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Rachel Hill


									LIR Seminar, 27th March 2009

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    Rachel Hill
    DORAS Institutional Repository Manager, Dublin City University

   •   IReL-Open overview
   •   Key milestones in the project
   •   The IReL-Open portal
   •   Metadata and the portal
   •   The harvest is ripening
   •   IReL-Open - beyond the project
IReL-Open overview

   • 3 year project 2007-2010
   • Managed by IUA Librarians Group
   • €1.6m funded through HEA Strategic Innovation
     Fund and matched by the institutions
   • Project workspace:
IReL-Open objectives

   • Establish IRs in all 7 IUA universities
   • Create a national portal
      – Contain content harvested from the individual IRs
      – Facilitate a range of value-added services
      – Potential of scaling up to include harvested
        content from other partners beyond the IUA
What stage are we at now
What stage are we at now

   • Approx 6000 open access papers in Irish IRs
   • Containing a mix of journal articles, theses,
     conference proceedings, book chapters, technical
     reports, etc.
   • Using a mixture of DSpace, EPrints and Digital
     Commons platforms
IReL-Open activities

   • Metadata group working on guidelines for metadata
   • May-Sept 2008 – consultant developed specifications
     for the portal
   • Dec 2008 – advertised tender for portal development
   • Mar 2009 – contract awarded for portal development
   • Apr 2009 - Tech group will liaise with portal developer
   • Dec 2009 – new portal will go live
Key features of the portal

   • The portal will act as a single point of access to full-
     text national research output
   • From one location users will be able to access the
     harvested open access content from Irish IRs
   • Will use OAI-PMH protocol to harvest metadata from
     Irish IRs
How the portal will work

        Irish IR
                           Metadata Harvester

        Irish IR                                National

        Irish IR
Example portal - DRIVER

   • DRIVER portal (beta)
   • Open Access to European research
   • Contains approx 1,000,000 records harvested from
     around 200 institutional/subject repositories
Search for “optical communications”
Example portal – DART-Europe

   • Free online access to over 100,000 research theses
   • Theses are harvested from 12 European countries,
     using the OAI-PMH protocol
Key features of the IReL-Open portal

   • Faceted browsing by
      – Author
      – Institution
      – Year of publication
      – Item type
      – Keyword
   • Refine and filter results
   • Sort results
   • Export search and faceted queries as RSS feeds
Metadata in the portal

   • Simple Dublin Core – basic standard for OAI-PMH
Simple Dublin Core record
Metadata in the portal

   • Simple Dublin Core – basic standard for OAI-PMH
   • Metadata group has worked on creating guidelines
     for how Simple Dublin Core is interpreted –
      – general guidelines
      – thesis-specific guidelines
   • E.g. All records must contain a title [dc:title]
   • All records must contain a link back to the source
     repository [dc:identifier]
   • For theses, dc:creator field is used for the author and
     dc:contributor field is used for the thesis supervisor
Key back-end features

   • Each IR manager will be able to log in, schedule
     harvests, specify repository-specific normalisation,
     generate statistical reports
   • Scalable – can scale up to include more IRs.
     Potential for each institution to set up harvests from
     multiple repositories.
   • OAI-PMH proxy will re-expose metadata
The harvest is ripening

   • 62% of journal publishers listed on Sherpa Romeo
     allow some form of self-archiving
   • Greater awareness of open access amongst Irish
   • Move towards open access of public-funded research
      – IRCSET
      – SFI
      – HEA
      – HRB
   • Stats show that people are using Irish IRs
6 months stats – DORAS

     • Total of 23561 full-text downloads
     • Each open access journal article was downloaded an
       average of 26 times
     • Each open access book chapter was downloaded an
       average of 50 times
     • Each open access thesis was downloaded an
       average of 84 times

1 September 2008 – 28 February 2009
6 months stats – DORAS

1 September 2008 – 28 February 2009
IReL-Open – beyond the project

   • Integration with research profiles and research
     support systems
   • Preservation
   • Digitisation of theses
Thank you!

             Rachel Hill, DORAS Manager
             tel: 01 700 8747

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