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Page 1 of 4                                   Phone: 472-2575                                 February 27, 2009
                                                                                              Volume 1, Issue 6
Eagles Heading to Regional Tournament
          The Whittier Eagles have had                                                    consecutive losses at home to the
a roller coaster season with great ups                                                    Ninilchik Wolverines 21-50 and the
and miserable downs. On January 30,                                                       Cook Inlet Academy (CIA) Eagles 40-
the Eagles squeezed by the Lumen                                                          77. Fortunately, the season seemed to
Christi Archangels, again, after a home                                                   head uphill after defeating Tri Valley’s
win in overtime 54-49. The next day,                                                      Junior Varsity team and doing a fine job
the team had an easy victory over the                                                     at the Anderson Tournament. The
Wings Christian Academy Eagles 54-                                                        Whittier Eagles easily slid by the
38. The Whittier Eagles had a record of                                                   Anderson Grizzlies and defeated Effie
7-3 before entering the month of                                                          Kokrine in a close game. In our final
February, when the season became a                                                        Anderson Tournament game, we played
little bumpy.                                 Whittier Eagles and CIA Eagles
          We dropped two devastating          prepare to get a rebound.                            See page 3, Eagles Basketball

Whittier Students Kick Ash
         The Chugach School District is       It’s called “Camp Kick Ash” which is a      day Pete Brown began to raise money
unique in many ways. The district itself      program operated through the Kuspuk         for training and emergency medical
is very experimental and has numerous         School District.                            equipment that was long overdue.
outstanding opportunities for its                       In 1993, Aniak Fire Chief Pete    During one month of fundraising, there
students. There are trips to the district’s   Brown’s son Jeremiah Brown was              was enough money raised to purchase
“Anchorage House,” trips out of state,        involved in a very traumatic ATV            basic emergency medical equipment
and trips to other districts. All of these    accident where he was struck by the         and training for twelve individuals.
can be life-changing experiences for          ATV itself. At the time, Aniak had little   Within the first year of having an EMS
everyone involved.                            to no EMS personnel or anyone with          squad, the number of calls jumped from
         During the month of February,        medical background besides Pete             25 to 250 calls a year. By that time the
two Whittier students were able to            Brown himself. It took nearly an hour to    eight adults, who were active in the
attend a very unique program with a           get Jeremiah off the ground and to
focus in the emergency medical field.         Aniak’s medical facility. The following                    See page 2, Kicking Ash

Three Days of Math                                                                        See More Inside
         Whittier School was excited to       big hit with the students. One student      Page and Contents
host math mentor, Nancy Norman,               thought the game “Pig Toss” was the         2 Primary News
February 16-18. She spent three days          coolest game. It can be found at
during school and two after-school            www.funbrain.com, which was
                                                                                             Kicking Ash
sessions teaching the preschool through       mentioned by several students as the        3 Students of the Month
7th grade students. She showed us a ton       one of the best things they remember           Eagles Basketball
of math websites, numerous math               about Ms. Norman’s visit. Others            4 EAC Training
games you can play with cards and dice,       mentioned the number line games we             Spirit Days Finale
and other fun ways to learn math skills.      did in class and the card games we
Teachers know that no two students            learned during the after school math
                                                                                             Upcoming Dates
learn alike. This was a wonderful             club time. It’s not every day a teacher
resource that will help us to expand the      gets to say math was a hit, but it
way we teach the basic skills.                certainly was during those three days.
          The computer websites were a                        ♦ By Ms. Linda, Teacher
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Primary News
         The primary class has been         rope activities, which practices their     over to the lunch, the primary class
doing a lot of science and math lately.     jumping abilities. The Girl Scouts have    made an estimated $140.00. The money
They had a visitor named Nancy              been painting with Cheryl, and the Boy     earned will go towards swimming
Norman, who has been here in the past       Scouts have been making kites. The         lessons. The primary class didn’t only
years too. She is a math teacher who        primary class has been really busy.        make money from the fundraiser, but
comes to teach younger students fun                  Because Valentine’s Day was       they had the chance to make a real life
ways to do math. She got the primary        on a Saturday, the class decided to have   connection to their math. They had to
class into playing math games and the       their yearly Spaghetti Lunch on            count up the amount of money for
kids love it. They have also been           Wednesday to make one big day. A           tickets and use fractions for measuring
studying magnets in science. In gym,        home basketball game was on that day       in cooking the food.
they have been doing different jump         too. Thanks to all the people who came                   ♦ By Alex Phillips, Student

