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									                        ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

Minutes of the Meeting of the Community Council held on Monday 12h November 2012 which
commenced at approximately 6.45pm. in the Village Sports Hall.

During the meeting the Chairman called for a one minute silence to be observed to respect the
memory of Mrs Monica Slayne, who had served as a Community Councillor for many years, and
who had sadly passed away on 4th November 2012.
Member suggested her years of service should be recognised and a Memory Board was to be

Public Forum

The Chairman informed those present that Mr Brian Counsell and the Manager of Caldicot CAB
would be a little late due to a prior appointment.

Chairman of RALGS stated following the recent meeting they had had with the Allotment Sub
Committee they do not have confidence in the Sub Committee. Considered the formation of the
Sub Committee led to a degree of over management and confusion.
RALGS had held an Extraordinary Meeting to deal with the expulsion of an allotment holder and
other issues, felt there was an absence of clear process which should be explained.
Informed matter Sub Judiciary at moment – on advice received from the Ombudsman,
Complaints & Concerns policy being put in place to deal with such matters.
Sub Committee Chairman stated communication had been difficult as she had been advised that
RALGS Secretary does not like email communication, therefore communication was via RALGS
Queried raised on future meetings – informed Sub Committee did not envisage holding any
meetings in the immediate future with Allotment Holders. Tenants will be notified accordingly
when the need arises.

Meeting informed the trees commemorating the Diamond Jubilee had arrived and that RALGS
would work in conjunction with the Sub Committee Chairman on the planting of same.

Mrs H Gauler thanked the Community Council for the use of the Community Suite in July for a
PTA function.

The issue of K Hinwood’s emails of resignation and subsequent withdrawal was then dealt with.
The contents of which were then read out. Member reported that if decision taken to rescind his
notice within 28 days it could be accepted. Local Member queried receipt of emails and
procedure. Resolved a vote be taken on whether to accept the rescinded notice, 6 votes in favour,
1 abstention. Therefore rescinded notice accepted. Cllr K Hinwood duly reinstated and invited to
participate in the meeting.

Mr Brian Counsell, Chairman of CAB Trustees & the Manager, having arrived a little earlier then
addressed the meeting. A letter from CAB had already been circulated to Members informing
them of the latest developments in the CAB service in Monmouthshire.
Discussions were taking place on the feasibility of merging between the bureaux. There being 25
overall in Wales, with four in Monmouthshire, which were fairly funded by Town and
Community Councils. The concern was that they would lose this funding as a result of the
proposed merger. Assurances were given that there would no difference in the service provided
and hoped it will be better equipped to offer delivery of the service, and asked for commitment.

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                         ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
             11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

Monmouthshire and the Welsh Church Fund contribute to funding at present. Any other form of
fund raising was queried. RCC Precept meeting to be held 26th November and the Chairman
stated he felt confident CAB would not see a reduction in RCC’s contribution. Finally it was
stated CAB would like to consider outreach in its future project funding, Magor being the first of
such initiatives.

07/2341 Present

Chairman                -        Cllr M Smith
Vice Chairman           -        Cllr Mrs H Bennett
Councillors             -        R Hayes, Mrs K Mills, A John, Mrs J Pugh,
                                 D Snell & R Stallard
County Cllr             -        Mrs L Guppy
Mr K Hinwood
M M Bradley             -        Chairman of RALGS
Mr T Chappell           -        Member RALGS
Mrs H Gauler            -        “      “       “
Members of Gwent Police
Mr B Counsell           -        Chairman CAB Trustees
Manager                 -        CAB
Clerk                   -        Mrs M Williams

07/2342 Apologies

Cllr Mrs K Mills
Cllr D Snell
Cllr Mrs S Solman

07/2343 Declaration of Interest

Cllr H Bennett          -        Rogiet PS/Rogiet School Governors/Windmill Post
Cllr R Hayes            -        STNPC
Cllr Mrs J Pugh         -        VSH/Allotment Sub Committee
C Cllr L Guppy          -        Rogiet School Govs/STAG

07/2344 Minutes

The Chairman called for Members to confirm the minutes of the meeting held on 8th October,
were accurate and a true record of the said meeting. The Local Member, Councillor Guppy,
complained an item under Minute No 06/2332 lacked detail and that she had evidence to support
her claim and requested an amendment. She was asked why she had not contacted the Clerk to
lodge her objections, in order that arrangements could have been made to resolve the issue. The
Chairman informed her a seconder would be required for any amendments, and referred her to the
Standing Orders. Local Member in objecting to this refused to accept the Chair’s ruling. Prior to
this the Chairman had also informed members, that members of Caldicot CAB would be
attending later and that he would be suspending the business under discussion, to allow them to
address the meeting. The Local Member ignored the Chair’s ruling to suspend discussion, and
whilst continuing to protest, collected her paperwork and left the meeting abruptly.

