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									Solidifying a Positive First Impression
The first impression that people have for other people is naturally something of a shallow guess as to
what the person is really all about. But no matter the superficial nature of first impressions, the data
suggesting that first impressions are vital to the success of an individual in the professional world cannot
be argued with.

Whether networking with fellow industry members, interviewing for a new position, or presenting a
business idea to one’s own company, the first impression that people imprint concerning and individual
is often the impression that sticks. Because of this, a person that is seeking to do well in their
professional life will need to master the art of leaving positive first impressions on those they meet.

Dress Professionally
The first way that a person can increase the likelihood of leaving an interview room or meeting with a
good first impression imprinted upon those they met with is by simply looking presentable. Dressing
well, not necessarily meaning dressing expensive, however, and being neat in appearance is typically the
first thing that others will notice and judge.

                                            Dressing well and dressing to the occasion, along with being
                                            neatly groomed and clean, will solidify to others in the room
                                            that the person is professional, responsible, and, even if it is a
                                            completely absurd leap when thinking rationally, intelligent.
                                            Similarly, as shallow as it may be, others are susceptible to
                                            having a high first impression of an individual if that individual
                                            is healthy and fit in their appearance.

Beyond the medical benefits of being physically fit, a person can boost their first impressions on others
simply by appearing healthy and in good shape. But a first impression does delve deeper than simple
superficial factors of a well kempt appearance.

Focus on Listening then Speaking
The real sticking power of a first impression will come once a person opens
their mouths. Through intelligent conversation, a person can solidify their
first impression on others with the social skills they possess and the ability
to comprehend and subsequently add to a conversation or interview.

Because of this, a person striving to make a good first impression should
first focus on listening, then on comprehending, and finally on speaking up.
Listening is simple; if another person is speaking than one should focus on
them and strive understand the comprehensive meaning of what is being

Asking questions to gain clarification is not a bad idea if it will help one to
comprehend the conversation. After listen and comprehending what is being said in the interview or
during the initial meeting, a person looking to make a good first impression will not only speak but will
speak in a way that adds to the conversation.

By adding additional insight, clarity, or by providing a different perspective on a topic, a person can leave
a good first impression on others by allowing them to see the intelligence that the individual possesses.
Throwing in the person’s name with witch one is conversing adds to the personalized conversation and
therefore increases the likelihood that the receiver will come away with a high opinion of the individual.

Understanding what it takes to make and leave a quality first impression on others can be used as a
great tool for those who are looking to succeed in the professional world. Job interviews, networking,
and attracting new clients are all situations in which a person will want to know how to make and leave
a good first impression.

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