Kicking Ash
            Continued from page 1
department, were not capable of such a      program mainly took place in the Joe       Tawnie had a score of 99 percent and
demand. This was the time where Pete        Parent Vocational Education Center. In     Jake had a score of 100 percent. The
Brown began to recruit a group of high      the voc-ed building, there are college     program prove to be an excellent
school girls. Thus, the Aniak Dragon        like dormitories, a full kitchen, and a    learning experience for the two Whittier
Slayers were born.                          classroom for daily instruction. During    students.
         Working in the medical field       the week, the group would wake up at                 Of the time spent in Aniak,
became somewhat of a trend in Aniak.                                                   Tawnie liked the time during the day
With proper funding, it became a source                                                where we were with the class
for many young Alaskan ETT                                                             instructors, such as David Lemaster and
personnel.                                                                             Pete Brown. She remarked, “I like the
         Although the training was                                                     way the instructors taught the class and
limited to the Aniak youth at first, Pete                                              the sense of humor they had. It was an
Brown and among others began to                                                        effective way to teach teenagers in
expand it. Camp Kick Ash was soon in                                                   general!” As for Jake, his favorite time
progress, and youth from around the                                                    was not only the time spent in the ETT
state could get the same training and                                                  class, but also the time when teamwork
experiences of those in Aniak. Since the    Jake Ginn (left) analyzes Tawnie           was required in the group activities. “It
Aniak Dragon Slayers and Camp Kick          Nelson’s (right) blood pressure.           was the time spent with the scenarios
Ash has been in progress, Pete Brown        7:00am and wouldn’t be in bed until        and going through proper medical
has influenced over 250 students from       11:00pm with a jam packed day in           procedures with patients and victims. It
around the state. Of those, two students    between. The day consisted of the          was like doing hands-on detective work
have moved on to become paramedics,         training courses along with meals,         to try and solve medical emergencies to
one is an x-ray technician, one is          regular academics, and occasional          keep a patient alive. It was very fun!”
currently in P.A. school and two are in     recreational activities.                   Jake commented.
the Marine Corps. Still today, after                 Not only were the Camp Kick                 Although their time in Aniak
some transformations, the Aniak             Ash students making friends with one       has come to an end, it was very good
Dragon Slayers live on and continue         another, but they were also exposed to a   use of time. Now the two Whittier
activity within the medical/fire-fighting   variety of youth from around Aniak that    students can bring their knowledge back
field.                                      went beyond just the Dragon Slayers.       to their hometown to benefit themselves
         The two Whittier Students,                  Toward the end of camp, all       along with the well being of fellow
Tawnie Nelson and Jake Ginn, arrived        the students had to take a test of what    Whittier Residents. Jake and Tawnie
back in Whittier after a month long         they have learned in the past weeks.       highly recommend that other Chugach
Camp Kick Ash. The camp consisted of        Jake and Tawnie received the two           students should attend future Camp
ETT and fire training with ten other        highest scores out of the whole group.     Kick Ash. The camp helps students
students. The instructors were Pete                                                    expand their knowledge in the medical
Brown, David Lemaster, and the Aniak
Dragon Slayers. During their time spent
                                            “An effective way to                       and fire fighting fields and broaden
                                                                                       their network of great friendship
in Aniak, Tawnie and Jake did
everything from taking blood pressures
                                            teach teenagers!”                          throughout the state.
                                                                                                        ♦ By Jake Ginn, Student
of colleagues, back boarding “victims,”                   -Tawnie Nelson
and rappelling down walls. The
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January Students of the Month
                                                                                         them. What a helpful student and such a
                                                                                         good role model! Keep on passing those
                                                                                         levels and helping other students
                                                                                                  Now is the primary class
                                                                                         student of the month for January. After
                                                                                         thinking very hard the students came to
                                                                                         a consensus. The primary student of the
                                                                                         month for January is Krylain! He has
                                                                                         been a very helpful student to his
                                                                                         teacher and other students. He was
                                                                                         nominated for being very respectful to
                                                                                         classmates. He has also been improving
                                                                                         on his subjects because of his good job
                                                                                         on turning in his homework. He has
                                                                                         been progressing very fast and well
                                                                                         academically. Great job Krylain! Keep

                                                                                         Working diligently to
Michael Lipscomb, 7th grade, Student of      Krylain Gilmore, 1st grade, Student of
the Month.                                   the Month.                                  mark those levels off.
           The student council has done it   made their decision. Michael was            up the good work!
once again. After another round of           selected for Student of the Month for                 Michael Lipscomb and Krylain
tough voting, we have found the              January. He was selected for many           Gilmore are the students of the month
Student of the Month for January. The        reasons, such as completing                 for January for their own very good
student council got all of the               assessments for his levels, being very      reasons. They should keep trying to do
nominations. They discussed the              determined to get to Anchorage House,       their best and strive to do better. Even
different nominees for their different       and passing levels to qualify for getting   though January is over, there are still
reasons. This time there were no             a laptop. He has been working               many more months to be student of the
ineligible people. Woo hoo! Good job         diligently to mark those levels off.        month. All the students should keep
for all of the students nominated.           Michael has also been helping out the       trying to do great work.
           The student council finally       primary class by voluntarily tutoring                     ♦ By Alex Phillips, Student

