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					Campus Safety Committee Meeting
July 27, 2004
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                               CAMPUS SAFETY COMMITTEE MEETING
                                         July 27, 2004

Members Present:  Cathy Baker, Emma Gibson, Gary Huang, Debbi McFall, Mark Miller, David L.
                  Patterson, Tim J. Shoemaker, David Qurzatoa and Rozalyn Tarrant
Members Absent: Deborah Campbell, DeLoyce Freeman, Pete Garcia, Art Perez, Sharon Reiter,
                  Academic Affairs Representative and Powell Velasco
Guests:           Mark Bailey

Call to Order

9:05 am

Review of the Minutes – David Patterson

   The minutes for the April 13, 2004 Meeting were approved.

Update from the Director of EH&S – David Patterson

   Employee medical examinations for respirator use, asbestos, lead and hazardous chemicals were
    completed for thirty-four employees (61% Attendance) on April 22, 2004.
   The West Nile Virus is confirmed in our area. The virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. Therefore the
    control of mosquitoes is the key issue to controlling the spread of the disease. The University’s
    annual notification regarding monitoring and control of mosquitoes was distributed several months
    ago. Facilities Management has been providing training to their employees on the disease. An
    article in Polycentric is in progress to inform the campus community without causing a panic.
    Additional information about the disease is available on the Center for Disease Control Web Site at and the Los Angeles County Web Site at
   The responsibility for the installation of “No Smoking” signs on campus buildings has been
    transferred to Facilities Planning, as directed by the Vice President of Administrative Affairs. The
    hope is that the signage will be installed sometime this fiscal year.
   The Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Department is experiencing an increase in ergonomic
    injuries, which require an ergonomic assessment of the employee’s work station. There are
    approximately 12 surveys pending in one department and 3 in other departments. As the committee
    is aware, the Industrial Hygienist position responsible for completing these assessments was
    eliminated in budget reductions. The Environmental Health & Safety Department is utilizing an
    outside ergonomic consultant/sales representative to try and deal with the issue at no cost.
   The new Hazardous Waste Facility is being delayed while Facilities Design & Construction
    addresses the connection of the sink drain to the sewer. The development of a revised construction
    schedule is pending. The EH&S Department has been lobbying for this new facility for over ten
    years. It is hoped that the new facility will be operational by early 2005.
   EH&S is still lobbying to get an annual notification out to the campus regarding the current University
    Policy on Environmental Health & Safety. The previous notification was issued by President Suzuki
    and is available on the web at . The policy is also
    stated below:
Campus Safety Committee Meeting
July 27, 2004
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    It is the policy of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, to maintain, insofar
    as it is reasonably within the control of the University to do so, a campus environment
    for students, faculty, staff and visitors that will not adversely affect their health and
    safety nor subject them to avoidable risks of accidental injury. No individual or
    employee shall be required to perform any task, which is determined to be unsafe or
    unreasonably hazardous. Furthermore, the University shall ensure that all operational
    activities are carried out in compliance with existing environmental laws, rules,
    regulations, and campus policies, in order to protect the environment.
   The EH&S Department is trying to find $6,000 to subscribe to a Web Site that has Material Safety
    Data Sheets (MSDSs) on line. The use of this site would substantially comply with the Hazard
    Communication Standard that requires every department to make MSDS readily available to all
   The Biology Safety Committee is making progress in complying with Cal OSHA’s Chemical Safety
    Plan for Laboratories. The critical part of compliance is the development of standard operating
    procedures (SOPs) for all laboratory experiments. The committee is working to develop an Adobe
    Acrobat form and web based library to streamline completion of the SOPs.
   The new Vector Management Contract has essentially completed their inspection of the campus and
    installation/repair/restock of bait stations. The number of bait stations on campus has been
    increased by 50-100%. There are some issues about the maintenance of ground squirrels and
    gophers. The Agriscapes area is experiencing rodent problems, but has elected to solve the
    problem on their own rather than reimburse EH&S for the service.

