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October 1, 2009 Trent Castleberry Staff Writer
From Frogger to Madden, video games continually grow in popularity and increase in variety. Here are the top five video games most anticipated by gamers. 1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3 2. Assassins Creed 2 for Xbox 360 and PS3 3. Left for Dead 2 for Xbox 360 4. Halo ODST for Xbox 360 5. Borderlands for Xbox 360 Some video games are not as popular as others but still have the ability to make gamers happy. A few include: 1. Scribble Knots for Nintendo DS 2. Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days for Nintendo DS 3. Aions for PC

Opposing View

T-N-T,Trent v Taylor
Most every guy in this school has complained about the hair policy for boys. They ask, " Why?" Trent Castleberry Staff Writer What is the reason we are not able to express ourselves with our hair? "What difference does it make if our hair is long or short on our work ethic?" Jordan Castleberry asked. Mr. Cochran said, "Rules are rules." It leaves many looking for more of an answer since we are trying to find purpose in this

Paying attention to politics, the word socialism has been thrown around numerous times lately. But what is socialism exactly? Many people have asked this question, as well as asking what might be wrong with it. On paper, socialism may seem as a great presentation. The only problem with socialism is the fact that it never sees people as individuals, and recognizing a person's greatness as an individual is what made this country great. Socialism is the equalization of all people. In other words, it calls for everyone to be equal. We are all created as equals under God, as stated in the constitution, right? This sounds great! Now everyone can be happy. Well, this is where socialism loses its flare. NO ONE CAN EVER BE RICH! Everyone is the same. The people who took their time to go to college make the same amount of money as the people that dropped out of high school. Someone at McDonalds makes the same as a doctor. So what is the result of socialism in the long run? Would you like to work hard for four years in college for a degree if you're going to make the same amount of cash as the next guy? Highly doubtful; eventually there will be no doctors, and no one will go to college, let alone high school! Therefore eventually we will have no doctors, which means no health care. Every American's quality of life will be horrible.

Taylor Castleberry Staff Writer

The Way or Not the Way


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This graphic illustrates the rich being brought down to middle class and the poor being pushed up to middle class, as well.
The graphic above is basically the socialism in a nutshell. The poor are elevated to the middle class because the government takes the money from the rich and gives to the poor. It's a Robin Hood mentality. So the rich descend to the middle class. If the rich were to do this there would be no more rich people to take money from to give to the poor and the whole

Graphic by Taylor Castleberry

rule. Guys constantly question why this rule is so strictly enforced. Various teachers were asked their opinions concerning this rule and the general consensus was that it was instituted for the safety of the students. A group of students at lunch came to the conclusion that this rule was instituted so the girls could focus on their school work instead of the boys. Regardless of whether we agree with the hair rule or not, some of us are headed to the barber shop more often than we would like.

Favoring View

T-N-T, Taylor v Trent
this school district and every decision we make concerning the students is to benefit them in life," Cochran said. "Before we put the hair code in place the respect level of the students, towards teachers and themselves, was embarrassing and hurt the amount of students that could have transferred here. Like it or not the results of the hair code have proven to be worthwhile." This is Cochran's view on the hair code and he also said, "When at a football game the hair code makes it easier to tell a Joshua kid from a kid that is a part of another school, so it is a great tool that we can use to insure the safety of Joshua students." Seeing these reasons, the hair code could actually be good for the students of Joshua. It will help them to acknowledge that they can't always have life their way; this isn't Burger King. It will also give Joshua students a sense of self respect and will greatly help them in life.

system of making everyone middle class will fail. That means everyone becomes POOR! So you choose, do you want the American form of Government in which you have a say as an individual, or do you want socialism? You are the future of America. It's your choice.

OwlWoman Guest Writer

Not on Our Watch

According to Mr. Cochran "rules are rules." "Most of the students of Joshua High will be working for someone when they graduate," Cochran Taylor Castleberry said. "This rule is Staff Writer preparing you for life." Aaron Corne a student of Joshua, and an active member of the band asked, "Why is the hair rule enforced so strictly? I'm a good guy and I make mostly good grades, and have a great respect for our teachers and administrators, but this hair code, in my opinion, is a bit ridiculous." "If we eased up on enforcing the rule it would just give the kids an incentive to break it. What most kids don't understand is that we have a reputation to keep in

Any person who travels the highway sees the signs. They aren't hard to miss, but they have great meaning to few. The few are the people who take pride in a job well done and are proud to do their part in taking care of the world we live in. The NJROTC program on campus is home to many who can be very proud. NJROTC “held their Adopt-a-Highway on Saturday, September 19 and had a great turn out with a total of 63 Cadets and three additional kids who showed up to help,” Master Chief Charles Linville said. The Adopt-a-Highway program began in the state of Texas in 1985 and has led the way for many other states and even other countries since its inception. This Texas-born

program has spread to 49 states, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Mexico. The sign baring NJROTC’s name can be found on Hwy. 174, between Joshua and Cleburne about a mile and a half from the school. It reads, “Adopt a Highway Next Two Miles Joshua NJROTC.” “Even though the sign says ‘next two miles’ we actually take care of four miles of highway,” Linville said. “We can’t allow a section of road to be trashed if it has our name on it.” Research has shown that Adopt-a-Highway roadsides are generally less littered than those maintained by road crews. If any other groups are interested in adopting a highway, it’s a really simple but rewarding task. The adoption is for a twomile stretch of highway for a minimum of two years. Agree to pick up litter four times per year. Adopt-a-Highway signs will be posted with the group’s name at the adopted section. Adopt-aHighway will provide volunteers with safety vests, litter bags, and safety training. For more information, visit

The NJROTC students take pride in keeping more than their 2 miles of Hwy. 174 clean and free of debris.

Photo by Charles Linville

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