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									BRIAN BURKE
7201 Ackley Dr., Elk Grove, CA 95757 (925) 487-4613 OBJECTIVE
Seeking a position as an Animator in the video game industry.

      Highly trained and proficient in Maya (v. 3.0 – 7.0) and MotionBuilder for animation. Skilled in low-poly modeling, rigging, and UV-mapping with textures made in Adobe Photoshop and DeepPaint 3D. Specialist in full body character animation and character facial lip-synch with a strong understanding of the fundamentals of traditional animation. Able to work in a range of animation styles including realistic, cartoony, and surreal genres. Excellent team player with clear communication and clean organizational skills. Strong understanding of the importance of deadlines and the creation of high quality game animation in a timely manner.

EXPERIENCE Visual Concepts, Novato, CA

November 2006 – September 2007

All-Pro Football 2K8 (PS3, XBOX360)
    Cleaned and edited motion capture data for tackles, passes, QB dropbacks, wide receiver sprints, post-play, and touchdown dance animations. Created realistic hand and facial animations using Key Frame animation for all high-res “in game” characters. Created wide receiver and quarterback blend animations in Maya for smoother animation transitions. Focused on signature style animations from legendary players such as Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, John Elway, Steve Young, and Dan Marino.

NBA 2K8 (PS3, XBOX360)
      Created animation tests using updated motion capture edit rig and provided critical feedback for further character adjustments. Cleaned and edited old and new motion capture data for dunks, passes, free throws, jump shots, post-play, dribble loops, blocks, and huddle animations. Created over 1000+ Key Frame hand animations on all motion capture data. Animated specific offensive and defensive animations up to 4 players in one Maya scene. Developed facial animations for Bobbito Garcia, the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest announcer using Key Frame animation. Edited Referee motion capture data referencing official NBA legal rules.

Electronic Arts, Redwood City, CA

April 2005 – September 2006

The Godfather (PS2, XBOX, PSP, PC, XBOX360)
     Created living world character animations using Motion Capture and Key Frame animation. Created over 1000+ cloth animations on all “in game” characters. Worked with the Cinematic Team on all cloth simulations for all cinematics throughout the game. Animated lip-synch animations on all in game character interactions. Worked closely with the character modelers, character riggers, and engineers in polishing animation and cloth rigging on over 150+ characters.

    Created dog, cat, and human social interaction animations using key frame animation. Modified and cleaned existing pc animations ported for the console animation team. Worked closely with the engineers by performing key frame animations to test out new console rig. Lead the effort to solve technical issues related to in house animation software.

EDUCATION Ex’pression Center for New Media, Emeryville, CA
Associate of Applied Science Degree, Digital Visual Media  Created and conceptualized the 2003 Visual Effects Society 3d animation intro.

April 2002 - October 2003

* Professional References upon request.

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