Disaster Preparedness Update – Debbi McFall

   In June there was a tabletop simulation conducted at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The
    President, Cabinet and EOC Staff were present and participated in the simulation. As a result of this
    simulation, Ms. McFall is improving various operating procedures for the Emergency Operations
   The University partnered with the Office of Emergency Services during the recent EOC tabletop
    exercise which allowed the University to utilize a scientifically projected earthquake on a known local
    fault as part of the simulation.
   A tabletop exercise is being planned for Mini-EOC (Building 35) during the summer.
   Don Johnson, Manager of Mechanical Services in Facilities Management and Ms. McFall have
    completed a security plan for the drinking water supply system, including the wells. The plan has
    been submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency.
   Ms. McFall recently completed training on conducting threat and vulnerability assessments. This
    training will enable the campus to conduct its own assessment.
   The University is partnering with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the City of Pomona to
    develop a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) . This partnership will enable the city
    and the university to provide CERT training to develop response teams for use in an emergency
    and aid the University in successfully obtaining future grant funding for disaster preparedness
   The University is partnering with the Los Angeles County Fire Department and the City of Pomona to
    aid Cal Poly Pomona in successfully obtaining future grant funding for disaster preparedness.
   Ms. McFall is participating on the City of Pomona’s Disaster Mitigation 2000 Committee.
   The University has received a $25,000 grant for the improvement of communication systems. The
    money will be used to partially fund tie in to a communication system with other local law
   The newly enacted Disaster Mitigation Act requires the University to identify potentials for
    emergencies by November 2004. The CSU Chancellor's Office will be working with the State to
    comply with this requirement by the November 2004 deadline.
Campus Safety Committee Meeting
July 27, 2004
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   President Ortiz will be announcing requirement to develop a Business Continuity Plan for each
    department. Chief Guerin and Ms. McFall will be developing training and plan development
   Ms. McFall is working on the contract renewal with Medic-1 and trying to establish a permanent
    location. Temporarily Medic-1 is located at Regenerative Studies.
   Ms. Kay Vierra, Interim Director of Student Health Services, will be heading a task Force to develop
    a Communicable Disease Response Plan.
   The EOC Building is scheduled for a remodel this summer.
   Ms. McFall is working with Mark Bailey in the College of Engineering to incorporate Ham Radio
    Operators into the Emergency Management Plan.

New Business

   Mark Miller indicated that a contractor is currently replacing old water line valves on campus to
    eliminate various leaks. Individual areas on campus may experience planned water shutdowns as
    part of this project. However, the shutdowns are planned to be less than a day and will be
    announced in advance.
   A Facilities Management Contractor will be renovating the corner of Olive Lane and University Drive
    at Mansion Lane to add a pedestrian sidewalk along University Drive as well as handicap parking
    spaces. The work is scheduled to start on August 1, 2004 and be completed by October 11, 2004.
   The north elevator in building 35 has been inspected and the required work completed. However,
    the University is still waiting for the permit before allowing the elevator to be utilized. The delay is in
    the Cal OSHA Elevator Office which has lost 50% of its staff and is weeks behind in issuing permits.
   Rozalyn Tarrant indicated that the Telecommunication Contractor had apparently run new lines
    through mechanical room fire walls in building 8 and not sealed the openings with fire stopping. Mr.
    Patterson indicated that he would follow up with John Seidel.
   Rozalyn Tarrant indicated that employees in Building 1 are being exposed to dust from a
    construction related project. Mr. Patterson advised the project was probably the repair and cleaning
    of the air handling system. This project involves the entire building air handling system and was
    funded due to indoor air quality complaints from building occupants. The source of the complaints is
    more than likely fiberglass and other debris from deterioration of the interior of a 40 plus year old air
    handling system. The contaminant levels document by Healthy Buildings International are not in the
    unhealthful range although the report does verify the above mentioned deterioration related issue.
    Mr. Patterson indicated he would contact Jesse Ochoa, Supervising Building Service Engineer, to
    have the contractor take precautions to eliminate or reduce dust due to their work in the building.
   Mark Miller reported the new stairs will be installed near the cistern near Olive Lane to provide a
    safer route from people traveling up and down the embankment. There were stairs in this location
    previously, but they were removed during a construction project. Facilities Planning & Management
    tried to prevent people from traveling up and down the embankment by installing temporary fences
    and various plants with very little success. People just destroyed the fences and trampled the plants.
    The new stairs should be installed by October 11, 2004.

Next Meeting

9:00 to 10:00 am on Tuesday, October 5, 2004


9:54 am

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