Following the CAB presentation the meeting was reconvened, when it was resolved that the
Chairman be authorised to sign the Minutes of the monthly meeting held on 8th October 2012, as
a true and correct record of the meeting.

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                        ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

Action Report and Matters Arising was then received

1       Rogiet Walk Footpath – Member stated matter well in hand and proceeding.

2       Boundary Fence alongside allotments and reen -       Situation remains on-going

076/23445 Chairman’s Report

The planning application has been submitted. As Design and Access Statement was required to
accompany the application, he wrote one.

The planning application is now being considered.

Chairman attended an Alternative Energy symposium in Raglan. Stated there is a very strong
push to encourage Community Councils and Vol. Orgs. to fit solar panels on village and
community halls. There is a company called Gwent Energy CIC which specializes in Community
Projects through Community Energy Projects. They raise the finance through local investors and
that is re-paid over 10 years by the Council. Chair confirmed he would like the V&SH Committee
to have a look at the feasibility of installing a system for the V&SH.

A meeting is planned for later in the month with Louise Atwood, MCC Estates, to discuss the
way forward in respect of the Rogiet Gardeners Club and their buildings on the Allotments site
and the possibility of a purchase of the Allotment land itself to the Community Council.

Monmouthshire & Newport Area Committee – a small working party has been established to
liaise with MCC in the delivery of the Monmouthshire Charter – “A Shared Community”. Chair
informed Members he was elected along with a Member of Caldicot Town Council to represent
the south of Monmouthshire, two further representatives were elected to represent the north. A
meeting is expected to be arranged before Christmas.

07/2346 To receive Reports from Councillors’/Clerk and other Representatives

Councillors Reports
Member provided Chairman with documents dating back 1953/1974 explaining terms conditions
on managing allotments. RCC have statutory rights, and with a time span of 60 years, would have
a legal right if it were to be decided to take the allotments from the Community Council.
Cllr H Bennett reference Windmill Post – experiencing problems with printing of photos –
situation to be re-visited at no extra costs to RCC.

It was proposed the new Chairman’s Board be mounted on the back wall. All in agreement,
matter approved.

Rogiet School Governor’s Report - No update available. Letter received from the Head-
teacher, Mrs K Evans, confirming RCC’s termination of the Transfer of Control Agreement as at
30th September 2012. She expressed her thanks for the very close links and co-operation that had

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                         ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

been developed between the school, local groups and the Community Council, which Members
very much appreciated. Chairman indicated he would reply personally.
Cllr Mrs Hazel Bennett had indicated her intention to step down as CC School Governor
Representative, but since taking this decision it appeared she would now be terminating her
employment shortly and in the circumstances she was happy to continue if everyone in
agreement. All in agreement and approved.

Local Member’s Report – Awaiting report
Concern expressed at the abrupt manner in which the Local Member had left meeting and
Members expressed their displeasure at the manner in which she had refused to accept the
Chairman’s ruling. It was pointed out by a Member that this had happened on a number of

Rogiet Police Report for the period 8th October – 12th November 2012 received as follows:-
ASB – 6
No recurring issues to discuss (On-going neighbour dispute)
October – 7 November to-date – 2
Drug Offences – 3
Burglary Other – 1
Criminal Damage – 2
Theft (other) – 2
Violence – 1
Against last year
Detection Rate – 44.7% (Target 36.2%)
Crime Rate – data not available (Target 7%) 19% reduction 47 calls compared to 58 this time last
ASB Performance – data not available (Target 10.5%) 47% reduction 28 calls compared to 53
this time last year
PACT/Ward Priorities
Parking concerns – Station Road. (Not PACT Priority)
5 calls received – 2 no issues, 3 tickets issued to other vehicles parked without displaying valid
Speeding – B4245, Rogiet
1 call received relating to speeding issues. Vehicle owner given Section 59 Warning

Members advised any problems to dial 101
Police happy with situation in Rogiet felt it was quite settled – very little crime
2 road accidents but report not registered
Siting of Mobile van queried. Local Member requested matter be followed up with Joe Boyle

07/2347 To Adopt Complaints & Concerns Policy Document

Members having scrutinised the Complaints & Concerns Policy Document, it was proposed and
seconded that the Policy be adopted. All in favour. Outstanding complaints lodged with the
Ombudsman could now be addressed.

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                         ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

07/2348 To review Committees/Organisations Representatives

The issue was raised that due to the lack of communication and availability of a Community
Councillor serving on the VSH Committee, her name be removed from this committee. The
relevant emails were then read out and Members were informed of the problems surrounding the
situation. It was therefore proposed and seconded that the said person’s name be removed and
replaced by another Councillor. Vote taken, all in favour. Letter to be sent to the Councillor
concerned informing her of the decision and reasons for with a request that all keys and the
Legionella Log book be returned.

