                                                            management of their systems
Systems of a Safety                                                         and new technologies to
                                      -  Learn from Experience              improve safety. By demanding
Culture – Management
systems provide the mechanism                                               continuous safety
to measure safety performance,
                                      -  Systems for Success                improvements, pipeline
learn from experience, and                                                  operators foster a safety culture
know safety is improving.             -  Employ Technology                  and achieving the goal of zero
                                                                            incidents is always getting
Employees In a Safety                 -  Communicate with
Culture – Employees that                 Stakeholders                       Association of Oil Pipe Lines
are personally responsible for                                              1808 Eye St, NW Suite 300
                                                                            Washington, DC 20006
safe operations are                                                         (202) 408-7970
professionals in a safety culture.                                

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