Eagles Basketball
          Continued from page 1
against possibly one of the state’s top      only gets to play against us one time       held at Lumen Christi School in
2A basketball team, which was the            and they’re in our region. On February      Anchorage. The tournament will be
Northway Warriors. Even though the           19th, the Whittier Eagles suffered a        from March 4th to 7th. The top two
Warriors won against the Eagles, we          terrible loss against CIA 88-43.            teams at the tournament will be invited
were certainly satisfied with the result     Unfortunately, Stephen Finger sprained      to compete in the State Tournament.
of the game. “I think it was a good loss     his left ankle during the CIA game. “It     Also, our last home game will be
against Northway,” Nick stated.              hurt so much,” Stephen commented.           against St. Paul on February 28th. Come
“Everyone thought we were going to           “I’m just trying to recover as much as      cheer us on to help us finish the season
lose by 50 points, but instead we only       possible before Regionals.” The Eagles      strong and even get to State. Go
lost by 14 points.” The Whittier Eagles      rebounded from the CIA loss after           Whittier Eagles!
and Northway Warriors were                   defeating the Valley Christian Bears 54-                  ♦ By Wayne Shen, Student
considered the top two teams at the          38 on February 21st. During that game,
Anderson Tournament.                         we had a short bench due to some of the
          On February 18th, the game         players’ illness. On the 25th, Seward’s
against the Bristol Bay Angels did not       JV team defeated us 38-45.
occur because they did not come to play                The Whittier Eagles have
against us. Instead, we held a quick         thirteen victories – if the Bristol Bay
skirmish to entertain some of our fans.      game counts as two victories – and
It is not official quite yet, but the game   eight defeats. We will be entering the
counts as two wins because Bristol Bay       Regional II Tournament, which will be
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EAC Training
        On the 9th and 10th of February,    relationships and what we could do to       was only two days long, in the end it
Ms. Burgoon, Jeff Nelson, and Jaella        improve student behavior. On the 10th       was meant to benefit us all. Please get
Nelson went to Anchorage for the            we talked more about planning for a         involved with the EAC if you would
Educational Advisory Committee              project. The group suggested a few          like to help with community/school
(EAC) meeting. The training started at      projects they would like to see made,       projects.
12 pm on Monday at the Chugach              and we all agreed on a community                       ♦ By Jaella Nelson, Student
School District’s office and lasted until   green house. We planned out each step
12 pm on Tuesday. Throughout that           carefully to help us reach the goal. This
time, we discussed ideas about how to       process will help us when we actually
get our communities more involved           start big projects such as a community
with the school, parent/children            green house. Even though this training

Spirit Days Finale                                                                      Upcoming Dates
          Spirit Days are – sadly – over.
In a span of five weeks, the students                                                   3/4      -Eagles at Regional II
dressed in their pajamas, sports                                                                 Basketball Tournament
apparels, inside out and mismatched
clothes, and bright Hawaiian tropical                                                   3/7      -Eagles return from
outfits. Then on Green and Gold Day,                                                             Basketball Tournament
the final Spirit Day, there were several
afternoon activities. All of the students                                               3/8      -Daylight Saving Time
and adults were separated into four                                                              Begins, Add 1 Hour
teams to compete in the five activities.
The rosters are listed in the following.                                                3/16     -Spring Break starts
Team One: Ms. Linda, Stephen, Isabell,
Joey, and Lisa. Team Two: Mr. Penn,                                                     3/17     -Ms. B’s Birthday
Jeff, Jaella, Byaain, and Demetrius.                                                             -St. Patrick’s Day
Team Three: Mandy, Nick, Michael,
Erin, and Jesse. Team Four: Justin,                                                     3/20     -Spring Break ends
Alex, Hailey, RV, and Krylain. In the
“Hard Boiled Egg Run,” Team Three                                                       3/23     -Students return to school
received first place. In the close “Hoola
Hoop Race,” Team Four narrowly              (From left to right) RV, Alex, Hailey,
                                            Justin, and (bottom) Krylain of Team
                                            Four receive first place in the “Hoola
                                            Hoop Race.”

                                            crossed the line before the rest of the
                                            other groups. Team Three snatched a
                                            victory in the “Mummy Toilet Paper
                                            Wrapping” event. Team One
                                            respectively received second place in
                                            the first three activities. RV from Team
                                            Four claimed the title for “Little Kids
                                            Shootout” winner. Team One’s Stephen
                                            won in the “3-point Shootout” after Jeff
                                            and he entered in the tiebreaker round.
                                            February 18th was full of fun activities
                                            that everyone enjoyed. Thank you to all
                                            the kids and adults who participated in
                                            this event. The students and staff will
                                            now have to wait for the next school
(Top from left to right) Nick, Michael,     year before putting up the annual Spirit
and Erin wrap up Jesse (bottom) with        Days.
toilet paper.                                               ♦ By Wayne Shen, Student

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