Following amendments to the list of representatives were made:-
Planning Working Party                  K Hinwood to be added
VSH                                     D Snell & R Stallard to be added
Rogiet School Governors                 Mrs H Bennett confirmed she would continue
Severnside Area Forum/Focus             M Smith/H Bennett
Gwent Levels Floor Defence Alliance R Stallard/K Hinwood
Rogiet Web Site                         Mrs J Pugh/K Hinwood

Motion passed that sub-committees become fully fledged committees, with the proviso that all
meetings are clerked. Cllr R Stallard to clerk meetings.

07/2349 To receive Report from Allotment Sub Committee

Report received, main areas for concern were the extensive flooding problems, which have been
referred to in the Windmill Post, and the need for a defence system of some kind, and the future
allotment management arrangements.
Suggested that Mr and Mrs Fred Parks be contacted to enquire if there was any further progress
on their offer for some of their land to be used for allotments.
Confirmed trees had arrived, planting needs to be discussed.

07/2350 To receive Report from Village & Sports Hall Management Committee
(including Legionella Inspection checks)

Report received. An internal check on the building highlighted a great deal of issues that need to
be addressed. In addition there were other matters of concern i.e. – key-holders/external
storage/income and rates/terms and conditions of hire/caretaking and cleaning issues and the use
of the building by the football club. Funding would be required in conjunction with the report
Key-holders – resolved the Clerk to hold one complete set, and a key of the room to be used by
the Community Council. Chairman of Committee to sort the keys and purchase key fobs.
It was agreed that approximately 3 separate units i.e. shed and base would initially be required.
Research required to source best value for money, with a view to purchasing items individually.
During the summer of 2011 agreements had been entered into with MCC with regard to the boiler
and heating systems of the Hall, but the situation appears to be sketchy. RCC Chairman to meet
and discuss current arrangements with MCC.
It was agreed to purchase a Christmas Tree and lights for display outside the Village Sports Hall.
Arrangements in hand with village groups to hold a Carol Singing Evening around the village on
Thursday 20th December, finishing up at the Sports Hall where tea/coffee and mince pies would
be served. Approval given for the necessary electrical work to be carried out in respect of the
Christmas activities.

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                        ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

07/2351 Financial Matters and Schedule of Accounts

The Schedule of Accounts and Financial Matters dated 12h November 2012 were approved and
signed by the Chairman. The certified Annual Return had been received from Mazars (external
auditors) confirming completion of audit. No recommendations received to improve matters.
Insurance values need to be reviewed during 2013/2014.

07/2352 To receive up-date on MCC/RCC proposals on Severn Tunnel Junction Parking in
association Playing Fields Car Park

Refer to Chairman’s Report.

07/2353 To receive up-date on Grass Cutting/Landscaping matters throughout the village

Decision had been taken at the Finance Meeting 6th November to accept MCC’s quote to cut the
whole of the grass throughout the village. Nigel Leaworthy to attend December meeting.

07/2354 Consider provision of further Litter Bins

Matter considered at the Finance Meeting on 6th November, resolved that provision for an
addition litter bin be made at the Precept Meeting on 26th November Need to establish emptying
charge for litter bin

07/2355 Policies & Procedures for Health and Safety

RCC were now addressing and putting in place various policy documents. The Freedom of
Information Act was the next policy to be drawn up.

07/2356 Correspondence

GAVO                           -       Best Kept Village Results 2012
MCC                            -       Emergency Contact details
                                       Severnside Area Committee Agenda
                                       Minutes 24/10/`12
Ombudsman                      -       P Tyrell complaint – M Smith/A John/J Pugh
One Voice Wales         -      Autumn 2012 edition of Voice
NSALG                   -      Membership details
Aneurin Bevan           -      Agenda – info only
Western Power           -      Stakeholder Workshop response form

Additional Correspondence

MCC                     -      Monmouthshire – Deposit LDP Next Stage
Emails:                 -      Keith Hinwood.
                               MCC – 26 Westway/brown signage Church
                               K Evans Termination Transfer Control Document
                               J Bloor – New Year’s Eve Party
                               Rogiet Record - request copy minutes
                               MCC – How Well is Your Council performing

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                       ROGIET COMMUNITY COUNCIL
            11 Cwrt Morgan, Caerwent, Caldicot, Mons. NP26 5QZ. Tel: 01291 422089

07/2357 Planning Applications/Permission


07/2358 Confirm Date of next Meeting

It was confirmed that the next monthly meeting of the Community Council would take place on
Monday 10h December commencing at 6.45. pm. Meeting closed at 9.40p.m.

       Signed:   _________________________

       Dated:    _________________________

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