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Transformers 2: DLC Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Reflex) (Wii) (Developer: Treyarch) Guitar Hero 5 (Developer: Neversoft) Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Developer: Beenox Studios) Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox360) (Developer: Rareware, UK) Lips (Microsoft Karaoke) (Xbox360) (Developer: iNiS, JPN)


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EDUCATION IB-Graduate – Berlin Brandenburg International School (Fluent in German and English) Graduate of 2005, IB – Certificate (International Baccalaureate) Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS): Berlin, Germany – 2003-2005 (Graduation coursework in Information Technology) Bainbridge High School (BHS): Bainbridge Island, WA, USA – 2002-2003 Erasmus International School: Berlin, Germany – 2001-2002 Berlin International School (BIS): Berlin, Germany – 2000-2001 International School Berlin Potsdam (ISBP), Germany – 1995- 2000

WORK EXPERIENCE Activision / Blizzard - Dublin, Ireland - QA Game Tester German 5/2009 - Current Testing several games on multiple Platforms (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PS2) Using XLoc & DevTrack - doing functionality and linguistic testing. Tested Games: Guitar Hero 5 (Neversoft) Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits (Smash Hits) (Beenox Studios) Transformers 2: DLC Call of Duty: MW (Reflex) (Wii) (Treyarch)

Lionbridge – Ballina, Ireland - QA Game Tester German 5/2008 - 10/2008 During the 5 month working at Lionbridge, I worked together with several other international game testers to ensure quality of Microsoft Xbox360 console game products. Tracking bugs and testing games – while reporting back to the Quality Assurance Lead. Testing was heavily focused on Linguistic Testing, as well as working with Test Cases and logging functionality bugs. Tested Games: Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Rareware) (Xbox360) LIPS (iNiS) (Xbox 360) Bigpoint - QA: Tester / Customer Service / English Localization 7/05/07-31/12/07 Starting as a localization manager (as stated below) – I moved on, focusing on localization from German to English for in-house products. Localized products were passed on to Quality Assurance, which I was responsible for in the English department. Released products were then maintained and customer service (which I was also part of) – provided help for registered and unregistered users. I was working within customer service for the UK, and the US versions of in-house products. Daily assignments included customer support over e-mail, forum posts and phone, daily Quality Assurance through a checklist, chat moderation, and community management (writing news, collecting feedback, bug tracking, etc.) Bigpoint - Jr. Licensing Manager 1/1/07-7/5/07 Working as junior licensing manager – I gained an insight into other game development departments. During that time, I was responsible for game licenses and managing of partnerships. I also worked on localization.

E-Sport / Bigpoint - Localization Manager (Online browser-based game company) 1/9/06-1/1/07 Working as a Localization Manager - at Bigpoint (formally known as E-Sport) - Europe's largest Browsergame Company. I was responsible for translating in-house products from German into English and managing all other (localization) projects – such as French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Italian, etc. SoundVision Sound studio – Technical Intern 3/1/06-31/3/06 I worked at sound studio “SoundVision” in Cologne, Germany, for movie and TV productions as a technical intern. During my 3 months internship, I learned not only to operate in the customer service Department, but also working in the technical fields with DAT backup systems, Beta SP / Digital SP sound mixing – as well as learning about various technical differences such ranging from cable-types to mixing in stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 Dolby Surround. AYUSA - Returnee (AYUSA - Academic Year USA – Foreign Exchange Program) 6/2003-8/2004 Worked as an Exchange Student Coordinator, sharing my Exchange Program Experiences with other exchange students who have not been on an exchange program before. I also supported and answered questions from Students. Part-Time - approx. 5-8 Hour meetings every 2 Weeks.

EXPERIENCE SAGAS “Writing Interactive Fiction” Workshop Munich, 31st March 2006 – 6th March 2006 Sagas “Writing Interactive Fiction” (Ernest W. Adams, Jessica Mulligan) is a joint initiative of the European MEDIA Plus Program Training & Hochschule fьr Fernsehen und Film Mьnchen aimed at furthering fiction writing skills for the interactive media market. Sagas focus lies on the most fundamental and creative level: the stage of developing storytelling ideas and organizing them into workable interactive concepts. I took part in this workshop, because of my interest in game-design – which was lead by Ernest W. Adams (former E.A. Game-Designer) and Jessica Mulligan for a week. The event mainly focused on Game-Design in the Gaming industry – focusing on both Multiplayer and Single Player games. I found it to be an extremely helpful and informative game workshop.

(experience continued) BBIS IT graduation coursework Berlin, August 2004 – February 2005 Studied and persuaded game-development as graduation coursework in IT. Through the course of two years, I developed an „edutainment‟ game, teaching students about networking in an interactive 3D-enviroment. I documented the development process in a log book – recording each development step and undergoing each process of planning, production, testing and evaluation. This was the first game-based educational product in IB International Schools worldwide. We also tested other student‟s work – as part of a Quality Assurance. BBIS IT project Berlin, 2003 – 2004 The class had to develop an interactive school visitor navigation system. A touch-screen interface system aimed at providing a navigation solution for visitors of the Berlin Brandenburg International School (BBIS).

SKILLS Language: Fluent in written and spoken English and German (mother tongue level) Testing: ProductStudio DevTrack XLoc Bugzilla Ad-Hoc Testing (Truncations, Overlaps, etc.) Working with Test-Cases (Word / Excel) Functionality Testing Audio Testing Linguistic Testing Computer: Windows XP/Vista – Advanced Microsoft Office – Intermediate Level Design (Worldcraft / Hammer) - Advanced Level Design (Crytek Sandbox) - Beginner Level Design (Q3Radient) - Beginner Web-Design (HTML) - Beginner Web-Design (Dreamweaver) - Beginner Photoshop - Beginner

ACTIVITIES / SPECIAL INTEREST Playing games – both PC and Console (Xbox360, Playstation3, GameCube) Watching Movies (Action, Conspiracy Theories, Thrillers, Sci-Fi) Game and Level design (incl. reading Game-Design books, writing design documents, taking part in hobby game development projects). I‟m also interested in Story Development – and good Single player stories. Other Hobbies: listening to music, drawing, cooking, sky-diving, sailing, etc.

FUTURE CAREER PLANS As I have not started my studies yet, I plan on pursuing game development studies at a university either in Germany or abroad, and complete a bachelor and preferably a master-degree as Game-Designer. I‟d also like to pursue my interests in project management and lead.

REFERENCES Ernest W. Adams (http://www.designersnotebook.com) – Game Consultant, UK (SAGAS) E-Mail: ewadams@designersnotebook.com Phone: +44-1252-665215 Lothar Segeler – SoundVision Soundstudio, Cologne - Germany E-Mail: info@soundvision-tonstudio.de Phone: +49-221-311071 Activision Blizzard Ireland Ltd Paula Cremin - Office Administrator Phone: +353 (0) 1 247 6700 E-Mail: paula.cremin@activision.com Bigpoint GmbH Phone.: +49 (0) 40 - 600 80 99 - 0 Fax: +49 (0) 40 - 600 80 99 – 99 info@bigpoint.net Lionbridge, Global Development and Testing Solutions Tel: +353 96 73702 Ext: 525 (Direct) // Email: Robert.Doyle@Lionbridge.com

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